I will be putting these up for sale soon, but first I wanted to offer them as a free gift with the purchase of any voodoo Spell order priced $100 or over. So you can get one voodoo spell or several voodoo spells, but the total of all voodoo spells together needs to amount to at least $100. Only 1 free doll per order!

The $3 cost is to cover the Shipping! So PLEASE make sure that your cart has over $100 worth of VOODOO spells in it before you add this to your cart and please make sure to let me know which doll you want.


With your order of $100 or more in voodoo spells you can choose any of these dolls (notice your doll might look a bit different since I will hand make each to order.) These dolls are charged to do something specific for you. They are mixed with a blend of magick powders I make and will have a little voodoo spell on them to do your bidding. (; They are made of clay and then hand painted with shimmery acrylic paint. I will price them at $25 once I offer them for sale in my store. But you guys get a chance to have one first. They will come with a little instruction sheet.


They fit in the palm of your hand and each have a blend of powdered herbs and gemstones mixed with the clay to support their purpose. After they are molded, baked and painted, they are left in the moon light to dry. I then do a spell on them and infuse them with powers to do the bidding of the person who I will bind them to once they are requested. (I will use the name and DOB you supply me from your questionnaires from your other spells) You can talk to your little doll and ask for favors from her. These are adorable, but are a magick tool and should be handled as such.


If you want to buy additional little voodoo dolls for your order, just let me know in a email (audraandravenstear@yahoo.com)


Here is a description of each doll: 


Little Love Voodoo Doll 

These cute little love dolls come in two colors. Shimmery white with a goldish pink heart, and goldish pink (which looks copper in the picture, but is goldish pink) with a little shimmery white heart. These have powdered herbs and gemstones molded into the clay specifically for love and have a love spell done on them. They are done up with two different types of spells. The white one with pink heart is done to attract a certain lover or even a soulmate. The pink one with white heart is to keep a love and strengthen that love. Please tell me which of the two you would want.


Lucky Penny Little Voodoo Doll

A gorgeous little shimmery copper (like a lucky penny!) voodoo doll with a green 4 leaf clover on her chest. The clay I used for her is infused with herbs and gemstones to bring you luck. She has a voodoo luck spell done on her and is ready to give the owner luck in all endeavors.


Little Lunar Voodoo Doll

I'm in love with my little lunar voodoo dolls. Obviously you can see I don't make the dolls in the same sizes and it is because I don't use molds, I grab some clay and just start working. These are in a white shimmery color with a gun metal moon, or a gun metal body with a shimmery white moon. I think of them as the light and dark side of the moon. They are programmed a bit differently. The white body is programmed to give blessings and peace to it's owner and is a very tranquil doll. The gun metal one is programmed for protection and psychic dreams. So please let me know which one you want of the two.


Little Money Voodoo Doll

These are the little money voodoo dolls. I am thrilled with how they came out. They are gold with a green dollar sign or green with a gold dollar sign. They are both very shimmery which didn't photograph but I'm using my phone to take pictures so there ya go! lol They are both programmed for the same thing... to help you get money. I made it so that the universe will open doors and bring in more cash from any avenues. So you can choose based on the color you want since they are for the same purpose.


Dolls that are not shown but available:

Little Psychic Powers Doll: She will help open your third eye and see the possibilities that lay in the future for yourself and those around you.

Little Weight Loss Doll: She will help encourage healthy habits as well as help your metabolism naturally speed up. You won't lose any more weight than you want, but once you get to your goal weight, she will help you maintain.

Little Intelligence Doll: She will help with any pursuits of the intellectual kind. If you are still in school, this little cutie is going to help you get through those nights of studying and help you maintain all that "stuff" that is being crammed into your brain.

Little Spiritual Healing Doll: She helps you learn to love yourself again. Helps get rid of heart break and promotes spiritual awakenings. She will allow you to learn your soul mission and will help with anxiety and depression.

Little Passionate Love Doll: She is the color of a bright red cherry and ready to help keep things exciting in the bedroom. She will help attract lovers and will keep you satisfied. Quite a fun little lady to have on your bedside! *wink*

Little Household Balance Doll: She will help balance emotions and the vibrations of your home. I can actually link this to a whole family (just let me know everyone's names and date of births) She also helps protect the home from anyone who wishes harm to those who reside inside.

Free Little Voodoo Doll (READ Description)