Natya, one of our senior members took a vacation to Eastern Europe to visit her family and brought back with her a arsenal of ancient spells and spells used by famous spell casters and covens from that area, this is one of them!

This is a gypsy love spell that has been used for decades to help bring love to the person in which the spell is casted for. Usually this spell is done with a specific person in mind, but can be done to bring your soul mate to you as well. If you want it for just bringing your soul mate, please specify this in the portion of the questionnaire that asks for name and birth date and put a description of what your soul mate would be like in your mind when it asks for relationship history.

This spell would be considered white magick and will not affect the free will of the person whom the spell is casted upon, it simply helps set things in motion for you and this other person and helps them open their mind and heart to the possibility of being in a relationship with you.

Don't let the term white magick fool you, this is still a very strong spell. Since it is time tested and used to create many happy relationships in years past, I am proud to offer it as it is quite special!

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The birth date of the person whom this spell will be casted on:

Please give me a summery of your history with this person, as in how you two met, if you two dated or are still together, and why you feel this spell is needed:

Are you willing to be patient, positive, and have faith so that you will give the magick a chance to work:


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Gypsy Romance Spell