Do you have a hard time growing hair?

Have you damaged your hair with color and harsh products?

Do you want your hair to become longer, healthier, and shiner?

Do you want others to be jealous of your long beautiful hair?

Would you like to get compliments on your hair?

Do you want to feel more confident when you go out?

Are you sick of using extensions, wigs or other artificial items to improve your hair?

Would you like the power of magick to give you the long beautiful hair you have been wishing for?


I will cast this spell for you with my coven. We will ask for your hair to grow fast, long, and to improve in texture and shine. Please let us know of any problems you have with your hair so we can customize this spell to work for you!


Here is your questionnaire:

1. Your full name

2. Your date of birth

3. Your birth time

4. Description of your personality

5. Why you wanted this spell

6. Do you have any issues growing your hair or anything else that has caused your hair problems in the past

7. Are you willing to be patient and let this spell get attached to your aura so it can work?

8. Any more details you think will help me with your spell

Hair Growth Spell