If you are a little too fuzzy, this is a great spell for you! :-) Many men and woman deal with unwanted hair and this spell will help get to the "root" of the problem! ;-) We will customize it for you so the right areas are defuzzed.

Please email me the answers to these questions:

Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Time of Birth (if known):

Any experience with magick, and if so, was it a good experience:

Describe personality:

What prompted you to get this spell:

What areas are you having problems with:

Have you ever been diagnosed with a hormonal problem:

Any other info which might help with this spell:


Please put the answers to these questions in the box to the right, or email them to my gmail email address. A picture of you helps, but is not required.

Please also note that even though the check out system asks for your shipping address, nothing is sent out with this spell.

Hair Removal Spell