I'm sure several of you that follow me on social media realize that I LOVE working with spirits, I'm good at it, and I really enjoy getting out all my repressed rage on anyone you'll set me free on. Robin finally agreed to let me put on the site some of my more sinister spells which I've been customizing on the side for several clients for years anyway. This is one of my most requested spells for getting revenge on someone.

The biggest question I get about these types of spells is: Is this safe for you? Yep. Since I am the one casting, the risk is on me. Since I know what I'm doing... I'm not worried about it. I've done thousands of spells working with spirits and only use ones I trust and can control. Spirit work is what attracted me to magick in the first place, so this is my forte.

This spell can be customized to your specifications, but "usual" request is to make the target have horrible luck, feel as if someone is watching them (because there is someone watching them!), cause horrible nightmares, make them lose friends, family, job opportunities, attractiveness, their reputation, and feel they are going insane. What I tell the spirit to do, he/she will do for me. So you get to choose your own brand of justice. 

Saying all that... I will not do this spell on children or anyone I feel does not deserve it.

When you order this spell, I want for you to provide me the name and picture of the target (if you have access to it, if not, that is ok... we will work through that), and give me ALL the information you can provide on them. I want to know what they did to deserve this curse (get me mad at them by giving me everything you can... my rage is important in this) and what you are looking for the spirit to do.

The second question I get most often when people request this spell: "If I change my mind after the curse is done, can you stop it?" Yes! I have complete control over the spirit. You will not get a refund once the curse has been performed, but I will stop it at no extra charge if you have a change of mind.

When you order this curse, send all required info to robinlifespirits@gmail.com with subject line ATTN: Voodoo Team. Please also include your order number so it's easy to find your order and payment information.


Haunted Spirit Curse