This is one of my favorite luck spells! It's a fantastic way to boost so many areas of your life! We do a 11 different casting for 11 days straight! We use some of the most well known and trusted lucky ingredients and spells and customize it so that even the unluckiest person will benefit from it!

Each day we focus on a different area in your life to bring you the ultimate luck spell package. Here is the schedule we will follow:

Day 1: We focus on your aura to clear it and allow you to be ready to receive luck.

Day 2: We focus on your overall mental health to help clear any anxiety, depression, apathy and anything else that needs a little extra TLC.

Day 3: We focus on your overall physical health. We boost energy to help heal physical ailments you are aware of as well as those you aren't. We treat the body as a whole paying attention to the chakras.

Day 4: We focus on your prosperity and wealth. We ask for luck to focus at the core of anything blocking you from obtaining freedom from debt and the anxiety that comes from not having enough money.

Day 5: We focus on your love life. We ask for luck to be given to you to better any relationship you are in with plenty of romance and compassion and if you are single, to bring love your way.

Day 6: We focus on your sexual energy. We will boost your sex life and your ability to attract and keep your mate as well as keeping the passion turned up to a comfortable level.

Day 7: We focus on your family relationships and will ask for any family issues to become healed and for there to be harmony between you and your family. We ask for your family to think highly of you and for any drama to dispel with the outcome being in your favor. We boost current happy relationships between you and other family members.

Day 8: We focus on your social life. We will make sure you have luck with friendships and relationships with co-workers and people you interact with often. We try to smooth out any drama and back talking and get you to be looked at with admiration and respect.

Day 9: We focus on your protection. We place a blanket of good luck on you so that you can avoid possible danger and situations that are not good for you.

Day 10: We will focus on your psychic vision and intuition so that you are able to have luck at sensing what is best for yourself and those around you as well as being able to read people better so that you know how to deal with them for your benefit. 

Day 11: We focus on removing any possible blocks we saw during the previous days casting that could be preventing luck and other areas of your life to improve (this also helps boost all other spells you've had done if you have had others done.)

So as you can see, this is very thorough. It is one I am quite proud of!


Please fill out this questionnaire and please also include a picture of yourself for best results.

Your Questions to Answer and email back to me:


1. Your full name?

2. Any Nicknames you use often (If Applicable)?

3. Birth date?

4. Time of birth (if known)?

5. Place of birth?

6. Your birth order (Are you oldest, youngest, middle, etc.)?

7. Do you TRULY believe in magick and why or why not?

8. Any personal experiences with magick and if so, what were they and with what type of magick (if known)?

9. What you would say your good attributes are? (Be descriptive.)

10. What you would say your bad attributes are? (Be descriptive and don't worry we all have them!)

11. Try to describe your personality. It might help if you are imagining you are someone who knows you and they are describing you.

12. Are you willing to be patient and positive so that this spell has time to become attached to your aura and to ultimately work?

13. Please let us know what you want from this spell and the reason why you thought it would be a good choice for you?

14. Any other info you think we might need to know to help us with your spell? Anything that lets us get to know you better helps!

Please put the answers to these questions in the box to your right or email them to me.

Have good luck spell casted for 11 days