Have you ever wanted to know what your pet was thinking?

Do you have a special connection with animals that you just can't explain?

Would you like to be able to feel what your pet or other animals are telling you?

Do you consider yourself to like animals more than people?

This is a spell that has been done to better the spiritual communication between people and animals. Of course you will not "hear" pets vocally speak to you. This is a spell in which we cast the Universe to give you a psychic connection to animals. Once granted, you will be able to speak to them psychically. Many people over the years have been known to be able to have a spiritual connection to animals where it seemed they were almost reading each other's thoughts. This is an ability all people can have if they just could tap into it. This spell is designed to ask the Universe to grant you the ability to tap into your most basic instincts of communication so you can understand your animal friends. If you have a certain animal or pet in mind who you would like us to help you with, please let me know when you email me.

I need to have this info emailed to me either in the note box or through email robinlifespirits@gmail.com

1. Your full name?

2. Your date of birth?

3. Are you familiar with magick and have you had good or bad experiences with it?

4. Do you feel you have a special connection with animals?

5. What are you hoping to get from this spell?

6. Do you have a pet (or pets) in mind in which you are hoping to be able to communicate with?
 If so, please list their name and send in pictures through attachment (to my gmail email address) if you have them.

Have The Ability To Speak To Animals Spell