This cute little hand painted box is decorated with pyrite, and aura quartz points. This box is filled to the brim with a smokey quartz point, rhodonite bracelet, and angel aura quartz tear drop crystal.


This box is all about healing your heart. The smokey quartz is grounding and provides stability while allowing you to regain your footing, the rhodonite heals the heart and unlocks blocked energy while encouraging self love, angel aura is used to go to a place of serenity and peace, to help heal the heart while providing a sense of relief and happiness. If you or someone you care for is going through a heartbreak, this is TLC in a box. As an added bonus, you will also receive a free casting of the “unbreak my heart spell.”


Price includes shipping to all 50 states... if you are interested but live elsewhere, please email us for a shipping quote.

Heart healing witchy box