This charm claims your target for you. It is meant to ensure other suitors stay away from your target and causes your target to only have feelings for you as their heart belongs to you, and you only. All other people interested in your target will lose their feelings and become apathetic towards your target. Your target will only be able to have romantic feelings aimed in your direction. They will find other potential competition unattractive, boring, and unappealing.


You can wear this charm or place the charm with a picture of your target.


Please copy and paste the included questionnaire in a email to me at and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Please include a picture of your target for us to use on our alter while we cast if you have one.


Your Full Name:

Your Date of Birth:

Your Target's Name (please include full name if you know it.):

Your Target's Date of Birth:

An Outline of Your History With Your Target:

What is Your Desired Outcome With This Spell:

Are You Willing to Use the Law of Attraction to Help Your Spell Manifest For You:


*Please note that this charm does not come with a chain, but you can add one on for $5.00

I Put A Spell On You, Because You're Mine Charm