For a short period of time we are offering several of our favorite 7 day wish spells to celebrate the start of Spring and to take advantage of the extra energy we are getting from the bright sun shining on us.

This is for MONEY! This is a special spell customized and written by the coven to help bring money to you for the rest of the year of 2019 and in the year of 2020. This is a mini version of our Customized Wealth Spell but is cast for 7 nights straight! So it is perfect for you, no matter what your money situation may be. We would like to know your wealth goals and what you are hoping for in the year 2020 money wise to help us customize your spell.

 Please fill out this questionnaire and send back to us at


Date of birth:

Time of birth if known:

Your money situation right now:

What you think would help you with your finances:

Please send photos as well as we can use this on our alter.

I wish for MONEY 7 day spell