This charm is designed to make sure you are always on their mind, in their dreams, and in their heart. We want you to be the focus of their interest, attention, and love. The spell attached to this charm will help you ensure you are part of their future by making sure that you are always in their heart. Consider it a insurance policy to make sure you have control of future outcomes with your target, even if you do decide to venture out and date other people or pursue other relationships. It allows them to commit to you even if you aren't ready to fully commit to them yet.


Please copy and paste the included questionnaire in a email to me at and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Please include a picture of your target for us to use on our alter while we cast if you have one.


Your Full Name:

Your Date of Birth:

Your Target's Name (please include full name if you know it.):

Your Target's Date of Birth:

An Outline of Your History With Your Target:

What is Your Desired Outcome With This Spell:

Are You Willing to Use the Law of Attraction to Help Your Spell Manifest For You:


*Note that this charm does not come with a chain, but you can add one on for $5.00

Imprint Yourself on Their Heart Charm