What is an Enchanted Power Ring?


These Power Rings are almost a year in the making!! They have been cast on many times over during very, very strong manifestation days this year making them pack an immense punch! They all are different with different themes and spells on them, but what is similar is that they have castings from each Full Moon since December 2019, A Lunar and Solar Eclipse Casting, two separate Friday the 13th Castings, Lion's Gate 8/8, The Halloween Blue Moon of this year, and 11/11 casting of this year. We have a total of 19 rings in total and once they are gone, they are gone! The amount of energy and time put into these rings is unbelievable, so if you feel drawn to one, get it now because we are not planning on doing these again!


This listing is for the Lucky 13 Higher Power Prosperity Ring in a size 7


This ring contains the power of 13 different Gods and Goddesses to help you reach your fullest material life potential. You will embody the characteristics of each of these Gods and Goddesses when you wear the ring which will be bound to your unique aura's DNA with a special spell we will do on your behalf before sending it out to you. Only you will be able to use the ring and the power that comes from it. The more you wear your ring, the stronger your own powers will become and the more changes you will see in your life and in those around you who's energy you will also be able to affect with your Luck Manifestation Power.


The Gods and Goddesses attached to this ring are:

  • Ganesha- Hindu God of riches, luck and success

  • Hecate- Greek Goddess of riches

  • Kubera- Hindu God of riches

  • Pluto- Roman God of riches

  • Fortuna- Roman Goddess of fate, luck, abundance and chance

  • Alaghom- Myan Goddess of abundance

  • Jara- Hindu Goddess of prosperity

  • Rosmerta- Gaulish Celtic Goddess of wealth and abundance

  • Juventas- Roman Goddess of increase and blessings

  • Ops- Roman Goddess of plenty and the personification of abundance

  • Lakshimi- Hindu Goddess of wealth

  • Tyche- Greek Goddess of luck

  • Cochimett- Aztec God of commerce and merchants


Please copy and paste this questionnaire into a new email, fill out the answers and send it to robinlifespirits@gmail.com so that we can get started on binding this ring and it's Gods and Goddesses to you. When it is sent, you will get an instruction sheet on how to invoke each God and Goddess directly to petition them for their assistance and how to talk one on one with each of them. These Gods and Goddesses are sure to change your life in ways you've always dreamed of!




Full name:


Date of birth:


Time of birth if known:


Describe your personality:


Are there any Gods or Goddesses listed you're very interested in getting to know and if so who and why:


What made you decide to get this enchanted ring and what are you hoping to achieve from it:

Are you willing to be patient, positive, and have faith so that you will give the magick a chance to work:


If possible, please attach a picture of yourself with your email so that we can use it on our alter when we bind your ring to you.

Lucky 13 Higher Power Prosperity Ring





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