We will use this charm to help make your target fall madly in love with you.


This spell focuses on these key words:

Obsession, passion, intense love, infatuation, affection, admiration, attraction, devoted, put you above all others, become attached to you, romantic thoughts and feelings for you.


The longer you have your charm in your possession and use the law of attraction to tune your vibration the stronger this spell will be and the sooner these things will take place for you. If needed, I will help instruct you on how to best use this to your advantage for the best results.


Please put your name and date of birth along with your targets name and date of birth in the box on the right of the screen and we will do the rest. Please send photos of you and your intended if you have them available for us to use on our alter. Photos can be sent to robinlifespirits@gmail.com

Madly In-Love Enchanted Charm