This spell is actually designed for those who are in a situation where they are in love with someone and that person is currently in another relationship with someone else. This spell is designed to make the other party in your love triangle find their own “distraction” and lover to help free up your target for yourself. I've found the easiest way to break up a relationship is to find the other lover a reason to gladly leave, so this is exactly what this spell is designed to do! We will even leave you and your target out of it so I wont even ask for your info as this is a love spell designed just for the person you want out of your life! :-)


Please list the name of the person you are looking to find a lover for:


Please list their birth date if you know it:


Please describe the situation and why you want them to find a lover:


Please describe the best case scenario:


Please send me a picture of them, if you have it, and send all this info to me at

Make Them Move On From Your Target