This is a great spell if you have crooked teeth, less than white teeth, or both! It will help align teeth and whiten teeth more with out expensive dental work. It has been used successfully to many people's surprise and is a favorite spell of mine! Please send in a close up of your smile so we can customize it to work for you. It will be slow going (otherwise it would be very painful) and there is a chance you could have slight pain from time to time, but it works great! :-)

Please answer these questions:

Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Time of Birth (If known):

Have you ever had braces before:

Have you ever had teeth whitening before:

Are you looking to straighten, whiten, or both:

Any major dental issues:

Please let me know what you hope to get from this spell:

Please also be advised I don't feel comfortable doing this spell without a close up of your teeth since will will not know what exactly to do, so for this spell a picture is required.

Place the answers to this questionnaire in the box to the right or email them to me along with your picture.

When you check out, it will ask for a shipping address, but nothing does get sent out with this spell, it is just part of the check out process.

Perfect Teeth Spell