Remove Outside Influence on A Loved One


If you are having problems with outside people trying to influence or convince your loved one to think or do things that are harmful to your relationship, this spell will help take care of this problem for you. 

It is designed to:

  • Make other people who are discouraging towards you stay away
  • Make your loved one have full trust in you
  • Make people actually start to encourage your loved one to trust in you and want to be with you more
  • Get rid of outside emotional poison
  • Sooth emotions that are tied to destructive people
  • Reduce Obsessive Suspicion
  • Cleanse any hurt caused as a result of other peoples words or actions
  • Banish energy vampires off your loved one
  • Help them see though lies and manipulation of other people
  • Release unwanted situations
  • Unveil people who wish your relationship harm

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Remove Outside Influence on a Loved One Spell