This is a great spell if you are having a hard time stopping smoking. A lot of people have really bad withdrawals and cravings when they stop smoking and so it can be very un-motivating. This spell will help lessen or even cease the cravings and withdrawals and will help motivate you so you can focus on instead developing healthier habits!

Please fill out this questionnaire and put the answers in the box to the right or you can email them to my yahoo email address!

Here are the questions:

Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Time of birth (if known):

How long have you been a smoker:

Have you tried to stop before, if so, what happened:

What is your ultimate goal for this spell:

Any other info which would be helpful:

You can also email me a picture to put on our alter as an attachment.


This spell does not come with anything in the mail, but the check out system will still ask for a shipping address, just put your billing address.

Stop Smoking Spell