What is an Enchanted Power Ring?


These Power Rings are almost a year in the making!! They have been cast on many times over during very, very strong manifestation days this year making them pack an immense punch! They all are different with different themes and spells on them, but what is similar is that they have castings from each Full Moon since December 2019, A Lunar and Solar Eclipse Casting, two separate Friday the 13th Castings, Lion's Gate 8/8, The Halloween Blue Moon of this year, and 11/11 casting of this year. We have a total of 19 rings in total and once they are gone, they are gone! The amount of energy and time put into these rings is unbelievable, so if you feel drawn to one, get it now because we are not planning on doing these again!


This listing is for the Ultimate Mega Manifestation Ring in a size 7


This ring contains the power of 25!!! different Gods and Goddesses to help you manifest anything and everything you could ever want. You will embody the characteristics of each God or Goddesses when you wear the ring which will be bound to your unique aura's DNA with a special spell we will do on your behalf before sending it out to you. You can invoke one God or Goddess per day, which means you can set your main intention and goals for the day. Only you will be able to use the ring and the power that comes from it. The more you wear your ring, the stronger your own powers will become and the more changes you will see in your life and in those around you who's energy you will also be able to affect with your incredible manifestation power.

The Gods and Goddesses attached to this ring are:


  • Zeus- Greek God who will give you power over your enemies, power to control people an situations as well as powers to shift yourself physically into your most ideal version of yourself.

  • Fortuna- Roman Goddess of luck, fate, abundance, and wealth. Use her when playing games of chance, if you need extra luck, or want to bring in some cash fast.

  • Isis- Egyptian Goddess who will give you protection, bless you with powers of love and seduction, divine mothering energy, fertility, and is a template for all other female Goddesses.

  • Apollo- Greek God who will give you powers to help heal yourself and others and a gift for music and art.

  • Cernunnos- Celtic God who will help you care, love, and attract animals of all types. Use his powers to love and heal your pets. He is known to improve fertility and your own sexual powers. He is to be called on if you need help with your business or wealth.

  • Hsthor- Egyptian Goddess who bestows on you her powers of love and seduction so you can get any target to fall head over heels with you while creating the perfect relationship and home with him/her.

  • Aphrodite- Greek Goddess who is known for her powers of love and beauty which you will be able to possess the longer you work with her.

  • Odin- Norse God who's wisdom and power will run through your body when you invoke him. He is a master magician and psychic who gives his gifts to you.

  • Ceridwen- Celtic Goddess who has the powers of prophecy and known to be the keeper of the cauldron. She has intense and immense magickal powers to help you manifest anything you need in your life.

  • Ptah- Egyptian God who is a master of crafts and creation. Use his powers to craft and create the perfect life you've always wanted.

  • Cupid- Roman God of finding and manifesting love. Perfect communication between you and your target.

  • Erzulie Freda- Vodou Goddess of love and romance. She helps protect children and makes a home cozy and the occupants living in harmony. She grants luxury and beauty.

  • Hestia- Greek Goddess will help you find and maintain the perfect home. She will ensure peace, happiness, and prosperity to all those inside your home and circle.

  • Freyja- Norse Goddess is associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, and war. Use her powers to create and keep the perfect relationship, to change or keep your beauty, to exude sexual energy and passion and to create a family.

  • Lakshmi- Hindu Goddess of luck. She will give you wealth, power, fortune, beauty, and fertility. Her powers of manifestation are legendary!

  • Ishtar- Sumerian Goddess of love, passion, and fertility, but also war. She will help you fight for your love, passion, and family. She will give you a huge edge over any conflicts of the heart and allow you to successfully win over the heart of your target or keep your current flame in line.

  • Hecate- Greek Goddess of witchcraft and magick. Your ability to manifest are supercharged with her on your side. You will have the ultimate powers to create and ensure you manifest anything and everything.

  • Pan- Greek God who will give you his strength and endurance. You will be able to see the humor in anything so that you don't take life (or yourself) too seriously which will help attract more people and opportunities your way. Pan is also known for his sexual stamina and appetite. Use his sexual powers for some very intense and blissful moments.

  • Oshun- Vodou Goddess who is considered one of the most powerful Orishas. She gives you sensuality, love, and beauty.

  • Ganesha- Hindu God of good luck, wisdom, opportunities, wealth, and business. He will give you a special power specific to you.

  • Juno- Roman Goddess who is who you'd want to call upon when it comes to any matters of the family, especially marriage and motherhood.

  • Ra- Egyptian God who was known as one of the most important God's in Egyptian lore. Everything revolved around him... literally, as he is the Sun God. He will gift you the ability to have the universe at your fingertips and to rule and influence your life and all those in it.

  • Artemis- Greek Goddess of the hunt. She will help you hunt down anything you want and obtain it for yourself. She protects and loves animals, children and woman, so she will bestow her protection on you and those you love.

  • Ares- Greek God of courage and war. He will help give you victory in any matter, especially if you are going up against another person. His energy is empowering and swift. He will help you make split second decisions, even when having to take a test or accomplish something that has you stumped.

  • Eir- Norse Goddess who will protect you from emotional and physical harm. She will help you heal from past hurts and gift you the ability to heal those around you.


With these amazing and powerful Gods and Goddesses on your side, you will be able to conjure up and manifest absolutely anything and anyone you want. This ring is a one of a kind and will give the owner of it immense power to make all her (or his) wishes come true!

After you purchase this ring, you will receive a questionnaire to the email you've chosen. We will use this questionnaire to bind your ring to you and seal your spirit to the Gods and Goddesses of this ring.


Ultimate Mega Manifestation Enchanted Power Ring





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