If your spells need a boost of energy from the voodoo side, this will help. It will speed things up and make any other spells done stronger. It can also be done on wiccan spells to add in voodoo energy which is known to produce speed and action. Voodoo spells done previously will benefit from a boost as well since voodoo spells tend to burn out faster since they are quick strong bursts of energy. So if you don't want to wait around for a full moon for a boost and want to get some voodoo action, this will help. Please limit 3 spells per boost order. If you want 6 spells boosted, get this twice. If you want 9 spells boosted, get three times and so on.

Simply let me know what spells (and their order numbers so I can look them up) you want boosted. Give me any details on how they are going and why you want them boosted (for example: quicker manifestation, extra energy, just to keep things going..) so I know what you are looking for from this. Send this info to robinlifespirits@gmail.com with subject line ATTN Voodoo Team.

Voodoo Energy Boost