I've been asked by SO many people to do a Voodoo version of this spell... so here ya go guys (or girls) ;):

I've added an extra spell to it too, so you get 7 spells... cause I'm Voodoo and I can do that. Plus 7 is a lucky number and it only feels right to me that you'd get 7 in a bundle. ;)

This is a love spell bundle to help you get the girl of your dreams! It includes these spells:

1. Voodoo Make Her Have Love Dreams Of You

2. Voodoo Make Her Not Stop Thinking Of You

3.Voodoo Make Her Contact You In The Way YOU Want

4. Voodoo Make Her Exceptionally Attracted to You

5. Voodoo Make Her Come to You

6. Voodoo Make Her Obsess Over You

7. Voodoo Make Her Heart Yours!

These are obviously versions of the original spells, but I re-wrote them to fit what I do best so that they'd have a bit more POW to them. ;)


Please email me at robinlifespirits@gmail.com the answers to the questions below and send in a picture or two as well if you've got them.

Your Name:

Your Date of Birth:

Your Birth Time (if known):

Her Name:

Her Date of Birth:

How did you meet her:

Have you and her ever had a relationship:

If you two broke up, why:

Do you have any contact with her:

What you want from this spell:

Voodoo Get The Girl Bundle