If you or someone you know is having a hard time winning custody over their children, this is the spell which will help them out! We will customize it to fit them and their circumstances and to ensure none of the children are hurt in this process. It is a very effective yet safe spell which is designed to try and ensure fast success for the happiness of the children and parent involved. Many clients have come to me with sad cases and this spell has become something that has helped them a happy and stress free solution to the court process. It is always terrible when something like a custody battle comes up, but when they do, this spell was designed to help give you or that person fighting for custody the edge they need.

Here is the info I need from you for this spell:

1. Your Full Name (or name of the person this spell is to help if you are getting it for someone else):

2. Your Date of Birth (or DOB of the person this spell is to help if you are getting it for someone else):

3. Name of the person whom you are trying to get away from the children:

4. Their Date of Birth:

5. Name and DOB of all children Involved:

6. The reason why you wanted this spell:

7. If there is a Judge involved, please put down his or her name:

8. If there are lawyers involved, please put down their name and who they are defending:

9. Any other info that is relevant to the case:


Also, it is ok if you do not have all the info, just fill out the questionnaire the best you can. You can put the answers in the box to the right of this page before you check out, or email the answers to my email address: robinlifespirits@gmail.com along with your order number. You can also send any pictures there. :-)

Win Custody Spell