June 30, 2013 @ 9:49 PM

Audra posting in Robins blog. Sorry, I don't have my own soap box here (besides message board.)

Something I want to rant about since it is driving me crazy is the comments about the success stories page not having updates. Yea, ummm people HAD the pleasure of posting success stories with out approval and with our trust until it was severly abused before and esp during the ROR fiasco. So we had to change the format to make people email us on the site when they have a success story and each success story has to manually be edited, copied, pasted, and posted individually. Since there are so many already up there, it takes about 5 or more mins for each one to be posted since the page takes so long on our side to reload one edited. So it ...

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June 26, 2013 @ 7:08 PM

I don't get political much but I've been up all night in suspense trying to see if our civil rights in TX were trampled on after so much bad news today from the Supreme Court with the voting act's bill!!! Seriously what is going on right now in America!?! Us women in Texas have had our own battle to worry about and that has been my focus as far as politics go. So far it looks like we (the women of Texas and the men who love us) WON!!! Why am I not totally sure? It looks as if the TX legislator or Lt. Gov. pulled a fast one and tried to vote AFTER midnight which is against the rules!!! But thankfully there are enough people it looks like to help support what they saw and say that votes were AFTER midnight! Wendy Davis tried to ...

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