March 17, 2016 @ 1:31 AM

Our Ostara Alter


What is Ostara

Ostara (pronounced Oh-STAR-uh) is one of our eight sabbats (holidays) on the wheel of the year. It is celebrated on the Spring Equinox when the season changes and we now have the same amount of day light as we do night darkness. We focus on fertility, new growth, and balance during this time.


Ostara is when the Goddess is at the peak of fertility and is ready to conceive with the Sun God. Nine months from now, she will move into her next life cycle and become a mother.

Ostara is believed to get it's name from the Saxon Lunar Goddess of Fertility, Eostre (this is where we get the word estrogen from) whose symbols are eggs, flowers, and rabbits because they are linked to fertility......

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