July 22, 2019 @ 1:18 AM

If you aren't already convinced that this month has been crazy with the solar and lunar eclipses we just had and the Mercury retrograde we are currently suffering through... just wait till we gear up for the black moon we will have on the 31st! This month has been an energy explosion so far, but the universe isn't ready to back off just yet...
Thankfully as we prepare for the black moon which is actually a second new moon in a single calendar month (a blue moon is a second full moon in a single calendar month), Mercury will finally go direct which will give us some much needed relief. However, did you know that Mercury is just one of 5 planets in retrograde right now?
Currently Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all in retrogrades. This means that these planets appear to be going backwards relative to our motion. Everything connected to those planets tends to go "backwards" or we feel their correspondences to an even greater extent. For instance: Mercury is connected to communication, so when it is in retrograde it is known for causing communication problems and misunderstandings between people. In a Jupiter retrograde, which is connected to luck... you actually might feel your luck change for the better if you feel you have had habitual bad luck. So, a planet being retrograde isn't actually bad thing at all but it does change the status quo up a bit which can make us need to ground ourselves even more than normal and try to take little problems with a grain of salt. With so many planets being retrograde, it can really kick us off balance. Keep in mind that the closer a planet is to us, the more it being in a retrograde effects us. We are much more effected by a Mercury retrograde than a Pluto retrograde. So that definitely helps!
Here is what these retrograde planets are associated with so you can get an idea of why we are all feeling like we do right now:
Mercury: Communication, Logic, Electronics, & Travel
Jupiter: Luck, Prosperity, Carer, Growth, & Philosophy
Saturn: Karma, Limitations, Law, Rules, Boundaries, & Practicality
Neptune: Idealism, Compassion, Dreams, Imagination, & Creativity
Pluto: Our shadow self (our dark side), Transformation, Death, Unpredictability, & Power
Here is a list of when these planets go direct:
Mercury: July 31st
Jupiter: August 11th
Saturn: September 17th
Neptune: November 26th
Pluto: October 2nd
One really good website for knowing what the planets are doing on any given day is: https://www.theplanetstoday.com/astrology.html I especially love that they color the retrograde planets in a purple halo. Super cool!
Just as we finally get out of all of the lunar excitement of July, we walk into August to be greeted with the Lion's Gate Portal which always occurs each year on 8/8. So this will of course continue to throw us around a bit energy wise, but when you learn what the Lion's Gate Portal is, you'll realize it's worth it!. 
The Lion's Gate Portal (named after Leo, the zodiac sign it occurs in) is an intense cosmic alignment that increases the energy flow between the physical and spiritual realms. It's energy is connected to the star of Sirius and has ties to Ancient Egypt since this Portal opens when Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Pyramid of Giza align perfectly. This will make Sirius appear as if it is coming down to us from the heavens. Since Sirius is the brightest star we can see, this is pretty significant.
This portal activation will open our DNA up to intense change and activation. It will allow us to be connected to the universe at a higher vibrational frequency and creates an immense period of accelerated spiritual ascension. When the gate is open, everything manifests faster with a more intensified energy. So this is a good time to do any law of attraction work or spellwork because your efforts will be multiplied and accelerated to huge extent. See, I told you all this energy was worth it!
This year so far has really challenged a lot of us already to really reach down, analyze and demand better from ourselves and others. It has been a difficult journey for many of us but the universe is definitely rewarding us with promises of manifestation and positive changes. The best is yet to come!
Love & peace,