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  • What are Switch Words and How You Can Utilize Them

    By Audra English For centuries, people have been searching for ways to channel the power of their thoughts and intentions into tangible results. One of the most powerful tools in this pursuit is the use of switch words – a combination of sounds and vibrations that are believed to activate the subconscious mind and bring about positive change. Let's explore the history of switch words and offer some insight into how you can use them to achieve your goals. The origins of switch words can be traced back to ancient Indian traditions, where they were known as "mantras." These mantras were used to encourage healing, spiritual growth, and other positive outcomes. Each mantra was believed to have a specific vibration that could unlock hidden abilities within the mind and body. Over time, this practice spread throughout the world, and variations of mantras became widely accepted in various cultures. In recent years, switch words have gained renewed interest in the spiritual community, as more people are looking for ways to harness the power of their thoughts and intentions. The theory behind switch words is that they can bypass the conscious mind and activate the subconscious, which is responsible for creating habits and patterns in our lives. By repeating these words with intention, it is believed that we can reprogram our subconscious to attract positive outcomes. So, how do you use switch words? First, it is important to choose a word or phrase that resonates with your desired outcome. For example, if you are looking to attract abundance, you might choose the switch word "count." You can then repeat this word throughout the day with intention, whether in your mind or out loud. You can also write the word down or create a visual reminder, such as a vision board, to strengthen your connection to the switch word. It is important to note that switch words are not a quick fix. The energy is meant to build up. They require consistent repetition and intention to see results. Additionally, switch words should be used in conjunction with other spiritual practices, such as magick, meditation and visualization, to amplify their effects. Here are some sample switch words and phrases that you can use in your practice: For Love: Calm Compassion Love - Used to bring about a loving and calming energy to an otherwise stressful and unloving relationship. Helps both sides look at the situation with compassion and love. For Wealth: Golden Sunrise Add Count Now- Increase your wealth, open new doors and bring in new opportunities. Increase your earnings from all areas and attract abundance. Increase cash flow. For Health: Be Revive Now ___ Forever- Add in any area of concern you want to heal. For example, for liver healing, put the word liver in the blank spot. To help with diabetes, put the word pancreas in the blank spot. For Emotions: Giggle Stretch Bluff- Used to relieve depression and stress. Gives you an abundance of happiness immediately. Can help take away fears and worries so that you can get out of your own way. Switch words are a powerful tool that can help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind and achieve your goals. By selecting a word or phrase that resonates with your desired outcome and repeating it with intention, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to attract positive results. However, it is important to remember that consistency and dedication are key when it comes to using switch words as a part of your spiritual or magickal practice. With commitment, patience, and faith, you can unlock the full potential of this powerful tool and harness the power of your thoughts to create a life you love. Here are some Master Switch Words you can use by themselves or combine with other words to create a phrase that fits you and your situation: Add: To boost your energy and force with each switchword. Strengthens, boosts, increases, improves, and enlarges everything. Increase the number of clients and money in your business. Improves a relationship's love, praise, sentiments, care, affection, respect, and communication. Bring: It aids in the unification and connection of goals. Helps to enigmatically attract desires at an appropriate time. To attract all positive things and to align yourself with your goal. Charm: Used to bring about intense desires. Aids in skin, hair, and nail problems. Aids in the creation of a stable existence. Used to improve one's attractiveness, security, and serenity. Reduce daily stress. Improve your inner personality. To make your deepest desires a reality. Divine: It aids in rising above the ordinary and mediocre. Used to get an immediate outcome. Improve the quality of all work. It aids in the attraction of impossible but genuine things. Attract miracles and good fortune. Aids in the development of sincere love in our hearts. Used to relieve hatred, envy, rage, jealousy, suspicion, vengeance, and other negative emotions. Aids in the induction of power in all works. Elate: Used to bring back a dead relationship, lost wealth, an ailing organ, a project, an event, and much more. Helps to convert setbacks into opportunities. Limit: To help get rid of addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, lust, excessive online or social networking talking, caffeinated beverages, and other unpleasant or undesired behaviors. To shield oneself from unpleasant individuals and their consequences. To feel safe and in command of a situation. Now: It assists in staying in the present moment and expedites the fulfillment of a request. Helps you act on positive impulses, reduces procrastination, and ensures that your destiny only brings you pleasant things at the right moment. It induces peace and soothes the psyche. Aids in the removal of previous traumas, wounds, ailments, and karmas. Reach: Used to locate a misplaced item, person, or location. To accomplish any goal or target. Helps fulfill personal desires such as marriage, a financial wish, project completion, boost a relationship with a friend or spouse that has stagnated reconnect with a friend who has lost touch, and so on. Helps to achieve health goals such as weight loss and to provide fresh ideas to complete a project or task. Helps with the attraction of fresh ideas, innovations, and creativity. Together: Helps with the mastery of any activity or skill. Can assist you in achieving your personal and financial goals, as well as any other desire. When you need to be single-minded, this helps.It brings together the intellect, body, and spirit to get things done swiftly. It also brings together earthy and spiritual energy to expedite tasks. Join our free Law of Attraction Workshop to get a large list of Switch Word Phrases and Master Words to use with your spellwork and manifestation exercises. You can sign up to join HERE.

  • September 2023 Astrology Guide - Free Printable Astrology Calendar

    By Audra English This month starts off with some very welcome astrological news, in addition to the fall-like atmosphere and temperature that calls for sweaters.The conclusion of Venus's retrograde phase occurs early in the month. This indicates that everything having to do with romance or monetary flows will be less complicated, and that you will finally be able to make significant changes to your look. In addition to this, the gaseous titan Jupiter will be in retrograde motion for the remainder of the year, and the conclusion of Mercury's retrograde motion will follow shortly thereafter.So, other from that, what else is going on as we usher in the autumn season? Here is your September 2023 Astrology Guide to help you understand what this month ushers in for us. This month I also made everyone a super handy printable astrology calendar you can print out for free. It is located at the bottom of this page. September 3rd — Venus goes direct in Leo Now that Venus has begun its forward motion, our confidence is returning, and we are beginning to radiate a newfound sense of pride in ourselves. In order to be ready for the season, we can now set up appointments for things like haircuts, facials, and shopping trips. September 4th — Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus Because of this beneficial aspect, we find ourselves talking and thinking more productively. Today is a fantastic day to send out proposals, resumes, preliminary plans, and other similarly critical messages. Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus Jupiter's retrograde motion in obstinate Taurus till the end of the year will leave us all feeling unsettled. The following few months are prime time for reevaluating your objectives and making any required course adjustments. September 6th — Sun in Virgo conjunct Mercury in Virgo This work-related aspect is useful for coming up with beneficial concepts, preparing ahead, and assessing situations so that you may advance in your career. September 8th — Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus Today is a fantastic day for business and professional advancement. When you put your financial resources into a fantastic idea, you could be shocked at the results. September 9th— 9/9 Gateway Portal According to numerology, September 9 is one of the luckiest days of the year. On the ninth day of the ninth month, we will get access to something that will allow us to do things that we have not been able to do in a considerable amount of time. On a more fundamental level, we will be able to tune into the vibrations of the world that is all around us. During the next several weeks, we will be confronted by energies that will prove to be beneficial to our life. When people experience the emergence of new energies, our natural reaction is to pull back, but this is not the appropriate response given the circumstances. You have to have the ability to break out of your comfort zone and move forward. Even though you will be operating from within, you must make sure that you are coming from a position of harmony. You may experience some anxiety while these energies make their way here; but, once the gateway opens, which will occur after it has reached its maximum capacity, you will be able to genuinely let this energy into your life and benefit from it. The date of September 9 is, in and of itself, a good day for doing the inner work necessary to heal and let go of any troubles that you have let to weigh heavily on your heart and prevent you from moving on. This opening of a gateway brings forth a sense of unity that all of us have been craving for a long time. You should be aware that September 9th (9/9) is one of the greatest days to try any manifestation rituals. This is because September 9th (9/9) is one of the few days that have nine digits. September 13th — Pallas enters Libra In order to make the best decisions for our life, we are going to spend the next several weeks studying how to strike a balance between following our minds and following our hearts. Nevertheless, you should take care not to let your preoccupation with arriving at the "best" choice cause you to avoid making any choices at all. Vesta enters Cancer During the next several weeks, our primary objective will be to lay a solid groundwork for ourselves and the people we care about the most. It is time to make a commitment to your family and to concentrate on turning your house into a home. September 14th — New moon in Virgo This is the perfect opportunity to think about ways that we may better ourselves as we draw closer to the beginning of a new season. A wonderful opportunity to establish new habits, get things done, and take better care of our health. September 15th — Mercury goes direct in Virgo As soon as we make an effort to think in a rational manner, our anxious feelings begin to feel better. After the mayhem that the retrograde caused, it is the time to get our lives back in order and resume our normal routines. Ceres enters Scorpio When Ceres enters devoted Scorpio, it's better to give than to receive. During the next few weeks, we could be sharing resources and space with other people, which will likely result in the formation of profound relationships that will keep us connected for a long time. Choose that particular person with discretion. Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus As our good fortune begins to come around, this miraculous facet of the situation continues to fill us with awe and positive energy. Choose the path that is less traveled, and have an optimistic attitude! September 16th — Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus Today, you shouldn't be so willing to give away your heart. When it comes to a relationship, moving too quickly might result in regret and embarrassment farther down the line. September 18th — Venus is at it's brightest Have you been observing Venus in the sky lately? If not, you should check out how brilliant Venus is. If you've been getting up before the sun and gazing to the east, there's no way you can claim to not have seen it. The reason for this is that on September 18th, Venus will be shining brighter than it ever has before. Before Venus begins to swing back toward the Sun and finally appears in the evening skies again, this will be the brightest it will ever be in the morning sky. Today is the perfect time to work on your love spells and put your romantic goals into action. September 19th — Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces Be wary of everything, including but not limited to, what you overhear at this trivial phase. Gossip spreads rapidly and has the ability to profoundly damage people's confidence. Before you have all of the information in front of you, refrain from repeating anything. September 20th — Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn Putting in a lot of effort might help you stand out at this diligent phase. Make use of it to request what you are entitled to, such as a pay rise, a promotion, or public acknowledgment for a job well done. September 22nd — Sun enters Libra Day and night, light and dark, all have the same amount of intensity on the first day of fall. During the following four months, we will work on striking a balance between our inner light and our outside light as we learn to maintain our position on significant topics while avoiding alienating essential friends. September 23rd — Autumn Equinox The Autumn Equinox will occur on September 23rd, and marks the time when summer officially ends and the new season begins. During this time, the amount of daylight and darkness will be almost equal. The energy of autumn, like the energy of spring, has a sensation of transition, of something fresh, and it brings to mind the feeling of going back to school that one had when they were younger. As the Autumn Equinox and the calm drawing in of the period of Winter get near, now is the season to be ready, to sow seeds that can develop roots and mature in preparation for the next surge of fresh energy that will come in the Springtime. It is a moment to reflect on all that has transpired thus far in this year and to express gratitude for it. September 25th — Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus This forward-thinking component inspires all of us to think creatively about ways in which we may make our lives better and motivates us to think outside the box. September 27th — Sun in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces When we are not permitted to express who we are, this limiting component might give rise to an identity crisis. The end effect is a sensation of being underappreciated and overworked. September 29th — Full Super Moon in Aries We have the opportunity to acknowledge our entrepreneurial spirit and seize control of our future thanks to the glowing full moon. Get in touch with your most primal emotions and let them direct you. This is also the last Super Moon of 2023. Make sure you use it to your benefit. Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus Since feelings are running high and anxiousness is at an all-time high, today is not the best day for romantic endeavors. Fights about trivial matters have the potential to destroy otherwise healthy relationships. September 30th — Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus Take advantage of the last day of September to reflect on the years to come, as the resolute nature of this month inspires us to plan out our ambitions and embark on the path that leads to achievement. Click HERE to access your free printable September Astrology Calendar as pictured below. Written by Audra English High Priestess of Life Spirits Society of Magick

  • Once in a Blue Super Moon~ Ritual and Spells to try on the August 30th Blue Super Moon.

    By Audra English A Super Moon has significance in astrology. Not only does the moon look impressively big due to how much closer it is to our Earth, but also affects our energy more significantly than a regular full moon. What is also unique about this Super Moon is that it's also known as a Blue Super Moon. Super Moons only occur a few times a year, but this August will witness two of these lunar phenomena, making this month a very unique one for astrologers. Each full moon coincides with an astrological sign, giving off a certain energy. And that mood is much stronger when there is a Super Moon. This specific Blue Super Moon is associated with Saturn and is in the sign of Pisces. So you'll be questioning if you've been actively following your dreams lately. It is a good idea to consider if you've been driven to achieve your goals due to passion or if you're just following the crowd. If your responses to these kinds of crucial questions match what you hope to achieve in life, that means you're on the right track. If not, though, it's time to take action and realign your goals with your truest desires. You may also come to the knowledge that making tough choices now will pay off greatly. That can entail making the decision to uproot your life and relocate to a new place or finally launching the side project you've been contemplating for so long. The Full Blue Super Moon will have you thinking about some possibly significant changes that might effect your future, this is a good thing. It means that change is very possible right now and the Universe is pushing you to really go after everything you've said you want. Your job, your relationships, your home—all of these things are up for change right now. Making decisions in those areas may significantly change the trajectory of your life, without trying to be dramatic. This is by far the best Full Moon of the year to do spellwork for yourself. So make sure you make some time to get your rituals done up, even if it's going over your list of goals and writing them down for the Universe to manifest for you. Here is a Super Moon Ritual you can perform for yourself on August 30th: How to conduct a Blue Super Moon ritual? The first step in conducting a full moon ritual is to set the intention. Focus on what you want to manifest in your life. Your intention will be the foundation for your spell or ritual. Next, set up your sacred space. This can be a simple altar or a secluded area in your home. Then, light candles and incense, or create a sensory environment with essential oils and crystals. Take a few deep breaths and relax. When you feel centered, start the ritual or spell you feel drawn to from the list below. Include a meditation or visualization to endorse your intention. Blue Super Moon Spell List: 1. Blue Super Moon Release Spell: Write down what you want to let go of in your life on a slip of paper. Fold the paper and hold it in your left hand. Hold a lit candle (preferably black or white) in your right hand and recite, "I release what no longer serves me," three times. When you feel ready, burn the paper. 2. Blue Super Moon Abundance Spell: Get a bowl of water and drop a few coins in it. Set your intention for abundance. Light a green candle and recite, "As the moon draws the tides, so too does the moon draw abundance to me." While staring at the flame, let the energy of the Blue Super Moon guide you and feel yourself drawing abundance into your life. 3. Blue Super Moon Water Ritual: Get a bowl or jar of water and place it outside under the Blue Super Moon. Set your intentions as you stare at the bowl or jar of water. When you're done, use the water to cleanse your face and hands. You can also use any extra water to add to your perfume or body washes to harness the energy of the Blue Super Moon longer. 4. Blue Super Moon Gratitude Prayer: Take a few minutes to list all the things you're grateful for in your life. Speak your blessings aloud or write them down in your journal. Express appreciation to the universe. What is a Blue Super Moon ritual? A Blue Super Moon ritual is a spiritual practice that utilizes the energy of the Blue Super Moon to manifest change and growth in one's life. It is a time of introspection, letting go of old habits, and setting intentions for the future. A Blue Super Moon ritual can include meditation, journaling, and spellwork. The goal of the ritual is to channel the energy of the Blue Super Moon to achieve one's objectives. We just added up the Blue Super Moon Boost & Spell Bundle. You get to choose 7 wishes for us to manifest for you. This one will also come with a blue candle you can use at home whenever you want to add instant Super Blue Moon Manifestation energy to your intentions! You can find it here:

  • Get in Control of Your Ego and Gain Self Esteem to Manifest Your Dreams

    By Audra English Defining the Ego - Why it's Crucial to Know and Accept it! Have you ever heard someone say that "he has a big ego?" or that "she just can't let go of her ego?" People often talk about the ego as though it's something negative or even dangerous. And that's truly a shame because the ego is nothing but a part of who we are - a part that's crucial to know and accept. The ego is the mental construct of ourselves. It's a collection of beliefs, self-images, and inner narratives that make up our sense of self. The ego is not inherently good or bad - it just is. However, its power can create a sense of separation between ourselves and others. The ego is often oriented towards external validation and the pursuit of pleasure, which can lead to neglecting the needs of others and fostering a sense of superiority or inferiority over others. It's important to recognize the ego because it's something we carry with us every day, and it shapes the way we perceive and interact with the world. Understanding our ego allows us to become more self-aware and to make conscious decisions about how to use its power. We can learn to recognize when we're making ego-driven decisions and work on making more balanced choices. Accepting the ego means embracing who we are entirely, both our strengths and weaknesses. Instead of trying to suppress or deny it, we can recognize and accept our egos, finding balance between our inner-self with our behaviors, emotions, and communication with others. The process of accepting the ego can lead to greater self-acceptance and self-love, helping us to navigate life with more intention and authenticity. Being ego-aware means that we can learn to discern the difference between our inner-selves and the projections that the ego is constantly pushing forward. The ego is not just our self-image but the image we create for others to receive as well, therefore, impact our relationships. By understanding the ego, we can be more empathetic and better communicators. However, being ego-aware does not mean that we should choke the ego to death. Our ego is essential to getting through life and having a healthy dose of self-confidence. But when the ego verges into a territory of arrogance and entitlement, that is when the ego needs to be reigned back and kept under control. The ego is a part of our mental construct that's essential to know and accept. By understanding and embracing our ego, we become empowered with self-awareness and self-acceptance, as well as more empathetic in our relationships with others. At the same time, we need to acknowledge when our ego takes over and learn how to keep it in check, so it doesn't go overboard. By practicing ego-awareness, we become more intentional about the choices we make and how we interact with the world. So, don't reprimand your ego, but be aware of it to lead a more balanced life. 50 Signs Your Ego is in Control of you: You are constantly feeling you're a victim of your circumstances. You live in a scarcity mindset. You feel you are in competition with the world. You don't feel empowered. You feel people are either good or bad... it's only black and white to you. You lack validation and strive to have people “see” or validate you. You can't handle any criticism, even if it is constructive. You feel you are right. You don't feel you are good enough. You are afraid if people knew the “true” you, they'd reject you. You feel you are defined by your past. You don't believe people can grow or change. You believe who they are is who they'll always be, yourself included. You don't feel you are complete unless you have love, money, or validation from an outside source. You don't know how to find happiness in the current moment you're living in. You don't live in the current moment, you're either stuck in the past or worried about the future. You hold other people accountable for your happiness or lack thereof. You cover up your feelings by numbing them. You only seek wisdom to validate yourself and your belief system. You need others to be impressed by you. You aren't fulfilled. You get offended by other people's opinions. You need to win. Your reputation is important to you and you'll do anything to make sure you are in charge of how other people perceive you. You don't put yourself out there because you're too afraid of getting hurt. You believe hurting someone else will relieve your own pain. Don't feel you have much to be thankful for. Will only find peace once everything falls in place. You are impatient. You don't like how you look in the mirror. You compare yourself to others. You are bothered by others getting attention. You have problems with people taking selfies or tend to body shame strangers online. You get into debates with strangers online and need to be the winner of the argument. You tend to think someone thinks badly of you after they meet you or talk with you. You are constantly in a state of anxiety. You let people violate your boundaries or you violate theirs. You need to have a relationship “validated” in order to feel secure in it. You are obsessed about the title of the relationship more than just spending time with that person. You have extremely high expectations of yourself and/or other people. You are very reactive and upset if someone believes something about you that is untrue. You fear being a burden. You don't have a strong sense of self. You fear being abandoned or rejected. You're a perfectionist. You love giving bad or negative feedback. You complain or whine a lot. You don't stand up for yourself or other people. You're not able to tell someone they hurt you for fear they'd leave if you stood up for yourself. You don't start new projects or hobbies for fear you'd fail or do poorly. You are pessimistic. Counter the Ego With Emotional Intelligence We've all heard of intelligence quotient (IQ) as a measure of intelligence, but have you ever heard about emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions while also recognizing the emotions of others. Think of EQ as the intelligence you use to navigate your interpersonal relationships. We're here to tell you all about what emotional intelligence is, and why it's important. At the core of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Knowing why you feel a certain way and what situations trigger emotions is crucial to understanding and managing them. Self-awareness helps you recognize the feelings that drive your behaviors, which in turn increase your ability to manage them effectively. When you're self-aware, you'll have better chances of responding positively to a situation rather than reacting defensively, impulsively, or emotionally. Self-management is another important aspect of emotional intelligence. This is when you understand how to manage and regulate your emotional responses. It includes being in control of your emotions, rather than having them control you, and is an important part of developing healthy coping mechanisms. Self-management is all about understanding when to express and when to control emotions, particularly during challenging situations. Social awareness is the third component of emotional intelligence, which involves understanding and empathizing with others. To be socially aware, you need to be skilled in deciphering others’ moods and emotions, even non-verbally, and also understand the impact of emotions on others. Strong social awareness can also help you steer conversations by being more responsive and engaging with people. Lastly, relationship management is an important part of emotional intelligence. When you have good relationship management skills, you can deal with conflict, build lasting relationships, and inspire positive change in others. Strong relationship management skills can help you navigate different personalities, collaborate with other people, and even lead teams. Emotional intelligence is an essential skill in our personal and professional lives. Once you start understanding your own emotions, you can better understand the emotions of others and navigate relationships in a more compassionate and effective way. All the components of emotional intelligence- self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management- build upon each other to create a complete toolbox to help navigate our emotional lives. Developing EQ requires time and effort, but the payoff is worth it. The Ego vs Emotional Intelligence When you can recognize and control your feelings, while also being considerate of others' emotions, your ego will stay in line. Plus, your energy and vibe will soar! But here's the twist: forget about ego and focus on emotional intelligence. It's the secret sauce for leveraging the law of attraction in your favor. Boosting your emotional intelligence is like reclaiming the reins on your ego. You'll finally become the genuine, fabulous person you've always wanted to be. Embrace Your Emotional Intelligence with these Practical Exercises and Tips 1. Identify your emotions: Sometimes, we're so caught up in our thoughts that we forget to recognize what we're feeling. The first step towards emotional intelligence is to identify your emotions. Start by paying attention to your thoughts and how they make you feel. Ask yourself, "What am I feeling right now?" or "Why do I feel this way?" By becoming aware of your emotions, you can learn to regulate them better. 2. Practice empathy: Put yourself in other people's shoes. Empathy is about understanding and feeling what others feel. To develop empathy, try actively listening to others and understanding their perspective and experiences. When talking to someone, pay attention to their tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions to get a better sense of their emotions. 3. Communicate effectively: Communication is key to building strong relationships. To communicate better, start by being present in the conversation. Put your phone away, make eye contact, and actively listen to what the other person is saying. Instead of reacting impulsively, take a deep breath, and respond with kindness and empathy. Remember, effective communication isn't just about speaking; it's also about listening. 4. Practice self-awareness: Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. It involves understanding your values, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses. Take time to reflect on your thoughts and actions. Ask yourself, "Why did I react that way?" or "What can I do differently next time?". By being self-aware, you can recognize your triggers and learn to manage your emotions better. 5. Be open-minded: Embrace diversity and be open to new ways of thinking and doing things. Our differences make us unique, and by embracing them, we can learn a lot from each other. Be curious about other people's cultures, beliefs, and experiences. By embracing diversity, you'll develop a better understanding of others' emotions and perspectives. Tips on Improving Your Self-Esteem: Don't let your ego hold you back from accepting yourself and becoming self-aware. When you embrace self-awareness, you're taking control away from that pesky ego and leveling up your emotional intelligence. Boost your self-esteem and find true happiness by prioritizing self-acceptance. It's a key ingredient for success! Journal or script. The more you allow your true self to speak, the more you'll start learning and accepting who you truly are. Complement others. When you take time to look at people and consider what you like about them, you'll be much less concerned about what they think about you and will make a friend in the long run. Accept that YOU are in control of your happiness. You are only as happy as you make your mind up to be. So focus on learning to be happy in the current moment. Stop dwelling on the past and stop obsessing about the future. Savor every moment you have in your life and that starts with appreciating the little things that happened to you today. Set strong boundaries with other people. If someone is treating you badly, stand up for yourself or at the very least, walk away. Life is too short to put up with people who make you feel like crap. Surround yourself with positive people. The people we spend time with can have a significant impact on our self-esteem. Surround yourself with supportive and positive people who encourage and inspire you. Limit time with people who bring you down or are negative about your goals and aspirations. Seek out friends and mentors who uplift you and believe in your potential. Find things you love about yourself, no matter how small. Write down what makes you happy, what makes you proud, what makes you beautiful, worthy, and unique. Write down positive affirmations and quotes and put them everywhere!! On your mirror, in your phone, on your computer, at work, on the fridge. Surround yourself with positive energy. Stop watching and looking at things that carry negative energy. The more you find beauty around you, the more you'll find beauty within you. Take selfies!! Post pictures of yourself. Talk about your passions and your dreams. Talk about the things you're currently interested in. Be goofy! Share your TRUE self and don't allow yourself to worry about what other people think about you when you post. The more you get used to being yourself and loving who you are, the more magnetic you become. Give other people a platform. Get excited about other people's selfies, self reflections and interests. Engage and encourage! Allow them to shine without it saying something about you or making you feel jealous. The less you need other people to see you, the more you'll start seeing yourself. It will give you a huge sense of freedom. Whenever you find yourself thinking a negative thought about yourself or another person, stop and reflect. Where did that thought come from? How can you change that narrative? The more mindful you are towards your thoughts and feelings, the more you'll be in control of what your subconscious is thinking. Realize that your past does not define you. You are growing and evolving every single day. If you are around people (including yourself!) that will not let you grow or evolve, you need a change of scenery. Move on. Move on from your past and that mindset. Meditate. The best way to get in control of your mind and ego is to silence it. Spend time daily meditating. Live with gratitude. Be thankful for even the things that you've had to suffer through by finding out what they've taught you. Turn your pain into purpose by learning those lessons and growing from them. Search out knowledge and information that challenges your perspective on things. Don't be afraid to learn something new. The more open minded you are and accepting of other ideas and people, the more your own self esteem and self-acceptance will rise. Challenge and change your inner dialog if you find that you're bullying yourself. Be your own life coach. Watch videos and search for books that are encouraging. The more you coach and work on your inner dialog, the more likely you'll find people who will cherish you and support you. Your self worth is essential and a non negotiable when it comes to attracting the right people and circumstances into your life. Take a break when you need it. Have a moment when you need one. Take a day off. Cry. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. All of them! Don't label them as bad or good. They are valid. You are valid. Instead, try to figure out why you feel that way and what is the best course of action to take once you get those emotions out. Denying our emotions is exactly how the ego kicks in and takes over. Take care of your body. The more you love and care for your body, the better you'll feel about yourself. Don't work out to lose weight... work out to get healthy. You're not trying to fix a deficit, you're trying to cherish yourself because you're worthy of good health. People who focus on losing weight have poor success because their mindset and vibration is in a negative. They only see a fat person in the mirror and that is who they continue to be. Those that start focusing on getting healthy and loving their bodies start losing weight and getting healthier as a result. Learn to enjoy moving your body. Eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, get sunshine. Do this because you deserve to be healthy and happy. Create rituals for yourself that make you feel pampered. Accept your flaws and eccentricities. In fact, love them! That is what makes you, you! Unless you're hurting someone, you should embrace the little bits about yourself that “society” might frown on. Who is society anyway? Truth is, we need more real in this world. We crave it! The more real you are, the more you show your flaws and those parts of you that you've been hiding or covering up, the more people are going to be drawn to you. Stop complaining and whining. Don't like something? Fix it!! Don't let other people be in charge of your destiny by giving them the keys to fixing things going wrong in your life. Make sure you start focusing on what is going right and taking charge and fixing what is going wrong. Set mini (and easily achievable) goals and get to work. As humans, we are goal-oriented and success driven. When we are able to see we can accomplish the goals we set, it improves our self worth and allows us to strive to set and achieve things we once only dreamed was possible. Setting achievable goals for yourself can help boost your confidence and sense of accomplishment. Start by breaking down big goals into smaller, more manageable ones. Celebrate your victories along the way and remember that progress takes time. Be kind and patient with yourself, and know that setbacks are normal and can be opportunities to learn and grow. Boost your self-esteem and watch your luck skyrocket! Say goodbye to the ego and hello to attracting everything you've ever wished for. It may take some time and effort, but trust me, the results are totally worth it. Supercharge your success by boosting your emotional intelligence! Master the art of handling your emotions and uncovering and loving your true self.

  • Unleashing the Power of Mudras and Their Meanings to Improve Your Energy & Attract Manifestations

    By Audra English Our busy and hectic lifestyle often drains us of our vital energy, leaving us stressed and exhausted. But did you know that you have the power to enhance your energy levels and experience greater peace and harmony within your being? Enter mudras – hand gestures that have been used for centuries in the ancient practice of yoga and Ayurveda. These powerful tools can help to harmonize and balance your energy centers, or chakras, and improve your overall well-being. Here, we’ll explore what mudras are, how they work, and why you should be using them in your daily life. Mudras are a subtle yet powerful way to connect with your inner self and improve your energy levels. They involve touching specific points on your fingers with your thumb, and each mudra is said to have its unique healing properties. Essentially, mudras help to balance the flow of energy through your body and awaken your natural healing abilities. For example, the Gyan mudra, where you bring your index finger and thumb together, is said to improve concentration and memory. The Prana mudra, which involves touching your ring finger and little finger to your thumb, is said to enhance vitality and relieve fatigue. The benefits of mudras extend beyond just physical health. They have been credited with reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood and emotional stability, and even enhancing spiritual growth. Practicing mudras along with meditation can offer a deep sense of peace and tranquility. They can also help to cultivate mindfulness and a deeper connection with yourself. If you’re new to mudras, it’s best to start with a few simple ones that are easy to remember. One such mudra is the Chin Mudra, where you touch your thumb and index finger together while letting your other fingers relax. This mudra is said to improve concentration and enhance wisdom. Another easy-to-do mudra is the Anjali mudra, where you bring your palms together in a prayer position. This is a common mudra used in yoga and is said to create a sense of grounding and balance. To get the most benefits out of mudras, it’s recommended to practice them regularly and with intention. As you settle into your mudra pose, focus on your breath and the intention behind the mudra. You can also combine mudras with affirmations and visualizations to enhance their power. For example, while practicing the Ganesha mudra (where you hold your right hand out with your palm facing up and your left hand over your heart), you can repeat the affirmation, “I am open to receive abundance and success.” Mudras are a simple yet effective way to enhance your energy levels and promote holistic wellness. They offer a tangible way to connect with the subtle energy within your body and awaken your natural healing abilities. It’s never too late to start incorporating mudras into your daily routine. Just a few minutes a day can make a significant difference in your overall health and well-being. So why not give it a try and see how these mystical hand gestures can improve your life today? Here is a list of Mudras and their meanings. Try to do each Mudra for 15-30 minutes with both hands while relaxing or meditating for best results. Yoni Mudra Grounds you to your feminine power Helps get rid of anxiety and overthinking Takes care of feminine issues like PMS, PMSD, and Menopause Awakens the Kundalini Cools anger associated with unbalanced hormones Shakti Sacral Mudra Gives you body strength Calms the muscles Gets rid of tension and anxiety Gets rid of insomnia Relaxes the pelvis Can help with PMS and uterine cramps Only use for 10-15 mins unless you want to use it to help sleep Surya Mudra Helps with weight-loss Helps speed up a sluggish thyroid Improves eyesight Keeps your mind focused and on point Helps with inflammation and swelling Helps with diabetes and high blood sugar Helps reduce bad cholesterol Kalesvara Mudra Helps with concentration Calms agitation and anxiety Helps fight addictions Improves memory Awakens intuition Lotus Mudra Helps with digestion Taps into abundance Brings compassion Relaxes the mind Helps bring affection Enhances physical beauty Gets rid of misunderstandings Helps with feelings of loneliness Can help heal heartbreak Ksepana Mudra Helps you move on from what no longer serves you Helps with a positive mindset Flushes away toxins Removes negative thoughts and energy Brings fresh new energy Dharmachakra Mudra Creates everlasting changes Brings you a positive and lucky life Quiets the mind with peace and serenity Gives you spiritual wisdom Deepens your meditation for profound conclusions Improves focus and concentration Aakash Mudra Helps you connect with the higher consciousness Helps you become enlightened Gets rid of fear and anxiety Gets rid of anger and rage Can help with depression Helps detoxify the body Activates the throat chakra Helps you speak your truth Anjali Mudra Helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain Allows union between the physical and spiritual body Enhances focus Increases balance Helps with anxiety and depression Brings stability Pushpaputa Mudra Offer and receive blessings Brings abundance Give thanks and gratitude Promotes compassion Helps you overcome fear Brings forth positive energy Prithvi Mudra Helps stop hair loss Helps improve blood sugar Clears the skin and makes it have a healthy glow Boosts metabolism Helps provide stability Helps body tissues grow Improves stamina Helps you stay grounded Helps with the bones and teeth Prana Mudra Helps increase energy Improves eyesight Builds confidence Increases immunity Heals heart problems Cleanses the aura Reduces stress and anxiety Clears the skin Ganesha Mudra Helps remove any obstacles in your path Keeps you going so you can persevere Lifts your spirits and brings positive energy Can bring you abundance and luck Can help you lose weight by increasing the metabolism Helps with the heart, lungs, and surrounding muscles Bhairava Mudra Helps calm the mind Balances both hemispheres of the brain Enhances concentration Helps you maintain your equilibrium Keeps away negative energy that would oppose you Heals the entire digestive system Gyan Mudra Improves sleep Gets rid of depression and apathy Purify the mind Increase wisdom and intelligence Helps fight addictions Helps with mental illness Brings happiness and joy Creates positive energy Brings peace and serenity Calms the soul and mind

  • Harness the Power of the August 2023 New Moon with These Tips

    The August 2023 New Moon is a powerful time to set intentions, manifest your desires, and make positive changes in your life. As a witch, I believe the energy of the New Moon can enhance the potency of your spells and rituals. That’s why I’m sharing some tips that can help you harness the power of the New Moon and make this celestial event work for you. If you’re looking to boost your spellwork, attract abundance, or improve your relationships, keep reading and get ready to tap into the energy of the cosmos. 1. Start with a ritual. The New Moon is a perfect time to create a ritual that aligns with your intentions. Whether you want to manifest love, prosperity, or healing, you can create a sacred space where you can call in the energy that supports your goals. You can light candles, burn incense, meditate, or perform any other activity that evokes the spirit of the New Moon. Remember to focus on your intentions, visualize your desired outcome, and feel the energy flowing through you. 2. Use crystals for amplification. Crystals are a powerful tool to enhance the energy of your intentions and magnify the effects of your spells. During the New Moon, you can choose crystals that resonate with your goals and keep them close to you. For example, if you want to attract abundance, you can use citrine, pyrite, or green aventurine. If you want to enhance your intuition, you can use amethyst, labradorite, or moonstone. Make sure to cleanse and charge your crystals before using them. 3. Write down your intentions. The act of writing down your intentions can help you clarify your desires, focus your mind, and solidify your commitment to making positive changes. During the New Moon, take some time to write down your goals, dreams, and wishes. You can use a journal, a piece of paper, or any other medium that feels right to you. Be specific, positive, and heartfelt. Avoid negative language or doubts. Read your intentions out loud and visualize them as already accomplished. 4. Practice gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful way to attract abundance, happiness, and blessings into your life. During the New Moon, you can take a moment to focus on the things that you’re grateful for. You can express your gratitude through prayer, meditation, visualization, or any other means that resonate with you. Remember that gratitude is a state of mind, not a result of external circumstances. The more you cultivate gratitude, the more you’ll attract positive energy. 5. Trust the process. The New Moon is a time of beginnings, growth, and potential. When you cast a spell or perform a ritual during this time, you’re planting a seed that has the power to grow and manifest. However, the results may not always be immediate or obvious. Trust that the Universe is working on your behalf, and that your intentions will bear fruit in due time. Be patient, stay positive, and keep believing in your magic. The New Moon on August 16th is a chance to tap into the cosmic energy and make positive changes in your life. By following these tips, you can enhance the potency of your spells, manifest your desires, and attract abundance and blessings. Remember to create a ritual, use crystals, write down your intentions, practice gratitude, and trust the process. With the power of the New Moon on your side, anything is possible. May your wishes come true and your spirit soar!

  • Why You Should Be Excited About The Lion's Gate Portal

    We've been getting nervous because of all the retrogrades occurring (and about to occur), but now the Lions Gate Portal 2023 is almost here to provide us some much-needed good vibes and chance to change the direction of where our lives have been heading. When the sun, Sirius, Orion's Belt, and Earth are in alignment, it is called the Lion's Gate Portal which is the strongest period in the cosmic year. Every year, between July 26 and August 12, this takes place. On August 8 (when the gateway is most potent), it reaches its pinnacle. There is significant spiritual meaning in the number 8. Its form is similar to that of the infinity sign, and the number itself radiates happiness and prosperity. It's a symbol of our future wealth, good fortune, and success. The eight day of August is a date associated with enlightenment, advancement, and accomplishment. The Lion's Gate Portal gives us a chance to make our hopes and dreams manifest at the highest point of the alignment. This gateway enables us the chance to focus our energies on the kind of world we want to live in and the kind of future we want to establish for ourselves and those we love. Sirius, a fixed star, is the brightest object in the sky. The ancient Greeks gave Sirius the name "Glowing" to describe its brilliance. As one among the most spiritual stars, it is believed to carry a heavenly light everywhere it goes. This month, in the sector of our charts ruled by Leo, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to manifest on a very grand scale, especially with the other cosmic energy happening this month (ahem, the Double Supermoon!) The ancient Egyptians revered Sirius as a significant star. The annual reappearance of this phenomenon coincided with the Nile's annual flooding. This was a pivotal moment for the locals, since spring meant the start of farming season and the return of good soil. In the current day, we may use this time to supercharge our manifestations and establish our goals. Amplify the Lion's Gate Portal's Manifestation Potential with these rituals: Write down your goals, then come up with a game plan for manifesting them. Use spellwork, the law of attraction, meditation, visualization, anything that helps you with your manifestations Focus on your energy! Change your vibration by getting rid of what no longer serves you (perfect to put all these retrogrades to good use!) and clear out the mental, physical, social, and environmental clutter. Come up with a new health and fitness routine. Focus on your body and health. Give yourself some self love. Get those endorphin going! Get into some water. Swim, take ritual baths, cold showers, anything to clam your energy and cool you down in the heart of summer. Find out what you were meant to do with your life. Let the star of Sirus guide you and help you realize your path. Spend time with those you love. Snuggle, kiss, cuddle, and get your oxytocin fix! Focus on what you're thankful for! Gratitude will move mountains for you, so make sure you are raising your vibration by sending thank you notes to the universe by practicing gratitude. Use your creative energy where Leo dominates your horoscope to manifest everything you desire during this Lion's Gate Portal. By determining in which sector of your horoscope Leo resides, you may direct your energy there. Even while this gateway amplifies your manifestations in every area of your life, it shines brightest in the realm over which Leo reigns. Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, this is a very potent area of your life. Check your rising sign below to find out what areas of your life Leo controls. This place is our kingdom. It's the point on the horoscope where we have the most power and authority, and the most potential for success. It's an area in which we excel. It also reveals the domain in which we may best display our strength and elegance... It's where our lion's heart may shine and make a difference. If you do not know what your Ascendant or Rising Sign is, you can figure it out here: With your Rising Sign in hand, find out what you should focus your energy on during this upcoming Lion's Gate Portal: ARIES – Leo is your 5th House. Focus on manifesting love, romance, marriage, and even starting a family. The Lion's Gate will give you the boost you need to finally get things done. You'll feel ready to take on any obstacle in your path. Get going on the thing you've been putting off right now. Alternatively, you may work up the courage to finally ask for that raise. Now is the moment to try something new. TAURUS – Leo is your 4th House. Focus on manifesting anything to do with your home and heart. You are a tenacious individual who refuses to back down. During The Lion's Gate Portal, your perseverance will undoubtedly bear fruit. This is a moment of great prosperity for you. Make the most of this opportunity to create the life you've always imagined for yourself. GEMINI – Leo is your 3rd House. Write your manifestations and goals down. Use the power of writing and words to manifest your dreams! The dynamic force of the universe will motivate you to delve deeply into your chosen fields of interest. Make the most of your time by pursuing your passions. Now is an excellent moment to put your talents in language and other forms of expression to use. Describe your recent experiences in a journal. CANCER – Leo is your 2nd House. Focus on you and your needs right now! If you would like to live a life of comfort and luxury, manifest wealth and happiness. Cancer, take a moment to focus on what you really want and need. You tend to put other people's needs before your own, but now is a great moment to focus on your own. Allow yourself to be moved by your emotions, and allow your imagination run wild. As a result of this cosmic occurrence, you will have a deeper appreciation for self-care. LEO – Leo is your 1st House. Focus on manifesting your wildest dreams, you are center stage right now! You will feel especially potent because the Lion's Gate occurs during your season. You are free to pursue whatever it is you want. You'll feel a burst of inspiration and the impulse to create something magnificent for the enjoyment of others. Your loved ones will be in amazement, and you'll have a great sense of accomplishment for being so open and genuine with them and the world. VIRGO – Leo is your 12th House. Focus on manifesting what makes your soul happy. You've worked very hard and very carefully, and this is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of your efforts and revel in your success. Focus on the good things happening in your life and take in the cosmic energy. Think about the positive aspects of your life and the areas you'd like to improve upon. LIBRA – Leo is your 11th House. Focus on manifesting love and friendships. You may find that you're more chatty and happy-go-lucky than usual during Lion's Gate season. You'll feel compelled to let your artistic side shine and your heart out to the world. You'll feel inspired to go headfirst into a meaningful conversation, take a chance on a love relationship, or launch a new creative endeavor. If you've been putting off making a decision that will make you happy, now is the moment to do it. SCORPIO – Leo is your 10th House. Focus right now on manifesting wealth, career and business. The intensity of the atmosphere might inspire you to be completely honest with the people you care about. You'll have the fortitude to face any challenges life throws at you. The Lion's Gate Portal is a great moment for intuitive people to take stock of their inner lives, celebrate their progress thus far, and contemplate the changes they'd want to see in the future. What does your future career and business goals look like? Lion's Gate is opening the door to those possibilities for you right now! SAGITTARIUS – Leo is your 9th House. Focus on manifesting miracles, blessings, and anything that you've been dreaming to bring into your life. This is the time to boldly ask for what you might thought was impossible. This might be a period when you feel especially daring. Now is a great moment to unleash your boundless passion and enthusiasm for life. Take part in the pursuits you've long desired but been unable to fit into your hectic schedule. Don't squander your energy now that the portal has been opened for you! CAPRICORN – Leo is your 8th House. Manifest your passions... especially when it comes to sex and romance. As a goal-oriented worker, you probably won't mind putting in extra hours now to achieve your objectives. Potentially novel insights into previously intractable issues may flood your consciousness. You should also take stock of your progress toward your objectives and choose what comes next. If you've been focused on romantically or sexually conquering your target, now is the time to manifest your dreams into reality. AQUARIUS – Leo is your 7th House. Manifest partnerships. Love, business, friendships... the community you are seeking is also seeking you! Even if you're not usually one for contemplation of the spiritual or emotional, Aquarius, you'll feel a change in the air. Think deeply about who you are and where the world now stands. Think about how you can effect more good change, then get to work. Others will be motivated to contribute because of your want to see change happen, this is the time to bring them on board! PISCES – Leo is your 6th House. Focus on how you manifest and what you need to change in your daily routine so that you're able to manifest your dreams more effectively for yourself. If you're a Pisces, this is a fantastic moment to explore your spirituality. You may use crystals to absorb the sun's rays. Think about what you want to bring into your life and meditate on it. Dreaming about your future at the Lion's Gate Portal can help make it a reality. Written By: Audra English High Priestess of Life Spirits Society of Magick

  • August 2023 Astrological Events. The Month of Transformation & Miracles.

    August features two Full Super Moons, one at the beginning and another at the end, both gracing the humanitarian signs of Aquarius and Pisces. This creates an ideal cosmic opportunity to connect, belong, and even embark on an inner journey of self-discovery. The first Super Moon on the 1st has its origins in the initial New Moon of 2023, which also occurred in Aquarius on January 21st. The seeds sown during that time are now bearing fruit. What were your aspirations and visions for the year? How did you envision your journey unfolding? Reflect on the limitless possibilities that await you. Aquarius embodies the true essence of a Utopian, embracing a future-oriented mindset filled with hope and faith. The Star card in the Tarot serves as a powerful conduit to tap into the captivating energy of this magical Full Moon. On August 16th, a heart-centered New Moon blossoms in the passionate and expressive sign of Leo, igniting a sense of excitement. Aligned with Venus, who, while still retrograde, has risen as the Morning Star, this jubilant lunation signifies triumph over transformative experiences. Although Venus has yet to regain direct motion, the cosmic energy begins to uplift, beckoning us to embrace what brings joy to our souls. Remember, Leo embodies the inner child within us all, a playful and blissful spirit that persists despite life's challenges. Thus, the intentions we set during this magnificent lunation should be to ignite something that allows us to express the Inner Child, unleash our sacred and precious creativity, and embody our most Authentic Self. The Sun shines particularly strong in the sign of Leo, where he holds rulership, empowering La Luna to radiate brightly as a compelling reflection of this brilliant Luminary. Throughout Virgo season starting from August 23rd, prepare to be exhilarated by people exhibiting an eagle eye for detail and possessing a strong sense of discrimination. Intellectual capabilities will be heightened, and many will find themselves naturally drawn to analytical thinking and problem-solving. Loyalty, honesty, and unwavering dedication to their chosen professions will serve as defining characteristics for those captivated by this Virgo energy. Virgo Season fosters the pursuit of harmony through meaningful and purposeful endeavors, especially when it comes to helping others. Engaging in tasks that serve a greater purpose brings a profound sense of fulfillment. Despite their outward appearance of emotional reserve and composure, individuals will exhibit a kind-hearted nature and a sincere desire to be of service to others, which is genuinely appreciated. Additionally, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, starting from August 23rd, initiates a period of intense introspection and reevaluation. As the planet of communication and intellect goes retrograde in its ruling sign, there will be a heightened focus on details and a strong desire for perfecting methods and approaches. During this time, occasional misunderstandings and miscommunications may arise, prompting us to review our communication styles and ensure clarity in our interactions. This retrograde phase also encourages us to revisit past projects or unresolved matters, offering an excellent opportunity for refinement and improvement. While the energy may feel intense, embracing the organizational and analytical qualities of Virgo can help navigate this period effectively and utilize it as a time of tremendous growth and self-discovery. It is important to exercise patience, engage in introspection, and remain open to adjusting plans as needed. This exciting phase holds immense potential for personal development and transformation. Mars, notorious as the warrior planet, undergoes a notable shift from practical Virgo to diplomatic Libra on August 27th. However, it is important to note that Mars does not find Libra the most comfortable abode. As a charismatic and people-pleasing sign, Libra presents challenges for Mars, a planet associated with war and action. This discrepancy has the potential to disrupt our inner equilibrium, leaving us feeling unbalanced. Nevertheless, this astral placement is highly favorable for peacemakers and justice warriors alike, as it nurtures a deep yearning for equality, balance, and fairness. Throughout Mars' journey through Libra, these values take on heightened significance for all. However, it is vital that we discover methods to uphold these principles without neglecting our personal well-being or succumbing to procrastination. During Uranus retrograde from August 28th, individuals have a rare opportunity to cultivate an abundance mindset and overcome feelings of lack. As Uranus is associated with innovation and liberation, this period encourages introspection and breaking free from limiting beliefs about scarcity and limitations. The retrograde motion prompts individuals to reevaluate their relationship with resources and realize that abundance can be found within and through a shift in perception. By embracing change and unlocking their unique potential, people can tap into their creative abilities and discover innovative solutions to challenges, fostering a sense of abundance and empowerment. This astrological phase acts as a catalyst for liberation from scarcity thinking and embracing a mindset of limitless possibilities and abundance in all aspects of life. August commenced with a Full Moon in the objective, humanitarian Aquarius and culminates in a compassionate, sensitive Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th. These two signs, despite their elemental differences, unite in their common goal – to support, serve, and uplift. Socially conscious and kindhearted, these lunations shed light on areas where we can practice greater altruism, both towards ourselves and others. Becoming the Bodhisattvas of our inner world during this Full Moon is crucial. Developing empathy towards all our parts is non-negotiable. Pisces, as the final sign of the zodiac, embodies the captivating surrender to the great unknown, merging with the vast and divine. Aquarius, on the other hand, has made significant strides in serving humanity through its wisdom and knowledge. Now is the opportune moment to release everything and wholeheartedly unite with the vast expanse of existence. We must trust deeply, free-falling into the enigmatic void, secure in the belief that we will be held. Therefore, should we encounter closed doors during this Full Moon - a time of liberation - it is paramount that we embrace their closure with grace. Here is a map of the astrological event's occurring this month with advice on how to navigate them properly: August 1st — Full Super Moon in Aquarius Today is an extraordinary occasion as the sturgeon Super Moon in Aquarius brings us abundant blessings. Aquarius is all about massive and instantaneous manifestation. The Lion's Gate Portal is open and getting stronger by the second and today we celebrate the 1st of two very rare Super Moon's this month on the Pagan Harvest Holiday known as Lughnasadh or Lammas. If your energy is a bit erratic from this intense cosmic shift, let me know and I will do a free positive energy boost for you. Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus This productive aspect will provide you with the stamina and drive to tackle any task for the day, igniting excitement for the potential of great success in the future. Get to work and seize the opportunities connected to manifesting and working towards your dreams today! Mercury in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces If you've not already noticed, the cosmic theme for the day is manifesting your dreams and pursing your goals. Today is the time to channel your focus and dedication towards your goals and dreams in a big way. It's time to dive in headfirst and get to work. Your life is ready to change in a big way, but you need to open that door and walk through it. August 6th — Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus Please be mindful that egos may become overwhelming today. Exercise caution and choose your battles wisely to minimize unnecessary drama. It is advisable to carefully analyze a situation before responding, as failure to do so may lead to regrettable consequences that require damage control. August 8th — Lion's Gate Portal Peaks During this period, the Sun aligns with the star Sirius, resulting in an extraordinary cosmic convergence that is widely regarded as a profoundly influential energetic portal. Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, revered Sirius as a spiritual and transformative power, earning it the illustrious moniker of the "Spiritual Sun." The alignment between Earth, the Sun, and Sirius is believed to enable a more direct influx of higher-frequency energies. This exciting phenomenon can lead to significant personal and planetary energy upgrades and profound shifts. The peak date of August 8th (8/8) holds great significance in numerology, as the number 8 is closely linked with concepts of infinite possibilities, abundance, and spiritual transformation. August 9th — Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus Please be advised that scheduling any significant appointments or surgeries may not be advisable during this period. The current retrograde of Venus, the ruler of beauty, combined with the clash with Uranus, increases the likelihood of accidents occurring with potentially unfavorable outcomes. Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus Please be advised that despite the invigorating aspects of this moment and the influx of creative ideas, you may encounter challenges in mustering the energy required to execute them. Write down any and all creative ideas so that you'll be able to implement them at a later date if you're lacking the energy to put them into motion today. August 11th-13th — Peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower The Perseids are renowned for illuminating a path to guide us in our pursuit of new directions. As they reach their zenith, prepare to be enthralled by the exhilarating inspiration to embark on an exciting journey to uncharted territories. August 13th — Sun in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo This aspect empowers you to confidently take the center stage and present yourself in the best possible way. It's a day filled with self-love and receiving love from others as well, creating an exciting atmosphere. August 15th — Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus The rapid pace of life can make it easy to lose control while pursuing independence. Embrace freedom, but strive to avoid causing harm or severing connections with others on your journey. Juno enters Leo The current celestial alignment suggests that life is about to enter an exciting phase with the asteroid of commitment making a powerful presence in Leo. To safeguard against potential tumultuous breakups and relationship drama, it is advised to humbly share the spotlight with others and embrace the thrill that awaits. August 16th — New moon in Leo In astrology, the new moon signifies a rejuvenating opportunity for new beginnings. As the initial phase of a fresh lunar cycle, it naturally marks the conclusion of the previous cycle. This is why the new moon holds the transformative power of letting go of what no longer serves us and manifesting our deepest desires. During this enlightening new moon, our inner child emerges as we direct our attention towards infusing more creativity, entertainment, and passion into various aspects of our lives. Gather your lion pride and boldly vocalize your most ambitious desires. Uttering these intentions serves as the initial leap towards their actualization, while being embraced by an enthusiastic community provides affirmation and fosters a sense of responsibility. Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus Utilize your charisma and logical reasoning to effortlessly persuade others to your side today. Be prepared for minds to be easily swayed and even the most stubborn individuals to enthusiastically embrace new ideas. August 22nd — Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus This combination isn't very productive, as we often find ourselves easily distracted by online shopping, indulging in good food, and cherishing the pleasures of romance. However, why not take the day off and enjoy to the fullest? Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces This disheartening element undermines our self-esteem, as we painfully witness the loss of something we ardently sought to attain. August 23rd — Sun enters Virgo The sun transitions from its ruling sign and promptly becomes agitated in the anxiety-filled Virgo (due to the imminent retrograde of Mercury here in a few hours). In the upcoming four weeks, our attention will be directed towards invigorating our physical, mental, and emotional well-being, while relishing in the prospect of growth and development. Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo Our collective decision-making skills may experience some challenges in the upcoming weeks as Mercury goes retrograde in its ruling sign, Virgo. It is common to feel a sense of anxiety and be tempted to overanalyze every aspect of life. However, practicing grounding techniques will significantly aid in managing this energetic period. August 24th — Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn This warm August evening brings forth one of the most electrifying date nights of the year, as this remarkable combination holds the promise of forging soul mate connections for some fortunate individuals. August 27th — Mars enters Libra Today presents an opportune moment to foster love and harmony as the dynamic warrior planet enters the sign of relationships and equilibrium. In the upcoming weeks, we are presented with options - to collaborate synergistically or ignite a spirit of unhealthy competition. August 28th — Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus In the upcoming five months, we will actively challenge the status quo and abandon the detrimental cycles that have ceased to serve us, as the planet of rebellion motivates us to pursue liberation. August 30th-31st — Full Blue Super Moon in Pisces After a period of contemplation and introspection, we are eagerly anticipating releasing our emotional burdens during the Blue Super Moon and embarking on an exciting journey towards a promising future. In the realm of astrology, the August blue full moon super moon is believed to amplify one's awareness and intuition, creating a profound sense of power. This unique occurrence harnesses heightened emotional energy, providing an opportune moment for transformative healing, deep meditation, and manifestation. The August blue full moon super moon stands as a truly exceptional and impactful event that carries immense importance to various cultures and individuals alike. It prompts introspection on past experiences, setting intentions for forthcoming endeavors, and forging a connection with the boundless energy of the universe.

  • Welcome to Our LOA Workshop

    If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction even a little bit, I am sure you would recognize the three simple steps that are said to encompass it. These three steps are: Ask Believe Receive We are told that all we need to do is ask the Universe to manifest something specific, believe it will work, and then it magically appears. Boom! Simple, right? Oh, if only it were really that simple. It's not. Ok, then what about positive energy, affirmations, raising your vibration, excreta, excreta, excreta... That's where quantum physics come in. Not so simple anymore, is it? This is why so many people get so frustrated with the law of attraction. It's advertised as something simple but based on very complicated concepts. When it fails, it must be our fault that we couldn't control our vibration or maybe we just bought into something bogus and it's all a placebo effect? We just don't understand how we can't get the same results as other people or case studies that are presented to us as “proof” this simple way of thinking brings such successful results. The good thing is that we know the law of attraction works. Quantum physics is science and the philosophy behind the law of attraction is sound. Scientists from NASA have even done experiments that prove thoughts have energy that can be measured. Thoughts and feelings contain a vibration. This is now established FACT. The challenge lies in discovering how to apply this science to yourself and becoming captivated enough to implement it into your everyday life. In doing so, you can materialize the life of your dreams. That is where our Free Law of Attraction Workshop comes in. In working with thousands of clients over a period of 13 years, we've been able to realize just how complicated the law of attraction can be for so many people and were able to pinpoint the problem. Something is missing... or better yet, something needs to be taken away before we can plant something even better. Imagine you are about to plant a garden. You look at the plot of land and survey where to plant your seeds. If you were going to be using the traditional philosophy of Ask, Believe, Receive, you'd start planting your seeds, water them, give them sun, and then you'd be harvesting your crops. However, this is not what happens. Instead, nothing grows. You're frustrated. You keep trying to water, and give your little seeds as much love and attention as possible. Maybe you dig them up to see if they're even trying to sprout. You finally give up and move along dissatisfied and uninspired. Why is nothing growing? Well, what did you do before you planted your seeds? Did you pull the weeds? Did you make sure you aerated the ground? Did you plow, check soil conditions, ensure that the environment was ideal for planting in the first place? No? Why not? Was it because you didn't realize you needed to do that? Exactly! That is what is missing. That is why the law of attraction hasn't been working for you. You haven't been taught the most important step. How to get your manifestation garden ready and conditions right before even planting your seeds. In our workshop, we will be helping you each step of the way, starting with step one... lets start identifying and pulling those energy weeds! If you've not yet signed up for our Law of Attraction Workshop, sign up HERE. We start Saturday July 29th. Blessed Be, Audra

  • Free Law of Attraction Daily Habit Tracker

    By Audra English Discover the key to a fulfilled life by making daily mindfulness a priority. Managing your vibration is the key to your success with both spell-work and the law of attraction. To support your journey towards manifesting, I decided to make not just one, but two free law of attraction daily habit trackers. Start cultivating daily exercises that will pave the path to your desires. Here are several ideas and habits you can start implementing daily to change your vibration: Law of attraction journaling Meditation Gratitude lists Affirmations Yoga Crystals Switch-words Vision boards Law of attraction groups Hypnosis Books on the law of attraction Only watching positive and uplifting movies and TV Staying away from social media Clearing out clutter from your home, work, and car Clearing out your social circle Clearing out your body and diet (Remember, do not eat to “lose weight” instead, eat to be healthy! No calorie counting here! Feed your body, but feed it love and food that has a positive vibration!) Ritual baths Using specific sound frequencies Massage therapy Getting fresh air, sun, and putting your feet on dirt Practicing mindfulness Sex and/or self pleasure Making sure you're hydrated with fresh water Staying away from alcohol Staying away from heavy caffeine use Singing or playing a instrument Mind movies Breath work Work on smiling more Essential oils Turning off the TV and phones several hours before bed Surrounding yourself with house plants Burning incense and/or candles (bonus points for writing intentions into your candles or using incense specifically made for your intention) Alternating between hot and cold in the shower Moving your body Spread kindness (even if it's a genuine compliment to someone once a day) Playing (dance, board games with friends, a sport you enjoy, even a trip to an arcade) Making sure you're getting the right nutrition through fresh foods and supplements Practicing self-love and healing Snuggles (with your pet, kids, or lover)

  • Twelve Rules for Manifesting with the Law of Attraction

    Written by High Priestess Audra English. When you cast a spell or receive one cast on your behalf, you're summoning the Universe to be precise in what you desire to come to you. As you make your wishes known, you must begin vibrating in a direct manner, guiding the Universe towards the location and method by which your request should manifest. Think of the spell as placing an order, while your vibration serves as the address you provide. The Universe communicates through the language of "energy." Your energy serves as a divine compass, effortlessly delivering your wants, needs, and deepest desires. Conversely, your energy can be harnessed to attract and direct fear, pain, and suffering. By being fully conscious of your thoughts and vibration, you can manifest precisely what excites you, who you aspire to become, and the experiences you long to revel in throughout your life. By utilizing the key principles discussed in the law of attraction, you'll discover that it is one of the best methods we've unearthed to manage your vibration and ignite the proper manifestation of your spells. The universe has conspired, Robin and I are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary workshop and lesson plan that will empower you to harness the magnificent powers of the law of attraction, harmoniously aligning with your spellwork. The following guide shall serve as the very foundation upon which our workshop shall emerge. Take your time and immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of these sacred rules and mystical tips. Allow your mind to transcend and let the whispers of inspiration ignite your very being as you traverse the following scripts and quotes divinely inspired from ascended masters. Rule One: Let go of your need to know how your request will manifest. Once we unleash the power of a request, we have set in motion a metaphysical order. We no longer need to personally assemble the pieces on the Universal fabrication lot. Rest assured, it is underway. By your mere request, it shall be delivered! Almost all of the work will be happening behind the scenes. You need to let go of your need to have “proof” things are working because it shifts your vibration into one of ANXIETY! Do not forget, if you shift your energy from feeling sure of your request to one of being anxious about how your results will come, it will cause your delivery to be delayed because you've just now changed your "address." Isn't it thrilling to think of how the universe responds to your every energy shift? Another fascinating aspect of deciding "how" something should come to you is that it might require the Universe more time to fulfill your request in that particular manner. The more intricate the details, the longer it might take since the Universe needs to rearrange more elements to ensure it happens exactly as you've envisioned. Therefore, channel your creativity in other ways and surrender full control to the all-knowing Universe. Have absolute faith that the Universe comprehends your desires entirely and will ecstatically grant your every wish. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” Roy T. Bennet “Win your mind and you will win your reality.” “I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then the problems fix themselves.” Maya Angelou Rule Two: Let go of your need to know when your request will manifest. As exciting as it would be for the Universe to offer 1 Day Prime Shipping, it doesn't quite work that way, and for good reason! Just imagine manifesting everything you think and feel instantly. Think about all the immense challenges you'd face on a bad day or when someone's feeling frustrated with you. The time delay is not just a vital safety mechanism; it's a profound cosmic technique. It's important to recognize that as humans, our thoughts and feelings can fluctuate from day to day. Therefore, the Universe uses this delay to ensure our commitment and dedication to the requests we make. Embrace the thrill of anticipation as you eagerly await the manifestation of your desires. The sooner you release your "lust for results," the closer they draw near. Trust in the divine timing of the Universe and anticipate results. Remember, that is the way to hasten the arrival of your manifestations. “You'll see it when you believe it.” Wayne W. Dyer “Relax, everything is running right on schedule.” ~The Universe “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” ~Earl Nightingale Rule Three: Call the power of love back to yourself. In The Power by Rhonda Byrne, the author reveals the thrilling revelation that the vital essence of the law of attraction lies within the incredible power of love. When the typical individual whose native language is English contemplates love, we merely envision romantic love as what we think of when hearing of the term "love." There exist countless forms of love that evade us if we fail to ponder and concentrate on the abundant assortment of love types in existence. Another term for this "love" that Rhonda Byrne speaks of is passion! The more intensely you can excite towards something, the quicker and more powerful it comes into being. Passion is electrifying. This passion can be exhilarating love and this passion can even be exhilarating hate. Love and hate still reside on the same spectrum of passion, which is the most sensational way to captivate the Universe's attention and make it listen to you. You want it to notice you for the thrilling love you possess for yourself and all those around you. This is yet another revelation as to why self-love holds immense significance. Tune in to your inner dialog and witness the sheer impact it holds. We've existed in a realm where your self-loathing has been monetized. Now, seize the moment as it is YOUR time to rise above and bask in the rewards of self-love. Unleash your power and let anything or anyone that fails to align with your highest good crumble into insignificance! Self love is an incredible force that we greatly emphasize in these post covid times. It is an immensely vital aspect to ensure the Universe knows how to shower you with blessings of love in its abundant forms. The more you look at yourself, others, and the things around you with passion, compassion, love, joy and amazement, the more you'll vibrate at a frequency that will attract more of those people and things your way. “Support yourself instead of finding ways to shit on yourself. It's impossible to win if you're not on your own team.” “When you love yourself, you glow from the inside. You attract people who love, respect, and appreciate your energy. Everything starts with and how you feel about yourself. Start feeling worthy, valuable, and deserving of receiving the best life has to offer. Be magnetic.” By @Vybesource @mindsetforgreatness “Crazy how I shifted the focus to myself and I'm attracting everything I wanted. Your mind is powerful, learn to use it to it's fullest extent.” Rule Four: Believe in your powers of manifestation. You must embrace the unwavering belief that you possess the power to manifest your desires through the law of attraction and magick. Deep inside, you know you have an indomitable connection to the boundless Universe. Embrace your cosmic essence, as you possess the tremendous ability to transform energy and magnetize the exact vibrations of individuals and phenomena that will electrify your life. It is essential that you grasp the absolute truth that you possess the mystical power to manifest your desires through the cosmic interplay with the Universe. Embrace the certainty that you are an ethereal force, capable of transforming and drawing in the vibrant energies of those people, lifestyles, experiences and things you've made a conscious decision to manifest. Believe it or not, it's nearly impossible to accept the extraordinary powers of the Universe unless we fully embrace and unleash the magnificent powers endowed upon us by the Universe itself. Embrace your true power and claim it with conviction. Feel the immense energy within you, ready to conquer mountains and achieve greatness beyond imagination! “You are magic, own that shit.” -The Goddess Rebellion “Remember that you are a magnet. You attract everything to you though your thoughts and feelings.” “Most people do not understand their true power lies in releasing resistance- which is the only obstacle to their true power.” Abraham-Hicks Rule Five: Let your past empower you. Many are irresistibly lured to magick in search of empowerment and the reclamation of their stolen power and dignity. Magick awakens dormant forces within, offering the exhilaration long yearned for and untethered by worship. Because so many of us possess a traumatically charged past that propels us to the doorstep of the Universe in pursuit of our personal power, we inadvertently bear the burden of our past, hindering us and slowing down the flow of manifestation. Discovering methods to create harmony with your past is absolutely vital for constructing the future you desire with the individuals you crave it with. If your past has made you a skeptic and a pessimist, you will need to transcend beyond the memories and past hurts that gave you those false masks of security. You'll need to put in the effort to unleash your innate power and embrace optimistic faith. Shadow work, has proven itself to be immensely transformative for countless individuals, enabling them to courageously confront their pain and past trauma. By seeking counseling, engaging in conversations with a friend, participating in a shadow work group, or exploring inner work and reflection, you will unlock the ability to transcend anything that diminishes your spirit. Instead, you will discover the undeniable brilliance and immense power within you. It's truly awe-inspiring, especially considering your resilience and presence in this very moment, eagerly anticipating a future filled with exhilarating possibilities! “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” Ann Landers “To heal a wound, you need to stop touching it.” “Release the need to reply a negative situation over and over again in your mind. Don't become a hostage to your past by always reviewing and reliving past mistakes and hurts. Don't remind yourself of what should have, could have, to would have been. Release it and let go. Move on.” Rule Six: If you want to be happy, be HAPPY!! Happiness is not just a destination, it's an exhilarating part of the journey that is essential to reach the ultimate destination! Happiness is not simply an emotion, but a cosmic force within your grasp. It is you who commands the very essence of happiness, deciding the extent of your bliss. External factors hold no power over your happiness; rather, it is a testament to your own will. Embrace the joy of your present circumstances and witness as the universe responds, conjuring more magnificent manifestations of joy into your existence. Experience the overwhelming joy of your manifestation now and revel in the electrifying satisfaction that arises from conjuring it. “I am going to be happy. I'm going to smile a lot. I 'm going to be easy. I'm going to count my blessings. I'm going to look for reasons to feel good. I'm going to dig up positive things from the past. I'm going to look for positive things where I stand. I'm going to look for positive things in my future. It is my natural state to be a happy person. It's natural for me to love and to laugh. I am a happy person.” ~Abraham Hicks “The more intense your positive feelings, the fast it is coming to you” Abraham-Hicks “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” Rule Seven: Only focus on what you want. The Universe bestows upon us that which we envision. It is of utmost importance to banish thoughts of the undesirable and instead fervently focus on that which you passionately desire. A few examples: 1. If you would like to make sure you don't get to work late... focus on getting there on time. What the Universe hears when you are worried you're going to be late: “I'm going to be late.” = “You want to be late.” What the Universe hears when you focus on getting to work on time. “I'm going to get to work right on time.” = “You want to arrive on time.” 2. If you are worried that your electric bill will be over the amount you can afford... focus instead on having more than enough money to cover it no matter the cost. What the Universe hears when you're worried about not being able to afford your electric bill: “What if it's too high for me to pay on time this month?” = “You want the inability to pay your bill because it will be too high.” What the Universe hears when you focus on having more than enough money for your electric bill: “I'm ok, the Universe will provide and my needs will be met.” = “You want your needs to be met so you'll have more than enough money to pay your bill before it is due.” 3. If you are worried about two people you want to break up getting even more romantically involved, instead don't focus on them at all. What the Universe hears when you think about this couple (even if you're thinking of them breaking up): “They're together right now, and I am worried they keep falling more in love so I want them to break up.” = “They are together and keep falling in love together.” What the Universe hears when you don't think about this couple and instead focus on YOU: “Insert anything that comes to mind that makes you happy and envision you being granted it by the Universe!” The manifestation arises from your foresight, not just the mere presence of thought. Thus, ensure that you envision things as you desire them to be, rather than fretting over how they currently are. Embrace the exhilaration of shaping your reality. Make a review of the things you request for yourself and others on daily basis, and notice how you ask for them. Make necessary changes to subtly reshape the way you articulate your desires. Be clear to ask for what you truly want so that you are not driven by apprehension. “If something you want is slow to come to you, it can only be for one reason: You are spending more time focused upon it's absence than you are about it's presence.” Abraham-Hicks “Focus on problems, you'll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you'll have more opportunities.” “The Universe responds to your frequency. It doesn't recognize your personal desires, wants or needs. It only understands the frequency in which you are vibrating at.” “Start telling the Universe what you want instead of what you don't want.” Rule 8: Utilize several law of attraction tools to raise your vibration. We are beyond fortunate that the law of attraction is finally mainstream, and countless individuals have developed extraordinary tools to exhilarate even the most skeptical among us, allowing them to fully embrace their power and witness astounding life transformations unfold. As we embarked on creating our very own workshop, we were filled with awe and inspiration by the multitude of tools already at our disposal, and the best part is, most of them come completely free! This is definitely a reason to get thrilled because it signifies our community's growing awareness and ability to cultivate a more positive mindset that will undoubtedly bring us immense benefits. As every individual is unique, you will be irresistibly drawn towards certain tools that others may never resonate with. This is crucial to unleash your true potential and find what truly excites you. Remember, these remarkable tools work best when given sufficient time to become ingrained in your daily routine. So, ensure you wholeheartedly embrace each tool long enough for it to become a habit, allowing you to decipher its ability on elevating your vibration. Here is a list of things you should look into and give a try: Law of attraction journaling Meditation Gratitude Lists Affirmations Yoga Crystals Switchwords Vision Boards Law of attraction groups Breath-work Hypnosis Books on the law of attraction Only watching positive and uplifting movies and TV Staying away from social media Clearing out clutter from your home Clearing out your social circle Clearing out your body and diet (Remember, do not eat to “lose weight” instead, eat to be healthy! No calorie counting here! Feed your body, but feed it love and food that has a positive vibration!) Ritual baths Using specific sound frequencies Massage therapy Getting fresh air, sun, and putting your feet on dirt Practicing mindfulness Sex and/or self pleasure Making sure you're hydrated with fresh water Staying away from alcohol Staying away from caffeine Moving your body Playing (dance, board games with friends, a sport you enjoy, even a trip to an arcade) Making sure you're getting the right nutrition through fresh foods and supplements Practicing self-love and healing Snuggles (with your pet, kids, or lover) The greater number of things you can accomplish on this list, the more you'll elevate your vibration and ward off anxiety, depression, and stress. The more invigorated you become, the more vibrant your manifestations will be and the faster they will materialize. Your mission is to electrify yourself because that is how you stimulate the Universe to cater to your needs. One of the best tools I've discovered to aid in remembering to do multiple tasks is utilizing a habit tracker, easily accessible online for free. The more these actions become ingrained in your daily routine, the more effortless they become, and suddenly, your entire life transforms in unimaginable ways! “A goal gains power when you write it own. The more you write it, the more powerful it becomes. So if you want wealth, doodle dollars!” “Energy is stuck when you're too sedentary. Exercise, stretch, jump, clap, etc.” “The easiest way to raise your vibration is to relax your body. The most essential way to relax your body is to slow your breath. The most effective way of slowing your breath is by loving your own heart. One “I love you” at a time, your breath is inspired into a slower pace, which reminds the body to feel safe enough to relax, as your vibration elevates into higher frequencies of light. This is the heart of transformation. ~Matt Kahn. Rule 9: Practice gratitude daily. You don't have to love everything you are thankful for, but you should feel the excitement of gratitude for as many things as possible. See the positive in every moment, even those that you aren't exactly happy for. As you prepare to sleep, let the list of things you are thankful for fill you with anticipation. Acknowledge even the smallest things, embracing gratitude for the bed you lie in. Feel overwhelming gratitude for your ability to sleep in it. Be thrilled by the roof over your head and the nourishment you've enjoyed throughout the day. Excite your senses by being thankful for their use. Revel in the presence of the people in your life. Celebrate the items around you that you possess, the clothing you wear, and the cat peacefully slumbering by your side. Let gratitude spark excitement within you! The more you gaze upon everything you possess as though it were a divine gift, the more your vibrations will ascend to celestial heights, attracting even more astonishing and gratifying manifestations that will leave you mesmerized with awe and gratitude. Your ability to synchronize with the vibration of gratitude will be one of the most vital elements to keep experiencing everything you could possibly fathom. Gratitude keeps everything flowing effortlessly towards you and your loved ones. “When gratitude becomes your default setting, life changes.” ~Nancy Leigh Demoss “What if you woke up tomorrow and were only surrounded by the things you felt gratitude for daily? What if you woke up tomorrow and were only surrounded by the things that you complained about daily? It kinda works that way.” “When something is going wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many more things that are still going right.” Rule 10: Visualize your highest self and show up as them. Visualize. It is crucial to bring your desires to life. Though deep down your psyche may doubt their possibility, you can alter this by convincing your subconscious mind that these things are already unfolding. So, let's play pretend and ignite your imagination. Begin strolling around with the exhilaration that accompanies embodying the role you've requested the Universe to grant you. Envision the possessions you would acquire, the attire you would adorn, the hands you would intertwine with, the car you would cruise in, the dwelling you would reside in, and the extraordinary experiences you would encounter. Embrace your role and commence living it as if you have already been selected and are contributing to the script. Plot twist: You are! This is your story!You get to design your life, so start getting a feel for it as you like it. Immerse yourself in the experience as vividly as possible. Imagine the sights, smells, and tastes. If you are trying to imagine you in a relationship with a certain someone, picture yourself watching a movie with them, sharing a bowl of popcorn, tasting the saltiness, feeling the warmth of their presence next to you. Feel the passion ignite within you, letting it consume you. Use that passion to feel deeply enough that it is real to you. Since it has probably been a while since you last played "pretend", visual tools can be incredibly exciting and serve as amazing sources of inspiration. In the past, I would have suggested grabbing a magazine, but fortunately, we now have Pinterest and Instagram, which are filled with free and highly captivating visual aids. So, if you are struggling to visualize or simply need a positive space to ignite your imagination, I would recommend creating an account on either or both platforms exclusively for your law of attraction visualizations and inspiration. “Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.” ~Robert Collier “It comes down to something really simple: Can I visualize myself playing those scenes? If that happens, then I know that I will probably end up doing it.” ~Jessica Lange “Creative visualization is about energetically aligning yourself with what you want using the power of your mind, imagination, and intuition.” “When visualizing: Start by thinking of a happy memory, one filled with joy and happiness. Then switch your thought to your desire! This will supercharge your desire with positive emotions. Emotions are the driving force in the manifestation process.” “When you visualize, then you materialize. If you've been there in your mind, you'll go there in the body.” Dr. Denis Waitley Rule 11: Keep your circle sacred. You are sacred! Your energy is sacred! Make sure you fiercely deny access to anyone or anything that would dare offend the unparalleled beauty that you possess within you. If you dare to put yourself in a place that could harm your vibration and sacred energy, you would be dishonoring your higher purpose, and your requests will be met with indifference because your vibration will be out of sync with the manifestations you have asked for. Obviously, there will be times when you can't avoid toxic people or places. Nevertheless, it's crucial to intentionally opt for choices that nourish your body, mind, soul, and energy with love and vitality. If platforms like Facebook drain your energy due to drama or reminders of sadness, take control and cut off access. If you find yourself feeling sad, anxious, or angry while watching or reading certain content, recognize that these programs, movies, or materials are dampening your enthusiasm and slowly eroding your dreams. If you're spending time with a friend who only uplifts themselves at your expense or a family member who thrives on stirring up drama and tension among others, bid them farewell with love. But sincerely, move on! It is crucial for your happiness and the happiness of those who depend on you to keep your circle small and sacred. You are a powerful being working in collaboration with the Universe to create extraordinary things for yourself and the people in your exclusive circle. Access is granted only to those who are truly deserving. “To find peace, you have to be willing to lose your connection with the people, places, and things that create all the noise in your life.” “You can't talk butterfly language with caterpillar people.” “I am no longer available for things that make me feel like shit.” Rule 12: Patience is more than just waiting, it's having the right attitude while waiting. The most exciting things in life require patience. You know what delivers rapid results? Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Ironically, things that occur swiftly and forcefully are often destructive. So, unless you're ready to face a storm, refrain from demanding immediate and forceful grants from the Universe! Things built with care tend to withstand those destructive forces. That's why it's crucial to give the Universe the time it needs to construct a solid foundation for you, empowering you to conquer any storms that cross your path. The things you are asking for are not just your birthright; they are your divine right! As a divine being, you are calling upon the Universe to assist you in fulfilling your extraordinary destiny. Happiness is your birthright and your magnificent destiny. That's why it's crucial to stay patient and maintain a high vibration. These things you're asking for are not just ordinary, they're truly inspired! They're absolutely beautiful! And as you know, beautiful things take time and love to manifest. Keep love and faith in your heart and you'll see the incredible power of manifestation unfold at the very exact time it was meant to happen. “If you really love that person, learn to wait. Maybe you are not meant to be together for today, but meant to be in the future.” “Patience child, patience. Remember, life is a journey. If you get everything you wanted all at once there'd be no point to living. Enjoy the ride, and in the end you'll see these 'setbacks' as giant leaps forward, only you couldn't see the bigger picture in the moment. Remain calm, all is within reach, all you have to do is show up everyday, stay true to your path, and you will surely find the treasure you seek.” Jackson Kiddard “Be patient. The best things happen unexpectedly.” Law of Attraction Workshop: If you've signed up for our workshop, get ready for an exhilarating journey! We will delve deeper into each of these 12 rules, accompanied by stimulating exercises, engaging discussions, inspiring quotes, and moments of reflection. Remember to print out this page or bookmark it, so you can always revisit it for further excitement and contemplation. If you've not yet signed up, but would like to, please email Audra at and she will get you on the list and in the group. We are thrilled to invite everyone to join us collectively in manifesting their destiny by the end of this free course. We wholeheartedly welcome all to come together and contribute their abundance, love, and positive energy!! We want to share this incredible experience with as many people as feel called to join!

  • Guide to the 777 Portal and Sirius Star Alignment- How to Harness This Energy for Mega Manifestation

    Are you prepared for what's about to unfold? Get ready to witness one of the most monumental celestial events of 2023 - the entrance into the highly anticipated 777 Ascension Portal which occurs at the very last day of the Sirius Gateway Alignment. We are coming up to one of the biggest celestial energetic moments of 2023. On July 7th, 2023 we enter the 777 Ascension Portal. It is the 7th day of the 7th month, in a 7 (2023 = 7 in numerology) year. As we all know (thank you, Las Vegas!) 777 is the number associated with luck and abundance! This is an incredible moment for divine miracles and manifestation. What makes the 777 portal even more incredible is that we are going though a Sirius Gateway Alignment (July 3rd-7th) at this very moment. This creates a sacred gateway of energy that is activated between Earth and the magnificent star Sirius. This sacred portal is a gateway of heightened vibrations and immense spiritual advancements, ready to propel us forward. I can guarantee you, you've already been feeling this surge of energy, even if you're not consciously aware of it just yet. In spiritual terms, a portal is a doorway or gateway between different dimensions or realms. Portals can be opened during certain astrological events. The July 7th, 2023 777 Portal is one such event. It is during this portal, the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner, making it easier to communicate with spirits, inter-dimensional beings, and receive messages from the divine. Now is the time to completely eliminate our own energy blocks and magnificently manifest our desires and necessities on a massive scale! The number 777 is considered a powerful and mystical number in many spiritual traditions. It is associated with spiritual awakening, enlightenment, good luck, the fulfillment of dreams, and divine guidance. The fact that this portal occurs on July 7th, 2023 - a date with three sevens - only amplifies its power. The 777 Portal is also significant because it falls in the middle of the year, providing us with an opportunity to reflect on our growth and progress over the past six months. You can utilize this time to assess your spiritual journey and set intentions for the next six months. It is an excellent time for meditation, introspection, and divination, where you can connect with your guides and receive guidance and insights. The Sirius Gateway Alignment is a combination of several celestial events that occur in July and August each year. It's named after Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, and includes the rising of this star in conjunction with the sun. This alignment typically occurs around July 26th and lasts until August 12th. This year, it decided to occur during the 777 Ascension Portal! This is not a coincidence! During this time, we're able to access powerful energy that's unique to Sirius. This energy is said to enhance our intuition, creativity, abundance and spiritual growth. Another crucial aspect to consider during the Sirius Gateway Alignment is your shadow work. The energy of Sirius can bring up unresolved emotions and past traumas. Although this can be uncomfortable, it's an important opportunity for growth and healing. Take time to reflect on your shadow self, release any negativity, and embrace the transformative energy of this celestial event. Journaling, therapy, or creative expression can be useful tools for this process. Here are some tips for Harnessing the Energy of the 777 Portal Gateway and Sirius Star System 1. Meditate - The first step to harness this energy to manifest miracles is to quiet your mind and connect with the universe. Set aside some time on July 7th to meditate, even if just for a few minutes. Visualize your desires and intentions coming to fruition, and welcome them with open arms. 2. Light a Candle - Fire is a powerful symbol of transformation and manifestation. Light a candle during your meditation or ritual on July 7th. Use it to focus your attention and direct your energy towards your desires. 3. Practice Gratitude - Gratitude is a powerful tool for manifestation. Take some time to reflect on all that you are grateful for in your life. Focus on the positive aspects and avoid dwelling on the negative. 4. Create a Manifestation Altar - An altar is a sacred space dedicated to your intention. Use this space to hold objects that represent your deepest desires. You can include crystals, candles, notes, or anything that holds meaning for you. 5. Cast a Spell - If you are a practitioner of magickal arts, you may want to use this energy to cast a spell on your behalf or let your favorite witch (ahem, it should be us here at Life Spirits... I hope!) cast spellwork for you. Choose spellwork that aligns with your intention and use the energy of the portal and star system to amplify your spell's power. As you enter into this Sirius Gateway Alignment and the 777 Ascension Portal, the energies around you will be activating and transforming your life in ways that are both subtle and profound. Now is a time for you to embrace this energy with open arms and to raise your vibration. Release any fear or doubts from your heart and allow the changing forces in the universe to bring about harmony within yourself and in all of your relationships. Allow yourself to feel connected if only for a moment as the energy swirling around you is an invitation from Spirit to dream bigger than before. Now, you have access to tremendous power that can help manifest miracles like never before. What are you going to manifest during this alignment? May it be powerful, transformative, abundant, beautiful and fulfilling! Blessed Be, Audra Audra English High Priestess of Life Spirits Society of Magick

  • July 2023 Astrological Calendar ~ Retrogrades & Personal Battles on The Horizon!

    Post by Audra English Get ready for an exhilarating ride in July! As temperatures and tempers soar to unprecedented heights, brace yourself for the intense energy of multiple planets in retrograde. Drama and aggression are about to steal the spotlight as moody Cancer and super-dramatic Leo make their grand entrance! Prepare yourself for a month of unforgettable experiences that will leave you breathless! Welcome to the cosmic guide that shall unveil the passionate torrent of emotions that will soar around us throughout the scorching month of July! July 1st: Mercury in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus Imagine a powerful connection that inspires us to envision a magnificent future filled with endless possibilities. Concentrate on manifesting your ultimate life! July 1st: Sun in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus Today is a incredibly lucky day, as this immensely optimistic aspect attracts an abundance of fantastic things to all of us. Embrace a deep sense of gratitude and maintain a state of exhilarating positivity to truly excite and magnetize incredible blessings into your life. July 2nd: Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus Behold the unpredictable nature of plans, for they can crumble under the weight of unreliable souls. Witness those who yearn for emancipation within the realms of relationships. July 3rd: Full moon in Capricorn Get ready, because this is just the start of an exhilarating summer! Now, let's buckle up and take a deep dive into the intense energy of the Capricorn full moon. It's the ideal moment to dedicate ourselves to enhancing our reputation and sprucing up our public image. Get ready to step into the spotlight! July 6th: Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus Today is an extraordinary day to perceive challenges from an alternative perspective as we harness our six senses to conjure up a brilliant solution! July 7th: 777 Portal & Sirius Gateway Alignment The highly anticipated 777 gateway serves as a captivating portal of light, transmitting powerful activational codes through streaming rays of light onto our awe-inspiring planet. It is a unique opportunity for us to consciously engage and reap the full benefits of the extraordinary energies that are abundantly available at this moment. With the Sun embracing Cancer's nurturing essence and the mystical significance of the number 7 representing spirit, today is the paramount day to ignite a profound connection with the enlightening energies that beautifully steer our journey from the elevated realms. Brace yourself for another mind-blowing upgrade! July 9th: Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces Feel the creative energy within you ignite as it beckons your inner artist to emerge and create extraordinary magic today. July 9th: Pallas enters Virgo Tap into the mystical guidance of Pallas to elevate your well-being in the forthcoming weeks. Ensure seamless synergy between your body and mind, igniting a vibrant tapestry of excitement and satisfaction. July 10th: Mars enters Virgo With the warrior planet in humble Virgo, we ignite a battle within ourselves in our relentless pursuit of perfection. We thrill in the art of critiquing and dissecting to the extreme, unearthing flaws in all that surrounds us. We yearn to embrace the unchangeable and revel in its mystique. July 10th: Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn Prepare for an electrifying experience as communication of all kinds crackles with intensity. Today is not the day to stir the waters, for any "strange" or "unusual" notion might be swiftly snuffed out by those in power. July 10th: Mercury enters Leo Prepare yourself to embark on an extraordinary journey of mind and spirit, as Mercury gracefully enters the realm of the dramatic Leo. Feel the exhilaration as your thoughts become infused with boundless optimism and unyielding courage, pushing you to embrace the seemingly impossible. Soar fearlessly and reach for the stars! July 14th: Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus Prepare to be amazed as the creative aspect manifests, transforming your space into something incredibly personal and uniquely yours! Today is the perfect day to indulge in decorating, remodeling, or even moving into your very own space. Get ready for an exhilarating experience! July 17th: North Node enters Aries Get ready to ignite your rebellious spirit as the Lunar North Node ventures into the fearless realm of Aries. Embrace your individuality and break free from societal constraints, but remember to tread carefully without leaving a trail of scorched bridges behind you. July 17th: New moon in Cancer This enchanting new moon brings an extraordinary opportunity to construct a sacred haven for yourself and your cherished ones. Discover the profound significance of home and unveil ways to ignite your imagination, forging unique traditions and nurturing an unshakeable emotional groundwork. July 17th: Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus Prepare yourself for the fierce battle ahead, as competitors fight tooth and nail to claim the coveted top spot. Give it your everything, and let the adrenaline flow through your veins. But remember, never engage in actions that would fill you with regret. July 20th: Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces Embrace the incredible potential to perceive the world with a profound understanding, as we actively cultivate greater empathy, compassion, and care for the battles faced by others. July 20th: Mars in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces Be prepared as this frustrating aspect has the power to ignite a fire within us, leaving us eager and electrified when our meticulously crafted dreams don't quite pan out. Embrace the anticipation. July 21st: Sun in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn Today, the revelations of betrayals and hidden enemies come bursting forth, leaving you utterly devastated. Instead of succumbing to anger, channel the exhilaration of your psychic powers and strategize your revenge. July 22nd: Venus goes retrograde in Leo Get ready for a mind-blowing journey as Venus embarks on its epic retrograde in Leo! Brace yourself for some seriously dramatic moments in the coming weeks. Prepare for an intense rollercoaster ride - it's not the ideal time to dive into new relationships, as even a summer fling could ignite into flames. And hold off on any major financial decisions, for Venus also has control over the almighty dollar. Prepare for excitement like you've never experienced before! July 22nd: Sun enters Leo Get ready for a wild ride as intense Leo energy reigns supreme! The sign of the Lion is currently playing host to several planets, and with the sun in its ruling sign, the energies are set to be electrifying, captivating, and yes, just a tad self-indulgent as everyone believes they're the absolute best! Brace yourself for an exhilarating cosmic journey! July 23rd: Chiron goes retrograde in Aries The wounded healer shall mend internal wounds while we concentrate on choosing the battles we must engage in. Allow yourself to gracefully depart from unwinnable wars, because a thrilling new chapter awaits! July 23rd: Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus Prepare for the chaos that this aspect is about to unleash upon every facet of our existence! Brace yourself for the potential damage that some harsh words or an exclusion could inflict upon our delicate egos. July 27th: Mercury in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo Today is an extraordinary day to flaunt your talents, as you'll radiate confidence in your own skin. It's brimming with positivity for introducing yourself to new individuals, delivering a jaw-dropping presentation, or embarking on a thrilling first date. Brace yourself for an unprecedented level of charm that will leave everyone absolutely mesmerized! July 28th: Mercury enters Virgo Mercury ecstatically revels in its harmonious abode within the level-headed Virgo, where it shall graciously reside for the forthcoming weeks. We bid farewell to mere glamour, embracing the utmost pragmatism as our thoughts brim with electrifying energy, meticulously organized, and eagerly poised to triumphantly conquer every single problem that crosses our paths. Audra English High Priestess of Life Spirits Society Of Magick

  • Who is Artemis, the Virginal Huntress of the Moon and Why You Should be Working with Her

    As witches, we have all been tasked to look deeper into the mysteries of our craft. We often refer to deity for guidance and knowledge, but understanding their power and relevance can sometimes remain elusive. One of these powerful figures is the Goddess Artemis; her history and intentions are abundant with wisdom for us as we attempt to piece together a more comprehensive understanding of Witchcraft. From ancient times to modern day worship, this blog post will explore some lesser-known aspects about Artemis that provide insight into who she was and how we may use her teachings in our practice today. Who is Artemis and Her Origins Artemis is a Greek goddess with an intriguing origin story. Known for her connection with animals, she is often depicted with a bow and arrows, ready for battle. But her association with fertility and empowerment also make her a complex figure in mythology. As the daughter of Zeus, Artemis had the power to shape-shift which allowed her to adapt to changes and excel in various situations. Her fierce independence and ability to protect women in labor further solidified her role as a symbol of female strength. Her influence is still felt today in art, literature, and even the names of celestial bodies, where the moon is sometimes referred to as "Artemis." The Connections between Artemis and Nature Artemis, the Greek goddess of wilderness, is renowned worldwide for her symbolism of freedom and independence. Her affinity with nature not only represents earthly beauty but also the harmony between man and nature. Artemis has always valued friendship as a core principle, and her innate love for all living creatures is the perfect example of this. She is known to be a great healer and helps those in need. Her goals are firmly rooted in the conservation of nature and the protection of wildlife. As an embodiment of feminine strength and perseverance, Artemis' connection with nature inspires us to be more conscious of our environment. We can learn from her and strive towards creating a sustainable world where we coexist with nature harmoniously. How to Cultivate the Intention of Artemis in Your Life Artemis, is also known as the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and virginity. She is a source of great inspiration and love. Her association with magick makes her a powerful ally in cultivating a life filled with intention. Those who seek to embody her energy can learn from her mastery over her moods, and use it to navigate their own emotional landscape. Additionally, Artemis is also a protector, especially during pregnancy and childbirth, making her a symbol of trust and security. Finally, her connection to sex reminds us to approach intimacy with mindfulness and care, honoring our bodies and spirits. Cultivating the intention of Artemis in your life can lead to a deeper sense of purpose and a more fulfilling existence. Symbols Representing the Goddess Artemis Symbols representing the goddess Artemis have played an important role in Shamanic work for centuries. Artemis is associated with strength, security, transformation, and well-being. One symbol often used is the crescent moon, which represents her waxing and waning power. Another is the bow and arrow, symbolizing her fierce protection of nature and her ability to defend against threats. Witches also honor her as a powerful protector and guide. Whether seeking guidance through Shamanic journeys or simply drawing on her strength for personal growth, the symbols representing Artemis offer a connection to her powerful energy and protective spirit. Rituals Associated with the Goddess Artemis The ancient goddess Artemis was associated with many important aspects of life, and her rituals continue to be celebrated today. Perhaps the most well-known of these rituals is the celebration of love and fertility. Artemis was revered as the goddess of animals, and her followers would often perform ceremonies to honor and offer thanks to the creatures of the wild. Additionally, Artemis was believed to give protection and strength to those who sought her help in achieving their goals. It's no wonder that many pregnant women would turn to her for assistance during childbirth! Overall, the rituals associated with Artemis prove that she is far more than just a mythological figure. She remains an important symbol of hope and empowerment for many around the world. How to Spread Love in Honor of the Goddess Artemis Artemis embodies the epitome of love, passion, and compassion. In her honor, spreading love is paramount. Love can exist in different forms, be it romantic love, friendship, and even love for oneself. To honor Artemis, we need to spread love through our community and the world. Marriage, dating, and even friendship are great ways to show love and compassion. Perhaps it might be a good time to write love letters or surprise our partners with a thoughtful gift. Another great way to express love and honor Artemis is through love spells, but always remember to use it for positive purposes. Let us all embrace love like Artemis, and watch it radiate to those around us. In conclusion, we’ve explored who the goddess Artemis is and how her story and energy can influence us. We touched on her connection to nature, how to cultivate the intention of Artemis in our lives, what symbols signify her power, what rituals honor her presence, and some ideas on how to spread love in her name. But how do you personally plan to incorporate the energy of Artemis into your life? It could look like regularly meditating on a stone symbolizing her sacredness or journeying down to a river at dawn for rituals meant for honoring the goddess. Take some time to reflect and remember just how strong and powerful you are as an individual as well as collective being blessed with this invaluable communion with divine energy. We are all capable of harnessing our true potential when we come from a place of ground reverence and acceptance towards ourselves. Stay connected to beloved goddess Artemis and know that she’s always leading you with gentle guidance along this beautiful journey called life. Audra English High Priestess of Life Spirits Society Of Magick

  • What June's New Moon In Gemini Means For You.

    On June 17th & 18th, the ever-mysterious New Moon rises when the sun and moon align in perfect synchrony. This astrological phenomenon ignites our innermost desires and propels us towards a path of fresh starts and new beginnings. This New Moon represents the beginning of a new chapter. Will you harness its mystical powers? Under the spell of the New Moon, the stars align in the wondrous and playful sign of Gemini. This mystical event illuminates our communication and thirst for knowledge, beckoning us to unleash our creativity and explore new intellectual horizons. How long have you awaited this transformation, gathering your senses in patient preparation? Now is the time to release your mind and let the fresh breeze of inspiration inspire your endeavors. Embrace the joy of independent thought and the magical connections that blossom when you find your like-minded peers. Revel in the multifaceted beauty of life and all the wonders it has to offer. Currently, the planet Neptune graces our New Moon, presenting us with the possibility to attain lofty goals. Banish all doubts and hesitation and embrace the power of positivity. The universe is listening to your intentions, so focus on cultivating the courage to manifest your dreams. Believe that the world is yours for the taking and set forth on your journey to greatness. Behold, the mystical power that the New Moon will have on your sign: Aries: Oh fiery Aries, for the mystical stars have a message for you. Your words hold great power. Offer your thoughts with tenderness, free from excessive emotion or bluster. Speak from your heart without the need for dramatics or shouting, and others will understand your perspective. By doing so, your loved ones will see the truth in your words. Allow the magic of calm conversation to guide you towards unity and understanding. Your loved ones long for a peaceful exchange with you. Taurus: Oh, majestic Taurus, the mysterious realm of wealth and prosperity beckons your attention. As you gaze upon the alluring path of investment, remember to heed caution and arm yourself with the knowledge of every minutia. For it is through this careful discernment that you shall make your choice with divine wisdom. Trust in the power of the details to guide you towards wise decisions. Gemini: Dear mercurial Gemini, you are so selfless and always putting others before yourself. But alas, you feel drained and empty. Fear not, for the New Moon offers a mystical chance to replenish your inner wellspring with uplifting energies. Embrace this auspicious occasion to recharge, rejuvenate, and revitalize your spirit. Cancer: Cancer, you are the subject of gossip, but do not fret. Embrace it and let it flow. Release your worries and anxieties, put on your crown and move forward with pride and confidence. You do not need to engage in frivolous arguments. Instead, allow the mystical energy of the universe to guide you towards inner peace and clarity. Let the naysayers fade into the background as you rise above, shining in the light of your own brilliance. Leo: Noble Leo, the boundaries that separate you from your friends are fading away. But fear not, for you hold the power to draw the line. Let no one take advantage of your immense kindness and generosity. Claim your space and be the master of your own destiny. Set limits, mark your territory, and show the world that you are not to be trifled with. Virgo: Graceful Virgo, the promised promotion or opportunity may seem to elude you, but do not fret. Instead, seek clarity from the universe. Have faith, as everything unfolds in its divine timing. Your rise to success will come at the perfect moment, and all will fall into place at the right time. Trust the mystical forces at work. Libra: Libra, seeker of harmony and justice. Though temptation calls to expose your wayward companion, offer them the opportunity to acknowledge their missteps because a divine opportunity lies ahead for them. If they are able to experience the enlightenment of their mistakes, their apology shall be your triumph. Trust in the cosmic balance, and take the noble path to victory. Scorpio: Scorpio, the cosmic winds have been turbulent for you lately, haven't they? Fear not, for this New Moon poses as your opportunity to strengthen your foundation. The energy may feel unsteady, but trust in your power to set boundaries and make clear plans for the future. The universe is urging you forward, take the leap and allow yourself to soar. Sagittarius: Dear Sagittarius, do not forget that even the strongest love requires tending. So, when those challenging days rear their ugly head, you'll be fortified. Revel in the enchantment of a fun-filled date night with your beloved to forge a profounder connection. This bond shall bring forth an alchemical transformation, radiating growth and prosperity in your divine partnership. Capricorn: Behold, dear Capricorn, for the forces of fate may stir some subtle turbulence within the realm of your labor. The atmosphere shall sway, and the workflow may falter. However, do not surrender to the gloom that lurks in the hearts of others. Instead, heed the guidance of the stars and maintain your grace. Should a quarrel ignite, withdraw from the fray to evade strife that serves no purpose. Trust in the higher power that guides you, and all shall be resolved in accordance with destiny. Aquarius: Oh, dear Aquarius, the cosmos are beckoning you out of your cozy winter retreat and back into the vibrant world of social interactions. As you venture forth, you may initially feel timid, but fear not! Soon enough, you'll shed your shell and delve into lively conversations with like-minded souls. Just take a deep breath and allow yourself a moment to acclimate to the bustling energy of a crowded room. The stars have aligned in your favor – embrace the magick of this moment. Pisces: Mystical Pisces, the cosmos have aligned to bring forth a favorable time for you to revive your home's aura. But beware, dear one, for the temptation to seek counsel from a trusted friend may lead you astray. Their taste may differ from yours, causing conflict and confusion. Seek out another with peacemaking skills to bring balance to your decor journey. Let the stars guide you towards a harmonious middle ground. We will be doing our New Moon Boost this weekend! We will also clear and revive your energy, getting you ready to accept all the blessings and manifestations you're asking for, from this New Moon! If you're interested in the New Moon Boost, please find it HERE.

  • April 2023 Astrological Calendar ~It's An Intense Month For Manifestation!

    Are you ready for some April magick? April showers bring May flowers, right? Well in this case, the universe is raining down immense amounts of energy for us in April to manifest anything we want to in the upcoming months. It is time to future plan and make the most out of all the cosmic energy we will get to experience (and for some, endure) this month. Here is a quick guide with some advice on what you should do with the energy during these light, breezy, Springtime days ahead. April 3rd: Mercury is in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius. Today is the day for in-depth future planning. You deciding where to put your time and efforts will determine where you reap the biggest benefits afterwards. April 4th: 4/4 Portal. The portal of 4/4 cosmic energy is open. Enter the doorway to higher consciousness to discover deeper love, wealth, and unending blessings. In numerology, the number 4/4 stands for stability, establishing new foundations, and achieving your dreams. You have access to powerful miracles and instantaneous manifestation today! April 5th: Full Moon in Libra. Today's full moon is considered a Pink Moon. Love is in the air. This is the time to focus on finding balance, and resolution in your love situations. Today is a great day to begin achieving better balance in all aspects of our lives. From better boundaries between the “me” and “us” time to a better work/life balance. April 7th: Mercury in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer. This aspect motivates us to put forth extra effort to achieve our goals. Put in effort and you'll succeed, whether you're working long hours to purchase a new home or devoting time to your significant relationships. Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces. It's a wonderful day for love because of the romantic quality of this aspect. If in a relationship, you might have a perfect date night. Get yourself out there if you're single. April 10th: Venus enters Gemini. Throughout the next three and a half weeks, use your words to strengthen bonds with others as charming Venus enters humorous Gemini. The correct words can make all the difference when you're flirting with a special fling or telling a crush how you feel. April 11th: Venus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius. Today is a fantastic day for networking because we have a strong energy, charm, and mental acuity that will inspire us to form meaningful relationships. Sun in Aries conjunct Jupiter in Aries. We have a zest for life as a result of this lucky aspect, and we obstinately pursue our goals. Today, fortune is on our side, so take a chance and roll the dice. April 14th: Mercury goes direct in Taurus. After three arduous weeks, the confusion is now dissipating as Mercury moves forward into Taurus, allowing us to think properly once more. It's a fantastic moment to start laying the foundation for something solid. Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces. It's challenging to complete any type of work during this sluggish phase because you may not be sufficiently motivated to get out of bed. April 15th: Vesta enters Taurus. Vesta stands for commitment, loyalty, spiritually, and strength. It is very comfortable in the sign of Taurus. This transit is ideal for starting new projects, getting grounded, and laying a strong foundation for future growth. Start of the Lyrid meteor shower. We will see the Lyrid meteor shower from now till the 29th. The brightest star in the constellation, Alpha Lyrae, also known as Vega, is the source of the meteor shower known as the Lyrids, which takes its name from the constellation Lyra. This is a good time to focus on love and romance as you'll be especially lucky in anything you do romantically during this time. April 18th: Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces. This component makes us feel a little more intensely than usual, which is a fantastic way to connect to our sensitive side. The atmosphere is ideal for curling up with a soft blanket and reading your Tarot cards. April 19th: New moon solar eclipse in Aries. Today we have what is considered a very rare hybrid solar eclipse. We are all incensed at existing standards at work as a result of this rebellious new moon eclipse. The movement has come to leave unproductive alliances behind and build our own paths. Fight your way to the top without fear. April 20th: Sun enters Taurus. As the sun moves into stable Taurus, we are prepared to return to earth in order to get ready for the impending retrograde. We will be slowing down and developing an appreciation for life's little joys over the course of the next four weeks. Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius. A significant ego clash is likely to occur during this destructive phase. Today is the day to question authority figures, even if it means getting yourself into trouble. April 21st: Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus. During this year's second Mercury retrograde and the first complete Mercury retrograde welcoming us to the retrograde season of 2023, we'll be doing a lot of spring cleaning. We are letting go of everything that is no longer serving us as a society, including outdated items and mentalities. April 23rd: Mercury in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer. Consider having a heartfelt, meaningful, conversation with a loved one tonight. You'll have a good night spent with those you care about and this will do your heart good. April 25th: Sun in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces. This aspect grants us a positive burst of energy that enables us to accomplish our goals, even those we've only dared to dream about. Today is the perfect day to complete any unfinished business. April 29th: Mars in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus. During this lucky aspect, good things come readily. As long as we maintain our motivation and humility, life can change for the better in a span of a single instant. The energy of April will be one of predestined occurrences and new adventures. To maximize the benefits of these cosmically charged events, be sure to plan your month in advance using this guide. This will be a very strong and productive month for us. Use this energy to your advantage (even the Mercury retrograde) and you'll see yourself making significant gains forward. If you have any questions, please send me a email at Love & Light, Audra

  • How To Use The Law Of Attraction With Love Spells

    Written by Audra but inspired by Robin's previous blog on the subject. The majority of the problems we handle at Life Spirits are romantic in nature. I can honestly say that we've seen every romantic situation in the book. When we receive requests from people asking for assistance on a love situation, we begin to notice certain patterns that indicate what kind of an outcome we can expect. These patterns either match those who are able to successfully manifest their ultimate true love scenario or match the patterns of those who weren't successful. Right away, we can predict who will receive near instant results and who will be challenging to deal with. It all depends on that person's mindset, how they view the relationship with their target, how receptive they are to suggestions and directions, and how patient they are with the process. In my spell-casting profession, I have assisted tens of thousands of people with relationship issues alone, so I am aware that I have a unique perspective on what those who found success all had in common with each other. The majority of the people who received success with love spells took our work seriously and sincerely followed our directions. They took notes and used The Law of Attraction to raise their vibration and prepare their energy to attract the people and relationships they desired from the Universe. This allowed their energy to accumulate so they could ultimately succeed with their spell work. In essence, they managed to align their energy with the intentions they had us conjure on their behalf. You utilize the law of attraction every single day whether you recognize it or not. Every single thing you do—including your thoughts, words, and deeds—contains energy that you project into the universe in an effort to draw specific outcomes your way. To ensure that we are living the life we want to live and with the people we want to share it with, it is crucial that we are aware of the energy we are sending out to the Universe. We constantly advise folks to employ the law of attraction when casting spells on their behalf. All successful spell casters use this technique regardless of whether they are aware of its term or not. A specific vibrational frequency is necessary for spells to manifest. This is an absolute necessity and we cannot choose to forgo it! It is crucial for a spell caster (and their clients) to understand how to modify their own energy in conjunction with the energy they have just released through casting. This is a key step in learning how to manifest spells. Those who are most effective in successful spells are masters of their own thoughts and energies. The more adept we grow in casting spells, the more adept we become at directing our thoughts and energies. As witches, we acquire it as a second nature. People who do not cast their own spells might be unaware of this important detail when it comes to spell manifestation. Because of this, it's crucial that folks who request spell-work learn how to regulate their energy and vibration in order to align it with the outcome they've requested from the Universe. Sadly, misunderstandings arise when spell casters forget or neglect to explain how to manage ones personal vibration to those who are unfamiliar with energy manipulation. The majority of spell-casting practitioners will advise you to simply "think positively" and "have faith" or something of the like. There is much more to it than that. Many spell casters find explaining the law of attraction challenging, especially as they've only been hired to simply cast a spell. Witches know how spells work because we've experienced it, felt it, and are comfortable with magick. This is an advantage real witches have when casting spells on our own behalf. We know how to adjust our energy because faith and good feelings are present with something we're familiar with. We feel good with magick and we know our spells will manifest for us. That is the advantage of the spell caster. For those of you who are not familiar with this energy and with this process, it can be a whole different story and you wont get the full benefit of the spell because you are missing one of the key components for success. Robin and I were extremely excited when several authors started taking the law of attraction mainstream and having a common name for how to control and manipulate our personal energy and vibration. However, we've found that the majority of books and blogs on the law of attraction center around achieving financial success, physical wellness, or meeting your soul mate. The real “secret” is using the law of attraction to actually attract a specific person. Maybe it's because most people who are proficient in using the law of attraction, don't consider using spell-work in conjunction with law of attraction. They are missing out because with using the law of attraction and magick combined, you are able to be incredibly precise and accurate in your requests. Using both together, you can target a specific person and move your relationship to a new level to create an incredibly affectionate, loyal, and loving partnership. In order to assist you in the ability to properly implement the law of attraction in conjunction with your spell-work, Robin and I decided to come up with a simple guide. We are hoping that some of you will read this and experience an "Ah-ha!" moment, but if you still don't completely understand this concept, please get in touch with Robin and I for further help. The more you study and learn about the law of attraction, the more you'll be able to apply it to benefit yourself greatly. If you use it correctly, you'll be truly astounded by how quickly your spell-work starts to manifest for you. Managing your energy is key to the success of your spells. This is the universal rule, and even if you don't comprehend it, it still applies whether you use it to your advantage or not. 1. Pay attention to YOUR energy. You need to make this process all about you and your energy rather than that other person and their energy. You are the one driving this relationship and have the power to make it work or fail. The easiest approach to doing this is to make sure you are the one guiding the energy in the direction you want it to travel to. Never, ever, ever, ever allow another person determine your happiness. They don't deserve it, and the outcome won't be what you want in the long run. Take control of your energy. Stop letting other people and things influence your energy. Allow, no, demand yourself to feel happiness, gratitude, and peace in this current moment. You must get into a habit of putting on blinders when it comes to your target, especially if things are really bad right now. If your target blocks you and this makes you feel rejected and unloved, you're focusing on THEIR energy and not controlling how your energy responds to their actions. If you're focused on a relationship you want to break up and you keep noticing how happy they are together which is breaking your heart and making you feel absolute jealousy, you're concentrating on THEIR energy and not controlling how your energy responds to their actions. Anytime you're feeling bad, especially in relation to how another person's actions is making you feel, you are concentrating on the incorrect energy. Get in control of your energy and stop paying attention to what THEY are doing anyway. Focus on you! If you don't have control of your energy, you'll be traveling in circles and squandering your time while feeling lonely, sad, lost, and grief. Learning to control your own energy is the most important aspect of magick and the law of attraction. Rule number one is that from now on, your happiness is your responsibility and you have no choice but to get into a state of bliss, comfort, peace, and gratitude. Start working on this NOW! You must resolve to transform into the person who brings YOU joy. You must ensure that you give your daily attention to pursuits you find enjoyable and engage in activities that keep a grin on your face throughout the day. It is imperative that you allow yourself to always be joyful and as stress free as possible in order to improve your energy. 2. Let it go. It's critical to break any old habits that aren't serving you successfully in order to establish fresh ones. You'll need to let go of the past wounds, any resentment, any issues establishing trust, and any insecurities and doubts you may have about your relationship and the person you're trying to attract. You must approach this with an entirely new set of thoughts and emotions. Before you can genuinely begin to develop your connection and bond with that other person, you must first start enhancing your energy. Don't contaminate your goals with your rooted negative beliefs and anxieties. If you keep poking holes of doubt and pessimism into your metaphorical boat, it will eventually sink. Obviously, a few holes (negative thoughts) won't make you immediately drown, but over time you'll notice your boat is growing heavier and traveling more slowly than before. You'll slow down your progress dramatically if not stop your spell-work from manifesting completely. Letting go of any negative thoughts, doubts, anxiety, and past negative history is essential to the success of everything you've been asking and hoping for. Stop focusing on any negative thoughts and set beliefs you have about your present, past, or prospective relationship. Stop being your own worst enemy and biggest hindrance when it comes to being in a successful and loving partnership. To reiterate, you must be committed to letting go of a lot of past thought patterns, feelings, and convictions. This takes a committed effort. If you make the decision today to stop focusing and thinking about that negative thought but come back to it tomorrow because your anxiety keeps you focused on it, you'll go nowhere. This has to be a long term commitment as you're looking for long term results. If you find yourself starting to think or worry about your relationship (or lack thereof), you must make an effort to shift the topic in your mind. Your present relationship scenario or your previous thoughts and beliefs about that person may have contributed to your predicament, therefore it is clear that these feelings and beliefs are not beneficial to you. They are dangerous and will interfere with your intended result. So, release them! 3. Have complete faith that your spell-work will manifest for you. People having expectations about when or how their spells will manifest is one of the factors that delays and halts materialization completely. You must let go of your expectations and begin to trust that the Universe will grant your requests in the time and manner that is for your highest good. Anxiety may be greatly increased by concentrating on the duration of time it is taking and your current undesired circumstances. Depending on how much concern you feel over your circumstance, the anxiety you feel towards it will slow down your manifestation and may possibly make matters worse. In order for the Universe to know what it needs to do for you, you must concentrate on the desired result, not the problem. When you ask us to cast spells on your behalf, you have already made your intention known to the universe. As a result, fretting continually about how long it will take or whether it will even work, shows that you have no faith in magick and consequently no faith that the Universe will look after your needs. This sends two contradictory vibrations out into the Universe. One is the request that your dreams will manifest with the spell-work that we do on your behalf. The other which is a vibration sent out by your anxiety and doubt, is telling the Universe NOT to manifest your dreams. The Universe will believe that is your true desire since you're so passionate about that anxiety and doubt. Each negative thought can counter our spell-work for you. If you do this often, you are undoing our work entirely. This will ultimately push that person or desired connection further away from you. In having these doubts and anxiety, you are basically working against yourself. You must have unflinching confidence that you will be with that person NOW! They are already yours. You must know and believe that! If you want to visualize—which many people find incredibly helpful—you can do so, but only if it will benefit you. If you can't visualize without thinking about your negative past or present situation, you shouldn't use this technique. If you find it difficult to envision without experiencing anxiety or bringing up painful memories, don't. If you can, play pretend and envision your dream scenario as if it is happening in current tense, that will speed things up dramatically for you. We offer folks a time line (3 moon cycles) for when their updated positive energy and vibration should begin assisting them in manifesting their spells. This is our standard response that we give out when asked because it is how long it typically takes us spell casters to shift our own energy. This is not the rule and should not be viewed as such. The 3 moon cycles time line is dependent on how well our customers follow our instructions and how complicated their case is. Your time line will be just as unique to your situation and vibration as your spell-work is. So this is a general time line, but not obviously written in stone. You should not worry if you're not seeing too much (if any progress) by a certain time. Don't allow the obsession of the 3 moon cycle time line cause additional stress and anxiety as it's completely counter productive to your success. Since all situations are unique, the time line of manifestation will be unique to that person and their situation. The situation of someone wanting to establish a new relationship will be different from that of someone trying to win back their unfaithful spouse. There is a large amount of contrast between the two situations. A person who is suffering with an unfaithful spouse has a lot of negative energy to sort through and usually a lot of trust issues that need to get cleared away. Whereas the individual looking to establish a new relationship is a lot more excited and trusting of the process making that individual more likely to be able to raise their vibration quickly and have a much faster full manifestation of their spell-work. Thus it stands to reason that your outcomes will differ from those of others so don't get into a habit of comparing and expecting the same results in the same amount of time. Since your case is unique, we cater to you on an individual bases for better results. You won't go anywhere if you decide right away to give your case only three moon cycles and then move on if nothing happens by then. This is because you're indicating to the Universe that this is a gamble, not a commitment. You have to agree to wait as long as it takes and ironically, that usually is what helps it manifest incredibly fast. In having that outlook, you are removing all anxiety, fear, and expectations which shift your vibration to where it needs to be for manifestation. The Universe falls in love with a stubborn heart! Conviction and commitment will get you exactly what you're asking for! Those who have told me that they'll only commit to their spells for 3 months and move on if they didn't get manifestation by then, never were able to get their spells to manifest. They were able to predict their future lack of results by claiming them. They sent the universe two opposing wishes, but they chose to focus on not receiving their wish, and they received exactly what they had wished for... failure. Those people end the spell the moment they say “I'm moving on.” because that is exactly what the Universe hears. So, be very mindful about deciding to be done with your situation at a certain time if you don't see manifestation before then. You are assuring that your investment in this spell-work goes down the drain because I can almost guarantee, your spells wont manifest! Many of you tell me that this specific person you are trying to have in a healthy relationship with you is your soul mate, therefore I would anticipate that you would determine that they are worth all the time it takes to be with that one person your heart can't live without. You can not care if this takes weeks, months, or years to be with them because you know they are your destiny and you two will be together no matter what. S,o stop worrying about it. If you say and believe they are your soul mate, you'll have them! You just need to believe and trust this process! It will happen faster if you are less worried about the time line. When someone finally lets go of their expectations and surrenders to the Universe, things might move quite quickly. Don't make it take longer than it should by being worried about how long it is taking. Those who didn't care how long it took because they knew it would work when the conditions were right are the ones that see benefits more quickly. They knew their spells would manifest and they did! You must start thinking about the issues of “time line” in the correct manner and it will no longer be an issue for you. 4. Don't expect perfection. We frequently receive emails from individuals who are overjoyed because they finally received the phone call they were looking for, had a terrific night with their intended partner, or saw two people finally end a relationship they had been waiting out. We would rejoice, and there would be a great deal of restored hope. Then, for some, it would occur—their target would disappear or seemingly “ghost” them. Or there would be a fight over something ridiculous between themselves and their target. Or that split-up we had set into motion would seem short lived and the pair would reconcile. This is normal; any relationship and situation will have both good and terrible days. This is also very common when waiting for spell manifestation. Us witches are used to it, so things like this wouldn't phase us. We are working with energies and so there will be some big steps in the right direction followed by what might appear like some steps backwards, however, it isn't a step backward. This is simply energy regulating and is not permanent. Progress is almost never linear. So, don't look at this as things backfiring or your spells not manifesting. Understand that the energy is still regulating and so we need to continue on the path we were going because we were getting positive signs and will continue to get those signs if we don't let something like this change our vibration. What you need to do in this circumstance is to feel absolute gratitude for those signs of manifestation you requested from the universe. If your target contacted you but then ghosted you, put ALL your passion into focusing on that initial contact and feel gratitude towards that little glimmer of progress. Ignore the ghosting completely. Don't focus on it. Don't allow it to affect your energy and don't allow it to make you doubt or feel rejected. Passion will propel your spell-work forward, so be passionate about the things you want (contact) and be completely apathetic towards the things you don't want (being ignored.) This will allow the energy to regulate in the direction we want for more of those good moments and less of those negative moments. We must quickly re-align ourselves when we realize that our concentration is off since we are not robots and will occasionally have emotionally exhausting moments. You will have moments even in a wonderful relationships that can cause you frustration. Therefore, it's natural for there to be some pretty heavy issues and feelings that pop up when trying to manifest a happy relationship from something that was previously pretty toxic. Thus, don't imagine and expect that you would be immune from minor issues here and there while the energy is trying to re-set. These moments might mistakenly feel like setbacks. However they're natural in the process of energy manipulation. Instead of being worried or upset when they do occur, you must alter your perspective so that you can quickly get your energy back on track for more signs of things manifesting in the right direction. The emphasis should be on letting go of negative emotions connected to lack of progress or things taking a negative turn and instead being grateful and excited for the manifestations that did occur and will occur. This line of thinking results in more and greater spell manifestations as well as fewer and smaller negative moments connected to your target. To illustrate, imagine someone rowing a boat. With each stroke, you can see them moving forward, but there is also a little push back from the waves that will force them to slide back a tiny bit. Yet the longer they row, the quicker they get to their destination. Hence, even if you encounter what might feel like resistance, as long as you keep rowing, you will ultimately reach your target. 5. When you get manifestation. When we eventually see the results of our spells, we must maintain our energy level where it was prior to those results in order to keep those things going. Too often when people receive signs of manifestation, they allow their joy to divert them from the advice I've previously outlined. This is because they believe they no longer need to do their part to produce results. As a result, they begin to fall back into old patterns and begin concentrating on the other person's energy, and little negatives that pop up once more. Even when you two are together and doing well, you should continue to follow these recommendations to keep things going smoothly between you two. So, this is a reminder to pay attention to your energies. As you experience victories and manifestations, give thanks to the universe and return to concentrating on YOUR energy. That is what first aided in bringing them your way to begin with. You will successfully manifest your love spells with the assistance of these recommendations and guidance. These instructions are essential for full manifestation and are not optional. If you are serious about your success, you'll implement these suggestions fully. Please develop a strategy for putting these suggestions in motion and customizing them to your circumstance. Please reach out to us if you need more help on how to apply these guidelines to your situation. We are here to help you get results and ensure you succeed in manifesting the type of relationship you desire with your true love. Love & Light, Audra Audra English High Priestess of Life Spirits Society Of Magick

  • The New Moon in Aries is Here, be Ready for a Cosmic Restart.

    Every month, the new moon gives us a fresh start and the opportunity to purge our lives of anything that is no longer serving us. New moons are the cosmic resets of the astrological universe. The new moon and the full moon are two of the most dramatic times in the lunar cycle. The former is a more subtle experience, while the later is strong and dramatic, but this doesn't make it any more compelling. The new moon, which symbolizes the start of a new chapter, really serves as the catalyst for everything we're hoping to achieve for ourselves, especially if we are using magick during this time. Themes and circumstances that often surface during a new moon point to goals and ambitions that are just waiting to be seized. And it will have *that* much more chance of success if you deliberately use magick to enhance the success of a project or encourage commitment in a relationship during a new moon! The first new moon of spring, which occurs on March 21, is in aggressive, passionate, and competitive Aries, underlining our urge to act on our impulses and follow our gut feelings. Embrace the unrestrained flames of Aries as it ignites your fire because you have been languishing in the lethargic and weepy energies of Pisces season for far too long. Aries is always confident in their ability to succeed, so now is the ideal moment to make a goal and put all of your heart into it. This new moon will propel you into greatness and promise for the future, we'll feel these vibrations. While most new moons tend to make us feel like we need more sleep, this one, in the fire sign of Aries, may give us the boost of vigor and inspiration we've been looking for. This new moon is particularly noteworthy since it occurs at precisely 0 degrees Aries. After all, degree 0 signifies the start of a new adventure and the purest manifestation of that zodiac sign. The first eclipse season of the year is quickly approaching, bringing with it a period of uncertainty. Eclipses are occasions for surrender rather than to be controlled or harnessed. Start your initiatives right away, achieve your biggest aspirations, and set your objectives in motion. Positive thinking and achievement are in season. There are a few planetary happenings to be aware of during this new moon. For starters, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be close to the sun and the moon, making our communication with others fast and harsh. There is impetuous energy under these moonbeams and we may feel called to act now, feeling more reactive and decisive. Do your best to temper your impatient nature. While Aries energy is exciting and motivating, its spark can burn out just as quickly as it started. Mars, the planet of desire, will also be a planet to watch out for because it will be in the closing degrees of Gemini and in a broad aspect to Neptune, prompting us to take it easy and define what we want to achieve. Push through your anxieties during this madness and embrace all of the closet demons you have. It's crucial to accept our dark side. Mars has been in Gemini for the last seven months, putting our capacity to concentrate, communicate, and deliberate digesting of information to the test. Because to the paranoia of the Pisces season, it has also been testing the limits of our aggressiveness. Mars is the God of War in astrology, thus we should be extremely cautious about how we connect with others at this time. This is particularly true when Mars is in Gemini, the sign of the zodiac that governs thought and communication. Those who detect the powerful energy from Mars flowing in to counteract it by doing vigorous exercising. Yes, you heard me correctly! That energy is begging to be released. Release it in a positive and efficient way. Try a new exercise class (boxing, anyone?) or simply going for a walk in the park. You may need to release some pent up energy and this is the ideal opportunity to get your body moving. It is important to keep our long-term vision in mind while we strive toward our objectives in order to make the most of these vibrations. Focus on yourself and what you hope to manifest under this new moon. Do you have a specific objective in mind? Do you desire a more genuine presence in the world? Have you ever felt prompted to take a risk but your rational mind keeps telling you not to? How can you better care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs? Pluto, the Planet of Death and Rebirth, enters Aquarius shortly after this new moon. This is a incredible event which carries intense energy because it is the first in more than 200 years. Pluto adds even more new energy that embraces transformations and beginnings. Anything we start during this window will have a lasting impact. It would be best to channel this vigor and use it to your ultimate advantage at this current moment. This new moon may seem like lighting a match to the rough surface of your rage since it aligns with Mars in Gemini. Use your passion to achieve greatness. What will you set blaze to next? Love & Light, Audra

  • 55 Amazing Crystals & Their Magickal Correspondences

    Please visit and bookmark my Etsy shop RubywitchDesigns. You'll discover a plethora of amazing crystals (some with spells attached), crystal jewelry, potions, mojo bags, intention sprays, spell soap, and all things witchy, so please save me for later. Light & Love, Audra Agate: Agate is associated with: ~Provides Stability ~Grounding ~Allows Forgiveness ~Alleviates Bitterness ~Improves Concentration and Focus ~Gives Self Confidence ~Improves Relationships ~Protective ~Brings Peace & Calming Energy ~Re-balances the Body & Mind ~ Creates a Sense of Security ~Known as a Power Stone ~Perfect for Meditation ~Relieves Anxiety & Stress Amazonite: Amazonite is associated with: ~Opens The Heart Chakra ~Heals Emotional Trauma ~Alleviates Anxiety ~Stone of Harmony ~Boosts Communication ~Allows You to Speak Your Truth ~Supports Your Destiny ~Brings About Luck ~Connected to Abundance and Prosperity ~Gives You Hope ~Soothes Away Depression ~Incredibly Balancing ~Offers Protection ~Reconnects You to Your True Self ~Tempers Aggression and Anger ~Helps Establish Healthy Relationships ~Enhances Self Discipline ~Awakens Compassion ~Brings You Grace ~A Stone of Success and Manifestation ~Helps You Overcome Negative Obsessions Amethyst: Amethyst is associated with: ~Provides Mental Clarity ~Protects Against Addictions ~Encourages Positivity ~Perfect For Meditation ~Master Healing Stone ~Provides Peace ~Encourages Love ~Instills Courage ~Combats Insomnia ~Purifies The Body, Mind, and Environment ~Use For Prophetic Dreams ~Purifies The Aura ~Amplifies Business Success ~Increases Intelligence ~Prevents Nightmares ~Expands Your Mind ~Encourages Faithfulness and Fidelity ~Soothes Irritability and Anger ~Alleviates Sadness and Depression ~Cures Grief ~Inspires Hope Balances Mood-Swings ~Raises Your Vibration ~Removes Negative Energy Angelite: Angelite is associated with: ~Promotes Clear Communication ~Encourages Truth ~Connects You To Your Angels ~Encourages Faith ~Provides Spiritual Protection ~Increase Inner Guidance ~Connects You To Your Spirit Animal ~Opens You To Divine Realms ~Provides Peaceful Serenity ~Calms Anxiety & Stress ~Perfect Stone For Meditation ~Balances & Stabilizes Emotions ~Gives You Hope ~Instills Courage ~Encourages Empathy And Compassion ~Clears Negative Energy ~Boosts Emotional Endurance Black Kyanite: Black Kyanite is associated with: ~Excellent For Meditation ~Removes Energy Blocks ~Stone Of Self Discovery ~Increases The Chances Of Manifestation ~Cleanses The Aura ~Provides Massive Amounts Of Energy ~Immensely Grounding ~Creates A Protective Shield ~Transmutes Negative Energy Into Positive Energy ~Facilitates Cord Cutting ~Increases Intuition ~A Stone For Empaths ~Great For Dream Work ~Aligns All Chakras ~Opens Up The Subconscious ~Shaman Stone ~Connects You To Your Spirit Guides ~Get Rid Of Conflict Black Obsidian: Black Obsidian is associated with: ~Psychic Protection ~Negative Energy Shield ~Removes and Absorbs Toxic Energy ~Protects From Abuse and Bullying ~Removes Toxic People ~Connected to the Root Chakra ~Incredibly Grounding ~Dispels Anxiety ~Relieves Tension ~Soul Healing ~Increases Your Personal Power ~Encourages Growth ~Purifying ~Manifestation Stone ~Brings Forth Transformation ~Cleanses the Aura ~Restores Stability ~Clears Confusion & Fogginess ~Protects Against Hostility ~Helps You Move Forward ~Absorbs Pain ~Lets the Truth Come Out ~Encourages Self Control ~Enhances Psychic Abilities ~Promotes Compassion & Empathy Bloodstone: Bloodstone is associated with: ~Attracting Luck & Good Fortune ~Increases Success ~Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance ~Encourages Strength ~Boosts Manifestation ~Deeply Grounding ~Provides Protection ~Helps With Alignment ~Encourages Organization ~Heightened Intuition ~Reduces Anger and Aggression ~Helps Balance Our Energy ~Connects You to Your Ancestors ~Increases Resilience ~Helps With Anxiety Blue Apatite: Blue Apatite is associated with: ~Increases Changes Of Manifestation ~Expands Intellect ~Increases Psychic Gifts ~Helps One Achieve Healthy Body Weight ~Balances Thyroid ~Increases Motivation ~Grants One The Ability To Better Achieve Their Goals ~Apatite Suppressant ~Boosts Creativity ~Clears Confusion ~Enhances Communication ~Rids Negative Emotions ~Balances Hormones ~Helps Heal Past Life Issues ~Allows For Channeling & Increased Mental Telepathy ~Inspires Ambition ~Increases Wisdom ~Cleanses Aura ~Brings Inspiration Blue Aventurine: Blue Aventurine is associated with: ~Increases Prosperity ~Stress Relief ~Assists in Sobriety ~Good Decision Making ~Encourages Compassion ~Provides Patience ~Encourages Perseverance ~Enhances Communication ~Connection to Your Spirit Guides ~Clears Old Energy & Habits ~Increases Self Discipline ~Inner Strength ~Enhances Intuition ~Encourages Self Growth ~Promotes Maturity ~Fighting Addictions ~Helps You Take Responsibility For Actions Encourages Psychic Abilities ~Rids You of Bad Habits ~Healers Stone ~Enhances Logic and Rational Thinking ~Encourages Leadership ~Helps You Focus Blue Kyanite: Blue Kyanite is associated with: ~Incredible Stress Reliever ~Clears And Balances All Chakras ~Stimulates Intuition ~Promotes Justice ~Alleviates Anger And Rage ~Provides Vivid Dreams ~Inspires Loyalty ~Boosts Communication ~Encourages Truth ~Linked To Spiritual Expansion ~Helps One Strengthen Your Psychic Gifts ~One Of The Few Crystals That Doesn't Need Cleansed ~Doesn't Hold Any Negative Energy ~Opens Communication Between Other Realms ~Provides Serenity & Harmonious Energy ~Gets Rid Of Energy Blocks ~Increases Manifestation Blue Lace Agate: Blue Lace Agate is associated with: ~Increases Communication ~Incredibly Calming ~Perfect For Meditation ~Provides Peace & Harmony ~Soothes Anxiety ~Increases Positive Energy ~Encourages Confidence ~Opens And Expands The Consciousness ~Increases Wisdom ~Attracts Business Partners ~Helps One Communicate With Spirit Guides ~Stimulates Intuition ~Inspires Unity ~Encourages Self-Expression ~Provides Emotional Support ~Increases Patience ~Improves Public Speaking ~Calms Tempers ~Enhances Critical Thinking Blue Goldstone: Blue Goldstone is associated with: ~Stone of Ambition ~Enhances Communication ~Encourages Confidence ~Facilitates Success ~Stimulates Motivation ~Increases Vitality ~Incredibly Uplifting ~Promotes Positive Energy ~Personal Growth & Transformation ~Gives Courage ~Increases Abundance ~Enhances Wisdom ~Connects You With The Divine ~Encourages and Facilitates Learning Great For Empaths ~New Beginnings ~Increased Manifestation ~Provides Balance ~Increases Peace and Serenity ~Encourages Business Success Bumblebee Jasper: Bumblebee Jasper is associated with: ~Provides Self Confidence ~Increases Happiness, Joy, & Optimism ~Inspires Creativity ~Increases Motivation ~Allows You To Focus On Your Goals ~Encourages Sunny Attitude ~Helps You Maintain Momentum ~Increases Chances For Manifestation ~Keeps You Energized ~Wakes You Up ~Increases Ambitions ~Opens Doors ~Allows You To Follow And Trust Your Instincts ~Attracts New Opportunities ~Increases Endurance ~Helps Aid In Concentration ~Helps One Persevere Carnelian: Carnelian is associated with: ~Increased Energy ~Brings Vitality ~Provides Confidence ~Balances The Libido ~Enhances Sexuality ~Increases Creativity ~Provides Motivation ~Eliminates Procrastination ~Increases Self-Esteem ~Very Stabilizing and Grounding ~Improves Concentration ~Helps You Overcome Abuse ~Protects Against Anger & Rage ~Provides Motivation ~Increases Manifestation ~Increases The Metabolism ~Brings Joy & Happiness ~Boosts Fertility ~Encourages Empowerment Chariot: Chariot is associated with: ~Helps You Overcome Fear ~Stimulates Psychic Visions ~Beneficial To Healers ~Stone Of Transformation ~Provides Serenity ~Light Workers & Empaths Need This Stone ~Connects You To Higher Spirits & Realms ~Grants Access To The Akashic Records ~Allows You To Put Things Into Perspective ~Increases Insight ~Connects You To Your Spiritual Intelligence ~Increases Inner Strength ~Helps You Persevere ~Instills Optimism ~Provides Positive Energy ~Protective Cherry Blossom Agate: Cherry Blossom Agate is associated with: ~Known As The Crystal of Dreamers ~Encourages Goal-Setting and Goal Completion ~Increases Motivation ~Encourages You to “Reach For The Stars” ~Great For Entrepreneurs ~Nurtures Dreams ~Fires Up Passions ~Instills Maternal Feminine Energy ~Brings Balance & Serenity ~Is Comforting ~Increases Drive & Determination ~Brings Forward Growth ~Protects Against Self-Doubt ~Helps You Achieve Your Full Potential Cherry Quartz: Cherry Quartz is associated with: ~Enhances Peace and Serenity ~Encourages Hope ~Promotes Healing ~Provides Stress Relief ~Effective Anti-depressant ~Heals Emotional Wounds ~Brings About Optimism and Joy ~Positive Energy ~Helps With Concentration ~Increased Memory ~Attracts Love and Passion ~Provide Transformation Energy ~Encourages Good Decision Making ~Give an Energy Boost ~Helps With Grief ~Encourages Self Reflection Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla is associated with: ~Inspires You To Tell Your Truth ~Encourages Self Awareness ~Soothes Grief ~Gets Rid Of Depression & Sadness ~Helps One Succeed In Negotiations ~Calms The Mind ~Can Offer Peace During Trauma ~Brings Luck ~Attracts Prosperity And Wealth ~Improves Communication ~Inspires Harmony ~Increases Intuition ~Attracts Love ~Inspires Hope ~Gives Peaceful Energy ~Relieves Feelings Of Guilt ~Helps One Move On After Loss Chrysoprase: Chrysoprase is associated with: ~Provides Hope ~Inspires Love ~Encourages Compassion and Empathy ~Attracts Prosperity & Wealth ~Promotes Joy ~Inspires Divine Truth ~Helps With Fertility ~Heals Heartache ~Releases Grief ~Stimulates Creativity ~Chases Away Nightmares ~Balances Emotions ~Calms The Mind ~Facilitates Self Expression ~Strengthens Friendships ~Known As The Stone Of Courage ~Gets Rid Of Narcissism ~Dispels Irritability ~Gets Rid Of Negative Thoughts ~Inspires Positivity ~Allows For A Strong Flow Of Heart Healing Energy Citrine: Citrine is associated with: ~Increases Abundance & Prosperity ~Provides Strength ~Encourages Joy & Happiness ~Attracts Good Luck ~Boosts Self Esteem ~Increases Motivation ~Drives Personal Growth ~Encourages Creativity ~Increases Memory ~Ideal For Manifestation ~Called The Success Stone ~Helps Attract Customers & Increase Business ~Promotes Personal Power ~Removes Negative Energy ~Helps You Achieve Your Goals ~Strengthens Your Willpower Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is associated with: ~Known As A Power Crystal ~Enhances Clarity ~Perfect Stone For Meditation ~Increases Energy ~Promotes Emotional Stability ~Brings Forth Manifestation ~Increased Self-Worth ~Draws In Love ~Encourages Psychic Abilities ~Helps Bring Positive Changes ~Instills Hope ~Encourages Better Communication ~Master Healer ~Heals all Chakras ~Assists In Dream Work ~Aura Cleanser Dalmatian Jasper: Dalmatian Jasper is associated with: ~Happiness & Joy ~Exhaustion Related to Trauma and High Stress Environments ~Breaks Down Barriers ~Relieves Depression ~Provides Psychic & Spiritual Protection ~Strong Grounding Energy ~Boosts Good Luck & Fortune ~Provides Strength ~Brings Harmony & Serenity ~Connects With and Protects Dogs ~Keeps us Playful ~Helps You Discover Your Purpose ~Gives Motivation ~Stabilizing ~Provides Positive Energy ~Known as the Stone of Playfulness ~Increases Loyalty in Relationships Fluorite: Fluorite is associated with: ~Cleansing The Aura ~Stabilizing Your Energy Field ~Reducing Stress and Anxiety ~Heightened Psychic Awareness ~Promotes Quick Thinking ~Helps Us Tap Into Our Subconscious Mind ~Increasing Creativity ~Encourages Better Concentration ~Enhances Manifestation ~Increases Self-Assurance ~Clears Mind of Distractions ~Provides Protection ~Help Connect to The Spirit ~Is Incredibly Balancing ~Inspires Serenity & Peace ~Assists in Organization ~Absorbs Negative Energy ~Stone of Growth ~Harmonizes All Chakras ~Encourages Learning and Education ~Opens Roads & Removes Road-Blocks ~Encourages Independence ~Promotes Clarity Garnet: Garnet is associated with: ~Brings Forth Romantic Love ~Increases Passion ~Enhances Sex ~Inspires Self Confidence ~Increases Intimacy ~Inspires Positive Thinking ~Increases Success ~Promotes Devotion ~Provides Hope ~Balances Emotions ~A Stone Of Manifestation ~Cleanses Chakras ~Increases Success In Business ~Very Protective ~Discourages Nightmares ~Increases Vitality ~Guards Against Depression ~Attracts Wealth & Prosperity ~Said To Bring Good Luck ~Promotes Physical Beauty ~Alleviates Anxiety ~Revels And Attracts New Sources Of Income Green Aventurine: Green Aventurine is associated with: ~Stone of Opportunity ~Brings Forth Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity ~Blesses With Luck and Good Fortune ~Attracts Abundance in All Areas ~Increases The Chance of Success ~Soothes Anxiety ~Provides Optimism ~Increases Confidence ~Promotes Growth ~Connected to the Heart Chakra ~Provides Healing Energy ~Brings Forth Vitality ~Encourages Confidence ~Increases Happiness and Joy ~Release Bad Habits ~Very Grounding ~Enhances Creativity ~Calms Anger ~Career Stone ~Brings Forth Balance ~Provides Motivation ~Incredibly Stabilizing ~Increases Manifestation ~Promotes Love ~Opens Doors Green Calcite: Green Calcite is associated with: ~Money, Wealth, Prosperity, & Abundance ~Good Luck & Fortune ~Restores Balance ~Regulates Emotions ~Stress Relief ~Mental Healer ~Success in All Areas ~Cleans Negativity From People, Places, and Things ~Raises Your Vibration ~Provides Motivation ~Clears Negative Emotions & Stagnation ~Stone of Protection ~Brings Love Into Your Life ~Promotes Forgiveness ~Enhances Empathy and Compassion ~Brings About Positive Transformation ~Connects You To Your Heart's Desire ~Brings in New Opportunities Green Moss Agate: Green Moss Agate is associated with: ~Is Abundant in Earth energy ~Incredibly Grounding ~Balancing to The Entire Energy System ~Provides Stability ~Increases Wealth and Abundance ~Inspires Luck and Good Fortune ~Increased Success ~Provides Peace ~Calms Mood Swings ~Promotes Forgiveness ~Brings Happiness ~Stone of New Beginnings ~Promotes Business Success ~Expands Consciousness ~Connects You to Nature ~Known as The Gardeners Atone (Add Green Moss Agate to Your Garden) ~Reduces Drama ~Attracts New Friends ~Attracts Love ~Taps Into Healing Energy ~Increases Self-Expression ~Provides Clarity Hematite: Hematite is associated with: ~Very Protective ~Incredibly Grounding ~Provides A Major Energy Shield ~Calms Negative Energy And Vibrations ~Enhances Courage ~Relieves Chronic Pain ~Encourages One To Be Bold & Ambitious ~Reduces Confusion ~Provides Mental Clarity ~Boosts Self-Esteem ~Balances Emotions ~Aligns All Chakras ~Enhances Will Power ~Detoxifying ~Rids One Of Insomnia ~Protects From Nightmares ~Encourages Perseverance ~Increases The Logical Mind ~Increases Vitality ~Brings You Back Down To Earth Howlite: Howlite is associated with: ~Encourages Communication ~Increases Awareness ~Enhances Creativity ~Calms Aggression & Rage ~Provides Restful Sleep ~Anti-Anxiety ~Releases Unhealthy Attachments And Habits ~Provides Peace ~Reduces Stress & Depression ~Increases Ambition ~Helps With Focus ~Decreases Insomnia ~Slows An Overactive Mind ~Increases Memory ~Teaches Patience ~Facilitates Self-Awareness ~Aids In Meditation ~Helps One Release Toxic Attachments ~Helps With Memory ~Helps One Access Past Lives ~Links You To Higher Realms Jade: Jade is associated with: ~Attracts Wealth & Prosperity ~Brings An Abundance Of Blessings Your Way ~Incredibly Healing ~Harmonizes The Energy Of Everyone In The Room ~Very Lucky Stone ~Increases Well-being ~Connects You To Grounding Earth Energy ~Helps You Overcome Fears ~Strengthens Relationships ~Guards Against Misfortune ~Provides Protection ~Calms The Mind & Nervous System ~Helps With Goal Achievement ~Encourages A Positive Attitude ~Helps One Accept Oneself ~Helps With Dream Interpretation Kunzite: Kunzite is associated with: ~Provides Excellent Emotional Healing ~Inspires Self Love ~Heals A Broken Heart ~Gets You Through Grief ~Allows You To Safety Process Trauma ~Inspires Unconditional Love ~Attracts Romance ~Heals Relationships ~Allows You To Open Up To Love Without Fear ~Incredibly Comforting ~Clears Away Depression & Sadness ~Encourages Loving Communication ~Inspires Romantic Feelings & Thoughts Labradorite: Labradorite is associated with: ~Offers Protection ~Deflects Toxic Energies and People ~Reduces Anxiety, Fear, and Stress ~Increases Intuition and Psychic Awareness ~Provides Serenity and Calming Energy ~Enhances Imagination ~Encourages Creativity ~Expands Your Awareness ~Facilitates Lucid Dreaming ~Encourages Increased Spiritual Growth ~Gives Inspiration ~Shields Your Aura ~Helps You Discover Your Destiny ~Known As The Witches Stone ~Use in Divination ~Awakens Your Magickal Abilities ~Stimulates Synchronicity ~Helps You Develop Ideas ~Encourages Spirit Work ~Stone of Transformation ~Increases Manifestation Lepidolite: Lepidolite is associated with: ~Anti-Anxiety ~Stress Relief ~Heals the Heart ~Neutralizes Emotional Pain ~Stone of Acceptance ~Stone of Transformation ~Helps Change Negative Psychological Patterns ~Deep Emotional Healing ~Dissipates Negativity ~Brings Forth Healing ~Positive Energy ~Encourages Hope ~Contains Lithium (Perfect For Those With Mood Swings and/or Bi-Polar) ~Brings About Optimism ~Increases Balance ~Incredibly Calming ~Increases Self Love ~Inner Peace ~Clears Depression ~Brings Awareness ~Connects to Divine Beings ~Boosts Trust ~Provides Tranquility Activates & Balances ALL Chakras ~Better Sleep ~Brings About A Positive Attitude Change Mahogany Obsidian: Mahogany Obsidian is associated with: ~Provides Protection ~Instills Confidence ~Gets Rid Of Energy Blocks ~Stabilizes And Strengthens The Aura ~Incredibly Grounding ~Clears Away Negative Energy ~Calms And Balances Emotions ~Harmonizes Your Vibrations ~Protects From Psychic Vampires ~Connects To The Root Chakra ~Enhances Creativity ~Helps One To Recognize Opportunities To Bring Wealth & Abundance ~Encourages Transformation ~Connects You With Your Higher Self ~Encourages Growth ~Releases Self Imposed Limitations Malachite: Malachite is associated with: ~Helps One Grow Emotionally, Spiritually & Mentally ~Helps One Gain Strength After An Illness ~Gives Motherly Love ~Attracts Wealth And Prosperity ~Boosts Confidence ~Inspires Compassion And Empathy ~Promotes Kindness ~Increases Self Love ~Provides Protection From Negativity ~Increases Senses Alerting One Of Danger ~Opens The Heart To Unconditional Love ~Provides Emotional Balance ~Stone Of Transformation ~Encourages Safe Risk Taking ~Increases Determination & Motivation Moldavite: Moldavite is associated with: ~Incredibly Powerful Vibration ~Can Shake Things Up To Benefit You In The Long Run ~Very Rare Cosmic Glass ~Forces You To Deal With Hidden Emotions & Trauma ~Connects You To Outside Realms ~Promotes Powerful Transformation ~Allows For Communication With Inter-dimensional Beings ~Highly Protective ~Encourages Personal, Spiritual, And Mental Growth ~Brings New Awareness To Oneself ~Incredibly Healing ~Accelerates Personal Evolution ~Helps You Fulfill Your Destiny Mookaite: Mookaite is associated with: ~Very Grounding ~Provides Protection ~Connects To Earth Energy ~Increased Intuition ~Increases Feelings Of Stability ~Helps Release Bad Habits & Patterns ~Promotes Healing ~Facilitates Long Term Health ~Aids In Decision Making ~Helps Break Generational Curses ~Slows Down Aging ~Crystal For Youthful Beauty ~Encourages Healthy Baby During Pregnancy ~Encourages Open mindedness ~Helps You Choose The Right Path ~Increases Self Esteem ~Motivating Moonstone: Moonstone is associated with: ~Enhances Patience ~Balances Reproductive System ~Balances Emotions ~Encourages New Beginnings ~Attracts Good Fortune ~Inspires Hope ~Increases Love ~Attracts Abundance ~Brings Forth Divine Inspiration ~Encourages Growth ~Increases Confidence ~Encourages You To See New Opportunities ~Stimulates Psychic Powers ~Increases Inspiration ~Sharpens Intuition ~Gets Rid Of Nightmares And Insomnia ~Clears Fog From The Mind ~Connects You To The Goddess Opal: Opal is associated with: ~Said To Gift You With Prophetic Abilities ~Protects Against The Evil Eye & Jealousy ~Increases Love ~Attracts Romance ~Encourages Hope ~Draws In Abundance & Wealth ~Increases Self Confidence ~Clears And Balances All Chakras ~Enhances Creativity ~Connects You To The Energy Of The Cosmos ~Encourages Freedom And Independence ~Encourages Loyalty ~Strengthens Memory ~Releases Inhibitions ~Increases Gratitude ~Inspires Passion and Sensuality ~Encourages Fidelity ~Improves Communication ~Reduces Insomnia and encourages sleep ~Encourages Happiness and Optimism Opalite: Opalite is associated with: ~Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance ~Helps With Meditation ~Inspires Confidence ~Emotional Stability ~Business Success ~Increased Self-Worth ~Brings About Love ~Strengthens Psychic Abilities ~Inspires Positive Change ~Instills Hope ~Facilitates Better Communication ~Stone of Personal Power ~Helps With Dream Work ~Is an Aura Cleanser ~Encourages Courage ~Eases Transitions ~Provides Serenity and Peace ~Aids in Vision Work ~Manifestation Pietersite: Pietersite is associated with: ~Strengthens Your Personal Power ~Increases Clairvoyance ~Increases Intuition ~Rare Stone Only Found In One Location ~Assists In Transformation ~Incredibly High Vibrations ~Helps With Past Life Healing ~Enhances Creativity ~Increases Victory ~Helps You Persevere ~Very Empowering ~Increases Manifestation ~Known As The Tempest Stone ~Purifies The Aura ~Enhances Motivation ~Helps One Reach Goals ~Helps You Achieve Your Destiny ~Very High Energy Stone ~Connects You To Divine Guides ~Opens You To Other Realms ~Brings Deep Spiritual Awareness Prehnite: Prehnite is associated with: ~Stone of Prophecy ~Provides Inner Peace ~Encourages Lucid Dreaming ~Gets Rid Of Narcissism ~Provides Unconditional Love ~Inspires Wisdom ~Increases Energy ~Quite Protective ~Enhances Visualization & Psychic Gifts ~Induces Deep Meditation ~Provides Positive Confidence ~Calms The Mind And Anxiety ~Increases Spiritual Connections ~Simulates Prophetic Abilities ~Heals The Healer ~Helps Empaths Recharge ~Sharpens Instincts ~Raises Vibrations ~Increases Joy & Happiness Red Jasper: Red Jasper is associated with: ~Incredibly Grounding ~Provides Protection ~Helps You Feel Secure ~Brings Serenity and Balance ~Helps You Receive Justice ~Stabilizes Moods ~Encourages Confidence ~Increased Energy ~Encourages Goal Completion ~Provides an Emotional Release ~Encourages Quick Thinking ~Releases Shame Tied With Sex ~Stimulates The Imagination ~Stone of Endurance ~Balances The Libido ~Known as The Supreme Nurturer Rhodonite: Rhodonite is associated with: ~Encourages Self Love ~Promotes Romantic Love ~Confidence ~Controls Temper and Calms Anger ~Balances Emotions ~Encourages Forgiveness and Empathy ~Heals a Broken Heart ~Allows us to Approach the Situation With Compassion ~Clears Away Emotional Trauma ~Very Emotionally Grounding ~Encourages Healthy Attachments and Relationships ~Alleviates Confusion ~Assists in Discovering Your Purpose ~Brings Light & Joyful Energy ~Dissolves Resentment & Bitterness ~Takes Away Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness ~Promotes Friendship ~Clears Muddy Emotions ~Know as the Singer's Stone ~Relaxes a Panic Attack Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is associated with: ~Brings an Abundance of Love ~Increases Compassion and Empathy ~Heals Heartbreak ~Instills Trust and Fidelity ~Encourages Friendship ~Dissolves Past Trauma (Especially Related to Love) ~Increases Self-Worth ~Brings About Forgiveness and Understanding ~Helps You Find Your True Love ~Encourages Self-Love ~Restores Harmony ~Helps Alleviate Depression and Anxiety ~Promotes Unconditional Love ~Facilitates Romance ~Releases Anger, Resentment, and Jealousy ~Enhances Inner Peace and Serenity ~Brings a Gentle Energy Into The Room ~Helps You Overcome Doubts ~Dissolves Isolation ~Prevents Nightmares ~Enhances Creativity ~Brings in Feminine Energy ~Increases Fertility Sapphire: Sapphire is associated with: ~Increases Fidelity ~Encourages Leadership ~Connects One To Angels ~Incredibly Calming ~Increases Mental Clarity ~Provides Psychic Protection ~Brings Prosperity & Abundance ~Increases Intuition ~Provides Joy & Happiness ~Balances Emotions ~Increases Focus ~Supports Mental Acuity ~Stone Of Nobility ~Believed To Heal All Parts Of The Body ~Decreases Psychosis ~Allows One To Detach From Toxic People, Places, & Things ~Increases Good Judgment ~Enhances Concentration ~Helps One Find Love ~Enhances Creativity Serpentine: Serpentine is associated with ~Encourages Forgiveness ~Provides Compassion & Empathy ~Supports Personal Transformation ~Kundalini Activation ~Increases Abundance In All Areas ~Incredible Stone Of Manifestation ~Increases Sexual Energy ~Balances Hormones ~Inspires Love ~Clears All Chakras ~Known To Bring Prosperity ~Is A Deep Emotional Healer ~Encourages Intimacy ~Calms Nerves~Increases Psychic Abilities Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is associated with: ~Clears Negative Energy ~Incredibly Grounding ~Stone Of Transformation ~Increases Relaxation ~Reduces Stress And Anxiety ~Relieves Exhaustion ~Alleviates Fears And Worries ~Encourages Emotionally Healthy Behaviors ~Gets Rid Of Depression ~Shields Aura In Protective Energy ~Encourages Growth ~Provides Pain Relief ~Encourages A Kundalini Shift ~Use To Cleanse Energy In The Room Before Energy Or Spell Work Sodalite: Sodalite is associated with: ~Connects You to Your Angels ~Influences Logic and Rational Thinking ~Provides Willpower ~Enhances Motivation ~Encourages You to be True to Yourself ~Increases Intuition ~Provides Calm During Times of Stress or Chaos ~Boosts Communication ~Alleviates Anxiety & Depression ~Encourages Trust ~Balances Out Energy ~Increases Metabolism ~Helps to Cure Insomnia ~Enhances Creativity ~Boosts Intelligence ~Releases Anger and Frustration ~Stone of Self Expression Tigers Eye: Tigers Eye is associated with: ~Stone of Luck & Good Fortune ~Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance ~Very Grounding ~Provides Excellent Protection Power ~Increases Strength ~Improves Your Ability to Assert Yourself ~Strengthens Willpower ~Provides Balance ~Encourages Confidence ~Known to Help With Self-Discipline ~Helps With Goal Achievement ~Provides Vitality ~Endurance ~Increases Focus ~Lifts Mood ~Brings Joy & Happiness ~Helps You See Things Clearly ~Releases Pent Up Tension ~Helps With Mental Clarity Turquoise: Turquoise is associated with: ~Offers A Path To Enlightenment ~Encourages Self Acceptance ~Considered A Master Healer ~Known To Be The Bridge Between Heaven & Earth ~A Good Luck Charm ~Very Protective ~Blocks Against Negative Outside Influences ~Helps One Realize Their Destiny ~Encourages You To Follow Your Path ~Brings Empathy And Compassion ~Increases Sensitivity ~Enhances Communication ~Boosts Psychic Powers ~Balances Emotions ~Opens The Heart For Love ~Provides Mental Clarity ~Inspires Wisdom Unakite: Unakite is associated with: ~Useful For Scrying ~Incredibly Grounding ~Facilitates Rebirth ~Increases Fertility ~Provides Stress Relief ~Deepens Psychic Powers ~Discourages Negative Behaviors ~Releases Harmful Emotions ~Increases Mindfulness ~Provides Compassion & Empathy ~Encourages Healthy Habits ~Decreases Addictive Behaviors ~Increases Peaceful Sleep ~Encourages Perseverance ~For Love & Friendship ~Encourages Gratitude ~Increases Patience ~Removes Toxic Emotional Attachments Yellow Calcite: Yellow Calcite is associated with: ~Cannot Hold Negativity, Transmutes Only Positive Energy ~Happiness and Pure Joy ~Acts as a Guide ~Encourages Responsibility ~Grounding ~Inspires Motivation & Determination ~Releases Bad Habits ~Reduces Anxiety ~Reduces Depression ~Mental Clarity ~Eliminates Procrastination ~Brings an Abundance of Energy ~Facilitates Good Luck ~Inspires Confidence ~Brings Hope ~Connects You to Divine Realms ~Amplifying Stone ~Great Stone to Eliminate Anger and Rage ~Fosters Personal Growth Yellow Jasper: Yellow Jasper is associated with: ~Provides Protection ~Encourages Discernment ~Increases Motivation ~ Amplifies Self-Confidence ~Deflects Jealousy ~Builds Enthusiasm ~Increases Happiness ~Channels Positive Energy ~Increases Popularity ~Perfect To Use While Networking ~A Stone Of Intellect ~Encourages Higher Learning ~Enhances Self Discipline ~Boosts Energy ~Provides Emotional Support ~Anti-Anxiety~Encourages Perseverance ~A Great Stone To Use While Fasting ~Incredibly Grounding ~Provides Emotional Clarity ~Encourages Tenacity and Perseverance

  • Positive Quote Dump To Speed Up Manifestations!

    Here is a collection of quotes, feel good messages, and law of attraction tips that will help you speed up manifestation. Screen shot them, attach the to vision boards, or write them down in your manifestation journals and read them daily to help get your vibration set for manifestation. Enjoy!

  • Virgo Full Moon Spell.

    Virgo Full Moon Spell. To be done on the night of March 7th 2023. Gather: White Candle Paper Pen/Pencil Charm or Crystal (Optional) Spell Below In a quiet space, write down what goals you'd like to achieve over the next season. Write anything and everything out, all your dreams and wishes are valid. Put your candle in front of your list and light it. Take a moment to really feel your list coming to life for you. Envision yourself achieving your goals and feel the feelings of accomplishment now. After you're done reflecting on your list, read this spell out loud while holding your charm or crystal in your hand and allowing the spell to energetically penetrate the object: “I call on the energy of Virgo. Help me to focus on my dreams and goals with clarity and purpose. Let my motivation be strong, letting go of any fear or doubt that holds me back from achieving success. Let me have the courage to take action and trust in myself that I can accomplish what I set out to do. Give me strength and confidence as I put one foot in front of the other, making small steps towards great life changes. Guide me forward with determination and tenacity, allowing me to reach my highest potential. So mote it be!” Once you're done with your spell you can sit and meditate as long as you want to and then blow out your candle. Put your list somewhere where you'll see it and focus on it daily. Go over it as soon as you wake up and before bed each day. If you created a talisman with a charm or crystal, keep it on or around you and spend time working with it (meditate with it and envision your goals manifesting for you) daily or at least several times a week. You can recite the spell above as any times as you'd like or daily if you feel comfortable doing so. Enjoy the power of manifestation and crush those goals! Light & Love, Audra

  • This full Moon in Virgo - A Cosmic Invitation

    This Full Moon in Virgo is a divine time to reflect on the power you have to shape your destiny. As the full Moon glows in Virgo, an invitation is offered to us: journey within and explore what untapped wisdom lies hidden beneath our striving for perfection. Shed light on these shadows of self-doubt and uncertainty - may we embrace ourselves with love just as we are. March 7, 2023 presents a transformative night of celestial insight. As Virgo and the full Moon meet in an auspicious union, we are presented with a potent moment to open our hearts and accept that mistakes are part of life! We can unlock ourselves from paralyzing anxieties caused by false beliefs about worthiness or unreadiness. It's time for us to take one giant leap beyond fear into radiant faithfulness! Let the ethereal light of this Virgo full Moon awaken your potential for greatness--unlocking dreams, sharing gifts and igniting brilliance! The Secret of Our Shadow Self is Illuminated by the Full Moon As the full Moon illuminates our inner realms, we seek to understand and own our shadows - a mysterious and powerful trove of hidden emotion just waiting for us to unlock its secrets. In our formative childhood, powerful emotions pooled in the depths of our being; unacknowledged and untouched by supportive hands. As we denied ourselves a safe space to express these feelings authentically, they became part of an unconscious realm - forever influencing us from beneath the surface. During this Virgo full Moon, we are granted a chance to reflect on our inner-most blocks and recognize what has been holding us back from living out our ambitions. This sacred lunar event serves as an opportunity for unveiling - allowing us to peek into the depths of ourselves that remain unexposed in everyday life. It is then up to each of us how we choose use this wisdom bestowed upon us. Our shadow is a vessel, full of feelings we often neglect to confront. We stow away difficult emotions such as pain or shame in an effort to fit into society's expectations and our ignored sentiments take form during the darkest hours - forever dancing in the shadows with us. Our shadow exists like a mysterious force, weaving through our subconscious to eventually shape the person we become. We may overlook or even deny its influence but it forever lingers - seeking recognition as it works tirelessy towards actively blocking us from attaining greatness until acknowledging and embracing this part of ourselves allows for inevitable transformation. The mysterious darkness that lies within us is part of the human journey, and we should not be ashamed to embrace it. With understanding comes acceptance - a key tool in getting comfortable with our shadows especially under the light of a full Moon which brings out unknown aspects that are integral components of who we are. Our shadows have the power to tug on our heartstrings making us vulnerable. They influence who we are as individuals. They prod us into corners of insecurity, encourage us say things or do things that hurt others, and act out in ways we did not know possible. These hidden pockets of ourselves can be difficult to understand yet remain vital pieces for truly knowing oneself. Our shadows often create barriers between us and our true potential. While these restrictions may appear reassuring, they can also be a gateway to greater self-discovery if we observe how negative responses manifest in ourselves - allowing our shadow to become an invaluable teacher of the soul. Shadow work grants us the power to mend our wounds, and through it we access an inner strength that allows for full acceptance of all things. By diving deep within ourselves, we embark on a journey of healing from which there is no return - one in which both emotion and energy are used as tools to create unity with every part of who we are. As we traverse through all twelve signs of the zodiac and their Moons, it unlocks hidden mysteries from deep within us; eventually embracing them with open arms. Bit by bit, we can slowly unravel the mysteries of existence and cultivate a greater understanding. Each full Moon offers the chance to explore our subconscious, where past traumas and life experiences have been hidden away. By connecting with this dark side of ourselves we can learn valuable lessons that allow us to ascend and reach a higher state through understanding, acceptance, release - ultimately leading towards self-forgiveness. Use the Full Moon in Virgo to let go of Perfectionism The graceful power of the Goddess is embodied in Virgo, leading us to discover a hidden talent within ourselves. We must find an inner confidence and strength so we can share our gifts with the world fearlessly — anyone who takes this bold step will be embraced by its loving embrace. Virgo is a reminder that we have the innate power to heal and elevate both ourselves and the world around us. Through its energy, it gives us self-confidence in our abilities; showing us that no matter what situation or level of knowledge you find yourself at - you are always worthy and capable of making an impactful contribution to this collective journey towards growth. As this full Moon illuminates the night sky, contemplate what you have to offer the world. Delve deep into yourself and explore how we are all interconnected - allow that knowledge to shape your definition of service. Perhaps something has been tugging at your heartstrings but hesitation is blocking it? Let courage drive away any obstruction, revealing a higher offering within. This full Moon in Virgo invites us to explore our inner being and discover the vast potential we have stored within. Dive deep into your soul, past any feelings of unworthiness that may arise--for it is only there you will find out what gifts await the world from your heart. Release yourself from whatever holds you back. Our potential is often kept under lock and key, sealed away from the public eye by misguided perfectionism or apprehension. We are all powerful beings capable of great strength but too easily constrained by our own doubts; it’s time to unlock greatness hidden within so that we may share with others what only we can offer – a gift made possible through overcoming self-doubt. This full Moon unlocks a gateway of powerful potential - it is your invitation to step beyond the confines of lack and discover an unimaginable abundance. Release yourself from any constraining sense of scarcity that has held you back. When we tap into the power of abundance, instead of limitation, our potential to give is revealed. By removing feelings that tell us 'we are not enough', and replacing them with positive affirmation about who we truly are - a wellspring of value - suddenly more opportunities for growth become accessible. During this full moon, take a moment to reflect on how you can use mistakes as pathways of growth. Mistakes are just reminders that we're all human, so celebrate each lesson they bring. Mistakes provide eye-opening insight into undiscovered territories — like a celestial light guiding you down uncharted paths and unveiling untapped facets within ourselves. They remind us that slip-ups are simply part of what makes life so precious and worth living. Our missteps can be a pathway to each other, allowing us the opportunity to share our turbulent roads and recognize commonalities in one another. They become more than just flaws; rather they gift us with strength that we pass onto others as guidance for their own journey ahead. This full Moon in Virgo invites us to shed our striving for perfection and embrace mistakes as opportunities. It is a primordial chance to learn from our experiences and transform them into wisdom that will guide us along this journey of growth. The Interplay Between the Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces Mystical energies align in the night sky as Virgo and Pisces shine through the symbolic power of the Moon and Sun. With this celestial duo creating an energy spectrum, all manner of wonders may be revealed beneath its mystical light. At both points of the spectrum, there stand their extremities; the lights and shadows. Yet at its center lies a brilliant union between them - where all energies intertwine to emit their highest harmonies. Through mindful dedication we can realize our shift from lower vibrations into higher ones - allowing us to embrace this divine equilibrium within ourselves. Between Pisces and Virgo lies a great divide of contrasts: one, fluid and mystical; the other, organized and practical. Representing two different planes of existence - with worldy ties to nature on one side, and cosmic interconnections beyond it on the other - this dichotomy is an eternal reminder that balance can be found in duality. Pisces pushes us to recall that we are all integral pieces of the Universe, and Virgo encourages us to use our God-given power through intention and order. As sisters from two different zodiacs, they join forces in teaching a powerful lesson: honoring both your spiritual unity with the infinite world around you as well as deliberate choices within mundane constraints can bring one closer to their true self. Pisces reminds us of the power in relinquishing control and embracing each moment. By tuning into our interior world, we can learn to trust what lies ahead; even on a path unknown. This sign beckons us to accept uncertainty with grace, allowing life to journey as it should - without resistance or judgement. Virgo gifts us with the wisdom to create boundaries between ourselves and others, while also guiding us to trust in the Universe's timing. They remind us that we are capable of making demands when necessary - after all, reasonable expectations can spur positive action without being too overbearing on fate. With this delicate balance comes an understanding: if our dreams don't manifest within a certain timeline or as expected, it may be nature's way of presenting opportunities for redirection. Under the guidance of this full Moon, Pisces and Virgo's celestial energies come together to reveal our innermost shadows. The power of astrology unveils how suppressed emotions can lead to a lack of boundaries between us and others - untethered from reality we become consumed with emotive chaos that blurs the lines between ourselves and everyone else. The murky depths of Piscean escapism, addiction, and codependency come to light; a result from several emotional cords that bind us with those around us. We are left struggling in an overwhelmed state; unable decipher which feelings truly belong to us. Seeking solace in behaviors that numb us from the pain, we can easily escape into activities such as unconscious eating, binging TV shows and drug/alcohol use. As our emotions continue to be ignored they grow more powerful - until soon enough reality has become an unescapable fog of anguish. On the other side of numbing yourself to the pain is getting trapped in empathy. Empathy can be a beautiful yet dangerous thing - an ocean of feelings that Pisces know intimately. To get lost in it means to lose one's self, their identity engulfed by the tumultuous emotions of another. Shining light upon our innermost shadows will enable us to create healthy boundaries between our emotions and those of other people. If you are noticing any of these behaviors or patterns in yourself, take this time to explore the depths of yourself and discover what needs transformation. Ask how setting healthy boundaries can help guide you towards manifesting hidden aspirations. In order to have emotionally healthy responses, be mindful in distinguishing between feelings that are yours and those which belong to others – implementing boundaries where necessary will help you realize your dreams. Virgo’s shadow side can be a cage, limiting our ability to grow and explore. Perfectionism may pretend to protect us from failure but really holds us back in fear of the unknown – stopping us from asking for help or trying something new. It encourages over-attachment and inflexibility, trapping us within its rigid walls instead of allowing ourselves space for experimentation and learning without judgement. When we break through this false security barrier it is only then that real progress begins - don't let your fears decide what's meant for you. Amidst this frenetic energy, we often forget to take time for ourselves and can become overwhelmed by the needlessly anxious fretting of our daily 'shoulds.' We remain locked in a cycle where our worries about not having enough time block us from experiencing it fully. The low side of Virgo makes us doubt and question the legitimacy of our successes. We may feel as though we don't deserve recognition for what we've accomplished, or brush off compliments that come too easily. This can create a wall between ourselves and others who would like nothing more than to celebrate with us - leaving our wins unrecognized both by ourselves and those around us. But this is an opportunity for growth; it's time shake free from feelings of unworthiness so our true selves have space enough in which they are celebrated. The Virgo Full Moon illuminates the darkest corners of our psyche with its shimmering light, urging us to embrace and accept ourselves for who we are. This is not a time for comparison or self-doubt—it's an opportunity to reclaim your innate gifts and recognize their worth. Take this lunar cycle as your chance to receive compliments from others without feeling undeserving; remember that you have been granted all that it takes in order fulfill your life’s purpose at every step along the way. By allowing the energy of Pisces and Virgo to flow into your consciousness, you invite a higher level of awareness within yourself. This opens up infinite possibilities for inner growth in regards to acceptance and love; so much more than what lies on the surface. We are all gifts from this vast Universe- integral pieces meant solely for our unique contributions. Align yourself with Pisces and Virgo to discover your special gifts, the inner light that is meant for this world. When you choose not to share it, we all suffer from its absence - so don't let doubts hinder what could be a beacon of hope in our collective journey. On this Virgo full Moon, we are invited to tap into an energetic merger of the higher vibrations brought together in Pisces and Virgo. A union that is so much more than its individual parts yet still embraces our imperfections. Embrace your unique gifts; they were chosen specifically for you before birth as part of a larger masterpiece - one that may remain distant but never forgotten by those who feel it's magic in their very being every day. When embraced with courage, your contribution will be seen as nothing less than magical - no matter how small or seemingly flawed it appears at first glance. The Virgo Full Moon Provokes Answers to Past Lessons As this full Moon in Virgo gifts you a moment of introspective reflection, delve deep into yourself to explore the lessons your mistakes have taught. Consider how they’ve nurtured and refined you as an individual. Beyond that, discover what hidden blessings may be hidden within them too. Is fear or recent stagnation preventing progress? Pause and consider if it's time to re-embrace life’s natural flow again with open arms - allowing the energy around us help guide our way forward. As you open your heart to the idea of self-worth, your fear dissipates and a world full of knowledge is released. Your wisdom has been waiting in the dark corners of hesitation for far too long - it's time now to share! You become an inspiration that sparks connection through collaboration; everyone begins sharing their unique perspectives with one another as if each was gifted from all angles on this journey called life. Our collective consciousness rises higher than ever before when we come together and give our gifts away--reminding us just how much brighter things can be when love flows freely between us all. The key to success lies in recognizing the value of your own unique gifts and allowing yourself to share them generously. Take courage, for you possess a strength that will not only benefit others but also transform your life! The full Moon in Virgo has the power to stir up old anxieties and jittery feelings. But that doesn't mean we must surrender to these familiar, yet uncomfortable sensations - meditation or breathwork can be our ally throughout this powerful cosmic event. Nurture yourself before and during this Full Moon by taking mindful moments of peace, allowing you to stay open-hearted as life’s surprises come your way. As you gaze upon the luminous Full Moon, surrender to its mystical powers and allow yourself to be guided by the Universe. Let go of your need for control and invite in new possibilities that will manifest when you trust life's flow. Recognize where flexibility can help create a better reality than if everything is tightly held - as only then may unimaginable wonders come forth! Embrace this time with open arms; accept what must stay unaltered yet welcome all else which is within reach of transformation through pure faith. With the ethereal light of Virgo's full Moon, we are beckoned to take a voyage within. What secrets await us? We may encounter doubts and insecurities along our journey; yet if we can embrace these shadows with tenderness and understanding, they just might unlock profound wisdom that resides within us all. Enjoy and embrace the wisdom you'll gain on this next full moon. Use your newfound wisdom to craft the future of your choosing. Step boldly into what lies ahead and make miracles happen! Light & Love, Audra

  • Audra's and James' New Potion Elixirs

    Our new potion elixirs are incredibly powerful as James who is a Bokor helps in the initial mixture and master spell that goes on them. We will feature over 50 new potion elixir's for you to get your hands on. The Process of making our potion elixirs: Each bottle comes from a large master potion elixir oil jar that it infused with magickal herbs, crystals, and additional talisman's and charms James has made specifically for their intention. Some of these (especially the curse, wealth and protection oils) might have snake skins or other animal parts in little mesh bags inside the oils, so I would not assume these oils are vegan. Some are, but some wont be. We cannot make a non vegan oil vegan unfortunately. Each intention has it's own large master potion elixir oil jar. James and Audra have been casting on these potion elixir oils for over a year now and during very special events including new and full moons, eclipses, lions gate, 11/11 etc. This means they've been infused with an incredible abundance of magick. When you order a potion elixir, Audra will siphon a small amount out of master jar, will add high quality fragrance oil to the mix (if you are concerned about the fragrance oil, you can ask to have your potion elixir fragrance free), and will place it in a little cup with your name and date of birth written on a paper in it. She will then do a spell to bind that oil specifically to you, ask for it to listen to your commands and to manifest the wishes you ask from it. She then bottles it for you, places a label and sends it your way. Some important rules for using your potion elixirs: Each bottle of potion elixir should last over 90 days (or at least 3 moon cycles) if you use one drop per day, but most people will want to use more than this, especially since it strengthens the spell. Try to aim to use at least 3 drops a day. You will need to focus on your intention (you can even say it out-loud) right after applying your elixir oil. You’ll want to make sure you are consistent with applying and focusing on your intention since magick is a buildup of energies. The more repetitive you are, the stronger your spell and better your results will be. If you are more consistent with not using your elixir, your results will match your effort. So, please keep that in mind. The places to apply your elixir on your body will vary per potion elixir. On wealth potion elixirs, you’ll want them on your hand (to receive), for love potion elixirs, you’ll want them on your chest (over your heart), and for banishing/break up potions, you’ll want them on your feet (to kick and stomp them out!) Please pay attention to the instructions per potion elixir as each elixir oil has its own instructions. You’ll want to make sure you find a designated time for each potion’s application. For example, if you have 5 different potions elixirs you are working with, you'll need make sure you space out the rituals throughout the day so you can dedicate your energy to each one independently. However if you are using potion elixirs with the same intention (for example, you have 2 or more for bringing you wealth) you can use those together. Just don't use a wealth and love potion together. Space them several hours or more apart so you have time to focus on your intentions for each elixir. You don’t want to start or end your day with a negative potion (like a break up potion) so try to keep those to do mid-day so you can quickly move on from them to keep your own energy positive. You don't want to give too much attention to a negative situation. If this isn’t possible or you want to make sure the negative energy does not affect you, consider buying a positive energy boost elixir to keep your energy positive after using a negative potion. Keep track of your schedule and try to stick with it as much as possible. The alarm on your phone is a great tool to keep you on your toes and consistent. Your potion elixirs should be stored in a cool dark place. They are made of pure high quality coconut oil and top quality fragrance oils (unless you requested fragrance free oils) which thankfully have a long shelf life, but you still need to protect them from the sun and heat as this can turn any oil no matter it’s quality, rancid. I do not want you using rancid oils as it is not healthy and it’s quite frankly, it is disgusting. I am a stickler for high quality oils and herbs, especially if they are going to be put on my body, so you get the benefit of getting the very best as I use my own products offered here to you, which match my own very high standards. Please make sure you are taking care of your potion elixirs to keep them usable and to respect their energy. These potion elixirs are sacred tools, and should be treated as such. Once full results are achieved, you can continue to use your potion elixirs just when and if you feel you need a booster. If it's been years and you've had consistent results, you are welcome to dispose of your potion elixirs, but do so in a way that is respectful to your potion elixir. You can pour the remaining amount into the earth and thank it for it's help and success and wrap the bottle with tissue and dispose of in a way you feel is best. You can also bury the whole bottle with potion and everything in a place where it will not be disturbed and where broken glass is unlikely to hurt anyone. I also don't mind taking care of the disposal myself for an extra fee. What ever you do, it is important that you respect the magick and the universe for this sacred magick tool.

  • Intention Soap Instructions

    You can find Audra's intention soap at her Etsy shop here: I am so excited you decided to buy one or more of my Intention Soap Bars. Here is a little info and instruction sheet I've written to make sure you get the most out of your experience with me. Each soap bar has been made with spell powders, reiki energy from specific crystals embedded in them, moon energy, and of course a spell cast on it directly from a spellcaster who's cast tens of thousands of spells in her lifetime (me, I'm that caster.) lol So these little soap bars are packed with magick for you. Directions: You will want to look up the bar you are using from the list below and wash your body with it on the day that corresponds to the soap (certain days are tied to certain intentions.) Only wash with it once a week. Each wash is equal to one cast, so you don't want to over do it. You also want to say your specific switch words (find the ones that match your intention most... stick to only one group a switch words per bar) while washing and use them as much as you can during the week to strengthen your vibration and intention. This is magick and just like any magick, results take time and will require you to keep an eye out on your energy for the best results. Please, please, please utilize our experience as witches to help you with this if you are having problems. Results will usually occur within 3 moon cycles if you are keeping your vibration matching your intention (the law of attraction will be your best friend as that philosophy is excellent for raising your vibration) but it's not uncommon for results to come a bit later if you are struggling with your energy. If you are having problems, let me know and I will help you. Please also feel free to read our blogs and FAQ page on our website as these were written to help our clients get the best results from the spells we cast. So, these pages were written for you. Our site is What are switchwords: Switchwords are the WORDS that can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. It means that words have the power to change your energy. Switchwords are powerful, uniquely chosen words that switch on your subconscious. They flip a switch in your beliefs and behaviour at a deep level so you connect with your goals and attract what you want in life. Switchwords can be traced back to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who said in 1905 that they were the bridge between the conscious and unconscious dream state. The words aren’t literal, they are counter-intuitive. They work by tricking the left, logical side of your brain and get under the radar of your conscious to get into your subconscious. These power words speak directly to our subconscious mind, helping clear blocks to success and activating our ability to manifest money, creativity, self-healing and success. Switchwords work because the subconscious mind actually directs up to 95 per cent of our actions and decisions. When you have switchwords, spellwork, and the law of attraction working together for you, you have the recipe to help you manifest anything! Filthy Rich Abundance Attracting Soap: Color: Gold with gold mica and gold flakes Gemstone: Citrine Day of the week to use this soap: Thursday Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar): Add Count Together- Increases inner power to attract money, wealth and abundance. Helps increase financial condition. Can attract clients. Bonus Clouds Count- Helps attract money needed from new avenues, especially money that is needed for something important. Increases financial miracles. Can help bring forth a promotion at work, or a raise. Bring money from unexpected sources. Golden Sunrise Count Together- This switchword phrase has a great power to improve money. It also helps to open new doors to prosperity, increase money, wealth, finance, abundance, new opportunities and cash flow. Helps to improve financial condition quickly. Also helps to open new sources of money. Thanks Give Count Divine- This switch word phrase helps to increase income and to pay off debts and loans. Helps to speed up stuck life. It takes a person to a debt free life. Used to receive abundance, money, cash and joyful life. Together Swarm Scheme- Helps to increase clients, business, money, wealth, success, and wealth. Used to achieve business goals with divine support and team spirit. Head Over Heels In Love With Me Soap: Color: Pink with pink mica Gemstone: Rose Quartz Day of the week to use this soap: Friday Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar): Archangel Chamuel- Helps in any relationship issues. Increase bond of love. Helps to reunite, forgiveness & to reconnect with the source. Heals broken relationship. Clove Chicory Chamomile- Increase your physical attraction, attract love and positivity, attract and magnetize someone who is of the opposite sex of you. Deep Embrace Love- Increase attachment, allows you to be open to receive love and unblock any areas that is restricting you from receiving love, helps you manifest your heart's desire with a master switch word. Reach Holly Love Swarm Bee- This switch word phrase used to attract a happy married life. Helps to increase the love bond between two people. Used to attract the spouse’s love. Helps to resolve conflict in a relationship. Also restore marital love from an angry partner. Rose Quartz Restore- It is a healing crystal. Stone of universal love. Helps to restores trust and harmony in relationships and encouraging unconditional love. Purifies and opens Heart chakra to attract love, self-love, romance, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Used to change an unwanted situation to previous balanced situation. Get back things to a normal functioning and condition. Used to remove unwanted feelings between people caused by mistake or with forgiveness to regain trust. Skinny B*tch Soap: Color: Blue with blue mica Gemstone: Clear Quartz Day of the week to use this soap: Sunday Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar): Suddenly Tiny Sweet Curve- Used for a slim figure or desired shape of a body. This switch word phrase works as a weight loss affirmation. Helps to lose excess fat or bulge. Work great for a woman to look gorgeous and feel beautiful. Suddenly Tiny Diminish- Helps to reduce & decrease anything e.g. body weight, body fat, size of tummy, breast, buttocks etc. Helps to reduce and release what is in excess. Help to reduce the size of body and excess fat and excess weight. I've Got All The Luck Soap: Color: Green with green mica Gemstone: Green Aventurine Day of the week to use this soap: Thursday Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar): Cheers Divine Buckthorn- Brings you luck in legal matters, helps you in court and gives you an edge in court cases. Cheers Bingo Count Chamomile- Helps you win and have luck with games of chance, lotto, bingo, the casino or even sweepstakes. Brings prosperity and wealth. Cheers Divine Alfalfa- Luck with it comes to health matters Cheers, Divine, Count, Jade- Overall good luck switch word to bring luck in love, wealth, home life, and health. Curse Reversal Protection Soap: Color: Gray with black mica Gemstone: Black Obsidian Day of the week to use this soap: Saturday Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar): Archangel Michael Shield On-Give excellent protection. Increase courage. Protection from fear, depression & negative energies, Helps to cut from unwanted peoples. Helps to increase strong protection & security. Attract Divine help in any situation. Remove evil eye too. Maa Durga Shield On- This switchword phrase is infused with the power of Goddess Durga for a strong protection, security from enemies, divine guidance and to open new ways. It helps to protect you, your family and your belongings from evil eyes, from enemies, from any mishappening and court cases. Cover Wall Watchmen- Helps to build a shield for protection. Used to release nervousness. Helps to ease society & family pressure. Helps to secure and protect from something evil or undesired forces. Helps to prevent from falling. It helps to raise the security and protection in bad situations.

  • June 2021 Cosmic Energy Report

    We have so much going on in the month of June. I thought it would be appropriate to give everyone the cosmic low down. Especially as it would not be unusual for some of you to feel as if you got caught up in a bi-polar episode with every emotion you can think of sprinkled in between. This will help you understand these intense emotions and help you use these cosmic events to your benefit. Retrograde Season We have a plethora of planetary retrogrades going on. Lets go through them and break everything down, so that you will understand what this means for you. Mercury Retrograde: Started May 29th and goes direct on June 22nd Jupiter Retrograde: Starts June 20th and goes direct on October 18th Saturn Retrograde: Started May 23rd and goes direct on October 11th Neptune Retrograde: Starts June 25th and goes direct on December 1st Pluto Retrograde: Started April 27th and goes direct on October 6th Here is what these retrograde planets are associated with: Mercury: Communication, Logic, Electronics, & Travel Jupiter: Luck, Prosperity, Career, Growth, & Philosophy Saturn: Karma, Limitations, Law, Rules, Boundaries, & Practicality Neptune: Idealism, Compassion, Dreams, Imagination, & Creativity Pluto: Our shadow self (our dark side), Transformation, Death, Unpredictability, & Power So, when a planet is going Rx (the abbreviation for being retrograde in case you ever wondered about that in any of your calendars) everything that planet is associated with, will be effected. It's not necessarily a bad thing though. There are benefits to retrogrades IF we know how to use them appropriately. Here are some things to avoid and work on while we are going through each retrograde: Mercury Retrograde: It is very common for communication to go haywire, small mistakes to occur, and most definitely misunderstandings between people. Anything connected to travel and electronics is also more likely to have issues during this time. A lot of us will notice people from our past that will pop up out of the blue since this is also a time to put things to rest that are still energetically affecting us. It is important to avoid conflict as much as possible during this time, especially between you and the people you care about since the chances for miscommunication and misunderstandings are incredibly high. It is much easier to wait for a better time to discuss something important and emotionally charged than to have to repair the damage that can occur if you have that conversation at this time. So if you can, wait. If you have to sign contracts or start new projects, go over everything with a fine tooth comb or try to put it off till after Mercury goes direct. This is a good time to do research, plan and set new goals for later on. It is also a good time to find spiritual and emotional resolution by accepting apologies you never received and clearing out all the emotional smog connected to those people that are no longer in your life. Jupiter Retrograde: Your intuition will be on point at this time so LISTEN to it! You will get into trouble if you ignore what your gut is telling you during a Jupiter retrograde. This is a good time to stop and listen to what you are feeling about a person or a situation. Our instincts are ignored constantly and we are not taught how to listen to our inner voice. This gives you the opportunity to slow down and use another one of your very necessary senses to guide you. Jupiter is also connected to luck. When you are given an opportunity, make sure you take that leap! Do not settle for less than you deserve, especially when it comes to your career or relationships. Luck is on your side so make sure you are using your gut instincts and only accept what you know you deserve. You will notice more abundance and financial windfalls during a Jupiter retrograde BUT don't let that make you careless with money or overindulge. Make sure you are putting some of that aside for a rainy day while still appreciating and enjoying the extra luck that comes from a Jupiter retrograde. It is also important not to start any new projects since this is a period of re-evaluation. We are told to look at what we are currently doing and take inventory of ourselves. This is a magical time of growth, renewal, and luck so use this time to thrive and enjoy what you have in your life right now since it will help propel you forward once it is time to start those new projects. This is a very lucky retrograde (thank goodness!) so use it as your consolation prize to having to put up with the others. Saturn Retrograde: It is time for a major re-evaluation of your priorities, relationships, and commitments. You are who you spend your time around. It is time to make sure you clear out anyone who is a waste of your time and energy. Friend lists online should be evaluated and cleared out. Anyone who is sucking your energy away from you needs to be let go of, or at the very least, put on a shelf with healthy boundaries you've set. This is not a time for conflict, but a time for you to redesign who YOU want to be. It is a time to really focus on not taking the relationships you appreciate for granted and instead strengthening those bonds with your loved ones. You may also find people need to take some space away from you. Obey and respect those boundaries while you take that time apart to work on yourself without resentment or grief. Those who are meant to be with you, will be. So keep up that faith while being productive. Since Saturn rules karma, make sure you are on your best behavior and follow the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is a good philosophy for how you conduct your life in general, but right now it is especially important. We can all work on ourselves to be better people, so this is a great moment to really spend time on focusing on what we need to do to fix our own moral defects. Neptune Retrograde: Just like with the Jupiter retrograde, a Neptune retrograde enhances your intuition. So you will be getting a double dose of your instincts being on point, which is awesome. Use this time wisely and listen to what your gut instinct tells you. Neptune also rules your dreams. You are more likely to get inspiration and messages from the outer world while day dreaming or sleeping. Keep a notebook on you to write down any thoughts of inspiration you get and keep a dream journal by your bed to write down what your dreams are telling you. The messages you will receive at this time will be very important to your goals, dreams and success later on. You'll regret not writing them down to interpret later on. Your emotions will be heightened at this time, so make sure you embrace them. For some of us (most of us!) it is common to use substance to numb high emotions since society hasn't taught or allowed us to embrace them. When you have these intense emotions, use this time to learn to embrace them and instead of numbing them. I recommend using the help of a friend or therapist to inspire an emotional breakthrough. It is the time to talk about your feelings and to get used to embracing them. Pluto Retrograde: Pluto is the planet that deals with subjects that are a little “taboo” in our current culture. We are called to take a deep look at our subconscious, our psyche, and transformation. Shadow work is very important and necessary at this time. Pluto likes to destroy anything that is not authentic. Right now, we will be dealing with some very important and possibly difficult truths about ourselves. We have a lot of energy work we will be called to do. Own up to the deepest and darkest parts of yourself and own the bits of you that you tend to hide. This is a moment to be empowered and to accept your truths. You are looking for a spiritual evolution and until you see and accept the parts of yourself you're not proud of, you wont be able to change and grow from them. Make sure you are patient with yourself because real change takes time. This is the moment to evaluate and get to know yourself before you can implement those changes. First Eclipses of 2021 We already saw a lunar eclipse take place last month during the super moon, but this month we actually get a solar eclipse on the new moon. Anytime we get a lunar eclipse on the full moon, we will get a solar eclipse on following new moon. We will get 4 eclipses this year, with the other two happening in November and December. June 10th we will have the first solar eclipse of the year and this one happens to be an annulus eclipse. It is also known as “the ring of fire” since the outer rim of the sun is not fully obstructed from view. So it is technically a partial eclipse, but a lot more dramatic than your typical partial eclipse. This solar eclipse and new moon is happening in Gemini (which of course is going on during the Mercury retrograde... Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini) so be prepared for even more emotions and anxiety coming your way! This opens up a new eclipse portal that will be open to us through 2022. Our creative energy will be on FIRE (kind of mimicking the energy from the ring of fire) so we will be able to use our heightened creativity and emotions to create the most amazing works of art, books, poetry, songs and anything else that requires this special energy and talent. This whole year will allow those creative juices to flow, so please use it to channel your feelings into new projects. The biggest shifts might come in our relationships, for better or for worse. So again, keep a close eye on conversations and misunderstandings between you and people you truly care about and allow yourself to be open minded to new friendships and partnerships that pop up. There might be a new person coming into your life you might have not expected and this partnership could be very rewarding. Look forward to the possibilities and new beginnings a new moon brings into our lives. This is a time to really focus on being grounded. With so many emotionally charged feelings popping up, it is a good idea to have a game plan to help with that anxiety and unfocused thoughts that can occur at this time. Meditation, soaking in the tub with some bath salts, sage smoking, walking outside barefoot, and using brown, black, and gray crystals can help ground us. So take some time to build a little grounding kit to use when you are feeling you need to come down to Earth and focus your energy on the here and now once again. A solar eclipse symbolizes exponential growth and rapid change. A new moon symbolizes new beginnings, realignment, and rebirth. You are being given an opportunity to manifest goals that hit right to the heart of what you want to manifest for your happiness and soul purpose. Take some time before the actual eclipse and try to figure out what these things are for you. What would make your soul satisfied in this life? What would make you happy or happier? What is your purpose for being put on this planet at this time? It is the perfect time to re-evaluate all of these questions and then to use the solar eclipse and new moon to speak to the universe for help and guidance to achieve these dreams. Since the Moon will conjunct (combines energy with) Mercury, this also tells us we are a lot more likely to emotionally feel bonded to the relationships and people important to us at this time. You'll also be able to start a good emotional foundation with any new people coming into your life right now as well. Feelings can be more easily shared, but still make sure you keep in mind we are going through the heart of a Mercury retrograde, so we still want to make sure we are open with our feelings yet mindful of possible misunderstandings. Portals Opening in June We already talked about the eclipse portal that will open up on the 10th, but we have several new energy portals that will usher in new energy and change for us. Here are those important dates and what they mean: June 10th - Solar Eclipse Portal: This new creative energy will be with us through 2022 and will give us the ability to channel all these emotions and energy into new businesses, new projects, new art, and new ideas. For as much stress and energy we've all collectively gone through over the last year and a half, this is the perfect portal to open up to us because we are all hoarding all these emotions and this creative energy gives us something productive and beautiful to use them on. June 11th- Heart Chakra Portal: The chakra connected to love opens, bringing healing and peace to us in our relationships (romantic, family, and friendships). It will also help those of us still looking for our soul mate or twin flame, be a lot more likely to connect with them at this time. This also gives us an open mind and empathy to allow new people to come into our lives and healing to take place over the heartbreak and losses we've experienced over the past year. Our soul is being renewed and cleared of emotional smog. June 16th – Ascension Completion Portal: At the beginning of the Scorpio super full moon (April's full moon) a lot of us started to go through a huge energy shift. This caused us to go through high emotions, anxiety and an overall feeling we needed to make changes in our life, because we were uncomfortable with the status-quo. If you were one of these people, this energy shift occurring at the end of April will sound familiar to you. This energy portal will be affecting you the most. You will finally start to feel more grounded with more clarification surrounding your feelings as new doors open for you. This completes the ascension cycle that was also started in 2012. This is a very important portal to many of us that have had a hard decade. This is a time to reflect back on and to appreciate the lessons we've learned over the last 10 years or so. June 20th- Soul Blue Print Portal: New blue prints will be downloaded cosmically to activate many new soul missions. If you have been feeling like you've lost direction with what you want in your life and are not satisfied with your current line of work or soul mission, you are one of those souls that has been called from the universe to be designated with a new soul mission for healing and protecting this world and all the inhabitants in it. So this is a beautiful calling. Listen closely to what you're being inspired to do and make sure you draw up a plan to implement it so that you can take action when you're called to do this amazing soul work. June 26th- Eclipse Alignment Portal: This is when the eclipse energy finally settles down so that the changes they inspired can start to affect us on a huge level. We are being realigned at a pace that we are not used to so it can cause some high emotions (especially since the June full moon is a couple days prior to this portal opening.) Allow yourself to surrender into it. Just like when you go to a chiropractor to be re-aligned, you have to relax and melt into the adjustments because being tense and fighting it can actually cause more damage and prevent you from healing. So look at this adjustment in the same type of light. It might be uncomfortable, but it is for your healing and for the healing of the entire collective consciousness of our society. June 28th- Abundance Portal: It is like with the Jupiter retrograde. We are getting a consolation prize for going through so many emotions and soul changes with a grand prize of luck and abundance. This is one of those very exciting portals that open us up to intense manifestation when it comes to abundance in all forms, but especially financial windfalls. So use this moment to ask the universe for everything you feel you need in order to feel totally and completely abundant in your life. Think of the universe as a catalog operator and call in your order. In conclusion June is a month that carries incredible energy with it and with that incredible energy comes incredible opportunities. This is a good time to get familiar with all retrogrades (not just the dreaded Mercury retrograde) and energy portals. Many of us are influenced by this energy on a daily basis. The more you learn what is going on, the more you can use it to your advantage and design the life you want instead of just being a victim to circumstances. As you can see, not all retrogrades are a bad thing, and you actually benefit quite a bit from the changes they bring with them. So, take this time to really focus on giving yourself a little extra TLC. Stay grounded when you need it. Focus on what your gut instincts are telling you. Have an open mind when dealing new people and ideas. And of course, use that excess creative energy to make something beautiful that really speaks to who you are, because the world needs more of you and the beauty you can give us. You were put here at this time for a reason, so you are meant to use your energy to shine! Please feel free to get in touch with me at anytime if you have any questions about what is going on and how it affects you, especially if you're confused on what to do with all of this information but want to use this time wisely. I do coaching consultations which will help you go over your life path and spiritual goals. If you really want to get into this in depth, we can set something up so we can use this information to benefit you immensely. Light & Love, Audra

  • Nine Types of Negativity that will Stop Manifestation in it's Tracks!

    Through habit, many of us are guilty of several if not all of these nine types of negativity. Unfortunately, if we do not recognize, stop, and reverse these negative habits, we will halt our progress and delay or even stop our goals and dreams from manifesting entirely. Go through this list, print it, and make a commitment to yourself to make new and healthier habits. Jealousy It is amazing how many people get inebriated with the green eyed monster. What you may not realize is that the more attention you give to people you are jealous of, even if that attention is negative, the more they will continue to have what you want and the more you will block that exact person, thing, or desire from coming your way. Your energy stops going to you, and so manifestation naturally can't come your way. You will miss opportunities and will stall progress entirely if you look at other people and feel jealously. If you can't be happy that someone has or is something that you want, you need to completely put them out of your mind. Judging Others Jealousy and judgment definitely are two covers of the same book! One habit is usually followed closely by the other. Judgment is something I see a lot on social media which is why I'm not a fan and try to stay off facebook and instagram for the most part. A lot of people take it upon themselves these days to be a critic. Many enjoy fighting and arguing with other people online because their own insecurities and doing what I like to call “righteous bullying” which is bullying someone else and talking down to them about something socially or politically correct to make yourself feel morally superior. If you are feeling secure in yourself, you will not need to participate in drama or cast judgment on other people. Even if you are not one to judge people outright, your circle of friends and family if judgmental, can cast their negativity onto you if you read or hear judgmental comments. This will change your vibration, change your energy, and slow down your manifestation. You need to make it a mission to look at other people (friends and strangers) on a daily basis with kindness, compassion, and happiness. Stay away from saying (and thinking) things that are judgmental of other people and try instead to lift other people up. You might need to clean house a bit on your social media accounts to ensure you don't get swept up in online drama. This can be as simple as unfollowing people, news organizations, and groups who are out of harmony with your goals. Perfectionism You will never be satisfied with your results if you are not satisfied until perfection is achieved. The Universe needs positive feedback over little signs of manifestation to continue to grant you bigger and better manifestation. Gratitude is also required for manifestation, and not being satisfied until everything is perfect is the opposite of gratitude. You still of course should allow yourself to keep your eyes on the end goal and have standards, but also make sure you are feeling satisfaction and gratitude for any little sign that you are getting closer to your ultimate wish. Be kind to yourself, those helping you, and the Universe by enjoying the journey along the way. Complaining If you are complaining about anything, no matter how small, you are out of alignment with your goals. For you to notice anything to complain about, it means you are not practicing gratitude and are not regulating your vibration. So the moment you find yourself noticing something to complain about, you need to shift your energy and pivot your thoughts in the right direction. Doubt Doubt and worry go hand in hand. If you are doubting weather your crush could actually fall for you, its because you're actually worried you'll get your hopes up and have your heart crushed. If you doubt that you'll someday get into that dream house your heart is set on, so you avoid thinking about it when doing your visualizing exercises, you're actually worried that your manifesting exercises aren't going to work. This doubt your feeling is actually going to ensure that you are totally correct in your worries. The law of attraction is law. No exceptions. So when you doubt and worry about something, the Universe will actually carry those worries and doubts into fruition. This is why faith is so important. Anything you can do to help replace doubt with faith will help you manifest your dreams much faster. Looking for little signs of manifestation and make sure you notice how well the law of attraction actually works on small things. This will help give you that faith you need so that you can start noticing the law of attraction working on the bigger things. Assuming the Worst Some of us are under the assumption that if we always assume the worse, we will be mentally prepared, just in case. This is basically setting us up to use the law of attraction to do exactly the opposite of what we really want. Ironically, if that worst case scenario doesn't actually come true, we will have already gone through the trauma and emotions of it as if it did happen when it was really quite unnecessary and harmful to our overall goals and manifestation. If you are someone who has a habit of thinking about everything that could go wrong... get into a habit of instead asking yourself “What could go right?” and focus on feeling as if everything has gone right already and allowing yourself to enjoy and embrace the feelings as if everything has worked out in your favor. Lack of Faith One of the problems with the law of attraction is that it requires faith and that is something that YOU have to supply. You can't let anyone do that for you. Thankfully though, you can look to other people's experiences and success with the law of attraction and magick to help give you that faith. There are tons of other tricks you can keep up your sleeve to help supply you that faith. Start a evidence journal where you list evidence that the law of attraction and magick is real by your experiences (no matter how small, it is all valid) and other people's experiences. Find a couple youtube videos, websites, podcasts, and books to go back to when your faith is lacking and you need a quick pick me up. All of us go through times when our faith is tested, but that is a sign our vibration is not in sync with our dreams and we need to regroup. So if you are getting that doubt, worry, and lack of faith creeping in... it means you need to get back to the program ASAP! Impatience When we live in a world where we get annoyed that our amazon order isn't eligible for one day shipping, or get stressed out because our netflix video isn't buffering fast enough and we might need to try again in a few minutes, it is not hard to imagine that we have a expectation of instant gratification. Instant gratification in our modern world is awesome and something we are very lucky for, but it also sets us up for thinking that everything we want should come to use within a certain time period, and if it doesn't than it means the Universe, magick, and/or the law of attraction has failed us. What we might not understand is that “time” is man made, so to hold the Universe, magick, and the law of attraction which is ancient elemental wisdom up to modern man made standards, is so unfair to the process and especially unfair to us. We might think that certain goals are unattainable or certain spells have failed us because we were not able to get it working in the time period we gave it, but in actuality, we failed ourselves. If that dream or goal is still important to you, don't let it go and don't give it an ultimatum! Let it manifest for you! Not Controlling Your Thoughts One of the most important aspects to getting manifestation is to control your vibration. The best way of doing this is to control your thoughts and use your imagination to create you optimal life. In your mind, you can already feel the feelings that come with living the life you really want. Use all your senses when you are imaging and thinking about those scenarios. Use mantras, vision boards, meditation, and journaling to help you get into the habit of being mindful and using your thoughts to create the life you want. If you are not actively controlling your mind, outside sources will be using your subconscious to use your thoughts to benefit them. So, it is very important you take control of your thoughts and thus take control of your energy. This is a habit you will always need to work on because your subconscious mind is so susceptible to outside voices. You'll be amazed how fast your goals, law of attraction exercises and spells start producing results once you recognize yourself in these patterns of negativity and start to reverse old patterns. Use this list to help keep you accountable and to help you create new habits that will lead you down the road of happiness and success. You've got this!

  • Love spell done by Our High Priestess

    These are pictures of a customized love spell our Voodoo High Priestess did for one of our customers. She took plenty of pictures to show the energy of the spell as well as her love alter.

  • Ostara: A Celebration Of The Spring Equinox

    Our Ostara Alter What is Ostara Ostara (pronounced Oh-STAR-uh) is one of our eight sabbats (holidays) on the wheel of the year. It is celebrated on the Spring Equinox when the season changes and we now have the same amount of day light as we do night darkness. We focus on fertility, new growth, and balance during this time. Fertility: Ostara is when the Goddess is at the peak of fertility and is ready to conceive with the Sun God. Nine months from now, she will move into her next life cycle and become a mother. Ostara is believed to get it's name from the Saxon Lunar Goddess of Fertility, Eostre (this is where we get the word estrogen from) whose symbols are eggs, flowers, and rabbits because they are linked to fertility. This is a day that is sacred to her. New Growth: Snow should have now melted away leaving bulbs blooming, baby animals frolicking, trees starting to get new leaves and fresh ground ready for seeds to be planted. Many people celebrate this holiday by planting a new garden, spending time eating a Ostara feast with friends and family, and focusing on embracing nature by spending time outside and witnessing new growth. Balance: Since this is a time when we have equality and balance with our day/night, this is a time when we get to focus on balancing and refreshing ourselves and where we live. We can focus on doing health cleanses internally and externally. Opening up our windows to let in fresh air and do some spring cleaning. We want to focus right now on getting ourselves renewed both mentally and physically so that we have enough energy to work and play during the long upcoming summer days. Making A Ostara Alter: There are a few things that you can do to celebrate and get the most out of Ostara. First, I'd consider setting up a little Ostara alter for yourself. You don't have to go all out, it can even be some flowers and a candle. The best flowers to pick would be spring flowers, but especially daffodils and tulips. Your candles should be pastel in color. If you have any figurines of chicks, rabbits, eggs, you can put them on your alter. Pastel crystals are also a great benefit to your alter. Just let your heart guide you on what you want your alter to look like to celebrate Ostara. Here is a close up of what ours currently looks like: Wishing Egg Spell One of my favorite things to make for Ostara is a wishing egg. It's incredibly simple but an awesome spell that gets results! Even children can participate and enjoy making these, so it might be a fun project for the family if you want to introduce your children to magick. You will put corresponding herbs, crystals, trinkets, and a paper with all your wishes for that specific spell into the egg, you then will close it up and decoupage it to seal it shut (and plant your spell to grow) and decorate it with ribbons, stickers, beads or anything else you can think of. You hang it up or keep it close to you and focus nightly on your wish till it comes true. Once your wish comes true, you can keep the egg somewhere safe. What you'll need: Plastic eggs Tissue paper, old book pages, or newspaper Elmers glue Ribbon Tape Pen or marker Craft gemstones, glitter, paint, stickers, and anything else to decorate your egg. Herbs, trinkets, crystals, and anything else you want to put into your egg. 1. Gather all your materials. 2. Put your herbs, crystals, trinkets, pictures, and anything else you feel drawn to, into your egg. 3. Write two lists of your wishes that correspond to your type of egg. Fold one and put it in your egg, put the other list aside right now. 3. Close your egg up and tape a looped ribbon to your egg. 4. Decoupage your egg with white glue mixed with a little water. You can use old book pages, tissue paper, or news paper. Let it dry completely. I find hanging them up in front of a fan really helps dry them faster. 5. Decorate your egg(s) with glitter, mini gems, feathers, paint, glitter, anything that you want. Make it look pretty and like something you are ok being hung up around your home or in your car. 6. After you are done decorating your egg and everything is dry, you can do a simple spell while holding your egg: Light a candle (green for wealth, orange or blue for health, and pink for love) Start your spell by saying "Goddess Eostre, hear my plea please grant me these wishes I ask of thee... (say your wishes) I promise to be patient so that my wishes will grow But please make them happen before the next snow The seed has now been planted with love, faith and hope" You can say this spell with your wishes each night while you hold your egg till they come true. Here is some decorating ideas and ideas on what to fill your eggs with: Wealth Wish Egg Fill with any of these: Coins, paper money, shredded money and trinkets that symbolize wealth, your picture, a clip of your hair. Herbs: Basil, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clove, Comfrey, Dill, Ginger, Honeysuckle, Iris, Jasmine, Marigold, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Periwinkle, Poppy, Sage. Crystals: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Citrine, Copper, Emerald, Green Jasper, Malachite, Moss Agate, Peridot, Pyrite, Tigers Eye. Try to use a green pen/marker to write your wishes with and use a green egg. Here is our finished wealth wish egg: Love Wish Egg Fill with any of these: Trinkets that represent love, a piece of a love letter or something personal from your lover, a picture of them, a clip of their hair or anything else you might have from them if possible. Herbs: Anise, Basil (for reconciliation), Cardamom, Carnation (for deep love), Clove, Cinnamon, Catnip (for attraction), Cumin, Daffodil (for unrequited love), Daisy, Dill, Ginger, Fern, Hibiscus (for attraction), Honeysuckle (for devotion), Jasmine (for attraction), Lavander, Lilac, Marigold, Marjoram, Mugwort, Poppy, Rose, Sage, Spearmint, Thyme, Violet. Crystals: Amazonite, Amethyst (for manifestation), Aventurine (for influence), Desert Rose, Emerald (to secure love), Garnet, Labradorite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Moonstone, Opal, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz. Try to use a pink or red pen to write your wishes with and use a pink egg. Here is our finished love wish egg: Health Wish Egg Fill with any of these: Pictures of you as well as trinkets or words and pictures from magazines that make you think of health. Herbs: Allspice, Cardamom, Cedar, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clove, Clover, Comfrey, Coriander, Daisy, Dandelion, Fennel, Flax, Garlic, Ginger, Holly, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Marigold, Marjoram, Mugwort, Mustard, Olive, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, Spearmint, Thyme, Valerian. Crystals: Agate, Amber, Amethyst, Apatite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, Celestite, Citrine, Emerald, Hematite, Malachite, Moonstone, Moss Agate, Petrified Wood, Quartz (clear and rose), Sodalite, Sunstone, Tiger's Eye, Tourmaline Try to use a orange, blue, or lavender pen and egg. Here is our finished health wish egg: Audra used tissue paper on it to give it a really neat tie dye look: Please let me know how your wish eggs turn out. I'd love to see pictures of them. Now go out, play in the sun, pick some daffodils, make some deviled eggs, and enjoy Ostara! :-)

  • How To Survive A Mercury Retrograde

    So, here we go again... we are now in another Mercury Retrograde. If you are interested, even slightly, in astrology you've probably heard this term before, but do you know what it means? There are times when certain planets appear to actually move backwards in motion, this is not actually what is happening, but this is our perception of what is going on and we call this phenomenon a Retrograde. If you happen to own a witches or astrology calender you'll notice that it will sometimes have a little RX symbol next to certain planets marked in your calender. RX is the symbol to let you know that planet is in Retrograde. This is what is happening right now with the planet Mercury and hence the term “Mercury Retrograde.” When a planet goes into retrograde, the things ruled by that planet, are affected for better or for worse. Since Mercury rules communication, travel, electronics, and contracts, these areas in your life might go a bit crazy at this time. It's not something you should be worried about, it's just something you should be aware of. Right now is the time for you to take a laid back approach towards life and relationships. I'm going to go over the common problems that occur in each area during a Mercury Retrograde and how it can affect your spellwork: Communication and Relationships: One of the most common things I get emails over during a Mercury Retrograde are people upset because they just had an argument with their significant other or just had a break up due to a misunderstanding. These are things that are very common during this time. It's so common that I am  always waiting for that influx of people getting discouraged by a bad conversation they just had with their target. Since communication is effected, naturally you'll be more likely to say the wrong thing to your loved one or take something he or she said more harshly than you should have. So now more than ever, it is essential to make sure that you refrain from conversations about your relationship or anything that has a chance to get heated. Actually, some of the most mundane things have a chance to end up getting heated right now, so anything big should definitely not be brought up right now.  If there is something important that needs to be addressed, stick a pin in it, save it for another time. If that person is really worth it to you, the conversation can wait, otherwise you might start something you really will wish you could take back later.  If you find that someone you care for getting upset with you and bringing up the past or other things that are bothering them, this again is a time for you to try and get away from the conversation till a later date if that person really means something to you. Neither of you will get a positive resolution at this moment so it's best to be smart about the situation and dodge the conversation until Mercury goes direct again. Since break ups are common right now, if you happen to be on the receiving end of a break up, try not to let it get you down too much since these things can be fixed, but just be aware they are not going to get fixed right now so trying to talk him or her out of a break up will just dig you deeper into a hole. The deeper you get into that hole the harder it will be for us to try and get you out of it. So respect their wishes at this moment and give them some time to themselves. Giving people you're having conflicts with plenty of space at this moment is one of the best things you can do during a Mercury Retrograde. So even if you miss them and are worried they will forget you or move on from you, keep strong in your resolve to give them time away from you because you are focused on the end result which will make the space you give them worth it. Too many people cause problems for themselves by not taking this advice and if we have to clean up misunderstandings and problems that were caused from you getting into conflicts at this time, it just adds more time and heartache that we will have to deal with later. Travel: Usually they (whoever they are?! lol) advise people to try not to travel during a Mercury Retrograde, but unless you work from home and have hoarded enough groceries to last for about a month, you're going to need to leave the house. Plus, since Mercury Retrogrades come about three to four times a year, it's not realistic nor necessary to hide away from the world. So some things to be aware of when you leave the house is to make sure your car is in good working order, you have enough gas in your car, leave more than enough time to get to your destination since traffic jams seemingly pop out of no where during this time, and pay plenty of attention to what is going on around you while you are driving. Make sure you are not speeding since you're more likely to end up getting a ticket, and keep a eye out for red lights. Basically, do everything you should be doing anyway! ;-) If you are traveling on a plane, make sure you double check the times in which you depart and arrive and make sure you double check your gate numbers. Electronics: This is probably the thing that I always get hit with each Mercury Retrograde. To be fair though, I've never had good luck with electronics anyway. Even right now they've decided to start laying down google fiber in my neighborhood and we've had problems all week with our electricity and internet as a result. I luckily have two phones and two computers so if something goes wrong with one, I've got a backup. Plus there is always a Starbucks I can run to if my internet or electricity has problems. So I've had to come up with back up plans to make sure my emails and updates get done and it has helped reduce stress since I know I'm prepared. So my advice is to just be aware that things can happen to your electronics during this time so make sure you have backups of everything that are important to you. Make sure you've charged your phone just in case you need it if you are out and about and need help from your car breaking down and ensure you double check your alarm clock, and for the love of God (or Goddess!) stay away from social media! You've got communication and electronics tied into one area that is just tempting you to get into trouble! Social media is a cesspool of negative energy when Mercury is in direct motion, so you're just betting against yourself to get on Facebook or any other social media site at this moment. So stay away from these sites or at least give yourself a time limit each day if you HAVE to get on it. Contracts: Just don't sign anything important or life changing if you can get out of it. Don't schedule houses to close during this time, don't sign up for a new phone plan (got burned on that one a couple years back myself), don't plan a marriage to take place during a Mercury Retrograde. Just try to keep important contracts on the back burner till Mercury goes direct again. If you have no choice but to sign a contact, make sure you double and triple read it so that you don't miss anything. If something doesn't feel right, make sure you bring it up before you sign. You'll save yourself a lot of misery if you are proactive in making sure you cover your butt. So these are things you need to watch out for right now. It doesn't mean that it's a bad thing for Mercury to go into retrograde. There are plenty of benefits to a Mercury Retrograde and actually, it gives us some pretty good opportunities when it comes to magick. Here are some good things that will benefit us at this time: The past will pop up and we will have a chance to remember the good times and replay them in our head. This is especially beneficial if you have a love spell being done on someone you had a very good past with. It will be a good time to help remind them of the love you two did share and give them those feelings of joy you once had together. For some people, nostalgia is a huge benefit for relighting the spark that had gone out. So this is a good time to use spellwork to focus on past love and past happiness. Moving on... this is a good time to make the choice to move on from someone who is toxic to you. I've recently used this opportunity to say things that needed to be said to someone who I felt was harmful to me. I was able to remember everything that had been building up and write them down in such a way to make sure she knew how hurtful she had been to me and how upset I was that she decided to take my caring nature and use it against me. I got to say the words that I've needed to say for many years and end the relationship with her on my terms which gave me an amazing sense of relief. So if there is a person or people who are toxic to you, this is a good time to end the relationship with them. Just make sure you are 100% sure you are ready to move on. If so, this is your opportunity to get those psychic vampires out of your life. Since we went over break ups and how they can happen frequently right now, the other side to this coin is actually using a Mercury Retrograde to help break up a couple. If you are waiting out a relationship or have a loved one cheating on you, this is the time to break up that situation or that couple. Misunderstandings are very, very common so we get to use this to our advantage when doing break up spells during this time. Mercury Retrogrades also give us a chance to recover. This is the time to recover from past hurts and to take it easy. Aura cleanses and anything that focus on healing is important right now. Take the time to remember your happy moments in life, give thanks for them, and let go of the things that have caused you pain in your life. Accept apologies you've never been given. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and spend time focusing on you. If you are having a particularly difficult time right now, here are a few things you can do: Mercury Retrograde Survival Spell: You'll need: A blue candle (the color ruled by Mercury in Retrograde)   A pin or another sharp object to carve a symbol into the candle Oil (lemon grass or a oil specifically blended for the Mercury Retrograde)  Yellow Ribbon (the color of Mercury while it's direct) Gather all your materials and find a nice spot where you are able to do your spell with out distraction from noises or people. This is a good one to do in the morning to help set your day on the right path, but if you are unable to do that, it's ok to do it when it is dark as well. It is ok for you to have pets in the room as long as they are quiet and let you work peacefully. Carve the Mercury symbol into your candle and anoint it with your oil. Take the ribbon and tie it around the candle. This symbolizes you setting Mercury's energy forward into direct motion since you are wrapping a blue candle (color of Mercury being in retrograde) with a yellow (color of Mercury being direct) ribbon. So this step is important. Pictured below is an example of what your candle should look like at this point. If you are using a pilar candle, carve your symbol into the side. Light your candle and say your spell: “Mercury, please hear my plea set things forward in motion the way they ought to be. I need relief, right away Please help me make it though the day. With these words, it's up to you. Go on and show me what you can do.” After you are done saying your spell at least once (you can also say it several times as a chant if you want to since it does help build energy to chant it, but that is again personal preference), you can keep the candle burning while you focus on the flame and your intention till the candle burns out completely (in this case, use a chime candle or tea light, otherwise you'll be at this for hours! Lol) or you can snuff out your candle and save it to re-do the spell each morning or night till you are done with the candle. To keep the spell going, just light it each morning or night, re-anoint with oil, and say your spell. Mercury Retrograde Survival Talisman: Another thing that you can do is carry a Mercury Retrograde Talisman with you. Gather your supplies: Find a rock that is flat and small enough to fit into your pocket or use one of the glass pebbles I like to use as rune stones. Yellow and silver paint Paintbrushes Clear spray paint Lemon grass or Mercury Retrograde Oil Paint your rock or pebble fully with yellow paint (the color of Mercury going direct) and use silver paint to paint the Mercury symbol on it. Seal it with a clear coat of spray paint to ensure it doesn't rub off, once fully dry, you will anoint it with lemongrass oil, or Mercury Retrograde oil while setting your intention for this talisman (which is to help you get through the Mercury Retrograde) and focusing on moving a little yellow ball of energy from your body into the talisman. Keep your talisman with you where ever you go to help offer protection from the ill effects of Mercury in Retrograde. These are the supplies needed for your talisman: Life Spirits Mercury Retrograde Survival Spell: If you don't feel up to casting your own spell, or want us to add additional energy to help you out, I always have the Mercury Retrograde Survival Spell listed in our Limited Special Spells category. We have a lot more options available to us since we have a pretty extensive witches cupboard so have a pretty awesome spell we can do for you if you feel you need one done up. So that is another option you have at your disposal during this time. I also offer free positive energy boosts and sometimes will offer a group Aura Cleanse for free if I feel it's been a particularly difficult Mercury Retrograde for people. So those are always things to keep a eye out for since I want to make sure I have you guys covered during what can be a very frustrating time for all of us. I hope I gave you guys a pretty good synopsis on what a Mercury Retrograde is and how it can affect you and your spellwork plus a few options to help you all get through it without too much damage. I'm sure I'll have some editing (please let me know if you see something I need to fix) that I'll need to do and things to add to this later on, but I've gotten so many emails already this week and will be giving everyone a link to this since their issues are directly related to the Mercury Retrograde. I knew putting this up right now would help some of you who are struggling.  Please make sure that if you still have any questions for me about the Mercury Retrograde, to email me at and I will get to you as soon as I can to help out.

  • Beginning Crystal Use For Magick

    How to cleanse and charge your crystals: When you find the crystal or crystals that call to you, you will want to cleanse your crystals of any past vibrations and charge it with your own intentions. You have several options available to you when it comes to cleansing your crystal... 1. Smudge  with smoke from white sage, santo palo sticks, or sweet grass. 2. Run your crystal under cool clean water. Make sure you allow it to fully dry as some crystals don't appreciate too much water. 3. Place in a bowl of sea salt over night. This can damage some crystals so look up to see if this is recommended. If not, you can place a smaller empty bowl into a larger bowl that has the sea salt and place your crystals in the smaller bowl so that it gets the benefit of the salt without the physically damaging effects. 4. Place in the sun or in the moon light. Some crystals prefer moon and some crystals prefer sun. You can look up which is best for your particular crystal online. You can do one or a combination of these to cleanse your crystal. I personally like to clear mine with water and once try smudge them with smoke. After your crystal is cleared of any negative or stagnant energy, it is time to charge it with your intentions. 5. Place in a bowl of sea salt over night. This can damage some crystals so look up to see if this is recommended. If not, you can place a smaller empty bowl into a larger bowl that has the sea salt and place your crystals in the smaller bowl so that it gets the benefit of the salt without the physically damaging effects. 6. Place in the sun or in the moon light. Some crystals prefer moon and some crystals prefer sun. You can look up which is best for your particular crystal online. You can do one or a combination of these to cleanse your crystal. I personally like to clear mine with water and once try smudge them with smoke. After your crystal is cleared of any negative or stagnant energy, it is time to charge it with your intentions. To do this, you simply hold it and  verbally or telepathically tell it what you want it to do for you. Imagine a white source of energy coming from you and into your crystal charging it full of the vibrations that you are sending it. Focus like this on your crystal till you feel it is charged appropriately with your intentions. You will get the best results if you charge the types crystals that best correspond with your wishes. If at any time you feel your crystal needs a boost of energy, you can cleanse it using the above methods and re-charge it, or you can put it in the light of the Full Moon over night. Sometimes I do both on crystals I tend to favor since I use them quite often. Just do what you feel is best for you. The more you get used to working with crystals, the more in tune you will be with their vibration and the more you will be able to figure out how to get them to work best for you. :-) Here is a small list of easy to get crystals and their correspondences to help you start to build your collection: Crystals for LOVE: Rose Quartz Rhodocrosite Malachite Emerald Amethyst Garnet Ruby Jade Kunzite Angelite Selenite Pink Opal Crystals for WEALTH: Green Aventurine Tiger's Eye Citrine Peridot Green Calcite Pyrite Copper Amber Cinnabar Jade Crystals for attracting ANGELS: Angelite Selenite Amethyst Petalite Celestite Angel Aura Quartz Danburite Rose Quartz Crystals for ANIMALS: Amethyst Black Tourmaline Rose Quartz Tiger's Eye Amber Obsidian Bloodstone Fluorite Clear Quartz Dalmatian Jasper Crystals for PROTECTION: Black Kyanite Red Jasper Smoky Quartz Celestite Apache Tears Obsidian Hematite Black Tourmaline Crystals to help with ANXIETY: Astrophyllite Rose Quartz Celestite Labradorite Lepidolite Agate Blood Stone Crystals for WEIGHT LOSS: Blue Apatite Carnelian Tigers Eye Sodalite Rose Quartz Amethyst Sunstone Blue Kyanite Clear Quartz Additional Tips: 1. Only charge your crystal with one intention at a time. For example, rose quartz can be used for several different intentions, but make sure you only charge it with only one. You can always cleanse it and recharge it with a different intention down the line. 2. Create a Pinterest board with tons of idea and info on crystals that relate directly to you and your goals. 3. Put up a meditation corner that is filled with charged crystals for you to use to unwind and get motivated. 4. Keep a protection crystal in your car to make sure your trip is safe. 5. You can anoint your crystals with oils that correspond to your intentions for an extra kick. 6. Experiment with different crystals till you find what fits you best. 7. Any crystals you no longer want to use, you can, give away, re-sell or give back to Mother Earth. Only keep crystals you feel are supposed to be with you. 8. Visit Audra's crystal shop on Etsy which you can find here:

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