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    Crystal Guide I created this page to help my Etsy clients identify and learn about the crystals sold to them in my crystal sets I've created. ​ To buy this set, please follow this link: RubywitchDesigns. Crystals have long been used in magick and healing, both by practitioners of the occult and holistic healers alike. They are seen as powerful tools to amplify energy and intention, helping to manifest what we want in our lives. Crystal magick is the practice of using crystals to create change in one’s life through rituals, spells and visualization. Crystals come in all shapes, sizes and colors, each with its own unique metaphysical properties. Clear quartz crystals are often called the “master healer” due to their ability to amplify any kind of energy it is exposed to. Other crystals such as rose quartz are known for their calming, soothing effects, while amethyst crystals can provide deeper insight into issues that may be holding us back from achieving our goals. In order to use crystals effectively for magickal purposes, you must first cleanse them. Cleaning crystals helps ensure that they will work at peak levels of power when being used for your intended purpose. Burning sage or white sage incense near crystals can help clear away any energetic blockages or negative entities associated with them. You can also place your crystals under a full moon or bury them in salt overnight as a way of cleansing them energetically before working with them. When it comes time to use crystals for magickal purposes, an important part of the process is setting intentions for each crystal that you plan on working with. This could be anything from attracting love into your life or finding greater success in a particular career path. Once you have set your intention, focus on it and visualize what it would look like if you had already achieved this goal or outcome- this will help direct the energy of the crystal during your ritual or spellwork. Once you have set your intention and focused on it visualizing what it would look like if achieved, start by charging each crystal with your intention by placing them close together while focusing on what you’re trying to manifest in your life. Once all crystals are charged up, arrange them into whatever shape feels right (such as a circle) before beginning your ritual work or spellcasting session while focusing intently on your goal or desired outcome once again. Finally, after completing the ritual/spellwork session take some quiet time to reflect upon how far you’ve come since beginning this journey and how much closer you are now towards achieving what was once just an idea. Using crystals in magick requires patience and focus but can prove incredibly rewarding if done correctly! It is important to remember that any kind of positive change should not be rushed- take some time out for yourself every day to reconnect with nature and appreciate all that you have already achieved thus far! Lastly - don’t forget about cleaning crystals regularly; doing so not only ensures they function optimally but also helps keep yourself grounded throughout whatever journey lies ahead! Here is a handy information guide to help you get to learn about and get to know your crystals better: Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is associated with: Known As A Power Crystal Enhances Clarity Perfect Stone For Meditation Increases Energy Promotes Emotional Stability Brings Forth Manifestation Increased Self-Worth Draws In Love Encourages Psychic Abilities Helps Bring Positive Changes Instills Hope Encourages Better Communication Master Healer Heals all Chakras Assists In Dream Work Aura Cleanser Clear Quartz is a powerful gemstone with a long and interesting history used in magick, as well as in spiritual healing. Clear Quartz often takes the form of clear crystals and is also known as Rock Crystal or even simply “quartz”. It can be found all over the world, most notably in Brazil and Madagascar. Clear Quartz is one of the most popular stones used in magick and other mystical practices. It is often referred to as “the stone of power” because it amplifies energy, thoughts, and intentions. This makes it a perfect stone for working with the Law of Attraction, as it can help to focus and amplify the desired outcome. Clear Quartz crystals are found all over the world and have been used throughout history in many different cultures. Ancient Egyptians believed Clear Quartz had divine connections and used it to adorn their gods’ statues. The Sumerians saw Clear Quartz as a powerful tool for spiritual protection, while Medieval alchemists associated it with clarity and purity. Clear Quartz’s metaphysical properties are vast due to its unique ability to absorb, store, and release energy gradually at a steady rate. As such, Clear Quartz is said to be able to provide relief from physical tension, harmonize mental processes, enhance communication skills, and promote emotional balance. It is also believed that Clear Quartz helps open up pathways for spiritual growth and understanding by allowing access to higher realms of consciousness. In addition to its metaphysical properties, Clear Quartz has significant healing properties that make it an invaluable ally in healing work. Clear Quartz can be used as an elixir or gemstone therapy to help heal physical ailments such as stress-related disorders or tension headaches as well as emotional issues like anger or depression. When worn on the body or placed near areas that need healing energy transfer (such as chakras), Clear Quartz helps disperse stagnant energy while assisting in the channeling of beneficial energies back into our bodies. As you can see, there are many powerful benefits associated with incorporating Clear Quartz into your daily practice. Whether you choose to use its magickal powers for manifesting your desires or its healing properties for providing physical relief from pain or emotional upheaval - whatever goal you set out for yourself will be greatly enhanced by having this beautiful crystal by your side. Blue Goldstone: Blue Goldstone is associated with: Stone of Ambition Enhances Communication Encourages Confidence Facilitates Success Stimulates Motivation Increases Vitality Incredibly Uplifting Promotes Positive Energy Personal Growth & Transformation Gives Courage Increases Abundance Enhances Wisdom Connects You With The Divine Encourages and Facilitates Learning Great For Empaths New Beginnings Increased Manifestation Provides Balance Increases Peace and Serenity Encourages Business Success Blue Goldstone is a unique, sparkly gemstone that has been used for centuries in metaphysical applications and magick. It is created from quartz sand, copper and glass to form a beautiful stone with flecks of shimmering blue that swirl within its depths. Believed to be associated with the power of the sun. Blue Goldstone is a beautiful and mysterious stone with an interesting history. Its roots are thought to come from Italy, where it was discovered in the 17th century by a group of monks who were fascinated by its unique properties. Since then, Blue Goldstone has become one of the most sought-after magickal stones, used for its many metaphysical properties. Blue Goldstone is said to possess strong healing energy that can stimulate energy flow and balance in the body. It is believed to offer protection against negative influences, while also boosting confidence and self-esteem. It can be a powerful aid when practicing the law of attraction, helping you to focus on your goals and stay committed to achieving them. Blue Goldstone also encourages harmony in relationships and supports communication between people, allowing them to better understand each other's point of view and bridge any differences peacefully. The power of Blue Goldstone is also said to help clear away any blockages or energetic cords blocking us from our highest potential—helping us manifest our desires more easily with greater clarity and focus. This stone works best when worn or kept close by, as it purifies the aura and helps bring balance into our lives. In addition to its metaphysical properties, Blue Goldstone’s stunning blue color will captivate anyone looking at it—even though the real secret behind this stone lies within its glittering copper flecks that are embedded inside it! These copper flecks are what give Blue Goldstone its signature sparkly look which makes it stand out among other stones. Whether you’re using Blue Goldstone for its magickal properties or just because it looks pretty—it’s an amazing stone that will bring beauty into your life. Green Aventurine: ​ Green Aventurine is associated with: Stone of Opportunity Brings Forth Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity Blesses With Luck and Good Fortune Attracts Abundance in All Areas Increases The Chance of Success Soothes Anxiety Provides Optimism Increases Confidence Promotes Growth Connected to the Heart Chakra Provides Healing Energy Brings Forth Vitality Encourages Confidence Increases Happiness and Joy Release Bad Habits Very Grounding Enhances Creativity Calms Anger Career Stone Brings Forth Balance Provides Motivation Incredibly Stabilizing Increases Manifestation Promotes Love Opens Doors Green Aventurine is a highly sought-after gemstone, prized for its ability to attract wealth and abundance. It is believed to increase one's luck, bring prosperity and good fortune, and even help manifest dreams into reality. As such, many seek it out for its magickal properties in the hopes of making their lives better. The unique green hue of Green Aventurine is attributed to trace amounts of elements such as Fushite or Goethite. This stone has been used throughout history in various cultures for different purposes. In some ancient cultures, this gemstone was considered a sacred symbol of good luck. It was also believed to have protective powers and could be used to ward off negative energies. Aside from being associated with luck and protection, Green Aventurine is also thought to have calming and invigorating effects on the mind and body. It is said to help promote emotional stability by helping improve mental clarity, while providing a sense of inner peace and harmony with oneself. The vibration frequency of this stone helps regulate emotions and create a balanced state of mind that can help lessen anxiety and stress. When it comes to physical healing, Green Aventurine can boost immunity, aid with digestion issues, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, strengthen the lungs, purify blood and lymphatic systems, aid fertility problems in both men and women, assist in treating disorders related to the heart chakra or kidneys, heal skin ailments like eczema or acne, reduce menstrual pain symptoms among others. Moreover Green Aventurine is also said to be beneficial for those who work with creative energies—such as artists—as it can help open the eyes of creativity so one may explore possibilities beyond what one had previously imagined. It makes the user more aware of their environment so that creative inspirations can come more easily as well as helping them follow through on these ideas more easily than before. Overall Green Aventurine can be seen as an all-around healer when it comes to spiritual matters—providing protection; aiding in manifestation; fostering emotional stability; increasing intuition; promoting creativity—and physical health issues—regulating energy flow within the body; improving immune system; reducing inflammation; assisting fertility problems among others—all while radiating vibrant energy that attracts wealth & abundance! Lepidolite: Lepidolite is associated with: Anti-Anxiety Stress Relief Heals the Heart Neutralizes Emotional Pain Stone of Acceptance Stone of Transformation Helps Change Negative Psychological Patterns Deep Emotional Healing Dissipates Negativity Brings Forth Healing Positive Energy Encourages Hope Contains Lithium (Perfect For Those With Mood Swings and/or Bi-Polar) Brings About Optimism Increases Balance Incredibly Calming Increases Self Love Inner Peace Clears Depression Brings Awareness Connects to Divine Beings Boosts Trust Provides Tranquility Activates & Balances ALL Chakras Better Sleep Brings About A Positive Attitude Change Lepidolite is a type of mica stone that has been used for centuries for its metaphysical properties. It is thought to be one of the most powerful stones for manifesting your desires and attracting abundance and joy into your life. Lepidolite is known to work particularly well in combination with the law of attraction, so it can help you to focus on positive thoughts and attract positive energy into your life. This soft, pink or lilac-colored stone has a long history as a healing stone that dates back thousands of years. According to ancient folklore, Lepidolite was believed to be linked with calming and soothing energies that could bring peace, relaxation, and balance. This stone was also thought to have spiritual properties that could help the user to find true inner joy and increased self-awareness through meditation. In magickal practices, Lepidolite is often used as a protective stone that can help guard against negative energies or harmful spirits. It is said to be especially useful in dreamwork because it helps you release any hidden issues that may be blocking your progress in life, allowing you to take control of your destiny. Lepidolite can also facilitate lucid dreaming, which allows you access to alternate realities while remaining conscious. This stone also works well with other stones like Clear Quartz or Amethyst, amplifying their energies and providing greater clarity during meditation or dreamwork sessions. Additionally, Lepidolite can enhance communication by helping practitioners stay connected with their higher selves during divination or shamanic journeys. Lepidolite's vibrations are gentle yet powerful enough to break down old patterns in order for new growth and transformation to occur both emotionally and spiritually. When using this crystal for healing purposes it should be placed near the heart chakra so it can send its calming energy outward throughout the body. You may want to combine it with other crystals such as Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline if you would like additional balancing effects. Overall, Lepidolite carries an incredible amount of power within its shimmering hues and gentle vibrations – making it an excellent choice when working with metaphysical magickal practices or when seeking spiritual guidance from the universe. By focusing on benevolent thoughts while connecting with this stone’s peaceful energy, practitioners will find they are able unlock new paths of understanding towards achieving true inner peace and joyous abundance in their lives. Amazonite: Amazonite is associated with: Opens The Heart Chakra Heals Emotional Trauma Alleviates Anxiety Stone of Harmony Boosts Communication Allows You to Speak Your Truth Supports Your Destiny Brings About Luck Connected to Abundance and Prosperity Gives You Hope Soothes Away Depression Incredibly Balancing Offers Protection Reconnects You to Your True Self Tempers Aggression and Anger Helps Establish Healthy Relationships Enhances Self Discipline Awakens Compassion Brings You Grace A Stone of Success and Manifestation Helps You Overcome Negative Obsessions Amazonite is a magical mineral that has held a special place in many cultures throughout history. It is an opaque, semi-precious stone with a beautiful aqua blue-green hue. Although it was named after the Amazon River because of its similarity to the green waters of the river, Amazonite is actually found all over the world. ​ Amazonite has been used for centuries as a protective talisman and to increase personal power. It’s often referred to as the “hope stone” because it helps bring hope and clarity during difficult situations. Amazonite also carries energies of truth, courage, and communication - making it an ideal stone for those seeking to learn more about themselves or others. In metaphysical circles, Amazonite is believed to help balance mental and emotional energies by promoting self-love and acceptance. It can also be used to attract love, prosperity, abundance and success in life by helping you stay true to yourself while honoring your goals and ambitions. By using this powerful crystal in your spiritual practice or magickal workings, you will find yourself feeling more confident in expressing your authentic self and having faith that you have all the strength within you needed for success. From its appearance alone, Amazonite can easily draw attention for its lovely shade of blue-green hues ranging from light aquamarine blue to deep olive green with black mottling. No two pieces are ever alike making each one unique! This stunning gemstone can be made into jewelry pieces such as necklaces or bracelets so its energy can be enjoyed close to the heart chakra where it can more effectively work its magick on an individual’s overall well being. Additionally, Amazonite helps connect with inner knowledge that allows us better control our lives by understanding how our emotions influence our decisions and actions. It helps us recognize our mistakes so we may learn from them without blame or guilt while encouraging forgiveness toward ourselves as well as others who may have wronged us in some way. Overall, Amazonite serves as a gentle reminder that life’s challenges are only meant to make us stronger - no matter what happens we always have something positive inside of us waiting to be revealed once again! Whether used for physical beauty or spiritual growth, this powerful crystal holds the potential for great transformation when used correctly - just remember that whatever you wish for will come true if you believe wholeheartedly in its power. Yellow Calcite: Yellow Calcite is associated with: Cannot Hold Negativity, Transmutes Only Positive Energy Happiness and Pure Joy Acts as a Guide Encourages Responsibility Grounding Inspires Motivation & Determination Releases Bad Habits Reduces Anxiety Reduces Depression Mental Clarity Eliminates Procrastination Brings an Abundance of Energy Facilitates Good Luck Inspires Confidence Brings Hope Connects You to Divine Realms Amplifying Stone Great Stone to Eliminate Anger and Rage Fosters Personal Growth Yellow Calcite is a powerful stone of spiritual development and transformation. It has been used for centuries in magick and the law of attraction, as it is said to carry a strong energy that helps to amplify intentions and manifest desires. The color of Yellow Calcite comes from its high iron content, which also gives it its many metaphysical properties. Yellow Calcite vibrates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, making it a great stone for those looking to increase their self-empowerment and confidence. It radiates positive energy that helps to clear negative energies and promote positivity, joy, and clarity of thought. Yellow Calcite is a powerful stone for manifesting abundance in all areas of life. It can help remove any blocks or obstacles that are standing in your way so you can create the life you desire. By infusing your spirit with positive vibrations, Yellow Calcite can help attract success, prosperity, love, and wealth into your life. This type of calcite can also be used to heal emotional wounds and boost self-esteem. Its energy encourages optimism and optimism opens up the possibility for change. When using Yellow Calcite you should keep in mind that thoughts become things; use this crystal’s energy to set your intentions clear and take action so they become reality. In addition to manifesting abundance, Yellow Calcite is also helpful in developing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, intuition, communication with spirit guides, precognition/premonition abilities, divination etc. It can help bring understanding when trying to interpret messages sent by your higher self or divine spirits. In Ancient Egyptian times this type of calcite was used for protection against negative energies; it was believed that the bright yellow hue would ward off harm from malicious intent directed at someone’s home or property. This belief still stands today; many people use Yellow Calcite around their homes or workplaces as protection from negative energies or entities that could cause harm or disruption in their lives. ​ ​ Finally, as previously mentioned Yellow Calcite vibrates with the Solar Plexus Chakra; this makes it an excellent choice for activating healing on physical ailments associated with this chakra such as digestive issues like gas or bloating, kidney stones etc., as well as mental issues related to low self-esteem or lack of personal power/confidence. For best results when using Yellow Calcite we recommend meditating with the crystal while focusing on what you want to manifest into your life – think positive thoughts! Place the crystal on top of your abdomen while lying down if dealing with physical ailments related to solar plexus chakra blockages; you should also visualize a yellow light surrounding you while doing so to activate healing energies within its depths even further. Keep Yellow Calcite close by during ritual work or spell casting if working specifically with this stone’s energy – whether using it for protection purposes or manifesting abundance - so its powerful vibrations may be felt throughout the process. Green Calcite: Green Calcite is associated with: Money, Wealth, Prosperity, & Abundance Good Luck & Fortune Restores Balance Regulates Emotions Stress Relief Mental Healer Success in All Areas Cleans Negativity From People, Places, and Things Raises Your Vibration Provides Motivation Clears Negative Emotions & Stagnation Stone of Protection Brings Love Into Your Life Promotes Forgiveness Enhances Empathy and Compassion Brings About Positive Transformation Connects You To Your Heart's Desire Brings in New Opportunities Green Calcite is a powerful healing stone with strong metaphysical properties that help to manifest positive energy and attract abundance. It is one of the most popular stones for use in magick and law of attraction rituals. Green Calcite is primarily composed of calcium carbonate, which gives it its distinctive color and texture. In ancient times, it was believed to possess healing powers, as well as spiritual protection from negativity. Ancient Egyptians used Green Calcite specifically for healing purposes and incorporated it into jewelry for protection against the dark forces. Today, Green Calcite is used to promote love, luck, prosperity, and joy. It's often placed in a room or living space to create a sense of harmony and balance. People also use Green Calcite as an aid to meditation, connecting them more deeply with their higher self and divine guidance. On a physical level, Green Calcite has been known to reduce inflammation and cleanse the blood. It helps promote healthy digestion by reducing disturbances in the gut flora; this can lead to better mental clarity as well. Green Calcite also helps strengthen bones by providing additional calcium and aiding mineral absorption into the body. In terms of magickal workings, Green Calcite is said to amplify intentions so they can reach the Universe more quickly. For this reason, many people choose to carry a piece of Green Calcite with them when performing tasks related to goal-setting or manifesting dreams. By doing so, they are sending out strong vibrational signals that will be heard by the Universe in no time. At an emotional level, Green Calcite helps bring about emotional balance and centeredness . Its calming vibrations can help release negative emotions like anger or jealousy that might prevent you from living your best life. Furthermore, its energies are thought to increase self-confidence and empower decision-making skills; this allows you to feel more secure in your actions — both personal and business-related — leading you towards greater success overall. The spiritual benefits of Green Calcite are numerous too! As previously mentioned, it serves as a protective amulet against dark forces while also allowing more light energy into our lives through its vibrant hue of greenish-blue shades — reflective of Nature's beauty — which together tend to foster feelings of happiness and joy within us all. Overall, accepting Green Calcite into your life can be beneficial on many levels — physical health , emotional well-being , spiritual enlightenment , magickal workings , creative pursuits , etc.. This versatile crystal can help heal your body while cleansing your energy field so you can live your best life with divine guidance each step along the way. Black Obsidian: Black Obsidian is associated with: Psychic Protection Negative Energy Shield Removes and Absorbs Toxic Energy Protects From Abuse and Bullying Removes Toxic People Connected to the Root Chakra Incredibly Grounding Dispels Anxiety Relieves Tension Soul Healing Increases Your Personal Power Encourages Growth Purifying Manifestation Stone Brings Forth Transformation Cleanses the Aura Restores Stability Clears Confusion & Fogginess Protects Against Hostility Helps You Move Forward Absorbs Pain Lets the Truth Come Out Encourages Self Control Enhances Psychic Abilities Promotes Compassion & Empathy The first use of Black Obsidian was recorded by the ancient Aztecs in Mexico, who used it not only as an ornamental material but also during spiritual rituals. Over time, its unique physical properties were discovered, leading to its widespread use in jewelry and talismans around the world. Black Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava, when the intense heat melts silica-rich rocks and combines with iron and magnesium to form the dark glassy material we now see in polished stones. This makes Black Obsidian a powerful grounding stone that helps one connect with their ancient roots while still offering protection against negative energies. When held or worn close to the body, Black Obsidian can help bring your hidden emotions and thoughts to light. By doing so, it helps you look at yourself more objectively and make changes that you need in order to reach your highest potential. It’s especially useful for those looking to break away from unhealthy patterns or addiction as it provides clarity on why they keep repeating these patterns so they can make better choices moving forward. At a metaphysical level, Black Obsidian is known for its ability to absorb negative energy and aid spiritual growth by providing a clearer understanding of our inner truth. This allows us to reach higher levels of consciousness by expanding our awareness beyond our current limitations. Working with this stone can help us break down barriers between ourselves and our goals, allowing us to manifest them more easily through visualization techniques such as meditation or crystal grids. Overall, Black Obsidian is an incredibly versatile gemstone with endless possibilities for those willing to explore its power. Not only does it have the potential to boost physical health by clearing out energetic blockages within the body; but it also works wonders on emotional stability by helping us gain insight into our inner selves – which can be invaluable when trying to manifest what we want in life! As such, this powerful stone should be included in any magickal practice as its capabilities are truly limitless. Blue Aventurine: Blue Aventurine is associated with: Increases Prosperity Stress Relief Assists in Sobriety Good Decision Making Encourages Compassion Provides Patience Encourages Perseverance Enhances Communication Connection to Your Spirit Guides Clears Old Energy & Habits Increases Self Discipline Inner Strength Enhances Intuition Encourages Self Growth Promotes Maturity Fighting Addictions Helps You Take Responsibility For Actions Encourages Psychic Abilities Rids You of Bad Habits Healers Stone Enhances Logic and Rational Thinking Encourages Leadership Helps You Focus Blue Aventurine is a type of quartz, which is believed to possess strong magickal properties. This beautiful stone has a rich history that stretches back thousands of years, and has been used in various forms of divination and spiritual practices. Blue Aventurine is found in an array of colors, but it gets its name from the shimmering blue color seen in its raw state. It has a unique crystalline structure that gives it a soft, almost velvety texture when polished. The metaphysical properties associated with Blue Aventurine are said to specifically manifest peace, joy, and serenity. This stone is believed to open the mind and heart up to unconditional love and promote feelings of contentment and harmony between people. Blue Aventurine also has healing properties associated with it as well. The stone is believed to help reduce stress levels and balance out emotions such as anxiety or anger. It can also be used as an aid for meditation or relaxation due to its calming energy. Throughout history, Blue Aventurine has been used for many purposes including jewelry making, healing rituals, protection spells, communication with spirits, and fortune telling. In ancient Egypt this gemstone was often presented as an offering or gift from the gods during religious ceremonies. In more recent times Blue Aventurine has become popular among those who practice crystal magick or alternative healing modalities like Reiki or Wicca for its ability to amplify energies around the body and bring forth positive changes within one's life path. No matter how you choose to use Blue Aventurine in your spiritual journey this gemstone will bring forth powerful energies that can be used for healing on both physical and spiritual levels while also providing peace of mind during difficult times. Cherry Quartz: Cherry Quartz is associated with: Enhances Peace and Serenity Encourages Hope Promotes Healing Provides Stress Relief Effective Anti-depressant Heals Emotional Wounds Brings About Optimism and Joy Positive Energy Helps With Concentration Increased Memory Attracts Love and Passion Provide Transformation Energy Encourages Good Decision Making Give an Energy Boost Helps With Grief Encourages Self Reflection Cherry Quartz is a beautiful and powerful stone with a long history of magickal uses. It is believed to be able to bring luck, wealth, success and love into your life. Cherry Quartz is an alternate form of quartz crystal, but it has its own unique properties. It has an iridescent red color that is caused by tiny pieces of iron oxide within the quartz. This iron oxide also gives Cherry Quartz a strong connection to the Earth element. The history of Cherry Quartz stretches back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, this stone was used in religious ceremonies and offerings. Ancient Greeks believed that Cherry Quartz could bring good fortune and protection from harm. In modern magickal practice, Cherry Quartz is still seen as a powerful tool for manifesting what you want in life. Its strong Earth energy can help you ground yourself firmly in the material world and make sure that your desires are made real. When using Cherry Quartz for manifestation purposes, it is best to set an intention before drawing on its power. Holding the stone in one hand, visualize what you wish to accomplish or receive in life – be it abundance, success or love – then repeat the intention three times out loud while keeping focus on your goal. Carry Cherry Quartz with you whenever possible for extra power and protection throughout your daily activities – especially when engaging in business-related matters such as contract negotiations or networking events where competition might arise. Additionally, you can also use this stone during rituals or spells to boost their effectiveness – be sure to keep the stone near while performing any spiritual work so that its energies can help amplify your intentions even further! Cherry Quartz can also be used as part of healing practices both physical and emotional due to its ability to cleanse negative energies while restoring balance throughout the body’s energetic field. Place this stone around your body or hold it near any area where pain or discomfort is present and allow its vibrations to penetrate deep within for targeted healing effects. Cherry Quartz has been known throughout history for its protective qualities; this remains true today as well! Place this stone near windows or doors which may be susceptible to negative energies entering your home – much like salt placed at a doorway’s threshold -to guarantee safety from unwanted forces entering inside . Additionally, wear Cherry Quartz jewelry such as necklaces or rings whenever possible if feeling overwhelmed by outside stressors; this will provide a calming effect while shielding from any unwanted intrusions into one's personal space . Overall, Cherry Quartz is truly a remarkable gemstone with multiple uses both physical and metaphysical! Its history provides evidence of how highly regarded this gemstone has been throughout all cultures across time; anyone interested in harnessing its abilities should consider giving it a try - through meditation practices, ritual work, or simply wearing it close-by to experience all that it has to offer. Dalmatian Jasper: Dalmatian Jasper is associated with: Happiness & Joy Exhaustion Related to Trauma and High Stress Environments Breaks Down Barriers Relieves Depression Provides Psychic & Spiritual Protection Strong Grounding Energy Boosts Good Luck & Fortune Provides Strength Brings Harmony & Serenity Connects With and Protects Dogs Keeps us Playful Helps You Discover Your Purpose Gives Motivation Stabilizing Provides Positive Energy Known as the Stone of Playfulness Increases Loyalty in Relationships Dalmatian Jasper is a unique and magical stone that has been used in many cultures since ancient times. It is most commonly found in regions of Europe, such as Dalmatia and Cyprus, but can also be found in other places around the world. Dalmatian Jasper is believed to have metaphysical properties that bring balance, grounding, protection, and inner strength. It is thought to help you stand up for yourself when necessary, and to bring clarity of thought - making it a great stone for decision-making. In history, Dalmatian Jasper was popular among shamans, healers and medicine people who used it to treat any number of ailments from physical ailments to mental issues. It was also believed that this stone could be used for protection against evil spirits or bad luck. Dalmatian Jasper resonates with the energy of the lower chakras – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra – empowering your connection with Mother Earth’s energy while bringing stability and security into your life. Physically, Dalmatian Jasper is said to help detoxify your body by increasing urination and removing toxins from the body’s systems; it is also known to improve digestion. Additionally, it can reduce skin irritations like eczema or psoriasis. It has been said that connecting with the energies of Dalmatian Jasper can open up communication between you and your animal friends (especially those with spots!). If you have ever wanted an animal companion who would understand you better than anyone else on this planet then this stone may just be the key! The energies of Dalmatian Jasper can also help you connect more deeply with nature itself – allowing you to experience its calming beauty even in stressful times. This connection can give you a sense of peace within yourself that will help you find balance in all areas of your life. Dalmatian Jasper has long been associated with magickal practices as well – its energies can be used for good luck charms or spells dealing with protection or personal power. For example, if someone wants personal protection then they might hold a piece of Dalmatian Jasper while visualizing white light surrounding them while they recite a mantra asking for protection from negative influences or bad luck. The most common color associated with Dalmatian Jasper is black and white spots on a cream base – often referred to as “dog jasper” because it resembles the coat pattern of a Dalmatian dog! However there are several varieties which may feature different colors such as yellow or red spots on green matrix stones or iridescent pastel blues and greens mixed among creamy whites on some specimens -all alike beautiful! No matter what type of pattern exists one thing remains certain: The kind energies associated with this grounded stone offer more than meets the eye even after centuries of use. Agate: Agate is associated with: Provides Stability Grounding Allows Forgiveness Alleviates Bitterness Improves Concentration and Focus Gives Self Confidence Improves Relationships Protective Brings Peace & Calming Energy Re-balances the Body & Mind Creates a Sense of Security Known as a Power Stone Perfect for Meditation Relieves Anxiety & Stress Agate is a type of mineral composed of silicon dioxide, and it has been used for centuries in magick and for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to bring happiness and good fortune, as well as protection from evil spirits and negative energies. Agate is also thought to open the mind to new ideas, help you overcome any obstacles that may be blocking your path in life, and encourage self-confidence. Agate comes in many different varieties, ranging from clear white to deep reds and blues. These stones have been used throughout history by many cultures around the world, including ancient Greeks, who believed them to have healing properties; Romans, who made talismans with them; Chinese cultures and even Native American tribes who associated it with strength and courage. Agate has many other metaphysical properties too. It is said to be a grounding stone which helps balance emotional energy and relieves stress. It can also stimulate analytically abilities and aid in problem solving. Furthermore, agates are believed to possess cleansing powers which purify the mind by removing negative influences, making it easier for positive vibrations to enter into one's life. The most common use of agates today is as jewelry or as decoration pieces such as gemstone carvings or worry stones, both of which are said to bring good luck when carried or worn on one's person. They are also used in making mosaics or paintings due their unique coloration's and patterns. In addition, some people believe that agates can improve mental clarity when placed near a computer monitor or television set because they absorb electromagnetic waves that emanate from these devices. This same property could also be beneficial when placed near cell phones to reduce radiation exposure. Agates come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their type and where they were found - some Agates come from volcanic ash while others can only be found at certain river beds or mountain ranges around the world - making them highly sought after by collectors everywhere! No matter how you choose to use them though, Agates can provide you with many benefits as long as you keep an open mind about what each individual stone may offer you spiritually or energetically. Sodalite: Sodalite is associated with: Connects You to Your Angels Influences Logic and Rational Thinking Provides Willpower Enhances Motivation Encourages You to be True to Yourself Increases Intuition Provides Calm During Times of Stress or Chaos Boosts Communication Alleviates Anxiety & Depression Encourages Trust Balances Out Energy Increases Metabolism Helps to Cure Insomnia Enhances Creativity Boosts Intelligence Releases Anger and Frustration Stone of Self Expression The beautiful Sodalite is a stone of magick and spiritual power with a history that stretches far back into antiquity. It has been used by many cultures as a talisman of protection, courage and luck, and has even been said to be the very stone that Jesus wore on his breastplate. Sodalite is known primarily for its deep blue hue, often flecked with white spots of calcite throughout. In addition to its stunning color, it was also revered for its metaphysical properties which were believed to help bring clarity of thought and self-expression in communication. Sodalite was also thought to help bring balance between one's mental focus, creativity and emotions. When exploring the history of the Sodalite, we can look back at ancient civilizations who all had use for this special stone. The Egyptians used it in jewelry and carvings while the Mayans used it as a protective healing stone, believing it held the energy of their gods within it. Later on during medieval times, Sodalite was used as an amulet against bad luck or curses as well as being worn for protection from harm or injury. In modern day times Sodalite continues to be sought after for both its beauty and metaphysical properties alike. It is believed to open up a person's spiritual awareness, enabling them to gain insights from the depths of their subconscious mind so they can gain clarity in decision making. By doing this it allows us to connect with our intuition more deeply and make decisions based on our higher self rather than our logical mind alone. Sodalite is also said to be calming and soothing mentally, allowing us to better relax when feeling stressed or anxious by restoring our inner peace and harmony within ourselves. Additionally it helps promote feelings of self worth while encouraging acceptance of others around us - allowing us to have more compassion when dealing with difficult situations or people we come across in life. On an energetic level Sodalite is thought to stimulate energy flow within our chakras so we can become more balanced emotionally and spiritually. Its vibrations are believed to help clear away any negative energies lingering around us so we can be open minded when talking with others or reflecting upon ourselves - giving us insight into hidden matters that may come up unexpectedly in life such as emotional traumas from our pasts or subconscious blocks that are hindering our growth forward towards achieving goals or dreams we have set forth for ourselves (or even those set by society). All in all Sodalite is an amazing crystal that has quite a rich history behind its magick powers - something many people today still seek out for its helpful metaphysical properties! If you're looking for a way to help increase your clarity of thought while deepening your connection with yourself (and the world around you), then give Sodalite a try - its unique vibes may just surprise you. Tigers Eye: Tigers Eye is associated with: Stone of Luck & Good Fortune Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance Very Grounding Provides Excellent Protection Power Increases Strength Improves Your Ability to Assert Yourself Strengthens Willpower Provides Balance Encourages Confidence Known to Help With Self-Discipline Helps With Goal Achievement Provides Vitality Endurance Increases Focus Lifts Mood Brings Joy & Happiness Helps You See Things Clearly Releases Pent Up Tension Helps With Mental Clarity Tigers Eye is a powerful and mysterious stone that has been used in magickal practices for centuries, offering protection and guidance to its users. Many cultures have adopted Tigers Eye as an important part of their spiritual toolkit. Tigers Eye is composed of quartz and crocidolite, which is a type of blue asbestos. In the mineral kingdom, this combination of elements creates a chatoyancy effect that looks like the eye of a tiger when polished into cabochons or tumbled stones. The most common color for Tigers Eye is golden-brown, but it can also be found in shades of red, green, and blue. The history of Tigers Eye dates back to ancient times where it was believed to offer courage and strength during battle. Ancient Egyptians associated the stone with their goddess Sekhmet and would wear it around their necks as protection from evil energies. For ancient Chinese cultures, Tigers Eye symbolized luck and good fortune in financial matters. In modern magickal practice, Tigers Eye is often used to help bring focus during meditation sessions while allowing one to stay grounded to reality at the same time. It can also be used to promote clear communication between people as well as create harmony in relationships by keeping negative energies away. Physically speaking, some believe that Tigers Eye offers healing benefits such as getting rid of headaches or helping reduce anxiety or stress levels. It can also be used to help mend broken bones or alleviate general pain throughout the body. Regardless if you are using Tigers Eye for metaphysical purposes or physical healing properties, it can help open up your senses so you can make better decisions in life while feeling safe and secure at all times. The stone will act as a guardian angel for you when you feel like your energy is being drained from outside influences or forces that are beyond your control. It’s important to remember that when working with any kind of magickal object like Tigers Eye that you program it with positive intentions first before using it for whatever purpose you may have in mind because the power behind these objects comes from within yourself rather than from any external source. Working with any kind of metaphysical tool will require patience and dedication on your end if you want its full potentials realized – however the rewards are sure to be worth all your efforts. Rhodonite: Rhodonite is associated with: Encourages Self Love Promotes Romantic Love Confidence Controls Temper and Calms Anger Balances Emotions Encourages Forgiveness and Empathy Allows us to Approach the Situation With Compassion Heals a Broken Heart Clears Away Emotional Trauma Very Emotionally Grounding Encourages Healthy Attachments and Relationships Alleviates Confusion Assists in Discovering Your Purpose Brings Light & Joyful Energy Dissolves Resentment & Bitterness Takes Away Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness Promotes Friendship Clears Muddy Emotions Know as the Singer's Stone Relaxes a Panic Attack Rhodonite is a fascinating and mysterious mineral, prized for its ability to bring healing and balance to both the body and the mind. It has been used in magickal practices throughout history, from ancient Egypt to the present day. Rhodonite is an opaque pinkish-red mineral that can also contain black mottling or veining. Its name comes from the Greek word rhodon, which means rose. It is composed of manganese silicate with pyroxene and pyrite minerals. This beautiful stone has a long history of use in magickal practices. Ancient Egyptians believed rhodonite could help calm their tempers by soothing anger and encouraging forgiveness. The Incas thought it could be used to aid in meditation and divination practices. In India, it was considered the stone of grace, used for calming destructive emotions like rage, panic and fear. In modern magickal practice, rhodonite is known as a powerful healer of physical ailments as well as emotional pain caused by trauma or childhood abuse. It works on both mental and physical levels -- promoting love, self-confidence and courage while releasing toxins from the body and restoring energy levels back to normal. Rhodonite is associated with various deities including Isis (Egyptian), Aphrodite (Greek) and Freya (Norse). It is believed to open the heart chakra, allowing us to forgive past wrongs while healing deep wounds of grief, loss or betrayal when worn as jewelry or carried with you regularly. It's also said that carrying a piece of rhodonite can help strengthen our relationship with our spirit guides by helping us trust our intuition more fully - this makes it especially useful for those who practice divination such as tarot reading or scrying. Rhodonite helps us remember our innate divinity so we can move through life with confidence rather than fear, trusting that we are divinely protected at all times no matter what happens around us or within us. On a physical level, Rhodonite works on an energetic level to release blocked energies within the body while simultaneously strengthening any weak areas; it helps heal imbalances caused by environmental pollutants or poor diet too! Rhodonite increases metabolism while detoxifying organs such as the liver and kidneys - making it beneficial for those suffering from any number of maladies including chronic fatigue syndrome or depression. Finally, rhodonite encourages creativity -- providing ideas for new projects or direction when one feels lost in their current goals/situation -- helping bridge the gap between dreams and reality! As long as we remember to use this stone responsibly during times of need rather than relying on it exclusively all the time then there’s no limit to its potential benefits - whether we’re looking at it from a metaphysical perspective or simply appreciating its beauty. Opalite: Opalite is associated with: Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance Helps With Meditation Inspires Confidence Emotional Stability Business Success Increased Self-Worth Brings About Love Strengthens Psychic Abilities Inspires Positive Change Instills Hope Facilitates Better Communication Stone of Personal Power Helps With Dream Work Is an Aura Cleanser Encourages Courage Eases Transitions Provides Serenity and Peace Aids in Vision Work Manifestation Opalite is a man-made gemstone that has been used in metaphysical practices for centuries. Its milky, opalescent hue is due to the unique additives added during the crafting process. This means that no two Opalite stones are identical; each one is unique and carries its own special properties. Opalite has often been used in magick and rituals since ancient times. Ancient cultures believed that Opalite had the power to open up portals of spiritual communication between humans and spirits, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. In modern times, Opalite continues to be a popular choice for metaphysical practices such as meditation, astral projection, and tarot readings. It is said to help the user access higher realms of consciousness and bring clarity to one's thoughts and emotions. The stone can also be used for protection against negative energy or emotional turbulence, as well as helping with stress relief. Because of its calming influence on the mind, many people believe that Opalite can aid in reducing anxiety and promoting inner peace. Opalite also has an interesting history when it comes to its use in jewelry making. In Victorian England, it was commonly referred to as “opal moonstone” because of its similar appearance to moonstones at certain angles; this gave rise to the nickname “fairy stone” or “fairy opal” due to its otherworldly beauty. Today, Opalite remains a popular choice for metaphysical purposes because of its unique properties and special place in history. Whether you plan on using it for spiritual communication or simply for aesthetic purposes, Opalite provides a special connection with the unseen forces of nature and helps us tap into our own natural energies. Bloodstone: Bloodstone is associated with: Attracting Luck & Good Fortune Increases Success Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance Encourages Strength Boosts Manifestation Deeply Grounding Provides Protection Helps With Alignment Encourages Organization Heightened Intuition Reduces Anger and Aggression Helps Balance Our Energy Connects You to Your Ancestors Increases Resilience Helps With Anxiety Bloodstone is a powerful spiritual stone with a long history of use in magick and healing that dates back to ancient times. Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a variety of dark green chalcedony quartz flecked with red jasper. It is believed to have been first discovered in India and was later used extensively by the ancient Greeks and Romans. In traditional folklore, Bloodstone was thought to be the result of drops of Jesus' blood falling onto pieces of green jasper at the time of his crucifixion. As such, it has long been viewed as a powerful symbol for courage, strength, wisdom and protection during difficult times. Bloodstone was believed to possess strong metaphysical properties related to purification, transformation and grounding as well as offering protection from negative energies in the environment or from enemies. Ancient cultures would often carry Bloodstone amulets or lay them on their bodies in order to absorb its strengthening powers. During the Middle Ages, Bloodstone was worn by warriors who sought protection in battle and by priests who wanted increased spiritual insight and power. To this day, it is still bought by those seeking protection from physical harm or evil forces, especially during moments of intense emotional or physical stress. In modern magical practices, Bloodstone is believed to contain strong energies that can be used for manifesting goals into reality through visualization techniques with its assistance. Its power can also help activate one's intuition and creativity while enhancing courage when facing challenging experiences or obstacles. Its energy can help bring deeper understanding surrounding karmic lessons allowing one to move forward unhindered on their spiritual path. Bloodstone can be used during meditation sessions as it helps ground excessive energy while creating balance between mind body and spirit. It can enhance focus and concentration while providing clarity when making important decisions or life choices. It is also said to ease stress-related issues such as hypertension or anxiety by helping one stay centered within themselves even when faced with difficult circumstances that may arise externally. In crystal healing practices today, Bloodstone is often utilized for cleansing both spiritually and physically clearing away any energetic blockages that might be within the aura or body system due to trauma or illness while restoring equilibrium throughout these systems simultaneously. Practitioners often suggest using it’s energies for treating blood disorders such as anemia as well promoting healthy circulation throughout the entire body overall which can lead to improved mental focus along with increased energy levels throughout all areas of life when needed most. Red Jasper: Red Jasper is associated with: Incredibly Grounding Provides Protection Helps You Feel Secure Brings Serenity and Balance Helps You Receive Justice Stabilizes Moods Encourages Confidence Increased Energy Encourages Goal Completion Provides an Emotional Release Encourages Quick Thinking Releases Shame Tied With Sex Stimulates The Imagination Stone of Endurance Balances The Libido Known as The Supreme Nurturer Red Jasper is an ancient and powerful stone with a long history rooted in magick. It is said to be one of the twelve stones that were used to make up the breastplate of Aaron, being placed in the second row alongside Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, and Bloodstone. Throughout history, Red Jasper has been used for its protective and grounding energy, having been worn or carried by warriors during battles for courage, strength and protection. This powerful stone has been credited with helping individuals gain insight from within themselves as well as enhancing their physical and emotional wellbeing. The metaphysical properties of Red Jasper can help bring stability to one’s life, encouraging them to take charge of their own destiny. It can help provide clarity on issues related to family matters as well as providing strength during times of adversity. On an energetic level it is believed to aid in grounding and bringing balance between the body, mind, and spirit. On a spiritual level Red Jasper can aid the wearer in connecting with higher realms while also providing support during meditations and other spiritual practices. In addition to its strong connection with Earth’s energies it is believed that this powerful gemstone helps open channels of communication when seeking divine guidance or insight into future events. When used for ritual magick purposes Red Jasper is said to promote fertility, ward off evil energies, break curses and hexes, strengthen will power and attract wealth. This gemstone is often kept in places such as wallets or purses where it can help protect against lost funds while amplifying prosperity over time. Those looking for an unyielding source of mental strength may find relief from carrying Red Jasper throughout their day-to-day activities; the vibrational energy produced by this powerful stone helps keep one focused on their goals while blocking out any distracting influences from external sources. No matter what kind of magickal practice you are engaged in or how far along your spiritual path you are at any given moment – Red Jasper is sure to be a valuable ally along your journey! Its deep connection with Earth energies makes it perfect for aiding practitioners in their efforts towards personal growth while enabling them to reach deeper levels of understanding within themselves than ever before. Amethyst: Amethyst is associated with: Provides Mental Clarity Protects Against Addictions Encourages Positivity Perfect For Meditation Master Healing Stone Provides Peace Encourages Love Instills Courage Combats Insomnia Purifies The Body, Mind, and Environment Use For Prophetic Dreams Purifies The Aura Amplifies Business Success Increases Intelligence Prevents Nightmares Expands Your Mind Encourages Faithfulness and Fidelity Soothes Irritability and Anger Alleviates Sadness and Depression Cures Grief Inspires Hope Balances Mood-Swings Raises Your Vibration Removes Negative Energy Amethyst is a popular crystal known for its deep purple color and metaphysical properties. For many centuries, it has been widely used for magick and healing. In ancient times, Amethyst was believed to protect the wearer from intoxication, give power to rulers, and bring good luck in battle. The name Amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethustos," which means "not drunken." To this day, it's still associated with sobriety and clear-headedness. It's also said to have powerful calming effects that can reduce stress, anxiety, and fear. In addition to its protective qualities, Amethyst is believed to enhance one’s spiritual awareness and intuition. It also promotes creativity in art or writing as well as deep contemplation of life’s biggest questions. Amethyst has been used in jewelry since ancient times by many different cultures around the world. Ancient Egyptians used it as an adornment for their Pharaohs while the Greeks made goblets out of it to honor the gods at feasts and celebrations. In some Native American cultures, Amethyst is seen as a symbol of strength and courage. They often use it in smudging rituals meant for cleansing negative energy or setting up strong boundaries of protection between them and external forces. Amethyst has also been used extensively over time in divination practices like scrying where one peers into a reflective surface (such as an Amethyst crystal) in order to access information from the spirit world or beyond our conscious understanding. When placed under one’s pillow at night, Amethyst is said to promote vivid dreams that can help with dream recall or provide insights into spiritual matters such as past lives or future events yet to come. No matter what your beliefs are surrounding crystals and magickal practice, there's no denying the unique beauty of an Amethyst stone! Its rich purple hue has made it a favorite amongst jewelers throughout history – from ancient Egypt all the way up through modern day fashion trends. Carnelian: Carnelian is associated with: Increased Energy Brings Vitality Provides Confidence Balances The Libido Enhances Sexuality Increases Creativity Provides Motivation Eliminates Procrastination Increases Self-Esteem Very Stabilizing and Grounding Improves Concentration Helps You Overcome Abuse Protects Against Anger & Rage Provides Motivation Increases Manifestation Increases The Metabolism Brings Joy & Happiness Boosts Fertility Encourages Empowerment Carnelian is a type of chalcedony quartz and is often transparent or semi-transparent. It’s found in shades of red, orange, and brown. Carnelian has been around for thousands of years and has been used to create jewelry, weapons, tools, and decorations. Historically, Carnelian was believed to be a powerful stone that could provide protection against negative energies and promote courage and strength in those who wore it. In magickal practices, Carnelian is known as a “stone of motivation” because it encourages positive action and boosts confidence. It is also believed to help one stay grounded by connecting them with their true purpose in life. As an orange-red stone, Carnelian is associated with the root chakra which governs physical health as well as abundance and security on the material plane. This makes Carnelian a useful stone for manifesting goals related to money or career paths. When working with Carnelian, it can be placed over the root chakra during meditation to bring about feelings of calmness and stability. When worn as jewelry or incorporated into talismans for rituals, Carnelian can act as an anchor that helps keep one focused on their path despite any earthly challenges they may face. Overall, Carnelian is believed to have deeply spiritual properties that bring out the best in people in terms of courage and motivation. By helping balance the root chakra and increasing feelings of safety in regards to material wealth, this gemstone provides many opportunities for spiritual growth while still allowing individuals to remain firmly rooted in reality. Green Moss Agate: Green Moss Agate is associated with: Is Abundant in Earth energy Incredibly Grounding Balancing to The Entire Energy System Provides Stability Increases Wealth and Abundance Inspires Luck and Good Fortune Increased Success Provides Peace Calms Mood Swings Promotes Forgiveness Brings Happiness Stone of New Beginnings Promotes Business Success Expands Consciousness Known as The Gardeners Atone (Add Green Moss Agate to Your Garden) Connects You to Nature Reduces Drama Attracts New Friends Attracts Love Taps Into Healing Energy Increases Self-Expression Provides Clarity Green Moss Agate is a magickal stone with a powerful history. It has been used for centuries to bring strength, healing, and protection to its wearer. The power of Green Moss Agate lies in its natural coloration, which ranges from light green to deep forest green. This coloration is due to the presence of iron oxide deposits within its mineral composition. The presence of these deposits gives Green Moss Agate its unique properties that can be used to benefit one's spiritual and physical well being. The earliest known use of Green Moss Agate dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed to have the power to ward off disease and plague. During medieval times, Green Moss Agate was revered for its ability to protect against envy and malicious intent. In modern times, Green Moss Agate continues to be used for its protective qualities as well as aiding in connection with nature spirits and enhancing one's psychic abilities. In addition, people have found that wearing Green Moss Agate helps them find balance in life and connect with their inner self on a deeper level. In crystal healing practices, Green Moss Agate is said to help increase mental clarity while promoting stability in all aspects of life including emotional stability, physical health, financial security and career success. It is also believed that this magickal stone can aid in relieving stress and anxiety while helping one achieve feelings of inner peace and tranquility. Green Moss Agate is known as a grounding stone as it works effectively at connecting one’s spirit with the earth's energy field while providing a sense of security within oneself Additionally, it also helps open and cleanse the throat chakra allowing positive energy exchange between individuals and between body/mind/spirit relationships As such, it can be very helpful for those who struggle with communication issues or emotional blockages Furthermore, Green Moss Agate can assist in activating the heart chakra helping open up the flow of love into our lives Green Moss Agate has many metaphysical properties but must always be treated with respect due to its powerful magickal energies; therefore, it should only ever be purchased from reputable sources or gifted from someone who knows how handle such an item properly. If you intend on using this gemstone for any type of ritual workings then ensure you research carefully beforehand as some rituals may require more advanced knowledge Overall Green Moss Agate is an incredibly powerful magickal tool that has been used since ancient times for both physical protection as well as spiritual growth Its ability to help us connect more deeply with ourselves on an intuitive level makes it invaluable when we need guidance or assistance navigating through difficult times or major life changes Whether you choose wear this crystal or simply keep it close by remember always show gratitude towards your precious piece. Cherry Blossom Agate: Cherry Blossom Agate is associated with: Known As The Crystal of Dreamers Encourages Goal-Setting and Goal Completion Increases Motivation Encourages You to “Reach For The Stars” Great For Entrepreneurs Nurtures Dreams Fires Up Passions Instills Maternal Feminine Energy Brings Balance & Serenity Is Comforting Increases Drive & Determination Brings Forward Growth Protects Against Self-Doubt Helps You Achieve Your Full Potential Cherry Blossom Agate is a beautiful and mysterious stone with a long history of being used for spiritual and magickal purposes. It is believed to bring the user joy, pleasure, luck, and inner peace. The gemstone itself has a creamy pink or peach hue to it, which is why it got its name Cherry Blossom Agate. It typically has black spots scattered among the lighter colors, giving it an interesting and unique look. Throughout history, Cherry Blossom Agate has been used as a talisman of protection in many cultures around the world. The belief was that its gentle hues could ward off negative energy and provide spiritual balance to the user. Because of this power, early shamans often used the stone during rituals to help invoke visions and wisdom from their deities. In addition to its protective qualities, Cherry Blossom Agate also offers metaphysical healing properties. It is believed this stone can help purify one’s mind and body by clearing away negative emotions such as fear or anger that may be hampering one’s progression or wellbeing. Cherry Blossom Agate can also aid in releasing physical tension from the body while helping one relax into meditation or deeper states of consciousness. Many people swear by this gemstone's ability to increase patience and clarity when making difficult decisions in life. Cherry Blossom Agate also has associations with fertility; this gemstone was once thought to increase sexual desire and promote passion between two partners. Because of this belief, many couples would exchange these stones as a token of their love for each other during wedding ceremonies or other special occasions. Furthermore, some cultures believe that wearing or carrying Cherry Blossom Agate can draw good fortune into your life by ushering in positive changes such as financial success or heightened intuition abilities. Overall, Cherry Blossom Agate is an incredibly powerful gemstone with strong metaphysical properties associated with protection and healing energies that can help restore inner peace within oneself while bringing good luck for those who choose to use it as part of their magickal practice. Whether you just want to wear it out of admiration for its beauty or use it to enhance your spiritual practice, you are sure not regret having this stone on your side. Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is associated with: Brings an Abundance of Love Increases Compassion and Empathy Heals Heartbreak Instills Trust and Fidelity Encourages Friendship Dissolves Past Trauma (Especially Related to Love) Increases Self-Worth Brings About Forgiveness and Understanding Helps You Find Your True Love Encourages Self-Love Restores Harmony Helps Alleviate Depression and Anxiety Promotes Unconditional Love Facilitates Romance Releases Anger, Resentment, and Jealousy Enhances Inner Peace and Serenity Brings a Gentle Energy Into The Room Helps You Overcome Doubts Dissolves Isolation Prevents Nightmares Enhances Creativity Brings in Feminine Energy Increases Fertility Rose Quartz is believed to be the most important crystal for love and relationships, as well as being known for its healing properties and ability to help people connect to their spiritual selves. Mined from all around the world, Rose Quartz is said to have originated in Egypt, where it was used in jewelry and ritual objects. Rose Quartz was also popular among ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese cultures for its beauty and power. Rose Quartz has a wide range of metaphysical properties that are said to bring about a sense of peace, unconditional love, compassion, understanding, balance, calming energy, clarity of thought, protection from negativity and emotional support. It is believed to be able to open the heart chakra so that one can more easily accept love into their life. When used in meditation or spiritual practice, Rose Quartz is said to promote serenity while cleansing one's aura of negative energy. It is also believed to aid in forgiveness by encouraging you to release grudges or grievances that may be blocking your progress on life's path. In terms of healing properties, Rose Quartz has been said to help improve circulation in the body and reduce stress levels. It is also thought to be beneficial for relaxation and reducing anxiety as it encourages gentle introspection when worn or held during meditation sessions or rituals. Ultimately, Rose Quartz can be used as an aid for self-care routines that help restore harmony between the mind and body by providing a soothing environment for contemplation and introspection. There are many ways in which it can be utilized - such as wearing jewelry made from Rose Quartz or placing pieces around your home - however doing so should always involve setting an intention first so that you can get the full benefits of this powerful stone. Fluorite: Fluorite is associated with: Cleansing The Aura Stabilizing Your Energy Field Reducing Stress and Anxiety Heightened Psychic Awareness Promotes Quick Thinking Helps Us Tap Into Our Subconscious Mind Increasing Creativity Encourages Better Concentration Enhances Manifestation Increases Self-Assurance Clears Mind of Distractions Provides Protection Help Connect to The Spirit Is Incredibly Balancing Inspires Serenity & Peace Assists in Organization Absorbs Negative Energy Stone of Growth Harmonizes All Chakras Encourages Learning and Education Opens Roads & Removes Road-Blocks Encourages Independence Promotes Clarity Fluorite is a beautiful crystal, found in many colors and fascinating shapes. Its metaphysical properties have made it a popular choice for magickal uses for centuries. Fluorite has a long history of being used to ward off evil spirits and protect from danger. It was often placed near entrance ways or hung from the neck of an individual to keep them safe. Ancient Egyptians used Fluorite for statues, carvings, amulets and jewelry. They believed the stone had protective energies that could ward off negative spirits and evil forces. In Northern Europe, Fluorite was once believed to help people communicate with nature spirits. It was also used to alleviate fear and confusion since it was thought to promote inner peace and harmony while helping people find clarity in times of chaos or distress. Fluorite is said to be one of the most powerful stones when it comes to warding off negative energy, protecting against psychic attacks and shielding the user from spiritual harm. In addition to its protective capabilities, Fluorite can be used for healing purposes as well. Some traditions claim that Fluorite can help treat disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia by releasing stuck energies within the body and allowing balance to return once more. The crystal also has strong links with creativity and inspiration which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to open up their imagination or gain insight into their life’s purpose. As Fluorite is associated with balance, it can be extremely helpful when working on any type of transformation or shifting a perspective on life's circumstances. Fluorite is widely known for its ability to boost mental capacity by enhancing focus and concentration levels; this makes it a great option for students who need extra motivation when studying or making decisions about their future career paths. The crystal can also help increase intuition when facing complex problems or emotional challenges as well as providing insight during meditation practice by allowing emotional blockages to be released more easily through gentle energetic vibrations. Finally, Fluorite is often used as a tool of divination - whether through scrying (a form of fortune telling) which involves gazing into a piece of fluorite in order to gain knowledge or insight into potential events or outcomes - or simply by carrying pieces with you throughout your day-to-day life in order to increase focus and productivity levels while decreasing stress levels along the way! Labradorite: Labradorite is associated with: Offers Protection Deflects Toxic Energies and People Reduces Anxiety, Fear, and Stres Increases Intuition and Psychic Awareness Provides Serenity and Calming Energy Enhances Imagination Encourages Creativity Expands Your Awareness Facilitates Lucid Dreaming Encourages Increased Spiritual Growth Gives Inspiration Shields Your Aura Helps You Discover Your Destiny Known As The Witches Stone Use in Divination Awakens Your Magickal Abilities Stimulates Synchronicity Helps You Develop Ideas Encourages Spirit Work Stone of Transformation Increases Manifestation Labradorite is a stone of transformation and magick. With its powerful energy, Labradorite can help us to better understand ourselves, and the universe around us. It is believed to have been used by ancient cultures to access deep spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. Labradorite is an iridescent gemstone known for its remarkable play of light, or “labradorescence”. This effect occurs when tiny platelets within the stone scatter light in a beautiful array of colors. The most common colors you will see in Labradorite are blue, green, yellow, and orange; sometimes flashes of pink or red are present as well. Labradorite has been found in many places around the world, including Finland (where it got its name), Canada, Mexico, Madagascar, and Scandinavia. The Inuit people of Canada’s Nunavut territory have long viewed Labradorite as sacred and have traditionally used it for magickal purposes such as banishing negative energies from the home and body. They also believed that Labradorite allowed them access to their ancestors’ spirits through their dreams. The metaphysical properties of Labradorite are said to encourage introspection and connect the soul with higher realms. It encourages us to stay true to our inner self no matter what challenges may come up in life; this allows us to manifest our deepest desires into reality with ease. Additionally, Labradorite can help open our psychic abilities allowing us to better understand our intuition while also providing protection against negative energies that could otherwise inhibit these abilities. Labradorite is also known for promoting creativity and self-expression along with reducing stress levels; this makes it ideal for anyone looking for internal reflection or mental clarity during times of difficulty or darkness in their lives. As a bonus side effect of its protective powers, it can also reduce anxiety and increase feelings of relaxation when placed upon the body or held close during meditation sessions. In addition to its spiritual properties, Labradorite is thought to provide physical benefits as well – from boosting mental clarity and improving eyesight over time to aiding respiratory ailments such as bronchitis or asthma when worn on the body during everyday activities like walking or gardening. Finally, some believe that wearing this stone can even attract good luck into one’s life! The history behind Labradorite gives us insight into how magical this stone truly is – whether you choose to use it for metaphysical work or simply appreciate it aesthetically from afar.

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    Welcome to Please make sure to follow us on Pinterest , Facebook , and Instagram to learn about all things related to witchcraft, crystals, and the law of attraction. Years ago, several of us witches got together and wondered what it would be like to create a coven of witches that all subscribed to our own individual paths and worked together to try and help other people with our individual gifts. This is how Life Spirits Society of Magick was born. As a result, Life Spirits has helped tens of thousands of people and has made a very inclusive and loving community for anyone and everyone who wants to learn about magick or get some help from the experts. Testimonials and Success Stories We are proud of our work and the success our clients have been able to manifest with our help. You can find all kinds of real and verifiable success stories on Etsy, Ebay, and on social media which are the result our clients get when they come to us for our expert care and advice. More Success Stories Quick View Cauldron of Secrets Oracle Tablets Instant Download. Printable Oracle Tarot Rune Price $7.00 Quick View Celestial Crystal Whispers Oracle Tablets. Printable Oracle Tarot Rune Cards. Price $7.00 Quick View Wings of Destiny Butterfly Oracle Tablets Instant Download. Price $7.00 Quick View 90's Girl Oracle Card Tablet Instant Download. Printable Oracle Tarot Rune Cards Price $7.00 Shop & Search At Life Spirits Society of Magick, we offer a wide selection of spells, potions, enchanted jewelry and everything and anything you may need to design your dream life. Feel free to use your intuition to channel what products and services are the best fit for you and your situation. FAQ Page About Us We have been helping clients online for over 12 years with too many success stories to count. We continue to hone our skills and continue to study the latest research on metaphysics and quantum physics so that our clients can benefit from our knowledge and craft. Blog Posts Robin has been practicing magick for over 40 years and considers herself an Eclectic Hedge Witch. Robin specializes in love spells and has helped thousands of people find love or reunite with their soulmate. She truly has a gift when it comes to complicated love situations. Robin is passionate about the law of attraction and spends her time teaching and writing on the subject. She spends her free time with her children, soulmate and their menagerie of dogs and cats. High Priestess Robin & Sacha Audra is an Eclectic Chaos Witch who specializes in black magick, voodoo, hoodoo, and blood magick. She has studied extensively under some of the most powerful witches in the world and apprenticeship under James who is a world famous bokor. James and Audra together are known to make the impossible, possible. On the side, Audra runs her very successful Etsy shop RubywitchDesigns which has an average rating of 5 stars with nearly 8,000 sales. If you are dealing with a complicated situation, Audra is your witch! High Priestess Audra Robin & Audra pojj125456 opijhgbnmk4569 dfghjbn89545 29597823_10213728257188099_1365056214173718137_n 29570937_10213728254188024_7791336930446302164_n fjhbnm78945 29683212_10213728259908167_3001633377436731880_n werdcgb8452 dfgh965 29542439_10213728260828190_2003430886218745637_n 29572338_10213728261948218_6825935258633674062_n aisdhkbjn87465132 29541600_10213728260428180_884929101409976180_n

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    FAQ Can I call you on the phone? ​ Having a business line would be extremely difficult due to the fact that our work schedules fluctuate on a weekly basis. Our company is not "typical" and does not have set business hours. In the past, when we've given folks our phone number to contact us, they'd spend hours on the phone with us venting, which made it impossible for us to get any other work done. Audra has been kind enough to allow people to text her directly at (512) 734-7211, but if you call, she probably wont pick up as this is her personal line and she does not answer the phone from numbers she does not recognize. Any excessive harassment on her line will get you blocked, so please be respectful of her phone number. However, we (mainly Robin) are both open to doing phone consultations to help you with your case, life coaching at a cost of $45 for 30 minutes or $90 for a hour. You'll need to contact Robin at to set something up. Our time and expertise is valuable, therefor if you'd like an in-depth conversation, we would need to schedule you in. ​ ​ Anchor 1 What forms of payment do you accept? ​ At the moment we only take paypal. Thankfully, paypal will allow you to order from us using your credit or debit card, even if you do not have a paypal account. They also offer a buy now/pay later option for select buyers. If you'd like to open a paypal account please visit . ​ Anchor 2 How long after I place a order do I get a conformation email? ​ You should get two emails right after you place your order. One will come from Paypal and the other will come from ​ The email from Life Spirits Society of Magick is your order confirmation. It will include your order and a order number. This lets you know that we have been notified of your order and our system has automatically put your order in our “to-do” box. We will see it that day or the very next day when we get back on our computer. ​ Both of these emails (from Paypal and Life Spirits) are sent automatically from both after you successfully make a payment, so if you didn't get it, they could be in your spam folder or there is a problem with one of the sites or the email you gave when you checked out. In this case, simply contact Robin at or fill out our contact form and we will help. ​ You might also receive an email from Robin or Audra within 5 days of your order letting you know when your order will be cast and when you will receive your update. Typically on spells that have a certain day listed that we cast (like any of the Full Moon or New Moon Boosts) you won't get an email letting you know when it will be cast as it would be redundant. Your order confirmation is confirmation you're on the schedule for those nights you bought spell-work for. If you don't hear from us in 7 days please shoot us a email just checking on it and we will get back to you right away. Higher volume times and huge cosmic events tend to slow things down a bit. ​ ​ Anchor 3 I would like to buy a spell for another person, but I don't want them to know about it, is that ok? ​ Of course! We get plenty of people who come to us to help people they care about who wouldn't be aware of the spell. It is no different than praying for someone. ​ If your spell does come with something, you might want to let us know ahead of time so we can customize it for your situation or help advise you how to go about using that potion elixir, talisman, or charm on behalf of someone else. ​ Anchor 4 What kind of magick does Life Spirits Society of Magick use? ​ We are unique in that we are a society more than a actual coven. We do call ourselves a coven even though its not entirely accurate though. We are all solitary in our own practice and each have a certain type of magick, tradition or customs we each individually subscribe to. Most of us are considered eclectic witches. Several witches in our society (you can call us a coven if it's easier) join our two high priestesses (Robin & Audra) cast our spellwork form the site when they are available or if there is an order that they specifically are required to help us with. ​ ​If you are not familiar with witchcraft, you might have never heard of the term eclectic witch. An eclectic witch is free to pick and choose from different traditions to form our own personal path. Robin and Audra are proficient in a wide variety of traditions and types of magick as they've extensively studded and practiced magick and spell craft for decades. ​ You might noticed a few spells mention the name James. James is a bokor. James is not technically part of our society as he is strictly solitary, but he works along side Audra so often on behalf of several of our clients and so it made sense to add a few of their combined spells on the site to allow other people the rare opportunity to have a chance at having a bokor cast on your behalf. ​ James does have his own business on the side and is available for very sensitive and complicated situations, but only through the referral and help of Audra as he is incredibly choosy about who has access to him. Working with a bokor is an incredibly intense and unique experience for most people. ​ James is available for readings which start at $150 a session. If you'd like his help in addition to using our services, please let Robin know and she will hire him on your behalf. Do be warned though, he does not mince words. He will tell you like it is, but he will offer solutions for those problems that pop up. ​ ​ Anchor 5 How long will it take to manifest? ​ ​ We offer folks a time line (3 moon cycles) for when their updated positive energy and vibration should begin assisting them in manifesting their spells. This is our standard response that we give out when asked because it is how long it typically takes us spell casters to shift our own energy. This is not the rule and should not be viewed as such. ​ The 3 moon cycles time line is dependent on how well our customers follow our instructions and how complicated their case is. Your time line will be just as unique to your situation and vibration as your spell-work is. So this is a general time line, but not obviously written in stone. You should not worry if you're not seeing too much (if any progress) by a certain time. Don't allow the obsession of the 3 moon cycle time line cause additional stress and anxiety as it's completely counter productive to your success. ​ Any spell caster that can offer you instant results is trying to scam you since there is no way to guarantee instant results. Please do not judge real witches based on bad experiences or expectations given to you by those who are posers and just out to make a quick buck. A real witch will give you realistic expectations and help you with the process. ​ Since all situations are unique, the time line of manifestation will be unique to that person and their situation. The situation of someone wanting to establish a new relationship will be different from that of someone trying to win back their unfaithful spouse. There is a large amount of contrast between the two situations. ​ A person who is suffering with an unfaithful spouse has a lot of negative energy to sort through and usually a lot of trust issues that need to get cleared away. Whereas the individual looking to establish a new relationship is a lot more excited and trusting of the process making that individual more likely to be able to raise their vibration quickly and have a much faster full manifestation of their spell-work. ​ Some people will see results right away, but for most it will take longer. We have clients who see results the day of the spell (this is rare though) but for most, it will take weeks to months to even show signs of results. Since each person and their energies are different, their success times are different too. ​ Thus it stands to reason that your outcomes will differ from those of others so don't get into a habit of comparing and expecting the same results in the same amount of time. Since your case is unique, we cater to you on an individual bases for better results. ​ You are technically in charge of your spell manifesting! We can only help by giving you advice on how to control and manage your energy to ensure manifestation. ​ ​Magick is like a little seed. It starts off small, but is complicated, if it is given love and attention in the forms of positive energies, patience, and faith, your little seed will grow into something strong and beautiful. But if you surround your magick with negative energies, doubt, and impatience it will be like weeds and can damage and even choke your magick so that it will take longer to manifest if at all. ​ You won't go anywhere if you decide right away to give your case only three moon cycles and then move on if nothing happens by then. This is because you're indicating to the Universe that this is a gamble, not a commitment. You have to agree to wait as long as it takes and ironically, that usually is what helps it manifest incredibly fast. In having that outlook, you are removing all anxiety, fear, and expectations which shift your vibration to where it needs to be for manifestation. The Universe falls in love with a stubborn heart! Conviction and commitment will get you exactly what you're asking for! ​ Because it is human nature to worry, I want you to know we are here for you to give you advice and to lift you up through friendship and positive energy boosts which we will do for free each time you request them! So, please utilize this service because we want your spell to manifest. We put our heart and soul into this on your behalf, your success is personal to us! ​ ​ What will make my spell-work manifest faster? Manage your energy! ​ Most witches will tell you to stay positive, patient, and have faith, and that is true, but there is so much more to it than that. ​ You need to be aware of your energy and use it to direct your spell-work in the direction you want it to go. You are responsible for how and when your spells manifest. Since we know this might be confusing to you, especially since you might not be too familiar with spell-casting, we are here to help you. ​ In fact, most of our time outside of casting spells is spent trying to help our customers learn how to manifest them. We spend our time doing this at no additional cost to you because we want you to succeed. ​ The best way to manage your vibration (or energy) is to start using and implementing the law of attraction. Us witches have been using the law of attraction since the beginning of witchcraft even though we didn't use that specific phrase for it. However, in a nutshell, that is basically what witches use to get our own spells to manifest for us as quickly as possible. ​ Robin and Audra have heaps of information on the law of attraction and how to apply it to spellwork as it's a bit different than what you'd typically do when using the law of attraction. They've both written blogs and articles for other sites about It. They both have individually life coached customers on the concept. So, please read our blog posts in the Law of Attraction section of our blog page to start familiarizing yourself with the process. ​ Audra is a big fan of using switch words for those who have a hard time using the law of attraction as there is a lot of science and psychology behind switch words to shift your energy subconsciously. She can help you come up with some switch words you can use for your own personal situation. Email her at audra@lifespiritssocietyofmagick to get some help with your own personal switch words. ​ You may also contact Robin at for some personalized help. ​ Life Spirits Society of Magick also has a Facebook group you are welcome to join to get extra help and advice on magick, switchwords, and the law of attraction. You c an request to join HERE. ​ ​ Is it ok to get a psychic reading while waiting for a spell to manifest? ​ In my experience, it is a really bad idea. We adamantly advise against it, especially if you go to a reader that is not on our “safe” list. ​ Here is why: If you get bad news from a psychic and he/she says things are not going to work out for you, you might decide to give up, thus your spell(s) will go stagnant and our hard work will be for nothing. On the other side if he/she gives you good news and says it will happen on a specific date and that date comes and goes, you will be very disappointed and again might decide to give up. ​ If you'd like to get a reading, please do so before getting any work done, but take it as seriously as you would a message in the fortune cookie you receive with your fried rice! ​ The law of attraction is going to help you more than any psychic ever would, and so I'd save your money and write the next chapter of your life yourself instead of letting someone use their guess work to tell you what is coming your way. ​ You are in control of your path. Do not hand over your future to a psychic who gives you a reading and lets their power of suggestion decide your fate! ​ If you still can't control yourself and NEED a reading, at the very least, hire James. His readings are accurate and he can help with additional spellwork to ensure anything that needs changed, gets changed. Email Audra or Robin to inquire if James is available for a readin g. ​ ​ Do you offer psychic readings? ​ Yes, but on a very limited basis since we do not advise them. ​ If you'd like a tarot card or oracle card reading, Audra will do them if she has time and feels like it would benefit you or at the very least not cause you harm. She will take pictures and give you a very detailed report of what your cards mean. She usually charges per hour (which includes the cost of typing up your report) and charges $50 a hour. Most readings are between $25-$75 depending on how many cards you ask to get drawn and the type of reading you get. You can contact her at to set something up. ​ James, the bokor will do readings for our clients if he feels drawn to a certain client. We set up the reading on your behalf. On some occasions, we will have to refund you fully because he does not have time or does not feel a connection to you, but we promise to fully refund you if this is the case. ​ James' readings are $150 and include some spell-work. He typically does an initial reading, does spell-work to correct some of the problems that pop up, then does an additional reading to see if that spell-work will be successful for you. He gives Audra or Robin his final report and allows for any follow up questions you have. He does not meet with our clients face to face. If you want to work with James, you will need to do so though Audra or Robin. If you would like to hire James to do a reading for you, please contact Robin at and she will get in touch with James to see if he is available. ​ Other than Audra and James, we do not yet approve of other psychics. We are incredibly picky about who we recommend since we know there are a lot of readers who do not know what they are truly doing, can read energy more than the future, or are just plain scammers. We do not want any outside forces to cause you any harm. ​ If you are a reader and are interested in getting on our approved list please do contact Robin. She is open to it for maybe our facebook group , but only on a case by case basis and after she vets you extensively! ​ ​ Can I use your services if I'm already getting spells done by another caster? ​ You are more than welcome to work with different casters. However, please be advised that their instructions are probably going to be different than ours. You will need to make sure you don't apply their directions to our spells and vice-versa. We also cannot advise you on their spells as we are not familiar with them. ​ It would be rare that another witches spell-casting causes conflicts with our own as we do protection spells on our work, but I can not say that our spells would conflict with that they do. Usually is isn't a problem though, especially as plenty of people use more than one caster. ​ ​ Do you cast during the appropriate moon cycle? ​ A lot of newbies get really caught up in the correct moon cycles. It is a myth that you need to cast during a certain moon cycle to ensure your spell works. It can help, especially if you are very connected to the energy of the moon, but it is completely unnecessary and so we will not automatically schedule your spell for the appropriate moon cycle unless requested. ​ Most experienced witches cast when they want to and don't follow a certain schedule if it's urgent. Robin sometimes follow the moon cycles her own spells while Audra almost never does. ​ Us witches definitely like to celebrate and honor the moon cycles. Witches are very connected to the moon's energy, but we also know that we are the most important tool and bring the most important energy to the table. This is especially true of eclectic witches. At Life Spirits, we usually boost our spells that we previously cast on the New or Full Moon, but we do not feel pressured into waiting for the perfect timing on the initial cast. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to get your spells boost during the Full or New Moon when we do our monthly boosts. ​ If you are worried about casting during the wrong moon cycle, you can always email Robin and ask that your spell work be cast during the correct moon cycle. We do charge extra for this since we offer Full Moon and New Moon Boosts almost each month and so the time slots are usually full of people who are getting spells boosted during those times, but if it gives you more faith and piece of mind, then it is worth it! ​ What if I want to order my spell to be cast on the full or new moon? ​ We gladly take new orders for both the Full and New Moon. Usually a few days before the Full or New Moon, we have a listing for a Full or New Moon Boost available to purchase and any new spells you buy along with the boost will automatically get cast with your boost. That is the most financially advantageous way to ensure your spells get cast during the Full or New Moon and the boosts usually come with an additional themed spell or potion oil for free. They're worth getting each month. You can track the moon cycles with this link HERE to help remind you when we will have the next boost up. You wont see it up if we are already booked up. It is on occasion (specifically during very exciting lunar activities) that this will happen. Do email us though and see if we can still squeeze you in. If you don't want to get the boost but want to ensure your spell is cast during the appropriate moon cycle or on a specific day (like Friday the 13th or another special day to you), it will cost an additional $20 per spell. Please get in touch with Robin or Audra before ordering so we can ensure we have room to honor your request. ​ ​ What is the fail rate on spells? We have a very high success rate which we are very proud of, but ultimately the success of our spells depend on our clients. ​ Faith, positive energy and patience are not optional for spells to manifest... they are required! Using the law of attraction is required! Not everyone can or is willing to do what it takes to get their spells to manifest. ​ Unfortunately we are living in a world of instant gratification and some people give up if they don't see results immediately. This is an unfair and unrealistic expectation placed on magick and those of us who cast spells. Most of those I see that get zero or very little results, fail because they do not want to listen to my instructions or give up hope because they did not get the results in the time frame they set. ​ One thing you need to realize is that YOU don't get to set the time frame... the universe does. When you ask the universe for a gift, you can't then tell the universe how and when it will happen for you. You need to ask, believe and receive. ​ Following the instructions we give you is required for success, we know what we are doing, and so when we tell a person not to do something or to make sure they do something and they don't, it is not fair to wonder why it didn't work. ​ To be blunt: If you can't take directions and if you can't remain patient, positive and have faith... magick is not for you. Period. We only want to work with people who are serious about this since we put a lot of time, energy and emotion into what we do. It's is not fair to seek out our services if you only want to experiment, gamble or play with magick because of curiosity. If you come to us, you need to be willing to do your part and reach out to us if you need help. ​ We get emotionally connected to our customers and their cases and so we are more than willing to do anything it takes to get you success and help you get manifestation. ​ ​ Do you recast our spells if we don't see results and if so, what is the cost? ​ If you don't see results within 4 moon cycles, we will do a full recast for free after we consult with you and try to figure out what is going on. Usually it means we need to help you a bit with your energy or your case might need a bit more energy from us since your case is more complicated than originally anticipated. This is not uncommon, so it is nothing you need to worry about. Us witches need to recast our on spells too. It all has to do with energy. We do up to 3 re-casts and any spell for free since we want you to get results. Your success is our success and so we want to work with you as long as you will allow me, so we can achieve this! ​ ​ Will your spells cause harm to come to me or anyone else ? ​ If you get a spell designed to protect you by causing harm to another, then yes, our spell will harm your target. However, you will never receive bad karma or any other harm from getting those types of spells cast by us on your behalf. ​ We are very careful to ensure that no one who is innocent will ever be harmed with our magick. We take great pride in the fact that our spells are powerful, but are not dangerous. Our spells are safe enough to use on/for children. We always do protection spells before and after to ensure our spells never back-fire or cause any negative results or energy for our clients. If I feel there will be something negative from the spell, I will stop and inform that person that this is not the right spell for them and either give a full refund or figure out what would be better. ​ You are in VERY good and experienced hands with Life Spirits Society of Magick. ​ ​ Are there side effects I'll notice after getting spells cast for me? ​ Probably. It's very common for you to receive some physical and emotional side effects when you have a spell cast on you. Not everyone gets these side effects (Audra rarely experiences them) and that is natural and ok. It just means you are lucky! The biggest side effect we hear about is a mild headache. However, you might experience dizziness, vivid dreams, slight stomach upset, chills, hot flashes, and usually a over all sense of excitement and calm Emotionally you might even feel a bit more anxious, a little blue, slight agitation, immense happiness, feelings of peace and calm, and might even experience a huge release of emotions you were not expecting. All these symptoms should disappear in a couple days to a couple months depending on how sensitive you are to the magick. Most people welcome these signs since it reminds them that their spell is actually starting to take off, but if you feel overwhelmed, email Robin or Audra and we can slow down the spell-work so it is not as intense. Another trick to dealing with possible side effects is to drink tons of extra water. Water is energy conducive, so the more hydrated you are, the better you'll receive the energy from spell-work. If you're dehydrated, you might have some slightly uncomfortable symptoms, but this might help bolster your faith in the spell-work sinc e you can feel proof of it working. ​ I just got a spell, but things are getting worse, not better. Did it backfire? ​ Our spells will not backfire on you. It is nearly impossible for them to do so. ​ I c an bet you what is going on is you have not given it enough time (remember rule of thumb is at least 3 moon cycles!) The energy is not strong enough from stopping problems that were already going to pop up anyway. ​ Some situations actually need to get worse before they can get better. You don't want to bury something really big because it is likely to pop up again and be even worse. Instead you want to be able to deal with it so that it is no longer a problem. This can be a healing crisis of sorts and usually if you ride it through with an open mind and positive spirit, you will see a big break through and major changes that turn out in your favor. You need to have faith in the Universe and faith in the process. ​ If things are getting worse, it means they are going to be on an upturn soon if you stay consistent and keep on course. Robin and Audra will assist you with additional free energy work (we call it a positive energy boost) and extra TLC while you wait out the storm, so please reach out to us. ​ ​ I emailed you the other day, and still have not heard back? ​ We have helped tens of thousands of people since we created this website over 10 years ago. This means we have a lot of customers past and present. There are a few things in particular that slow up the response time when it comes to our emails: ​ 1. Some people email us several times a day! So please refrain from emailing us more than once on a specific subject or follow up with your previous email instead of starting a whole new email chain. If everyone did this, our response time would go down dramatically! ​ 2. Robin herself gets around 100-200 emails daily, but has the most time to email on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So this means that there is never a time when there are not several hundred emails in her inbox. ​ 3. Life happens! We live at the edge of tornado ally so sometimes have storms that take the power out for a day or two each year. Usually at the start or end of winter! There are also times when we need a day off or do not feel well. We are human and yes, even the flu can hit us from time to time. ​ 4. People will ask questions already answered on the FAQ page. Please read this page in it's entirety and bookmark it. ​ We are not a normal business and so don't typically receive normal "business"inquiries. People constantly (and thankfully) come to us for emotional comfort and support. We provide a lot of emotional support freely because we believe it is our soul destiny to provide love and comfort to other people. One of our most important job as a witch is to be a ear to listen, but this is a BIG job and we need some time to do it! Please do not expect us to email you back the day you email us. We would if we could! If you do have an emergency, please make sure it is in fact an emergency and put "EMERGENCY" in your email subject line. You can email Robin at or Audra at ​ Why does my email from you sound generic? ​ If you are getting an instant reply to a email you just sent, it probably feels generic because it is. Every email gets a instant reply right after they email Robin since it will help direct them to other areas (ahem, this page) to answer questions. So you should expect to receive this same email each time you email Robin. ​ Audra does not have an auto reply on her email address, but she might in the future. ​ ​ When it comes to a email you receive about being on the schedule or a update on how your spell-work went, than those are also partially generic. If you and a friend or family member are getting spell-work done at the same time, you might notice some things are stated word for word in both emails if you compare notes. There is a reason for this. ​ Robin or Audra type out a template to use that day for updates. Here is an outline on how we do our update emails: ​ Hi Hon or Honey, (if Robin is writing you, otherwise Audra tends to use your first name) ​ A greeting and intro which is the same for everyone. ​ Your personalized spell updates from our notes, some advice to help you with anything we saw during you cast. This is all personalized to you! ​ Finally a ending that gives you information about what is going on cosmically, reminders about using the law of attraction, and any updates for the site. We customize each email for each customer but do use the same template email to start for everyone. Sinec there will be some information that everyone will receive or made privy too, it makes more sense to type it up generically. This is a very common business practice. ​ Emails we reply to will never be generic. We do not have or use pre-typed replies. Robin and Audra personally read all emails. You will always get a custom message back from us which is also why replies can take a bit of time. ​ I got a spell to help bring back a specific person, yet I am finding old lovers and just other people in general are starting to act interested in me. Does this mean my spell hit the wrong target? ​ I love this question because it happens so often and is so funny to me because it points to manifestation around the corner. Don't worry, it didn't hit the wrong target (you gave us the right name, right?) Ha ha! We do the spell on the person you named so it is not going to hit a old lover or a random person. The more information you give me on that specific person, the better it is for you. That is why the questionnaire is important. ​ More than likely, what is going on is your vibration has gone up because you are following directions which will draw in other people, but especially old lovers who might be psychically connected to you still. Your ex showing up after a love spell being cast on another person is also a good sign you might want to do a cord cutting on your unwanted suitor for better (and faster) results with the love spell you had cast on the other person. ​ Most of our love spells are also designed to make you more attractive, so you'll get noticed! This should make your confidence go up and so just enjoy the extra attention while you focus on and wait for your target to finally come around and get in tune with you. ​ ​ I got a love spell a long time ago and it didn't work and I moved on. Now he/she is back and wants a relationship. Why did it work once I gave up? I thought that would be against the law of attraction? ​ Actually you getting results after giving up is very much in line with the law of attraction and here is why: Since you were no longer worried and obsessed about what was going on between you and this person, you were not blocking your spell with your own fear and negative energy. You can be your own worst enemy when you are constantly desperate and worried about your spell work. Once you gave up, you also gave up those negative thoughts and emotions. Apathy is better than negative energy. So if you are someone who can't stop thinking and worrying, actually giving up those worries by letting go of that need to control will get you results. ​ ​ Do I get something in the mail and if so, how long does it take? Not all spells come with something that gets mailed out. It will say in the listing if it comes with something. ​ If you get a potion elixir oil, talisman, ring or a spell that comes with a charm, you will get something in the mail. ​ Robin will email you when you can expect the item you bought when she updates you. It usually gets sent the week after your update since Robin or Audra protection spells, and package everything up. If you would like a tracking number, please let us know and we will invoice you for the extra charge, otherwise it is sent first class without tracking for free. ​ Please note: If you live outside the US, we cannot ship you potion oils since too many have been taken at customs. ​ ​ What is your refund policy? ​ Refund Policy: The general rule is that once your spell(s) have been cast, do not expect a refund. We are using materials and time that we can not get back. Since we are the real deal, it costs us money to cast for you. We have to be compensated for this time, energy and materials. This also encourages you to take our work seriously and follow directions. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Robin and Audra. We take careful consideration of all the time, materials, and results before a refund, if any is granted. If a spell has not yet been started and you changed your mind about the casting or if we don't feel we can honestly help you a full refund will be offered right away. Do not expect any refund or contact from us if you are disrespectful or rude and/or have not followed any instructions from Robin, Audra, and members of Life Spirits Society of Magick. Rude and entitled behavior will get you blocked from our services and contact from us. A violation of our privacy policy (especially if you break the rules in our Facebook group) will also ban you from a refund and ensure no further contact with regards to your spells. We will go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy and have an amazing experience, but communication and a dedicated effort from you is key. We can't know how to fix problems that arise if we are not told about it in the first place. Our refund policy is listed in our Terms Of Service page (TOS) among with other things you legally agree to when you place an order. ​ ​. I t old Robin I wanted to give up and she didn't even try to stop me, why? ​ Robin has had people email her that continuing is too painful. They didn't want to continue using magick or the law of attraction. They would explain they they want to give up. Most of the time Robin will try and talk them off the ledge because she understands how overwhelming some circumstances can be. However, if the continue to be doubtful, negative, and are firm in their resolve to be done with everything, Robin will respect them and move on with them. If they expect Robin or Audra to keep trying to pacify their doubt and negativity, they are just coming to us to get attention and are not someone we can help anymore. To continue to work with a person like this is exhausting and feels like a mind game. It drains our energy and takes us away from people who are willing to let us help them. It is unfair to let this type of communication continue, so we make the difficult choice to stop associating with that client. ​ We can not be your motivation. If you are not motivated to do what it takes to manifest the life of your dreams, we are not going to be able to help you. This can be a hard and an emotional journey... especially with love spells. You have to be motivated to go through this hard and emotional journey to get results. You have to trust the process and believe that the Universe is on your side and your spell-work will manifest. If you tell us you give up... we will believe you, wish you luck and move on to those who are willing to follow instructions and are motivated for change. ​ Anchor 7 Anchor 6 I heard you're also on Etsy, what is your shop link? ​ ​ Life Spirits Society of Magick isn't on Etsy, however Audra's shop Ruby Witch Designs is on Etsy. Her shop is considered our "sister shop" but owned by her and only her. She will offer some potions from our site on Etsy, but we are technically two separate shops. She will have links to our site on Etsy, but our spells are only available though our site. ​ Audra's Etsy shop link can be found HERE. Her shop name is: RubywitchDesigns ​ As of March 2023, Audra has made almost 8,000 sales through RubywitchDesigns , and has an average rating of 5 stars with more than 3,000 reviews. She possesses the very coveted star seller badge. ​ Audra has proven herself a very successful spell-caster on several different platforms. Her record of success is outstanding and we are very lucky to have her as one of our high priestesses at Life Spirits Society of Magick! ​ ​ Are you on social me dia? ​ Yes, we are! We will have tons of giveaways, interesting content, and special sales for those who choose to follow us on social media. If you need to make a new account to use to follow us but keep your affiliation with magick a secret, please do so. It is worth connecting with us in this manner. ​ Here are those links for you: Instagram @lifespiritssocietyofmagick ​ Facebook- Life Spirits Society of Magick ​ Audra's Facebook Page ​ Pinterest @lifespiritssocietyofmagick ​ Facebook -RubywitchDesigns ​ ​ ​ I read you have a Facebook group, what is the link and what will I find in there? ​ Yes, we do. We are just opening it up late March of 2023 since we wanted to make sure we could dedicate some time to it, but we invite anyone who would like to learn about magick, switch words, the law of attraction, and crystals. Robin and Audra will visit often to answer questions, offer support, and make friends. ​ You'll be able to talk to other people who are getting spells cast by us, learn about magick from real witches, get advice on anything under the sun, get free spells, get a chance to get free merchandise from Audra's Etsy shop, see and talk to Robin and Audra both on live chat, get invited to exclusive meetings, get VIP promotions. ​ Once you ask to join and are approved, you will get VIP status! It is worth submitting an application to join (create a new Facebook account just to join in if you need to remain anonymous, just let us know who you are when you apply.) ​ You'll find the link to the group HERE! ​ ​ ​ ​

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    Life Spirits Loyalty Program Earn points and turn them into rewards Become a Member Sign Up Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program. Earn Points Purchase a product Get 1 point for every $1 spent Sign up to the site Get 50 points Redeem Rewards $50 to spend on the site. 500 Points = $50 off for all store products $10 to spend on the site. 100 Points = $10 off for all store products $20 to spend on the site. 200 Points = $20 off for all store products $30 to spend on the site. 300 Points = $30 off for all store products $40 to spend on the site. 400 Points = $40 off for all store products

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    Terms Of Service Privacy Policy : We take great pride that we protect the privacy of all of our clients, as your privacy is important to us. As part of Life Spirits Society of Magick, we have a right to practice our faith and express our ideas without reprisals from outside influences. You agree that all conversations should be respected as such between Life Spirits and all the clients of Life Spirits. ​ Any information distributed, copied, and, or proliferated by any clients without the sole discretion and permission of Robin Bird or Life Spirits, about; any active or nonactive clients, Robin Bird, associates of Life Spirits, and/or any associated family members therein... will cause those offenders to be terminated immediately as a client of Life Spirits and any legal action provided to Life Spirits will be taken against those who do breach this contract at our discretion. We also reserve the right to share communications to the public while still keeping private information private if we feel it necessary to absolve us from any false claims against us. ​ It is very common for witches to use pseudonyms and avatars for our protection due to a history of persecution against witches throughout history. You have to be accepting that Robin, Audra, and James might not be the actual names or images of the spellcasters working on your behalf. If this is a problem for you and you need to know the actual identity of your spellcaster, it is advised you seek help from another group. ​ Freedom to Practice Religion: Life Spirits is a coven or group of members who exercise their right as granted by the U.S. Constitution to practice their religion. Wiccan, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Hinduism and Christianity are just some of the religions practiced by our members. We will not be subjected to any harassment or hate crimes associated with our belief system. We will also not allow members of our message board to be subjected to harassment nor hate crimes associated with their belief system no matter what religion they personally subscribe to. All people who come to this site will have their IP address recorded. If we find anyone who commits any hate crimes against any member on our board or the members of Life Spirits or their families, we will file a report with the proper authorities in the area in which your IP address originates from. All religions should reside everywhere, for all of them desire self-control and purity of heart. Ashoka Rock Edict Nb7 The security of God is equal for all groups, Non-Muslim members have equal political and cultural rights as Muslims. They will have autonomy and freedom of religion- Constitution of Medina Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Article I -US. Constitution. "Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief."UN General Assembly Protection Policy: Its your right to not be hazed, harassed, cyber bullied, or defamed, based on some else's indifference to magick. We will defend our clients, their reputations, and those affiliated with Life Spirits, as well Robin Bird and associates of Life Spirits. ​ Refund Policy: The general rule is that once your spell(s) have been cast, do not expect a refund. We are using materials and time that we can not get back. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Robin Bird and Life Spirits. We take careful consideration of all the time, materials, and results before a refund, if any is granted. If a spell has not yet been started, a full refund will be offered right away. Those who ask nicely for a refund and who take the time and consideration to allow us to try and fix the problem first usually have been granted some sort of refund as a sign of good faith. But, you should go into this looking at is as if you are gambling with your money and not expect to get it back if things do not work the way you had hoped they would. Do not expect any refund if you are disrespectful or rude and/or have not followed any instructions from Robin Bird and associates of Life Spirits. A violation of our privacy policy will also ban you from a refund and ensure no further contact with regards to your spells. You are more likely to get a refund if you allow us to look into your problem and to show us that you are willing to follow advice given. Our work is a group effort between you and Life Spirits and if we do not feel as if you are putting in the effort you agreed to when you ordered your spell(s), it says to us you were not serious about your spells and do not care about our time, energy, and talents; and is quite frankly insulting. We usually will go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy, but communication from you is key. We can't know how to fix problems that arise if we are not told about it in the first place. Legal: State law classifies psychic readings and spell work as entertainment purposes only. We are for curio purposes only and no magick or results are guaranteed. When we obtained our business license, the State of Texas issued it under entertainment purposes only as that is their category for this type of establishment. So technically if you buy, you would be buying a novelty item for entertainment purposes and agree our services and products are nothing more, or nothing less per the law. Nothing is promised or guaranteed. You are taking a chance that nothing will work when you buy from us and agree that we are not held accountable for results if any from our services and or products. We request that you must be 18 years or older to make any purchases from Life Spirits unless your state or country prohibits the sale of occult items in your area. All spell work or advice from any member of Life Spirits can not be substituted for professional, legal, medical, financial, or psychiatric advice and or care. We do not make any medical or psychiatric claims and all items or services are bought with this knowledge. Required Reads: Please make sure that before the sale of spells or materials, you read in full our FAQ page. It gives instructions and gives you a look on what to expect from our services. We are a faith based service and will operate as such. Your faith, patience and ability to follow instructions are very important to the success of any work done for you. Communication: When you buy a spell from Life Spirits, you are purchasing a spell and the completion of that service. Once we complete your order, our role is fulfilled. Counseling is not part of the price nor should it be expected as you are buying spells only. But because we do care about customer satisfaction and do want to help people going though difficult times, Robin and the associates of Life Spirits will try our best to help out and reply to personal emails. Anyone who feel they are not getting what they paid for because they are not getting their personal emails answered in the time at which they feel they should be done, should realize this was not what you paid for. You paid for a spell. So please respect the fact that Robin and the associates of Life Spirits are busy assisting others and will get back to you shortly, but please remember, we are in no way obligated to do so. ​ Emails: We have several email addresses to address different concerns. Please make sure you use the correct email address when contacting us. Please use the contact us page for general questions and to email Robin directly please use the email Also there is a long wait for reply in most cases, but your patience shall be rewarded with thorough thought and care from the Life Spirits team. We may change the TOS at any time with out notice. So please do check back on a regular basis to keep updated.

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    Success Stories After having two money spells completed by Robin, I have successfully received some funds that had been owed to me and was fighting to get them back for months now! And that's not all! On the very same day, I found out that my medical benefits were approved, so I do not have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses any longer!!! I ordered a break up spell few weeks ago, and OMG i just found out that they broken up couple of weeks ago, this spell is fast and strong :) Thx Robin & her coven xxx M.AJ I am very happy with the result of Robin's work. In my case it took effect so fast, I may say, in a few days after the work because me and my man are in love already and he just needed to focus. I was so glad, and Robin was so nice and professional to work with. She emailed me back and sent me a letter. Thank you so much Robin! Just wanted to say thank you for all your help so far!!!! The voodoo break up spell worked!!! i got this done July 14th & it worked in a week plus tax,thanks so much for your help Robin and Covens!!! you are truly the best & most sweetest spell casters out there !!!! can't wait but gonna wait for results from the other 100 spells you casted for me lol, im addicted to Majick!! Looking fwd to results I ordered a few spells from Robin who is a sweet heart I don't want to go into alot of detail but I am starting to see a little movement with the result of my spells and I will be back to post when things come full circle.I still have a few more spells that I am awaiting casting and I am excited to see what happens "patience is a Virtue" My target and I do communicate now and things are looking brighter. Will be back with details. Thanks Robin and the coven! You guys Rock! hi robin ,firstly i want to thank robin for being patient with me and very kind.i purchased a lot of spells from robin past few months ,i know changes will happen very soon ,i have full faith in robin and her spell work,i am trying to be positive,and learning the LOA and trying my best to follow it, but its hard at times for me ,but i can do it.i trust robin and she is a real spellcaster ,believe me ,and have full faith in her . she helps everyone to be a good human being and follow the good path..robin is chosen by god to help and care for love and wishes for robin..:):) A friend of mine have stopped texting me due to getting back with his gf etc.. so i have missed him and ordered the contact me spell, a week later i saw @ the same place where i was partying, he came said hi and gave me a big hug, and by the end of the night he sent me a text and few days later he texted me telling me that he would like to hang out with me when ever i have time :) This spell worked so fast, Robin and the coven i thank you so much :) I've been ordering spells from Robin since mid may. I have to say few things happened, not to the final result but things are getting better.. I work from home and i love working from home so i've been getting more work than before so more money, also me and my ex lover were over for months and we got together one time few weeks ago, we are not back together but better than nothing and i'm hoping for more permanent results, also i ordered few weeks ago the beauty spell for my breasts and i see already changes in them, they are firmer and rounder than before... So thank you Robin & the coven for a wonderful job, it hasn't been 3 moon cycles and i'm getting some results :)) ​ ​ Hi Robin, well yet again you did it for me , my wealth spell cast on May 3rd and June 2nd have manifested , I asked to earn more money at work and for the past 2 weeks I have been asked to work extra hours at extra pay and it seems i will have it till end of Aug . This is my second spell that has worked for me :) Long may it last . Love you Robin and Coven x x x x Sandyon July 16, 2012 at 12:48 PM said: I purchase the Heal a Broken Fmaily Spell on June 28 to have me and my daughter relationship restore and have her speak to me and is looks like the spell start working, she begin to talk to me more and more. Thanks Robin I am so glad that I found you.Thanks again Sandy ​ Just wanted to say Robin has been awesome to work with! I'm not really one to go the spell route but I'm a firm believer in the LOA and when I came across Robin's info I definitely took it as a sign. The spells were only just casted but Robin has been professional and great to work with. I'd definitely recommend her and I know I'll get my desired results. Thanks Robin. I think three of Robin's spells have worked for me already. I do feel my skin is in better condition since the skin clear spell. I was also more focused while writing my master's thesis after using the pass the exam spell. I am also not as emotional and upset with my ex after using the heal a broken heart spell which I believe will help me with the law of attraction so that I can get success from my other spells, specifically my love spells. My love spells have yet to manifest, but I've had psychics letting me know they see a break up soon between my ex and his new gf. So that means the break up spell is working. I will be back with more positive results to report. DrQuinn ​ Just wanted to say Robin has been awesome to work with. I'm not really one to go the spell route but I'm a firm believer in the LOA and when I came across Robin's info I definitely took it as a sign. The spells were only just casted but Robin has been professional and great to work with. I'd definitely recommend her and I know I'll get my desired results. Thanks Robin. Stacy ​ all i can say is thansk to robin and her coven..since i have ordered my stopped to work for a while,but since i have wrote her that i have a problem...i saw only goood good things... defnately we have to rate A+++++ anonymous ​ I've been working with Robin since January 2012. I've ordered numerous spells from her. I'm seeing results from a few of them already. Following her instructions (FAQ page) to keep positive, patient, believe, and work on Law of Attraction, I've seen many opportunities in the job market come my way. I'm receiving almost a new opportunity per day. I've got a great job and happy with it so I was not actively searching. However, I'm been actively pursued for several jobs. Several companies have contacted me to consider working with them. Absolutely fabulous. Thank you Robin NT ​ I will like to say robin is the best and she is always there to help.I had 7 day love spell cast and my man friend came to me and we had dinner and went out to see some bands.Its was great and all because of robin.We had a great time for 4 days while my spell was being cast by robin.I get the head achs and a little dizzyness. i know my spell is working and its all because of robin and her magic.I have more to work on with this man.The headachs or not that bad.I would l;ike to say thanks robin for all you do to help everyone. Virginia campbell ​ ​ I wanted to write on here and talk about how positive Robin is. I've only known her two months and i feel as though she would do anything to help anyone. Since i've known her i've had a better out look on things. Plus the message board is a great place to talk to people who are going through the same thing. Everyone is supportive, so i suggest if you want to just be comforted by amazing people to also sign up for the board! Plus, just to show how positive Robin is, my mom became sick and I told her about my mom and she offered to help. She's asked how she is and gave me advice. She didn't have to, but did. That just shows how caring this lady is! Jess24 ​ I have ordered many spells from Robin. And I have good news on one. She helped me when I lost my job. I now have a new and better job thanks to her help. I appreciate all that Robin gas done and is doing for me and is still doing with the rest of my spells. She is my saving grace! Thank you Robin for your kindness and help. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Thank you thank you thank you! Anonymous ​ Robin is so supportive and caring and although I have not yet got my results (it has only been a couple of weeks), she takes the time to work through my anxieties. Robin really does go above and beyond any other spell caster I have dealt with! Songbird ​ Thank You!!! I'm starting to see changes. My face is starting to clear up. I'm so happy because I have had problems with my skin for years. I can't wait to see the final results. Once again Thank You Robin! I am so happy I found you. You are truly a Blessed woman. Ally ​ I cant express hoe amazing Robin caring & loving she real Robin is the real deal..i know ive said it before...but she has helped me in so many ways & not only do her spells work..but she is so sweet & caring...shes a great.friend....thanks Robin for all you do.& all you have done.for me & my kids will always.have a.special placs in our hearts....we love you Robin(: Anonymous ​ Robin and coven cast a 'make him think of me' spell 4 times around 2 and a half months ago. After a month and a half of the spell being cast my target told me via text message that he thought about me every minute of every day. He even tells me he's thinking about me so much that it's driving him crazy (in a good way). I can attest to the power of this spell, it even had me thinking about him constantly. My target and i aren't together yet but i have some other spells on the go so i know we will be :) Robin and coven are the best. Crystals ​ Robin is amazing!(: she helped me so much & believe me when I tell you law of attraction deffiently has a lot to do with spells are working there has been.a lil set.back but I have faith she will help me... Anonymous I would like to thank Ms.Robin and her coven.I ordered a find a good job spell for my brother last May.He has been unemployed for six months and as expected he did get a job,This job unlike the previous one is much nearer from where we lived so we are all very thankful.Im one of the proof that Ms.Robin spells works. B.208 ​ I had spells done last december.Initially i was very concerned bout the spells.later,i had family issues, And I had to forget the spells for a while. And guess wat!!! MY SPELLS WORKED:) My guy started calling me,though i kinda lost interest a lil due to a lot of issues i had. He started saying i look beautiful...he calls,msgs...the same guy who said "i hate u and i dont want to ever see u again"...i actually lost my charm few months back...but he is just back. I dont call him or run behind him anymore,but he calls me regularly. I havent commited yet but i am just surprised bout the spells. I have been waiting to post here to give a word of advice to all of u..."pls believe Robin's spells work...100% true"...just give it time,it will break even the toughest rock and bring it down to u... Love all the support i had here Angel Wings ​ Robin, Just wanted to leave a success story for you. I ordered the voodoo wish spell for a situation I was having with my family. Today I have seen a huge improvement in what is going on and I truly believe it is because of you and your coven. I cannot express to you how happy I am that the arguing is over. Thank you so much. You guys are the best. Many Blessings to all Wendy ​ Hello, I recently ordered a few spells from Robin and her coven at the end of May and began seeing signs within two weeks, like us having a 1 hour plus conversation on the phone, him calling and leaving voice messages. I'm still anxiously waiting for full results, but I know its coming slowly but surely, I just have to have faith and hold on but (I am I am). I will keep you guys posted on my lovely outcome :D MissK ​ I had a few spells cast by Robin and Coven, and they are working. I see results from 2 of the spells cast. Which were cast in May. I do believe having my Aura Cleansing spell done, help with process having faster results and positive thinking Loa. I am very happy! Thank You, Robin! Lisa ​ I got Robin to cast the "Find a Soulmate" spell about a month and a half ago... and I think I have results! The funny thing is I guess my thoughts wern't specific or coherent enough so the universe did find it fit to match me up with this awesome guy who has become a very good c lose friend! It's not "a relationship" (not by a long shot and it won't ever be a relationship) but oh well, he is indeed an awesome friend and I can't really complain about how my spell manifested itself. LOL! Maya ​ I need to share this with you, i have been in contact with my ex for a couple of days and today he asked to see me next thursday (to get together) if you know what i mean ;) OMGGGG i am so happy.. MY spells are working babyyyyyyyyyyy.. Thanks to Robin and the coven for their wonderful and honest work, and thanks to Julz for always being there for me. . I'll be your for ever customer & friend.. Muwa Muwa Muwa xxxx Luna_Cat Eyes ​ i truly believe it really works!! ! before i used only simple double casts...and.DAAAAAAAMN!!!! it totalyyyyy works!!!!!!!!!! !!me goin 4 voodoo!!! 4 voodoo ​ It worked! My boyfriends ex just moved out of state. Thanks Robin. ​ I must say that after Robin cast the Make Him Contact You spell, the next night He contacted me. It was amazing. I do believe that was a very strong spell. Thanks Robin.!! JoLove ​ ​ I only recently became a client of Robin, and I must say... she is so sweet and considerate and I was say prompt. She does what she say she will do. And I truly have faith in her and her coven. I ordered a few spells from her and waiting Patiently for results, while applying the law of attration videos and my vision board. It keeps me positive! I really love reading about all the great and wonderful success everyone on here is having.Love and Blessing to all :) Lisa ​ It is amazing that Robin is so understanding. She works with you and gives you positive notes if you come to her with any concerns. I've seen results slowly but surely. Give it time and you should be fine. Make sure you visualize your dreams and aspects dealing with whatever you've purchased and I wish everyone will have what they need and want very soon. :) VonniejoLove ​ I just wanted to say thanks to robin she is a great person and is always there when I need her .. I got some spells casted in march and so far one has come true . Stay positive and all your hopes and dreams will come true Evy ​ ​ Hey everyone well like many of you I'm new to all of this magic and spells. I'm in a horrible situation and well I wont lie I'm truly scared to death of it. I have tried other caasters and like many I got ROBBED of my money and my ability to believe but I can't give up on my situation at all. That is when I heard about Robin and how amazing she is so to help me out I did my homework on her and her group and saw the most amazing testimonies I've truly ever seen! So I contacted Robin ordered a couple spell and now beginning my journey to smash my situation and get back my family who I consider to me my universe. If you are like me and feel very lost or scared well look at Robins testimonies from her clients and that will help you make what I hope and pray for everyday as the best decision you and I will ever make. Robin you are amazing thank you for making me believe that soon things will be the way I believe it will be soon they we will be a whole again thanks to you and your covent! Lets all work together and pray we all get what we ask for so Robin get more amazing testimonies from us! Just stay calm and believe I'm surely trying! Brian ​ ​ I got a smaller waist spell 3 weeks ago and I fit into a dress last night that I'd been struggling with! Thanks Robin ~Smaller Waist ​ ​ HI!!! I purchased a weight loss spell from Robin in Jan/Feb I started seeing results as soon as I received my talisman!!! NOW, I can REALLY see my face thinning and I am getting compliments from almost everyone that have known me for a long time. AND I'm also getting "attention" that I have never gotten before. In other words... I'm making heads turn!!! I have NEVER had this happen to me before in my life!! And I'm not done losing weight yet!!! Thanks Robin!!! Sylvia ​ I bought a pass test spell, and it worked!!!! I passed!! Thanks robin! Vampkittyvv ​ i have ordered some spells from robin, and all i can say is im positive and i looking forward to seeing the outcome. i know i was guided to robin for a reason after the scams i went through. im not going to look for the signs, just let the spell work robin work its magic and be happy and positive. brandy ​ Robin I just wanted to let you know about a success story. I ordered a find your soul mate for a friend of mine 2 weeks ago while she was on vacation. She got back last monday and she was introduced to a man from a friend of hers. She is so happy and it is all thanks to you and the wonderful coven. I have ordered many spells and all have started if not worked out awesome. You are the best, thank you from the bottom of my heart Wendy ​ Hi Robin and Coven I requested a Voodoo wish spell last weekend and I got what I wished for today , Robin I got my money and not only that I got a money spell 2 weeks ago and I got a cheque in post today from overpayment in tax of 194euro so if any of ye are in doubt of Robins powers I tell you now her magic works all i need now is to find a new modest home to rent for me and my 2 little girls and to get my target . Thank you from the bottom of my heart x x x Louise ​ ​ all i can say is that services really work sometimes fast sometimes slowly but i have forgotten any negative things that were surrounding around me a while ago and now im starting seeing things differently..i would like to order more and mroe spells cause they truly work. and a small suggestion to people who writes fake stories here or trying to distract or harm robin.. _you should either leave this msg board or either stay positive...i was ripped off and havent got nothing in return by one caster, but robin made that... thanks robin again and stay strong. patience.happy customer happy customer ​ Well I have had wealth spells cast and today I got a promotion, which in turn means a substantial raise!!!! Totally unexpected and out if the blue. Mary ​ voodoo wish spell was sooo much better,stronger, and faster than the spell casts I usually get! Im getting exactly what i want! Im getting all the attention I desire and I got so many guys attention coming my way its overwhelming I may need to get a spell to knock some of these guys off! haha jk! thanks once again Robin! I'll definitely be back for the voodoo spell :) vera ​ Well he finally called and we are going to lunch tomorrow afternoon. He said he has missed me and to talk. If it wasn't for robin I don't have ever happening. I am so exciting and have to think something to were. giddy ​ Thank you so much for being there for me. Got my spells casted last month and I alredy see changes in my love interest. I am looking forward to more to come cause this is so important t o me. I am glad I found you and I will update when my 3 moon cycles are up cause I am hoping for big changes. QT Girl ​ would like to say that I met the man of my dreams the day after my spell was casted! Also an ex boyfriend of mine contacted me earlier today and I won $500 dollars off a lottery scratcher! It just keeps going...could it be luck or the spell??? I'm not too sure but I like it! Blair ​ i everyone...i bought 5 spells from Robin & 4 out of 5 are in progress..Robin is a very caring woman. She makes you feel like family..she has helped me so much..i wish there was a way to sjow her how much I apperiate what shes done for me..thank you Robin 4 everything..for all of you who post negative things you should be ashamed of ur self Robins a good honest woman..P.S. The 5th spell hasnt worked because I havent done my part I been lazy about it...but I will & I am 100% sure it will happen..i have great faith in Robin.. B•208 ​ I have received email from Robin saying she would do them this past weekend. Then this weekend, all of a sudden I felt freer, happier, like a huge weight had lifted from my shoulders. And that feeling has stayed with me instead of being fleeting. That is how I know at least one was cast. Cause it couldn't have been anything but that. And I am empathic, so I can feel energy. I would be patient though, as Robin seems to be swamped right now, but working hard to get to everyone. Anita G ​ Robin and her coven have just cast the spells I ordered two days ago and already I am starting to feel and see a difference. I feel more at ease and have been nonstop smiling all day, when I haven't really had any reason to smile in years. I feel free whereas before I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I have won several small amounts in Keno, when before I may win $2 and that would be it. I feel incredible. I feel rich. I feel happy. I feel like my husband will come back soon and my marriage will get stronger. I feel better than I have felt in years, possibly ever. There seems to be something or someone that was always keeping me bogged own in negativity and stress no matter what I did. But I have let thing just roll off without effecting me today. You may not think that a day is much, but before I have been unable to have more than a moments peace without the rug being pulled out from under me. I look forward to seeing what else the spells I ordered will do in the future. Anita G ​ Thank you Robin. Things are starting to work for me. Youve been helpful and honest and I am glad to find you.I will update later on as things progress but I have faith they will. Thank you and God bless. Hanna ​ My situation is very VERY uncommon! I started seeing results right away. My love and I are in a much better place than before. Literally days after casting the spell I received a phone call from my love; mind you we haven't been speaking AT ALL since August of last year. At first our encounters were very basic...maybe dinner here or a walk in the park but as time progressed I started to see more and more changes. He finally broke down and told me I've made it so hard for him to move on because he feels I'm the only one who really gets him and who believes in him. Although we're not back together "officially" yet I can see us moving in the right direction. Just recently he asked me to move in with him temporarily until I got my living situation together. We are genuinely happy around each other and also when we're not around each other. In the past when he has gone out of town for work I would rarely talk to him but this time I talked to him every day throughout the day more than once. I'm so happy I was able to stay positive and use the Law of Attraction to manifest this into my destiny. Truthfully I had given up hope until I found Robin so I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I'm living again. I will continue to update on my progress. Once again Robin thank you for all that you do to help those of us like me that are so in need. LadyLovesLo ​ @ anyone - ience...and i cant believe but even i can say a say:) im busy cash in hand man!!!! PATIENCE nad its really happenong!!!!!!!BLESS ROBIN..small money from which will grow BIIIIG!!!! martin Robin all our thoughts and prayers are with you and your coven, to bring you through these storms safely. You all are very special people to so many of us and the world can't afford to lose you. I know I can' you Robin.Raven ravensmagick ​ i guess im starting seeing results especially for today and for the rest of the week,im glad i have Robin and positive attitude as well which i wishh to everyone. martin ​ I have gone trough bad luck all my life. After talking to Robin it was shown I had a curse on my family which made sense since we've had nothing but tragedies in my family. Robin and her psychic were able to track down the source and they started working on removing it last June. There is a detox period where things get better, then go back and even get worse but now things are much much better. I am getting luck for the first time in my life. I have had over 6 miscarriages and the doctors said I might not be able to have kids or even get pregnant but I am pregnant again and they said everything looks very good and we are both healthy. Ive been able to lose weight which would never budge before. I believe the weight was part of the curse now since Ive not done much to lose weight, it just falls off me. I got a raise in my job and have even won a gift basket with a paid day off in our company raffle. My relationship is much better. We used to fight all the time. Now we are getting on better and he is being very nice to me. Flowers and everything. My family is even getting better luck. So Robin does care and she knows what she is doing. No one else could ever figure out why spells didn't work for me. She could and not only that, she could fix it. I am excited and hopeful that this baby will be ok and I will finally have a little boy or little girl Ive been praying for. If that is the case Robin can truly perform miracles. Anonymous ​ Robin is the best! I've tried lots and lots of other spell casters and got some small results from a few, but nothing that was long lasting which turned out to be a disappointment. With Robin her spells work and they last. I have almost become addicted to her spells since I know they will work. I've also learned a lot about the power of attraction and it has helped me in my daily life. All I can say is she is real, she is very nice, she works, and anyone is lucky to find her. Thank you Robin and I am about to place my next order with you right now. ;xoxoxoxoxox Bridgette gummy bears ​ I recently requested a couple of spells from Robin as well as one from a local person. Robin was very quick to respond to my purchase as well as my emails. The LOA on her sight is invaluable and a critical part of the process. I remained positive through my ordeal and read almost every message on her site. I' ve seen results sooner than most. It is as though the love of my life woke up one day. I implement the loa in my life daily. The work is still manifesting for me. I'm happy with what has manifested so far and look forward to the full manifestations.Faith and Patience are so important.Live with Love, Nathollis ​ Since going with Robin things are getting better for me. I got a couple wealth and success spells and I'm seeing results. My insurance settlement came in yesterday and was twice the amount I expected. I also got a interview for my dream job which went really good and I am expecting them to call saying I'm hired. I've been getting cash from scratch offs and won a £ 100 gift card last week. So all in all I would say it's working. Cami in the UK ​ Thanks Robin. You always pull through even when your sick and it shows you really care. I felt the energy last night and want to thank you since this mean so much to me. I'm already getting signs and results but I know you will keep working on this till I get her back. Thanks for all you do and thanks for just being you .Much Love.Randy Tuthpik45 ​ Thank you so much Robin for casting that banish voodoo spell on that mean woman that was being so mean to me. The spell has manifested to my liking that I didn't lose any additional friends out of it and she is leaving me alone now. I recommend you to anyone. Quincy86 ​ Perfect as always! I always get results from Robin no matter what the spell. She is worth the wait since her spells always come into fruition. I have recommended her to family and friends who are open to magic and spells and they all have had similar results so I know I'm not unique in getting good results. I can't say enough good about this lovely lady and if you are on the fence about if you should try her spells, you've hit the jackpot with her and owe it to yourself to give her a try. I can't recommend her enough! another happy customer ​ Hi, just want to thank robin, i received something from the mail and its like a pendant and a gem, I wore it this afternoon and surprisingly I saw my target. We don't have communication for 2 straight months. But today we talked and he said sorry. I feel that the spell is working. I pray and hope that this will be a new start for us again. Thanks again Robin.I will not lose hope and still think positive. Ivy ​ My advice to anyone who is having difficulties with spells is don't stop believing in Robin. I wish someone would have posted this when I was about ready to throw in the towel so consider this my public service announcement. When I gave up and I did, Robin made sure I knew that she would still help me out and that she would never gave up on me. I had a mental break down but after the dust settled things started getting clearer. I finally saw signs that had been there all along but I had been too pessimistic to notice. I wanted things to go a certain way and refused to have faith in the process since I wanted to be the one to write my own life script. In my mind if things didn't go the way I said they were supposed to, it was not working. I was fighting the whole process while telling myself I was doing everything told of me. I was lying to myself and getting upset at Robin because of it. I said some very mean things to her actually and she was very professional and nice and to my surprise welcomed me back no questions asked and did some free re-casts months after me taking out my frustrations on her. She really is something special and really does care for people. People say she is a angel or a goddess but I disagree, actually she is very human and that is why I love her. She has been in our shoes. She has been through pain, and hell, she is even sick right now but still working to help people. That is why she gets us. I am glad she is human since I know she wont judge and she can look at me and know how I feel since she has been there too. She shares stories of her life with me and it is because she wants people to relate to her too. I admire that about her a lot. She gave me a second chance and let me freely learn what was going on so I could become better for it. My problem was that the universe was trying to call to me but I was not wanting to listen since at the time it was not what I wanted to hear. I didn't want to be patient, I didn't want to actually become happy. How can you be happy when you are missing your other half? I didn't see how it was possible or better yet refused to see how it was possible. I didn't want to fully let go and believe it works. Ask yourself, do you know 100% this will work. If not, you are not where you need to be for it to work. That is something I've learned during this whole experience. I wanted instant results and I wanted things to fall in my lap. When it didn't I got mad. I was terrified of losing my soul mate. It hurt more then death to be away from him and to have him treating me so badly. At times I even welcomed my own demise since it seemed a logical solution. Because the pain didn't go away and because he didn't come running back, I was upset. Very upset! He needed to be back by 6 months and if he wasn't, it obviously was not working. I literally had a alarm on my phone to tell me the day at which it was over. I was demanding the universe give me what I wanted like a spoiled child and didn't even think to consider that the universe was just going to let me be in charge like I was demanding and the results would not be favorable for me. Obviously the universe knows more than I do and deciding I knew how it would work and when it should work was like slapping the universe and God in the face and saying I knew better. Ironically enough, I gave up even before my alarm went off. I couldn't take it anymore. I told myself I should have seen signs but yet again, nothing! I kept saying I was being positive, but it was almost impossible for me thinking back on it since I was so focused on how it felt at that moment since I was afraid to give up on the pain and anger. I felt I needed the pain and anger for some reason. I thought it would bring him back faster for some misguided reason. I thought I was following the laws of attraction the way I should but I realize that I was following them in the wrong way. We all follow the law of attraction, but you have to be aware of what you are attracting. I thought putting a smile on my face and saying "He will be back soon" was enough. I guess I didn't realize that I didn't really believe it. If you are scared it wont happen, you don't believe it will. I realized this after my break down. I realized my fear was holing me back. I told myself I was being positive and that is just simply didn't work for me. I'm one of those hopeless people. I'm one of the people immune to magic. Those were the things I told myself before I gave up. Telling myself that would sometimes make me feel better. I would become a martyr and complain about how nothing ever would work since it had not happened yet. But once I hit rock bottom, had my little bitch fest, and stopped trying to control the situation, things started to actually become controllable. I started realizing that I am not hopeless. I can get results too. I just needed to adjust myself around a concept that was not easy for me to grasp. I need to study and I needed to find ways to be happy with out him. So that's what I did. I started off buying about 100 bucks worth of books on amazon that all had to do with the laws of attraction and started getting happy being me and living how I was at the moment. After I started feeling better, I had to email Robin and apologize and prey she would re cast and still work with me. I at first was worried to email her but I realized that I have a very strong and gifted person by my side who will be there for me no matter how much I complained and was difficult. This time around it was like night and day and even Robin was impressed with my new attitude. She told me things would happen for me and guess what? She was right! This time I knew it, and this time it worked! I also realized that if I can get results ANYONE can! I am sure that sounds pessimistic since I'm putting myself down, but I'm not. I'm simply stating that I know there are those that are like me and think you are doing EVERYTHING right. Thankfully my lesson was learned in time and it gave me a new perspective on life and on this fascinating faith driven phenomenon called magic. I also realize the universe is forgiving and it is never too late. That was my biggest fear. I worried it would be too late. But it wasn't. Proof in point is that my ex boyfriend was going to get married to a woman who actually was a co-worker of ours. Two days before the wedding, he called it off. Talk about just in time. I actually was not worried in the least. I felt at peace since I knew him and I would be back together. I even knew if he had gotten married him and I would be back together. Thankfully I didn't have to go through a divorce and things kicked in before the nuptials but fact is, this time I would have been ok with it since I knew his heart was mine anyway. Him and I are dating again, he is also a different but better person and I can honestly say I am too. Things are slow, but I am happy. I have not said that in a while. He is also happy. I am going to wait till he is ready to take the next step since I know patience is truly a virtue when it comes to this stuff. I truly am a believer and thankfully Robin did not give up on me. Not once! I am with my soul mate and my heart is very happy and it was worth it break downs and everything. Thanks for reading my lecture and I hope it helps anyone who reads it. Good luck but honestly with Robin, you don't need it! ~Advice to the pessimistic and the slow starters ​ I am slowly starting to see results from a couple love spells Robin and her coven has casted for me. My love and I split up the beginning of December. We did have contact, but very little. I saw her out last weekend and we said hi That was about it. Then last night she came to my house to see me and tonight she invited me out to her place for a cookout. It is going slow and haven't completely came true yet, but at least it is going in the right direction and better then it has been. Have faith in Robin because her magic does work just beleive and be patient. Thanks Robin:) Rok Robin is so kind. She's always listened and replied with a lot of patience. I got couple spells done. Staying positive and would love to update with a happy message. Thank you, Robin for being there. Get well soon:) Shre ​ Worked very fast for me. Robin will be by ur side and customizes everything to make sure it works. She does a very good job and is very nice. She does not talk down to u and tries to understand what ur going through. I bought a lot of spells and have had success w about 90% of them. The others are kinda new but I know I will get results soon from them as well. The other posters are right when they say Robin is the best this is what I believe as well. Thank You Robin. I will keep comin back for more! Alicia ​ Robin really is the best! Ive worked with several other witches and no one can get me the results Robin can. She pays attention to detail, keeps working with you till you get everything you asked for, and you can tell she really cares about her clients. Ive had nothing but good luck since coming to this website and now some of my toughest issues are starting to get themselves sorted. I think Robin should say she specializes in love cases since I think she is the best out there for love issues. I'm not the only one who thinks so. I keep hearing tons of positive things about the magick she does with love spells. I recommend her 110%. Anonymous ​ I got a few love spells done , and I am seeing small improvement so far but most of all I am feeling intense feelings for the target, I have always had feelings for this person but lately they have been so intense its almost crazy lol. Is this normal for me to be feeling this? Hey ​ i got 3 love spell on Thursday, all the sudden, my ex contacted me on Friday, again on Saturday and today. he want to get back together. weve been broken up more than 2 month, and last time i talked to him was early feb. he abso hate me and didnt want to deal with me anymore. Ive been dong some self spell myself too. Is this robin's spell helping me now?? this quick???? if so, woowwwwww summergirl ​ God I love Robin. She always helps me out even when I mess things up. She always is so nice about it too and has recasted for free even when it was me who screwed things up. No one else has ever done that for me so I know she truly cares. I just got done with an amazing night (and morning ha!) with a man who told me he would never date me ever again because of some past demons. With Robins help, I am staying clean and he is noticing and forgiving me. He has been the one contacting me and the one who grabbed me, pulled me into his arms, and gave me a kiss that gave me shivers since it was so loving and passionate last night. I can tell he still loves me. Robin was right. He said to forget him and to move on at one time and even told me he was interested in somoene else. Robin told me he was hurt and was saying these things to get a reaction out of me and to hurt me and I believe now she was right. She can see things that even I couldnt see and she never met him. I am also sure this is going to keep getting better for us. I have been impressed by Robin for a long time and she keeps proving herself over and over. I can tell others on the message board are getting successes too so mine is not a isolated case. It is exciting to get such awesome results and to finally see my life getting on track again when I thought it was easier just to give up at one point. Thanks so much for helping me see that there is hope and it is easier just to give in to the magick and allow love to guide me. Anonymous on March 7, 2012 at 02:25 PM said: Things are working for us. I convinced my husband into finally going to a marriage counselor before we divorce. He was not going to go but Robin helped with her agree with me spell. He is also being a lot nicer and so I feel things are going in the right direction. Will update more later. Jackie on March 7, 2012 at 07:50 PM said: I wanted to say Thank YOU to Robin and her team for all they have done for me and my family. My family was being split apart because my son is autistic and my boyfriend was having a hard time staying with me since so much of my time and energy is put to my son. My oldest son also has a hard time since he feels neglected. Robin has actually helped my autistic son a lot. She has done some customized health spells and some child communication and anti-anxiety spells for him which started working the first night she casted them. Since he is doing better, it has allowed things to start getting better with my oldest son and my boyfriend. I have gotten a few love spells and everything is manifesting beautifully. I have never resorted to using the occult before and Robin is my first experience, but so far it has been very rewarding and Robin has done excellent. My only vice is that she is a little hard to contact, but I am so happy with my results I don't mind since I realize she is my spell caster and not my therapist. lol Thanks so much Robin! Things are so much better at home and I owe it all to you and your coven! mrs.plum ​ After having some major problems in my relationship i turned to Robin, i was about to give up and throw in the towel, Robin told me not to give up, and told me to hang in there while she worked her magic, well im now getting married :) :) thanks Robin xxxx Julie ​ My ex recently confessed he is still in love with me and we are having amazing and wild sex thank you so much Robin. Rachel

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