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55 Amazing Crystals & Their Magickal Correspondences

Updated: 6 days ago

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Agate is associated with:

~Provides Stability ~Grounding ~Allows Forgiveness ~Alleviates Bitterness

~Improves Concentration and Focus ~Gives Self Confidence ~Improves Relationships

~Protective ~Brings Peace & Calming Energy ~Re-balances the Body & Mind

~ Creates a Sense of Security ~Known as a Power Stone ~Perfect for Meditation

~Relieves Anxiety & Stress


Amazonite is associated with:

~Opens The Heart Chakra ~Heals Emotional Trauma ~Alleviates Anxiety

~Stone of Harmony ~Boosts Communication ~Allows You to Speak Your Truth

~Supports Your Destiny ~Brings About Luck ~Connected to Abundance and Prosperity

~Gives You Hope ~Soothes Away Depression ~Incredibly Balancing ~Offers Protection

~Reconnects You to Your True Self ~Tempers Aggression and Anger

~Helps Establish Healthy Relationships ~Enhances Self Discipline ~Awakens Compassion

~Brings You Grace ~A Stone of Success and Manifestation

~Helps You Overcome Negative Obsessions


Amethyst is associated with:

~Provides Mental Clarity ~Protects Against Addictions ~Encourages Positivity

~Perfect For Meditation ~Master Healing Stone ~Provides Peace

~Encourages Love ~Instills Courage ~Combats Insomnia

~Purifies The Body, Mind, and Environment ~Use For Prophetic Dreams ~Purifies The Aura ~Amplifies Business Success ~Increases Intelligence ~Prevents Nightmares

~Expands Your Mind ~Encourages Faithfulness and Fidelity ~Soothes Irritability and Anger

~Alleviates Sadness and Depression ~Cures Grief ~Inspires Hope Balances Mood-Swings

~Raises Your Vibration ~Removes Negative Energy


Angelite is associated with:

~Promotes Clear Communication ~Encourages Truth ~Connects You To Your Angels

~Encourages Faith ~Provides Spiritual Protection ~Increase Inner Guidance

~Connects You To Your Spirit Animal ~Opens You To Divine Realms

~Provides Peaceful Serenity ~Calms Anxiety & Stress ~Perfect Stone For Meditation

~Balances & Stabilizes Emotions ~Gives You Hope ~Instills Courage

~Encourages Empathy And Compassion ~Clears Negative Energy

~Boosts Emotional Endurance

Black Kyanite:

Black Kyanite is associated with:

~Excellent For Meditation ~Removes Energy Blocks ~Stone Of Self Discovery

~Increases The Chances Of Manifestation ~Cleanses The Aura

~Provides Massive Amounts Of Energy ~Immensely Grounding

~Creates A Protective Shield ~Transmutes Negative Energy Into Positive Energy

~Facilitates Cord Cutting ~Increases Intuition ~A Stone For Empaths

~Great For Dream Work ~Aligns All Chakras ~Opens Up The Subconscious

~Shaman Stone ~Connects You To Your Spirit Guides ~Get Rid Of Conflict

Black Obsidian:

Black Obsidian is associated with:

~Psychic Protection ~Negative Energy Shield ~Removes and Absorbs Toxic Energy

~Protects From Abuse and Bullying ~Removes Toxic People ~Connected to the Root Chakra

~Incredibly Grounding ~Dispels Anxiety ~Relieves Tension ~Soul Healing

~Increases Your Personal Power ~Encourages Growth ~Purifying ~Manifestation Stone

~Brings Forth Transformation ~Cleanses the Aura ~Restores Stability

~Clears Confusion & Fogginess ~Protects Against Hostility ~Helps You Move Forward

~Absorbs Pain ~Lets the Truth Come Out ~Encourages Self Control ~Enhances Psychic Abilities ~Promotes Compassion & Empathy


Bloodstone is associated with:

~Attracting Luck & Good Fortune ~Increases Success ~Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

~Encourages Strength ~Boosts Manifestation ~Deeply Grounding ~Provides Protection

~Helps With Alignment ~Encourages Organization ~Heightened Intuition

~Reduces Anger and Aggression ~Helps Balance Our Energy ~Connects You to Your Ancestors

~Increases Resilience ~Helps With Anxiety

Blue Apatite:

Blue Apatite is associated with:

~Increases Changes Of Manifestation ~Expands Intellect ~Increases Psychic Gifts

~Helps One Achieve Healthy Body Weight ~Balances Thyroid ~Increases Motivation

~Grants One The Ability To Better Achieve Their Goals ~Apatite Suppressant

~Boosts Creativity ~Clears Confusion ~Enhances Communication

~Rids Negative Emotions ~Balances Hormones ~Helps Heal Past Life Issues

~Allows For Channeling & Increased Mental Telepathy ~Inspires Ambition

~Increases Wisdom ~Cleanses Aura ~Brings Inspiration

Blue Aventurine:

Blue Aventurine is associated with:

~Increases Prosperity ~Stress Relief ~Assists in Sobriety ~Good Decision Making

~Encourages Compassion ~Provides Patience ~Encourages Perseverance

~Enhances Communication ~Connection to Your Spirit Guides ~Clears Old Energy & Habits ~Increases Self Discipline ~Inner Strength ~Enhances Intuition ~Encourages Self Growth ~Promotes Maturity ~Fighting Addictions

~Helps You Take Responsibility For Actions Encourages Psychic Abilities

~Rids You of Bad Habits ~Healers Stone ~Enhances Logic and Rational Thinking

~Encourages Leadership ~Helps You Focus

Blue Kyanite:

Blue Kyanite is associated with:

~Incredible Stress Reliever ~Clears And Balances All Chakras ~Stimulates Intuition

~Promotes Justice ~Alleviates Anger And Rage ~Provides Vivid Dreams

~Inspires Loyalty ~Boosts Communication ~Encourages Truth ~Linked To Spiritual Expansion

~Helps One Strengthen Your Psychic Gifts

~One Of The Few Crystals That Doesn't Need Cleansed

~Doesn't Hold Any Negative Energy ~Opens Communication Between Other Realms

~Provides Serenity & Harmonious Energy ~Gets Rid Of Energy Blocks ~Increases Manifestation

Blue Lace Agate:

Blue Lace Agate is associated with:

~Increases Communication ~Incredibly Calming ~Perfect For Meditation

~Provides Peace & Harmony ~Soothes Anxiety ~Increases Positive Energy

~Encourages Confidence ~Opens And Expands The Consciousness ~Increases Wisdom

~Attracts Business Partners ~Helps One Communicate With Spirit Guides

~Stimulates Intuition ~Inspires Unity ~Encourages Self-Expression

~Provides Emotional Support ~Increases Patience ~Improves Public Speaking

~Calms Tempers ~Enhances Critical Thinking

Blue Goldstone:

Blue Goldstone is associated with:

~Stone of Ambition ~Enhances Communication ~Encourages Confidence ~Facilitates Success

~Stimulates Motivation ~Increases Vitality ~Incredibly Uplifting ~Promotes Positive Energy

~Personal Growth & Transformation ~Gives Courage ~Increases Abundance

~Enhances Wisdom ~Connects You With The Divine

~Encourages and Facilitates Learning Great For Empaths

~New Beginnings ~Increased Manifestation ~Provides Balance ~Increases Peace and Serenity

~Encourages Business Success

Bumblebee Jasper:

Bumblebee Jasper is associated with:

~Provides Self Confidence ~Increases Happiness, Joy, & Optimism ~Inspires Creativity

~Increases Motivation ~Allows You To Focus On Your Goals ~Encourages Sunny Attitude

~Helps You Maintain Momentum ~Increases Chances For Manifestation

~Keeps You Energized ~Wakes You Up ~Increases Ambitions ~Opens Doors

~Allows You To Follow And Trust Your Instincts ~Attracts New Opportunities

~Increases Endurance ~Helps Aid In Concentration ~Helps One Persevere


Carnelian is associated with:

~Increased Energy ~Brings Vitality ~Provides Confidence ~Balances The Libido

~Enhances Sexuality ~Increases Creativity ~Provides Motivation ~Eliminates Procrastination ~Increases Self-Esteem ~Very Stabilizing and Grounding ~Improves Concentration

~Helps You Overcome Abuse ~Protects Against Anger & Rage ~Provides Motivation

~Increases Manifestation ~Increases The Metabolism ~Brings Joy & Happiness

~Boosts Fertility ~Encourages Empowerment


Chariot is associated with:

~Helps You Overcome Fear ~Stimulates Psychic Visions ~Beneficial To Healers

~Stone Of Transformation ~Provides Serenity ~Light Workers & Empaths Need This Stone

~Connects You To Higher Spirits & Realms ~Grants Access To The Akashic Records

~Allows You To Put Things Into Perspective ~Increases Insight

~Connects You To Your Spiritual Intelligence ~Increases Inner Strength

~Helps You Persevere ~Instills Optimism ~Provides Positive Energy ~Protective

Cherry Blossom Agate:

Cherry Blossom Agate is associated with:

~Known As The Crystal of Dreamers ~Encourages Goal-Setting and Goal Completion

~Increases Motivation ~Encourages You to “Reach For The Stars” ~Great For Entrepreneurs

~Nurtures Dreams ~Fires Up Passions ~Instills Maternal Feminine Energy

~Brings Balance & Serenity ~Is Comforting ~Increases Drive & Determination

~Brings Forward Growth ~Protects Against Self-Doubt ~Helps You Achieve Your Full Potential

Cherry Quartz:

Cherry Quartz is associated with:

~Enhances Peace and Serenity ~Encourages Hope ~Promotes Healing ~Provides Stress Relief

~Effective Anti-depressant ~Heals Emotional Wounds ~Brings About Optimism and Joy

~Positive Energy ~Helps With Concentration ~Increased Memory ~Attracts Love and Passion

~Provide Transformation Energy ~Encourages Good Decision Making ~Give an Energy Boost

~Helps With Grief ~Encourages Self Reflection


Chrysocolla is associated with:

~Inspires You To Tell Your Truth ~Encourages Self Awareness ~Soothes Grief

~Gets Rid Of Depression & Sadness ~Helps One Succeed In Negotiations

~Calms The Mind ~Can Offer Peace During Trauma ~Brings Luck

~Attracts Prosperity And Wealth ~Improves Communication ~Inspires Harmony

~Increases Intuition ~Attracts Love ~Inspires Hope ~Gives Peaceful Energy

~Relieves Feelings Of Guilt ~Helps One Move On After Loss


Chrysoprase is associated with:

~Provides Hope ~Inspires Love ~Encourages Compassion and Empathy

~Attracts Prosperity & Wealth ~Promotes Joy ~Inspires Divine Truth

~Helps With Fertility ~Heals Heartache ~Releases Grief ~Stimulates Creativity

~Chases Away Nightmares ~Balances Emotions ~Calms The Mind

~Facilitates Self Expression ~Strengthens Friendships ~Known As The Stone Of Courage

~Gets Rid Of Narcissism ~Dispels Irritability ~Gets Rid Of Negative Thoughts

~Inspires Positivity ~Allows For A Strong Flow Of Heart Healing Energy


Citrine is associated with:

~Increases Abundance & Prosperity ~Provides Strength ~Encourages Joy & Happiness

~Attracts Good Luck ~Boosts Self Esteem ~Increases Motivation ~Drives Personal Growth

~Encourages Creativity ~Increases Memory ~Ideal For Manifestation

~Called The Success Stone ~Helps Attract Customers & Increase Business

~Promotes Personal Power ~Removes Negative Energy ~Helps You Achieve Your Goals ~Strengthens Your Willpower

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is associated with:

~Known As A Power Crystal ~Enhances Clarity ~Perfect Stone For Meditation

~Increases Energy ~Promotes Emotional Stability ~Brings Forth Manifestation

~Increased Self-Worth ~Draws In Love ~Encourages Psychic Abilities

~Helps Bring Positive Changes ~Instills Hope ~Encourages Better Communication

~Master Healer ~Heals all Chakras ~Assists In Dream Work ~Aura Cleanser

Dalmatian Jasper:

Dalmatian Jasper is associated with:

~Happiness & Joy ~Exhaustion Related to Trauma and High Stress Environments

~Breaks Down Barriers ~Relieves Depression ~Provides Psychic & Spiritual Protection

~Strong Grounding Energy ~Boosts Good Luck & Fortune ~Provides Strength

~Brings Harmony & Serenity ~Connects With and Protects Dogs ~Keeps us Playful

~Helps You Discover Your Purpose ~Gives Motivation ~Stabilizing ~Provides Positive Energy

~Known as the Stone of Playfulness ~Increases Loyalty in Relationships


Fluorite is associated with:

~Cleansing The Aura ~Stabilizing Your Energy Field ~Reducing Stress and Anxiety

~Heightened Psychic Awareness ~Promotes Quick Thinking

~Helps Us Tap Into Our Subconscious Mind ~Increasing Creativity

~Encourages Better Concentration ~Enhances Manifestation ~Increases Self-Assurance ~Clears Mind of Distractions ~Provides Protection ~Help Connect to The Spirit

~Is Incredibly Balancing ~Inspires Serenity & Peace ~Assists in Organization

~Absorbs Negative Energy ~Stone of Growth ~Harmonizes All Chakras

~Encourages Learning and Education ~Opens Roads & Removes Road-Blocks

~Encourages Independence ~Promotes Clarity


Garnet is associated with:

~Brings Forth Romantic Love ~Increases Passion ~Enhances Sex ~Inspires Self Confidence

~Increases Intimacy ~Ins