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Can I call you on the phone?

Having a business line would be extremely difficult due to the fact that our work schedules fluctuate on a weekly basis. Our company is not "typical" and does not have set business hours.

In the past, when we've given folks our phone number to contact us, they'd spend hours on the phone with us venting, which made it impossible for us to get any other work done.


Audra has been kind enough to allow people to text her directly at (512) 734-7211, but if you call, she probably wont pick up as this is her personal line and she does not answer the phone from numbers she does not recognize. Any excessive harassment on her line will get you blocked, so please be respectful of her phone number.


However, we (mainly Robin) are both open to doing phone consultations to help you with your case, life coaching at a cost of $45 for 30 minutes or $90 for a hour. You'll need to contact Robin at to set something up. Our time and expertise is valuable, therefor if you'd like an in-depth conversation, we would need to schedule you in.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment we only take paypal. Thankfully, paypal will allow you to order from us using your credit or debit card, even if you do not have a paypal account. They also offer a buy now/pay later option for select buyers. If you'd like to open a paypal account please visit


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How long after I place a order do I get a conformation email?

You should get two emails right after you place your order. One will come from Paypal and the other will come from

The email from Life Spirits Society of Magick is your order confirmation. It will include your order and a order number. This lets you know that we have been notified of your order and our system has automatically put your order in our “to-do” box. We will see it that day or the very next day when we get back on our computer.

Both of these emails (from Paypal and Life Spirits) are sent automatically from both after you successfully make a payment, so if you didn't get it, they could be in your spam folder or there is a problem with one of the sites or the email you gave when you checked out. In this case, simply contact Robin at or fill out our contact form and we will help.

You might also receive an email from Robin or Audra within 5 days of your order letting you know when your order will be cast and when you will receive your update. Typically on spells that have a certain day listed that we cast (like any of the Full Moon or New Moon Boosts) you won't get an email letting you know when it will be cast as it would be redundant. Your order confirmation is confirmation you're on the schedule for those nights you bought spell-work for.

If you don't hear from us in 7 days please shoot us a email just checking on it and we will get back to you right away. Higher volume times and huge cosmic events tend to slow things down a bit.

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I would like to buy a spell for another person, but I don't want them to know about it, is that ok?

Of course! We get plenty of people who come to us to help people they care about who wouldn't be aware of the spell. It is no different than praying for someone.

If your spell does come with something, you might want to let us know ahead of time so we can customize it for your situation or help advise you how to go about using that potion elixir, talisman, or charm on behalf of someone else.


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What kind of magick does Life Spirits Society of Magick use?

We are unique in that we are a society more than a actual coven. We do call ourselves a coven even though its not entirely accurate though. We are all solitary in our own practice and each have a certain type of magick, tradition or customs we each individually subscribe to. Most of us are considered eclectic witches. Several witches in our society (you can call us a coven if it's easier) join our two high priestesses (Robin & Audra) cast our spellwork form the site when they are available or if there is an order that they specifically are required to help us with.

​If you are not familiar with witchcraft, you might have never heard of the term eclectic witch. An eclectic witch is free to pick and choose from different traditions to form our own personal path. Robin and Audra are proficient in a wide variety of traditions and types of magick as they've extensively studded and practiced magick and spell craft for decades.

You might noticed a few spells mention the name James. James is a bokor. James is not technically part of our society as he is strictly solitary, but he works along side Audra so often on behalf of several of our clients and so it made sense to add a few of their combined spells on the site to allow other people the rare opportunity to have a chance at having a bokor cast on your behalf.

James does have his own business on the side and is available for very sensitive and complicated situations, but only through the referral and help of Audra as he is incredibly choosy about who has access to him. Working with a bokor is an incredibly intense and unique experience for most people.

James is available for readings which start at $150 a session. If you'd like his help in addition to using our services, please let Robin know and she will hire him on your behalf. Do be warned though, he does not mince words. He will tell you like it is, but he will offer solutions for those problems that pop up.

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How long will it take to manifest?

We offer folks a time line (3 moon cycles) for when their updated positive energy and vibration should begin assisting them in manifesting their spells. This is our standard response that we give out when asked because it is how long it typically takes us spell casters to shift our own energy. This is not the rule and should not be viewed as such.

The 3 moon cycles time line is dependent on how well our customers follow our instructions and how complicated their case is. Your time line will be just as unique to your situation and vibration as your spell-work is. So this is a general time line, but not obviously written in stone. You should not worry if you're not seeing too much (if any progress) by a certain time. Don't allow the obsession of the 3 moon cycle time line cause additional stress and anxiety as it's completely counter productive to your success.

Any spell caster that can offer you instant results is trying to scam you since there is no way to guarantee instant results. Please do not judge real witches based on bad experiences or expectations given to you by those who are posers and just out to make a quick buck. A real witch will give you realistic expectations and help you with the process.

Since all situations are unique, the time line of manifestation will be unique to that person and their situation. The situation of someone wanting to establish a new relationship will be different from that of someone trying to win back their unfaithful spouse. There is a large amount of contrast between the two situations.

A person who is suffering with an unfaithful spouse has a lot of negative energy to sort through and usually a lot of trust issues that need to get cleared away. Whereas the individual looking to establish a new relationship is a lot more excited and trusting of the process making that individual more likely to be able to raise their vibration quickly and have a much faster full manifestation of their spell-work.

Some people will see results right away, but for most it will take longer. We have clients who see results the day of the spell (this is rare though) but for most, it will take weeks to months to even show signs of results. Since each person and their energies are different, their success times are different too.

Thus it stands to reason that your outcomes will differ from those of others so don't get into a habit of comparing and expecting the same results in the same amount of time. Since your case is unique, we cater to you on an individual bases for better results.

You are technically in charge of your spell manifesting! We can only help by giving you advice on how to control and manage your energy to ensure manifestation.

​Magick is like a little seed. It starts off small, but is complicated, if it is given love and attention in the forms of positive energies, patience, and faith, your little seed will grow into something strong and beautiful. But if you surround your magick with negative energies, doubt, and impatience it will be like weeds and can damage and even choke your magick so that it will take longer to manifest if at all.

You won't go anywhere if you decide right away to give your case only three moon cycles and then move on if nothing happens by then. This is because you're indicating to the Universe that this is a gamble, not a commitment. You have to agree to wait as long as it takes and ironically, that usually is what helps it manifest incredibly fast. In having that outlook, you are removing all anxiety, fear, and expectations which shift your vibration to where it needs to be for manifestation. The Universe falls in love with a stubborn heart! Conviction and commitment will get you exactly what you're asking for!

Because it is human nature to worry, I want you to know we are here for you to give you advice and to lift you up through friendship and positive energy boosts which we will do for free each time you request them! So, please utilize this service because we want your spell to manifest. We put our heart and soul into this on your behalf, your success is personal to us!

What will make my spell-work manifest faster?

Manage your energy!

Most witches will tell you to stay positive, patient, and have faith, and that is true, but there is so much more to it than that.

You need to be aware of your energy and use it to direct your spell-work in the direction you want it to go. You are responsible for how and when your spells manifest. Since we know this might be confusing to you, especially since you might not be too familiar with spell-casting, we are here to help you.

In fact, most of our time outside of casting spells is spent trying to help our customers learn how to manifest them. We spend our time doing this at no additional cost to you because we want you to succeed.

The best way to manage your vibration (or energy) is to start using and implementing the law of attraction. Us witches have been using the law of attraction since the beginning of witchcraft even though we didn't use that specific phrase for it. However, in a nutshell, that is basically what witches use to get our own spells to manifest for us as quickly as possible.

Robin and Audra have heaps of information on the law of attraction and how to apply it to spellwork as it's a bit different than what you'd typically do when using the law of attraction. They've both written blogs and articles for other sites about It. They both have individually life coached customers on the concept. So, please read our blog posts in the Law of Attraction section of our blog page to start familiarizing yourself with the process.

Audra is a big fan of using switch words for those who have a hard time using the law of attraction as there is a lot of science and psychology behind switch words to shift your energy subconsciously. She can help you come up with some switch words you can use for your own personal situation. Email her at audra@lifespiritssocietyofmagick to get some help with your own personal switch words.

You may also contact Robin at for some personalized help.

Life Spirits Society of Magick also has a Facebook group you are welcome to join to get extra help and advice on magick, switchwords, and the law of attraction. You can request to join HERE.

Is it ok to get a psychic reading while waiting for a spell to manifest?

In my experience, it is a really bad idea. We adamantly advise against it, especially if you go to a reader that is not on our “safe” list.

Here is why: If you get bad news from a psychic and he/she says things are not going to work out for you, you might decide to give up, thus your spell(s) will go stagnant and our hard work will be for nothing. On the other side if he/she gives you good news and says it will happen on a specific date and that date comes and goes, you will be very disappointed and again might decide to give up.

If you'd like to get a reading, please do so before getting any work done, but take it as seriously as you would a message in the fortune cookie you receive with your fried rice!

The law of attraction is going to help you more than any psychic ever would, and so I'd save your money and write the next chapter of your life yourself instead of letting someone use their guess work to tell you what is coming your way.

You are in control of your path. Do not hand over your future to a psychic who gives you a reading and lets their power of suggestion decide your fate!

If you still can't control yourself and NEED a reading, at the very least, hire James. His readings are accurate and he can help with additional spellwork to ensure anything that needs changed, gets changed. Email Audra or Robin to inquire if James is available for a reading.

Do you offer psychic readings?

Yes, but on a very limited basis since we do not advise them.

If you'd like a tarot card or oracle card reading, Audra will do them if she has time and feels like it would benefit you or at the very least not cause you harm. She will take pictures and give you a very detailed report of what your cards mean. She usually charges per hour (which includes the cost of typing up your report) and charges $50 a hour. Most readings are between $25-$75 depending on how many cards you ask to get drawn and the type of reading you get. You can contact her at to set something up.

James, the bokor will do readings for our clients if he feels drawn to a certain client. We set up the reading on your behalf. On some occasions, we will have to refund you fully because he does not have time or does not feel a connection to you, but we promise to fully refund you if this is the case.

James' readings are $150 and include some spell-work. He typically does an initial reading, does spell-work to correct some of the problems that pop up, then does an additional reading to see if that spell-work will be successful for you. He gives Audra or Robin his final report and allows for any follow up questions you have. He does not meet with our clients face to face. If you want to work with James, you will need to do so though Audra or Robin.

If you would like to hire James to do a reading for you, please contact Robin at and she will get in touch with James to see if he is available.

Other than Audra and James, we do not yet approve of other psychics. We are incredibly picky about who we recommend since we know there are a lot of readers who do not know what they are truly doing, can read energy more than the future, or are just plain scammers. We do not want any outside forces to cause you any harm.

If you are a reader and are interested in getting on our approved list please do contact Robin. She is open to it for maybe our facebook group, but only on a case by case basis and after she vets you extensively!

Can I use your services if I'm already getting spells done by another caster?

You are more than welcome to work with different casters. However, please be advised that their instructions are probably going to be different than ours. You will need to make sure you don't apply their directions to our spells and vice-versa. We also cannot advise you on their spells as we are not familiar with them.

It would be rare that another witches spell-casting causes conflicts with our own as we do protection spells on our work, but I can not say that our spells would conflict with that they do. Usually is isn't a problem though, especially as plenty of people use more than one caster.

Do you cast during the appropriate moon cycle?

A lot of newbies get really caught up in the correct moon cycles. It is a myth that you need to cast during a certain moon cycle to ensure your spell works. It can help, especially if you are very connected to the energy of the moon, but it is completely unnecessary and so we will not automatically schedule your spell for the appropriate moon cycle unless requested.

Most experienced witches cast when they want to and don't follow a certain schedule if it's urgent. Robin sometimes follow the moon cycles her own spells while Audra almost never does.

Us witches definitely like to celebrate and honor the moon cycles. Witches are very connected to the moon's energy, but we also know that we are the most important tool and bring the most important energy to the table. This is especially true of eclectic witches.

At Life Spirits, we usually boost our spells that we previously cast on the New or Full Moon, but we do not feel pressured into waiting for the perfect timing on the initial cast. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to get your spells boost during the Full or New Moon when we do our monthly boosts.

If you are worried about casting during the wrong moon cycle, you can always email Robin and ask that your spell work be cast during the correct moon cycle. We do charge extra for this since we offer Full Moon and New Moon Boosts almost each month and so the time slots are usually full of people who are getting spells boosted during those times, but if it gives you more faith and piece of mind, then it is worth it!

What if I want to order my spell to be cast on the full or new moon?

We gladly take new orders for both the Full and New Moon. Usually a few days before the Full or New Moon, we have a listing for a Full or New Moon Boost available to purchase and any new spells you buy along with the boost will automatically get cast with your boost. That is the most financially advantageous way to ensure your spells get cast during the Full or New Moon and the boosts usually come with an additional themed spell or potion oil for free. They're worth getting each month.


You can track the moon cycles with this link HERE to help remind you when we will have the next boost up. You wont see it up if we are already booked up. It is on occasion (specifically during very exciting lunar activities) that this will happen. Do email us though and see if we can still squeeze you in.


If you don't want to get the boost but want to ensure your spell is cast during the appropriate moon cycle or on a specific day (like Friday the 13th or another special day to you), it will cost an additional $20 per spell. Please get in touch with Robin or Audra before ordering so we can ensure we have room to honor your request.

What is the fail rate on spells?


We have a very high success rate which we are very proud of, but ultimately the success of our spells depend on our clients.

Faith, positive energy and patience are not optional for spells to manifest... they are required! Using the law of attraction is required! Not everyone can or is willing to do what it takes to get their spells to manifest.

Unfortunately we are living in a world of instant gratification and some people give up if they don't see results immediately. This is an unfair and unrealistic expectation placed on magick and those of us who cast spells. Most of those I see that get zero or very little results, fail because they do not want to listen to my instructions or give up hope because they did not get the results in the time frame they set.

One thing you need to realize is that YOU don't get to set the time frame... the universe does. When you ask the universe for a gift, you can't then tell the universe how and when it will happen for you. You need to ask, believe and receive.

Following the instructions we give you is required for success, we know what we are doing, and so when we tell a person not to do something or to make sure they do something and they don't, it is not fair to wonder why it didn't work.

To be blunt: If you can't take directions and if you can't remain patient, positive and have faith... magick is not for you. Period. We only want to work with people who are serious about this since we put a lot of time, energy and emotion into what we do. It's is not fair to seek out our services if you only want to experiment, gamble or play with magick because of curiosity. If you come to us, you need to be willing to do your part and reach out to us if you need help.

We get emotionally connected to our customers and their cases and so we are more than willing to do anything it takes to get you success and help you get manifestation.

Do you recast our spells if we don't see results and if so, what is the cost?

If you don't see results within 4 moon cycles, we will do a full recast for free after we consult with you and try to figure out what is going on.


Usually it means we need to help you a bit with your energy or your case might need a bit more energy from us since your case is more complicated than originally anticipated. This is not uncommon, so it is nothing you need to worry about. Us witches need to recast our on spells too. It all has to do with energy.


 We do up to 3 re-casts and any spell for free since we want you to get results.


Your success is our success and so we want to work with you as long as you will allow me, so we can achieve this!

Will your spells cause harm to come to me or anyone else?

If you get a spell designed to protect you by causing harm to another, then yes, our spell will harm your target. However, you will never receive bad karma or any other harm from getting those types of spells cast by us on your behalf. 

We are very careful to ensure that no one who is innocent will ever be harmed with our magick. We take great pride in the fact that our spells are powerful, but are not dangerous. Our spells are safe enough to use on/for children.


We always do protection spells before and after to ensure our spells never back-fire or cause any negative results or energy for our clients. If I feel there will be something negative from the spell, I will stop and inform that person that this is not the right spell for them and either give a full refund or figure out what would be better.

You are in VERY good and experienced hands with Life Spirits Society of Magick.

Are there side effects I'll notice after getting spells cast for me?

Probably. It's very common for you to receive some physical and emotional side effects when you have a spell cast on you. Not everyone gets these side effects (Audra rarely experiences them) and that is natural and ok. It just means you are lucky!


The biggest side effect we hear about is a mild headache. However, you might experience dizziness, vivid dreams, slight stomach upset, chills, hot flashes, and usually a over all sense of excitement and calm


Emotionally you might even feel a bit more anxious, a little blue, slight agitation, immense happiness, feelings of peace and calm, and might even experience a huge release of emotions you were not expecting.


All these symptoms should disappear in a couple days to a couple months depending on how sensitive you are to the magick.


Most people welcome these signs since it reminds them that their spell is actually starting to take off, but if you feel overwhelmed, email Robin or Audra and we can slow down the spell-work so it is not as intense.


Another trick to dealing with possible side effects is to drink tons of extra water. Water is energy conducive, so the more hydrated you are, the better you'll receive the energy from spell-work. If you're dehydrated, you might have some slightly uncomfortable symptoms, but this might help bolster your faith in the spell-work since you can feel proof of it working.

I just got a spell, but things are getting worse, not better. Did it backfire?

Our spells will not backfire on you. It is nearly impossible for them to do so.

I can bet you what is going on is you have not given it enough time (remember rule of thumb is at least 3 moon cycles!) The energy is not strong enough from stopping problems that were already going to pop up anyway.

Some situations actually need to get worse before they can get better. You don't want to bury something really big because it is likely to pop up again and be even worse. Instead you want to be able to deal with it so that it is no longer a problem. This can be a healing crisis of sorts and usually if you ride it through with an open mind and positive spirit, you will see a big break through and major changes that turn out in your favor. You need to have faith in the Universe and faith in the process.

If things are getting worse, it means they are going to be on an upturn soon if you stay consistent and keep on course. Robin and Audra will assist you with additional free energy work (we call it a positive energy boost) and extra TLC while you wait out the storm, so please reach out to us.

I emailed you the other day, and still have not heard back?

We have helped tens of thousands of people since we created this website over 10 years ago. This means we have a lot of customers past and present.


There are a few things in particular that slow up the response time when it comes to our emails:

1. Some people email us several times a day! So please refrain from emailing us more than once on a specific subject or follow up with your previous email instead of starting a whole new email chain. If everyone did this, our response time would go down dramatically!

2. Robin herself gets around 100-200 emails daily, but has the most time to email on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So this means that there is never a time when there are not several hundred emails in her inbox.

3. Life happens! We live at the edge of tornado ally so sometimes have storms that take the power out for a day or two each year. Usually at the start or end of winter! There are also times when we need a day off or do not feel well. We are human and yes, even the flu can hit us from time to time.

4. People will ask questions already answered on the FAQ page. Please read this page in it's entirety and bookmark it.

We are not a normal business and so don't typically receive normal "business"inquiries. People constantly (and thankfully) come to us for emotional comfort and support. We provide a lot of emotional support freely because we believe it is our soul destiny to provide love and comfort to other people.

One of our most important job as a witch is to be a ear to listen, but this is a BIG job and we need some time to do it!


Please do not expect us to email you back the day you email us. We would if we could!


If you do have an emergency, please make sure it is in fact an emergency and put "EMERGENCY" in your email subject line.


You can email Robin at or Audra at


Why does my email from you sound generic?

If you are getting an instant reply to a email you just sent, it probably feels generic because it is. Every email gets a instant reply right after they email Robin since it will help direct them to other areas (ahem, this page) to answer questions. So you should expect to receive this same email each time you email Robin.

Audra does not have an auto reply on her email address, but she might in the future.

When it comes to a email you receive about being on the schedule or a update on how your spell-work went, than those are also partially generic. If you and a friend or family member are getting spell-work done at the same time, you might notice some things are stated word for word in both emails if you compare notes. There is a reason for this.

Robin or Audra type out a template to use that day for updates. Here is an outline on how we do our update emails:

Hi Hon or Honey, (if Robin is writing you, otherwise Audra tends to use your first name)

A greeting and intro which is the same for everyone.

Your personalized spell updates from our notes, some advice to help you with anything we saw during you cast. This is all personalized to you!

Finally a ending that gives you information about what is going on cosmically, reminders about using the law of attraction, and any updates for the site.


We customize each email for each customer but do use the same template email to start for everyone. Sinec there will be some information that everyone will receive or made privy too, it makes more sense to type it up generically. This is a very common business practice.

Emails we reply to will never be generic. We do not have or use pre-typed replies. Robin and Audra personally read all emails. You will always get a custom message back from us which is also why replies can take a bit of time.

I got a spell to help bring back a specific person, yet I am finding old lovers and just other people in general are starting to act interested in me. Does this mean my spell hit the wrong target?

I love this question because it happens so often and is so funny to me because it points to manifestation around the corner.


Don't worry, it didn't hit the wrong target (you gave us the right name, right?) Ha ha! We do the spell on the person you named so it is not going to hit a old lover or a random person. The more information you give me on that specific person, the better it is for you. That is why the questionnaire is important.

More than likely, what is going on is your vibration has gone up because you are following directions which will draw in other people, but especially old lovers who might be psychically connected to you still.


Your ex showing up after a love spell being cast on another person is also a good sign you might want to do a cord cutting on your unwanted suitor for better (and faster) results with the love spell you had cast on the other person.

Most of our love spells are also designed to make you more attractive, so you'll get noticed!


This should make your confidence go up and so just enjoy the extra attention while you focus on and wait for your target to finally come around and get in tune with you.

I got a love spell a long time ago and it didn't work and I moved on. Now he/she is back and wants a relationship. Why did it work once I gave up? I thought that would be against the law of attraction?

Actually you getting results after giving up is very much in line with the law of attraction and here is why:


Since you were no longer worried and obsessed about what was going on between you and this person, you were not blocking your spell with your own fear and negative energy. You can be your own worst enemy when you are constantly desperate and worried about your spell work.


Once you gave up, you also gave up those negative thoughts and emotions. Apathy is better than negative energy.


So if you are someone who can't stop thinking and worrying, actually giving up those worries by letting go of that need to control will get you results.

Do I get something in the mail and if so, how long does it take?


Not all spells come with something that gets mailed out. It will say in the listing if it comes with something.

If you get a potion elixir oil, talisman, ring or a spell that comes with a charm, you will get something in the mail.

Robin will email you when you can expect the item you bought when she updates you. It usually gets sent the week after your update since Robin or Audra protection spells, and package everything up. If you would like a tracking number, please let us know and we will invoice you for the extra charge, otherwise it is sent first class without tracking for free.

Please note: If you live outside the US, we cannot ship you potion oils since too many have been taken at customs.

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy: The general rule is that once your spell(s) have been cast, do not expect a refund.


We are using materials and time that we can not get back. Since we are the real deal, it costs us money to cast for you. We have to be compensated for this time, energy and materials. This also encourages you to take our work seriously and follow directions. 


Refunds are at the sole discretion of Robin and Audra. We take careful consideration of all the time, materials, and results before a refund, if any is granted.


If a spell has not yet been started and you changed your mind about the casting or if we don't feel we can honestly help you a full refund will be offered right away. 


Do not expect any refund or contact from us if you are disrespectful or rude and/or have not followed any instructions from Robin, Audra, and members of Life Spirits Society of Magick. Rude and entitled behavior will get you blocked from our services and contact from us.


A violation of our privacy policy (especially if you break the rules in our Facebook group) will also ban you from a refund and ensure no further contact with regards to your spells.


We will go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy and have an amazing experience, but communication and a dedicated effort from you is key. We can't know how to fix problems that arise if we are not told about it in the first place.


Our refund policy is listed in our Terms Of Service page (TOS) among with other things you legally agree to when you place an order.


I told Robin I wanted to give up and she didn't even try to stop me, why?

Robin has had people email her that continuing is too painful. They didn't want to continue using magick or the law of attraction. They would explain they they want to give up. Most of the time Robin will try and talk them off the ledge because she understands how overwhelming some circumstances can be. However, if the continue to be doubtful, negative, and are firm in their resolve to be done with everything, Robin will respect them and move on with them.


If they expect Robin or Audra to keep trying to pacify their doubt and negativity, they are just coming to us to get attention and are not someone we can help anymore. To continue to work with a person like this is exhausting and feels like a mind game. It drains our energy and takes us away from people who are willing to let us help them. It is unfair to let this type of communication continue, so we make the difficult choice to stop associating with that client.

We can not be your motivation. If you are not motivated to do what it takes to manifest the life of your dreams, we are not going to be able to help you.


This can be a hard and an emotional journey... especially with love spells. You have to be motivated to go through this hard and emotional journey to get results. You have to trust the process and believe that the Universe is on your side and your spell-work will manifest.


If you tell us you give up... we will believe you, wish you luck and move on to those who are willing to follow instructions and are motivated for change.

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I heard you're also on Etsy, what is your shop link?

Life Spirits Society of Magick isn't on Etsy, however Audra's shop Ruby Witch Designs is on Etsy.


Her shop is considered our "sister shop" but owned by her and only her. She will offer some potions from our site on Etsy, but we are technically two separate shops. She will have links to our site on Etsy, but our spells are only available though our site.

Audra's Etsy shop link can be found HERE. Her shop name is: RubywitchDesigns

As of March 2023, Audra has made almost 8,000 sales through RubywitchDesigns, and has an average rating of

5 stars with more than 3,000 reviews. She possesses the very coveted star seller badge.

Audra has proven herself a very successful spell-caster on several different platforms. Her record of success is outstanding and we are very lucky to have her as one of our high priestesses at Life Spirits Society of Magick!

Are you on social media?

Yes, we are! We will have tons of giveaways, interesting content, and special sales for those who choose to follow us on social media. If you need to make a new account to use to follow us but keep your affiliation with magick a secret, please do so. It is worth connecting with us in this manner.

Here are those links for you:


Instagram @lifespiritssocietyofmagick

Facebook- Life Spirits Society of Magick

Audra's Facebook Page

Pinterest @lifespiritssocietyofmagick

Facebook -RubywitchDesigns

I read you have a Facebook group, what is the link and what will I find in there?

Yes, we do.


We are just opening it up late March of 2023 since we wanted to make sure we could dedicate some time to it, but we invite anyone who would like to learn about magick, switch words, the law of attraction, and crystals.


Robin and Audra will visit often to answer questions, offer support, and make friends.

You'll be able to talk to other people who are getting spells cast by us, learn about magick from real witches, get advice on anything under the sun, get free spells, get a chance to get free merchandise from Audra's Etsy shop, see and talk to Robin and Audra both on live chat, get invited to exclusive meetings, get VIP promotions.

Once you ask to join and are approved, you will get VIP status! It is worth submitting an application to join (create a new Facebook account just to join in if you need to remain anonymous, just let us know who you are when you apply.)

You'll find the link to the group HERE!


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