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Healing Stones

Crystal Guide

I created this page to help my Etsy clients identify and learn about the crystals sold to them in my crystal sets I've created.

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Crystals have long been used in magick and healing, both by practitioners of the occult and holistic healers alike. They are seen as powerful tools to amplify energy and intention, helping to manifest what we want in our lives. Crystal magick is the practice of using crystals to create change in one’s life through rituals, spells and visualization.


Crystals come in all shapes, sizes and colors, each with its own unique metaphysical properties. Clear quartz crystals are often called the “master healer” due to their ability to amplify any kind of energy it is exposed to. Other crystals such as rose quartz are known for their calming, soothing effects, while amethyst crystals can provide deeper insight into issues that may be holding us back from achieving our goals.


In order to use crystals effectively for magickal purposes, you must first cleanse them. Cleaning crystals helps ensure that they will work at peak levels of power when being used for your intended purpose. Burning sage or white sage incense near crystals can help clear away any energetic blockages or negative entities associated with them. You can also place your crystals under a full moon or bury them in salt overnight as a way of cleansing them energetically before working with them.


When it comes time to use crystals for magickal purposes, an important part of the process is setting intentions for each crystal that you plan on working with. This could be anything from attracting love into your life or finding greater success in a particular career path. Once you have set your intention, focus on it and visualize what it would look like if you had already achieved this goal or outcome- this will help direct the energy of the crystal during your ritual or spellwork.


Once you have set your intention and focused on it visualizing what it would look like if achieved, start by charging each crystal with your intention by placing them close together while focusing on what you’re trying to manifest in your life. Once all crystals are charged up, arrange them into whatever shape feels right (such as a circle) before beginning your ritual work or spellcasting session while focusing intently on your goal or desired outcome once again. Finally, after completing the ritual/spellwork session take some quiet time to reflect upon how far you’ve come since beginning this journey and how much closer you are now towards achieving what was once just an idea.


Using crystals in magick requires patience and focus but can prove incredibly rewarding if done correctly! It is important to remember that any kind of positive change should not be rushed- take some time out for yourself every day to reconnect with nature and appreciate all that you have already achieved thus far! Lastly - don’t forget about cleaning crystals regularly; doing so not only ensures they function optimally but also helps keep yourself grounded throughout whatever journey lies ahead!



Here is a handy information guide to help you get to learn about and get to know your crystals better:

Moon Clear Crystal. Candle. Alter

Clear Quartz:


Clear Quartz is associated with:


  • Known As A Power Crystal

  • Enhances Clarity

  • Perfect Stone For Meditation

  • Increases Energy

  • Promotes Emotional Stability

  • Brings Forth Manifestation

  • Increased Self-Worth

  • Draws In Love

  • Encourages Psychic Abilities

  • Helps Bring Positive Changes

  • Instills Hope

  • Encourages Better Communication

  • Master Healer

  • Heals all Chakras

  • Assists In Dream Work

  • Aura Cleanser

Clear Quartz is a powerful gemstone with a long and interesting history used in magick, as well as in spiritual healing. Clear Quartz often takes the form of clear crystals and is also known as Rock Crystal or even simply “quartz”. It can be found all over the world, most notably in Brazil and Madagascar.


Clear Quartz is one of the most popular stones used in magick and other mystical practices. It is often referred to as “the stone of power” because it amplifies energy, thoughts, and intentions. This makes it a perfect stone for working with the Law of Attraction, as it can help to focus and amplify the desired outcome.


Clear Quartz crystals are found all over the world and have been used throughout history in many different cultures. Ancient Egyptians believed Clear Quartz had divine connections and used it to adorn their gods’ statues. The Sumerians saw Clear Quartz as a powerful tool for spiritual protection, while Medieval alchemists associated it with clarity and purity.


Clear Quartz’s metaphysical properties are vast due to its unique ability to absorb, store, and release energy gradually at a steady rate. As such, Clear Quartz is said to be able to provide relief from physical tension, harmonize mental processes, enhance communication skills, and promote emotional balance. It is also believed that Clear Quartz helps open up pathways for spiritual growth and understanding by allowing access to higher realms of consciousness.


In addition to its metaphysical properties, Clear Quartz has significant healing properties that make it an invaluable ally in healing work. Clear Quartz can be used as an elixir or gemstone therapy to help heal physical ailments such as stress-related disorders or tension headaches as well as emotional issues like anger or depression. When worn on the body or placed near areas that need healing energy transfer (such as chakras), Clear Quartz helps disperse stagnant energy while assisting in the channeling of beneficial energies back into our bodies.


As you can see, there are many powerful benefits associated with incorporating Clear Quartz into your daily practice. Whether you choose to use its magickal powers for manifesting your desires or its healing properties for providing physical relief from pain or emotional upheaval - whatever goal you set out for yourself will be greatly enhanced by having this beautiful crystal by your side.

Goldstone. Alter. Candle.

Blue Goldstone:


Blue Goldstone is associated with:


  • Stone of Ambition

  • Enhances Communication

  • Encourages Confidence

  • Facilitates Success

  • Stimulates Motivation

  • Increases Vitality

  • Incredibly Uplifting

  • Promotes Positive Energy

  • Personal Growth & Transformation

  • Gives Courage

  • Increases Abundance

  • Enhances Wisdom

  • Connects You With The Divine

  • Encourages and Facilitates Learning

  • Great For Empaths

  • New Beginnings

  • Increased Manifestation

  • Provides Balance

  • Increases Peace and Serenity

  • Encourages Business Success

Blue Goldstone is a unique, sparkly gemstone that has been used for centuries in metaphysical applications and magick. It is created from quartz sand, copper and glass to form a beautiful stone with flecks of shimmering blue that swirl within its depths. Believed to be associated with the power of the sun.


Blue Goldstone is a beautiful and mysterious stone with an interesting history. Its roots are thought to come from Italy, where it was discovered in the 17th century by a group of monks who were fascinated by its unique properties. Since then, Blue Goldstone has become one of the most sought-after magickal stones, used for its many metaphysical properties.


Blue Goldstone is said to possess strong healing energy that can stimulate energy flow and balance in the body. It is believed to offer protection against negative influences, while also boosting confidence and self-esteem. It can be a powerful aid when practicing the law of attraction, helping you to focus on your goals and stay committed to achieving them. Blue Goldstone also encourages harmony in relationships and supports communication between people, allowing them to better understand each other's point of view and bridge any differences peacefully.


The power of Blue Goldstone is also said to help clear away any blockages or energetic cords blocking us from our highest potential—helping us manifest our desires more easily with greater clarity and focus. This stone works best when worn or kept close by, as it purifies the aura and helps bring balance into our lives.


In addition to its metaphysical properties, Blue Goldstone’s stunning blue color will captivate anyone looking at it—even though the real secret behind this stone lies within its glittering copper flecks that are embedded inside it! These copper flecks are what give Blue Goldstone its signature sparkly look which makes it stand out among other stones.


Whether you’re using Blue Goldstone for its magickal properties or just because it looks pretty—it’s an amazing stone that will bring beauty into your life.

Green Aventurine.

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine is associated with:


  • Stone of Opportunity

  • Brings Forth Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity

  • Blesses With Luck and Good Fortune

  • Attracts Abundance in All Areas

  • Increases The Chance of Success

  • Soothes Anxiety

  • Provides Optimism

  • Increases Confidence

  • Promotes Growth

  • Connected to the Heart Chakra

  • Provides Healing Energy

  • Brings Forth Vitality

  • Encourages Confidence

  • Increases Happiness and Joy

  • Release Bad Habits

  • Very Grounding

  • Enhances Creativity

  • Calms Anger

  • Career Stone

  • Brings Forth Balance

  • Provides Motivation

  • Incredibly Stabilizing

  • Increases Manifestation

  • Promotes Love

  • Opens Doors

Green Aventurine is a highly sought-after gemstone, prized for its ability to attract wealth and abundance. It is believed to increase one's luck, bring prosperity and good fortune, and even help manifest dreams into reality. As such, many seek it out for its magickal properties in the hopes of making their lives better.


The unique green hue of Green Aventurine is attributed to trace amounts of elements such as Fushite or Goethite. This stone has been used throughout history in various cultures for different purposes. In some ancient cultures, this gemstone was considered a sacred symbol of good luck. It was also believed to have protective powers and could be used to ward off negative energies.


Aside from being associated with luck and protection, Green Aventurine is also thought to have calming and invigorating effects on the mind and body. It is said to help promote emotional stability by helping improve mental clarity, while providing a sense of inner peace and harmony with oneself. The vibration frequency of this stone helps regulate emotions and create a balanced state of mind that can help lessen anxiety and stress.


When it comes to physical healing, Green Aventurine can boost immunity, aid with digestion issues, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, strengthen the lungs, purify blood and lymphatic systems, aid fertility problems in both men and women, assist in treating disorders related to the heart chakra or kidneys, heal skin ailments like eczema or acne, reduce menstrual pain symptoms among others.


Moreover Green Aventurine is also said to be beneficial for those who work with creative energies—such as artists—as it can help open the eyes of creativity so one may explore possibilities beyond what one had previously imagined. It makes the user more aware of their environment so that creative inspirations can come more easily as well as helping them follow through on these ideas more easily than before.


Overall Green Aventurine can be seen as an all-around healer when it comes to spiritual matters—providing protection; aiding in manifestation; fostering emotional stability; increasing intuition; promoting creativity—and physical health issues—regulating energy flow within the body; improving immune system; reducing inflammation; assisting fertility problems among others—all while radiating vibrant energy that attracts wealth & abundance!

Lepidolite. Alligator. Alter.



Lepidolite is associated with:


  • Anti-Anxiety

  • Stress Relief

  • Heals the Heart

  • Neutralizes Emotional Pain

  • Stone of Acceptance

  • Stone of Transformation

  • Helps Change Negative Psychological Patterns

  • Deep Emotional Healing

  • Dissipates Negativity

  • Brings Forth Healing

  • Positive Energy

  • Encourages Hope

  • Contains Lithium (Perfect For Those With Mood Swings and/or Bi-Polar)

  • Brings About Optimism

  • Increases Balance

  • Incredibly Calming

  • Increases Self Love

  • Inner Peace

  • Clears Depression

  • Brings Awareness

  • Connects to Divine Beings

  • Boosts Trust

  • Provides Tranquility

  • Activates & Balances ALL Chakras

  • Better Sleep

  • Brings About A Positive Attitude Change

Lepidolite is a type of mica stone that has been used for centuries for its metaphysical properties. It is thought to be one of the most powerful stones for manifesting your desires and attracting abundance and joy into your life. Lepidolite is known to work particularly well in combination with the law of attraction, so it can help you to focus on positive thoughts and attract positive energy into your life.


This soft, pink or lilac-colored stone has a long history as a healing stone that dates back thousands of years. According to ancient folklore, Lepidolite was believed to be linked with calming and soothing energies that could bring peace, relaxation, and balance. This stone was also thought to have spiritual properties that could help the user to find true inner joy and increased self-awareness through meditation.


In magickal practices, Lepidolite is often used as a protective stone that can help guard against negative energies or harmful spirits. It is said to be especially useful in dreamwork because it helps you release any hidden issues that may be blocking your progress in life, allowing you to take control of your destiny. Lepidolite can also facilitate lucid dreaming, which allows you access to alternate realities while remaining conscious.


This stone also works well with other stones like Clear Quartz or Amethyst, amplifying their energies and providing greater clarity during meditation or dreamwork sessions. Additionally, Lepidolite can enhance communication by helping practitioners stay connected with their higher selves during divination or shamanic journeys.


Lepidolite's vibrations are gentle yet powerful enough to break down old patterns in order for new growth and transformation to occur both emotionally and spiritually. When using this crystal for healing purposes it should be placed near the heart chakra so it can send its calming energy outward throughout the body. You may want to combine it with other crystals such as Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline if you would like additional balancing effects.


Overall, Lepidolite carries an incredible amount of power within its shimmering hues and gentle vibrations – making it an excellent choice when working with metaphysical magickal practices or when seeking spiritual guidance from the universe. By focusing on benevolent thoughts while connecting with this stone’s peaceful energy, practitioners will find they are able unlock new paths of understanding towards achieving true inner peace and joyous abundance in their lives.




Amazonite is associated with:


  • Opens The Heart Chakra

  • Heals Emotional Trauma

  • Alleviates Anxiety

  • Stone of Harmony

  • Boosts Communication

  • Allows You to Speak Your Truth

  • Supports Your Destiny

  • Brings About Luck

  • Connected to Abundance and Prosperity

  • Gives You Hope

  • Soothes Away Depression

  • Incredibly Balancing

  • Offers Protection

  • Reconnects You to Your True Self

  • Tempers Aggression and Anger

  • Helps Establish Healthy Relationships

  • Enhances Self Discipline

  • Awakens Compassion

  • Brings You Grace

  • A Stone of Success and Manifestation

  • Helps You Overcome Negative Obsessions

Amazonite is a magical mineral that has held a special place in many cultures throughout history. It is an opaque, semi-precious stone with a beautiful aqua blue-green hue. Although it was named after the Amazon River because of its similarity to the green waters of the river, Amazonite is actually found all over the world.

Amazonite has been used for centuries as a protective talisman and to increase personal power. It’s often referred to as the “hope stone” because it helps bring hope and clarity during difficult situations. Amazonite also carries energies of truth, courage, and communication - making it an ideal stone for those seeking to learn more about themselves or others.


In metaphysical circles, Amazonite is believed to help balance mental and emotional energies by promoting self-love and acceptance. It can also be used to attract love, prosperity, abundance and success in life by helping you stay true to yourself while honoring your goals and ambitions. By using this powerful crystal in your spiritual practice or magickal workings, you will find yourself feeling more confident in expressing your authentic self and having faith that you have all the strength within you needed for success.


From its appearance alone, Amazonite can easily draw attention for its lovely shade of blue-green hues ranging from light aquamarine blue to deep olive green with black mottling. No two pieces are ever alike making each one unique! This stunning gemstone can be made into jewelry pieces such as necklaces or bracelets so its energy can be enjoyed close to the heart chakra where it can more effectively work its magick on an individual’s overall well being.


Additionally, Amazonite helps connect with inner knowledge that allows us better control our lives by understanding how our emotions influence our decisions and actions. It helps us recognize our mistakes so we may learn from them without blame or guilt while encouraging forgiveness toward ourselves as well as others who may have wronged us in some way.


Overall, Amazonite serves as a gentle reminder that life’s challenges are only meant to make us stronger - no matter what happens we always have something positive inside of us waiting to be revealed once again! Whether used for physical beauty or spiritual growth, this powerful crystal holds the potential for great transformation when used correctly - just remember that whatever you wish for will come true if you believe wholeheartedly in its power.

Yellow Calcite. Altar.

Yellow Calcite:


Yellow Calcite is associated with:


  • Cannot Hold Negativity, Transmutes Only Positive Energy

  • Happiness and Pure Joy

  • Acts as a Guide

  • Encourages Responsibility

  • Grounding

  • Inspires Motivation & Determination

  • Releases Bad Habits

  • Reduces Anxiety

  • Reduces Depression

  • Mental Clarity

  • Eliminates Procrastination

  • Brings an Abundance of Energy

  • Facilitates Good Luck

  • Inspires Confidence

  • Brings Hope

  • Connects You to Divine Realms

  • Amplifying Stone

  • Great Stone to Eliminate Anger and Rage

  • Fosters Personal Growth

Yellow Calcite is a powerful stone of spiritual development and transformation. It has been used for centuries in magick and the law of attraction, as it is said to carry a strong energy that helps to amplify intentions and manifest desires.


The color of Yellow Calcite comes from its high iron content, which also gives it its many metaphysical properties. Yellow Calcite vibrates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, making it a great stone for those looking to increase their self-empowerment and confidence. It radiates positive energy that helps to clear negative energies and promote positivity, joy, and clarity of thought.


Yellow Calcite is a powerful stone for manifesting abundance in all areas of life. It can help remove any blocks or obstacles that are standing in your way so you can create the life you desire. By infusing your spirit with positive vibrations, Yellow Calcite can help attract success, prosperity, love, and wealth into your life.


This type of calcite can also be used to heal emotional wounds and boost self-esteem. Its energy encourages optimism and optimism opens up the possibility for change. When using Yellow Calcite you should keep in mind that thoughts become things; use this crystal’s energy to set your intentions clear and take action so they become reality.


In addition to manifesting abundance, Yellow Calcite is also helpful in developing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, intuition, communication with spirit guides, precognition/premonition abilities, divination etc. It can help bring understanding when trying to interpret messages sent by your higher self or divine spirits.


In Ancient Egyptian times this type of calcite was used for protection against negative energies; it was believed that the bright yellow hue would ward off harm from malicious intent directed at someone’s home or property. This belief still stands today; many people use Yellow Calcite around their homes or workplaces as protection from negative energies or entities that could cause harm or disruption in their lives.

Finally, as previously mentioned Yellow Calcite vibrates with the Solar Plexus Chakra; this makes it an excellent choice for activating healing on physical ailments associated with this chakra such as digestive issues like gas or bloating, kidney stones etc., as well as mental issues related to low self-esteem or lack of personal power/confidence.


For best results when using Yellow Calcite we recommend meditating with the crystal while focusing on what you want to manifest into your life – think positive thoughts! Place the crystal on top of your abdomen while lying down if dealing with physical ailments related to solar plexus chakra blockages; you should also visualize a yellow light surrounding you while doing so to activate healing energies within its depths even further. Keep Yellow Calcite close by during ritual work or spell casting if working specifically with this stone’s energy – whether using it for protection purposes or manifesting abundance - so its powerful vibrations may be felt throughout the process.

Green Calcite. Alter

Green Calcite:


Green Calcite is associated with:


  • Money, Wealth, Prosperity, & Abundance

  • Good Luck & Fortune

  • Restores Balance

  • Regulates Emotions

  • Stress Relief

  • Mental Healer

  • Success in All Areas

  • Cleans Negativity From People, Places, and Things

  • Raises Your Vibration

  • Provides Motivation

  • Clears Negative Emotions & Stagnation

  • Stone of Protection

  • Brings Love Into Your Life

  • Promotes Forgiveness

  • Enhances Empathy and Compassion

  • Brings About Positive Transformation

  • Connects You To Your Heart's Desire

  • Brings in New Opportunities

Green Calcite is a powerful healing stone with strong metaphysical properties that help to manifest positive energy and attract abundance. It is one of the most popular stones for use in magick and law of attraction rituals.


Green Calcite is primarily composed of calcium carbonate, which gives it its distinctive color and texture. In ancient times, it was believed to possess healing powers, as well as spiritual protection from negativity. Ancient Egyptians used Green Calcite specifically for healing purposes and incorporated it into jewelry for protection against the dark forces.


Today, Green Calcite is used to promote love, luck, prosperity, and joy. It's often placed in a room or living space to create a sense of harmony and balance. People also use Green Calcite as an aid to meditation, connecting them more deeply with their higher self and divine guidance.


On a physical level, Green Calcite has been known to reduce inflammation and cleanse the blood. It helps promote healthy digestion by reducing disturbances in the gut flora; this can lead to better mental clarity as well. Green Calcite also helps strengthen bones by providing additional calcium and aiding mineral absorption into the body.


In terms of magickal workings, Green Calcite is said to amplify intentions so they can reach the Universe more quickly. For this reason, many people choose to carry a piece of Green Calcite with them when performing tasks related to goal-setting or manifesting dreams. By doing so, they are sending out strong vibrational signals that will be heard by the Universe in no time.


At an emotional level, Green Calcite helps bring about emotional balance and centeredness . Its calming vibrations can help release negative emotions like anger or jealousy that might prevent you from living your best life. Furthermore, its energies are thought to increase self-confidence and empower decision-making skills; this allows you to feel more secure in your actions — both personal and business-related — leading you towards greater success overall.


The spiritual benefits of Green Calcite are numerous too! As previously mentioned, it serves as a protective amulet against dark forces while also allowing more light energy into our lives through its vibrant hue of greenish-blue shades — reflective of Nature's beauty — which together tend to foster feelings of happiness and joy within us all.


Overall, accepting Green Calcite into your life can be beneficial on many levels — physical health , emotional well-being , spiritual enlightenment , magickal workings , creative pursuits , etc.. This versatile crystal can help heal your body while cleansing your energy field so you can live your best life with divine guidance each step along the way.

black obsidian. Alter. Magick

Black Obsidian:


Black Obsidian is associated with:


  • Psychic Protection

  • Negative Energy Shield

  • Removes and Absorbs Toxic Energy

  • Protects From Abuse and Bullying

  • Removes Toxic People

  • Connected to the Root Chakra

  • Incredibly Grounding

  • Dispels Anxiety

  • Relieves Tension

  • Soul Healing

  • Increases Your Personal Power

  • Encourages Growth

  • Purifying

  • Manifestation Stone

  • Brings Forth Transformation

  • Cleanses the Aura

  • Restores Stability

  • Clears Confusion & Fogginess

  • Protects Against Hostility

  • Helps You Move Forward

  • Absorbs Pain

  • Lets the Truth Come Out

  • Encourages Self Control

  • Enhances Psychic Abilities

  • Promotes Compassion & Empathy

The first use of Black Obsidian was recorded by the ancient Aztecs in Mexico, who used it not only as an ornamental material but also during spiritual rituals. Over time, its unique physical properties were discovered, leading to its widespread use in jewelry and talismans around the world.


Black Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava, when the intense heat melts silica-rich rocks and combines with iron and magnesium to form the dark glassy material we now see in polished stones. This makes Black Obsidian a powerful grounding stone that helps one connect with their ancient roots while still offering protection against negative energies.


When held or worn close to the body, Black Obsidian can help bring your hidden emotions and thoughts to light. By doing so, it helps you look at yourself more objectively and make changes that you need in order to reach your highest potential. It’s especially useful for those looking to break away from unhealthy patterns or addiction as it provides clarity on why they keep repeating these patterns so they can make better choices moving forward.


At a metaphysical level, Black Obsidian is known for its ability to absorb negative energy and aid spiritual growth by providing a clearer understanding of our inner truth. This allows us to reach higher levels of consciousness by expanding our awareness beyond our current limitations. Working with this stone can help us break down barriers between ourselves and our goals, allowing us to manifest them more easily through visualization techniques such as meditation or crystal grids.


Overall, Black Obsidian is an incredibly versatile gemstone with endless possibilities for those willing to explore its power. Not only does it have the potential to boost physical health by clearing out energetic blockages within the body; but it also works wonders on emotional stability by helping us gain insight into our inner selves – which can be invaluable when trying to manifest what we want in life! As such, this powerful stone should be included in any magickal practice as its capabilities are truly limitless.

Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine:


Blue Aventurine is associated with:



  • Increases Prosperity

  • Stress Relief

  • Assists in Sobriety

  • Good Decision Making

  • Encourages Compassion

  • Provides Patience

  • Encourages Perseverance

  • Enhances Communication

  • Connection to Your Spirit Guides

  • Clears Old Energy & Habits

  • Increases Self Discipline

  • Inner Strength

  • Enhances Intuition

  • Encourages Self Growth

  • Promotes Maturity

  • Fighting Addictions

  • Helps You Take Responsibility For Actions

  • Encourages Psychic Abilities

  • Rids You of Bad Habits

  • Healers Stone

  • Enhances Logic and Rational Thinking

  • Encourages Leadership

  • Helps You Focus

Blue Aventurine is a type of quartz, which is believed to possess strong magickal properties. This beautiful stone has a rich history that stretches back thousands of years, and has been used in various forms of divination and spiritual practices.


Blue Aventurine is found in an array of colors, but it gets its name from the shimmering blue color seen in its raw state. It has a unique crystalline structure that gives it a soft, almost velvety texture when polished.


The metaphysical properties associated with Blue Aventurine are said to specifically manifest peace, joy, and serenity. This stone is believed to open the mind and heart up to unconditional love and promote feelings of contentment and harmony between people.


Blue Aventurine also has healing properties associated with it as well. The stone is believed to help reduce stress levels and balance out emotions such as anxiety or anger. It can also be used as an aid for meditation or relaxation due to its calming energy.


Throughout history, Blue Aventurine has been used for many purposes including jewelry making, healing rituals, protection spells, communication with spirits, and fortune telling. In ancient Egypt this gemstone was often presented as an offering or gift from the gods during religious ceremonies.


In more recent times Blue Aventurine has become popular among those who practice crystal magick or alternative healing modalities like Reiki or Wicca for its ability to amplify energies around the body and bring forth positive changes within one's life path.


No matter how you choose to use Blue Aventurine in your spiritual journey this gemstone will bring forth powerful energies that can be used for healing on both physical and spiritual levels while also providing peace of mind during difficult times.

Cherry Quartz. Alter. Spellwork

Cherry Quartz:


Cherry Quartz is associated with:


  • Enhances Peace and Serenity

  • Encourages Hope

  • Promotes Healing

  • Provides Stress Relief

  • Effective Anti-depressant

  • Heals Emotional Wounds

  • Brings About Optimism and Joy

  • Positive Energy

  • Helps With Concentration

  • Increased Memory

  • Attracts Love and Passion

  • Provide Transformation Energy

  • Encourages Good Decision Making

  • Give an Energy Boost

  • Helps With Grief

  • Encourages Self Reflection

Cherry Quartz is a beautiful and powerful stone with a long history of magickal uses. It is believed to be able to bring luck, wealth, success and love into your life.


Cherry Quartz is an alternate form of quartz crystal, but it has its own unique properties. It has an iridescent red color that is caused by tiny pieces of iron oxide within the quartz. This iron oxide also gives Cherry Quartz a strong connection to the Earth element.


The history of Cherry Quartz stretches back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, this stone was used in religious ceremonies and offerings. Ancient Greeks believed that Cherry Quartz could bring good fortune and protection from harm.


In modern magickal practice, Cherry Quartz is still seen as a powerful tool for manifesting what you want in life. Its strong Earth energy can help you ground yourself firmly in the material world and make sure that your desires are made real.


When using Cherry Quartz for manifestation purposes, it is best to set an intention before drawing on its power. Holding the stone in one hand, visualize what you wish to accomplish or receive in life – be it abundance, success or love – then repeat the intention three times out loud while keeping focus on your goal.


Carry Cherry Quartz with you whenever possible for extra power and protection throughout your daily activities – especially when engaging in business-related matters such as contract negotiations or networking events where competition might arise.


Additionally, you can also use this stone during rituals or spells to boost their effectiveness – be sure to keep the stone near while performing any spiritual work so that its energies can help amplify your intentions even further!


Cherry Quartz can also be used as part of healing practices both physical and emotional due to its ability to cleanse negative energies while restoring balance throughout the body’s energetic field. Place this stone around your body or hold it near any area where pain or discomfort is present and allow its vibrations to penetrate deep within for targeted healing effects.


Cherry Quartz has been known throughout history for its protective qualities; this remains true today as well! Place this stone near windows or doors which may be susceptible to negative energies entering your home – much like salt placed at a doorway’s threshold -to guarantee safety from unwanted forces entering inside . Additionally, wear Cherry Quartz jewelry such as necklaces or rings whenever possible if feeling overwhelmed by outside stressors; this will provide a calming effect while shielding from any unwanted intrusions into one's personal space .


Overall, Cherry Quartz is truly a remarkable gemstone with multiple uses both physical and metaphysical! Its history provides evidence of how highly regarded this gemstone has been throughout all cultures across time; anyone interested in harnessing its abilities should consider giving it a try - through meditation practices, ritual work, or simply wearing it close-by to experience all that it has to offer.

Dalmatian Jasper. Alter.

Dalmatian Jasper:


Dalmatian Jasper is associated with:


  • Happiness & Joy

  • Exhaustion Related to Trauma and High Stress Environments

  • Breaks Down Barriers

  • Relieves Depression

  • Provides Psychic & Spiritual Protection

  • Strong Grounding Energy

  • Boosts Good Luck & Fortune

  • Provides Strength

  • Brings Harmony & Serenity

  • Connects With and Protects Dogs

  • Keeps us Playful

  • Helps You Discover Your Purpose

  • Gives Motivation

  • Stabilizing

  • Provides Positive Energy

  • Known as the Stone of Playfulness

  • Increases Loyalty in Relationships

Dalmatian Jasper is a unique and magical stone that has been used in many cultures since ancient times. It is most commonly found in regions of Europe, such as Dalmatia and Cyprus, but can also be found in other places around the world.


Dalmatian Jasper is believed to have metaphysical properties that bring balance, grounding, protection, and inner strength. It is thought to help you stand up for yourself when necessary, and to bring clarity of thought - making it a great stone for decision-making.


In history, Dalmatian Jasper was popular among shamans, healers and medicine people who used it to treat any number of ailments from physical ailments to mental issues. It was also believed that this stone could be used for protection against evil spirits or bad luck.


Dalmatian Jasper resonates with the energy of the lower chakras – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra – empowering your connection with Mother Earth’s energy while bringing stability and security into your life.


Physically, Dalmatian Jasper is said to help detoxify your body by increasing urination and removing toxins from the body’s systems; it is also known to improve digestion. Additionally, it can reduce skin irritations like eczema or psoriasis.


It has been said that connecting with the energies of Dalmatian Jasper can open up communication between you and your animal friends (especially those with spots!). If you have ever wanted an animal companion who would understand you better than anyone else on this planet then this stone may just be the key!


The energies of Dalmatian Jasper can also help you connect more deeply with nature itself – allowing you to experience its calming beauty even in stressful times. This connection can give you a sense of peace within yourself that will help you find balance in all areas of your life.


Dalmatian Jasper has long been associated with magickal practices as well – its energies can be used for good luck charms or spells dealing with protection or personal power. For example, if someone wants personal protection then they might hold a piece of Dalmatian Jasper while visualizing white light surrounding them while they recite a mantra asking for protection from negative influences or bad luck.


The most common color associated with Dalmatian Jasper is black and white spots on a cream base – often referred to as “dog jasper” because it resembles the coat pattern of a Dalmatian dog! However there are several varieties which may feature different colors such as yellow or red spots on green matrix stones or iridescent pastel blues and greens mixed among creamy whites on some specimens -all alike beautiful! No matter what type of pattern exists one thing remains certain: The kind energies associated with this grounded stone offer more than meets the eye even after centuries of use.

Agate. Alter. Candle



Agate is associated with:


  • Provides Stability

  • Grounding

  • Allows Forgiveness

  • Alleviates Bitterness

  • Improves Concentration and Focus

  • Gives Self Confidence

  • Improves Relationships

  • Protective

  • Brings Peace & Calming Energy

  • Re-balances the Body & Mind

  • Creates a Sense of Security

  • Known as a Power Stone

  • Perfect for Meditation

  • Relieves Anxiety & Stress

Agate is a type of mineral composed of silicon dioxide, and it has been used for centuries in magick and for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to bring happiness and good fortune, as well as protection from evil spirits and negative energies. Agate is also thought to open the mind to new ideas, help you overcome any obstacles that may be blocking your path in life, and encourage self-confidence.


Agate comes in many different varieties, ranging from clear white to deep reds and blues. These stones have been used throughout history by many cultures around the world, including ancient Greeks, who believed them to have healing properties; Romans, who made talismans with them; Chinese cultures and even Native American tribes who associated it with strength and courage.


Agate has many other metaphysical properties too. It is said to be a grounding stone which helps balance emotional energy and relieves stress. It can also stimulate analytically abilities and aid in problem solving. Furthermore, agates are believed to possess cleansing powers which purify the mind by removing negative influences, making it easier for positive vibrations to enter into one's life.


The most common use of agates today is as jewelry or as decoration pieces such as gemstone carvings or worry stones, both of which are said to bring good luck when carried or worn on one's person. They are also used in making mosaics or paintings due their unique coloration's and patterns.


In addition, some people believe that agates can improve mental clarity when placed near a computer monitor or television set because they absorb electromagnetic waves that emanate from these devices. This same property could also be beneficial when placed near cell phones to reduce radiation exposure.


Agates come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their type and where they were found - some Agates come from volcanic ash while others can only be found at certain river beds or mountain ranges around the world - making them highly sought after by collectors everywhere! No matter how you choose to use them though, Agates can provide you with many benefits as long as you keep an open mind about what each individual stone may offer you spiritually or energetically.

Sodalite. Crystals. Alter.



Sodalite is associated with:


  • Connects You to Your Angels

  • Influences Logic and Rational Thinking

  • Provides Willpower

  • Enhances Motivation

  • Encourages You to be True to Yourself

  • Increases Intuition

  • Provides Calm During Times of Stress or Chaos

  • Boosts Communication

  • Alleviates Anxiety & Depression

  • Encourages Trust

  • Balances Out Energy

  • Increases Metabolism

  • Helps to Cure Insomnia

  • Enhances Creativity

  • Boosts Intelligence

  • Releases Anger and Frustration

  • Stone of Self Expression

The beautiful Sodalite is a stone of magick and spiritual power with a history that stretches far back into antiquity. It has been used by many cultures as a talisman of protection, courage and luck, and has even been said to be the very stone that Jesus wore on his breastplate.


Sodalite is known primarily for its deep blue hue, often flecked with white spots of calcite throughout. In addition to its stunning color, it was also revered for its metaphysical properties which were believed to help bring clarity of thought and self-expression in communication. Sodalite was also thought to help bring balance between one's mental focus, creativity and emotions.


When exploring the history of the Sodalite, we can look back at ancient civilizations who all had use for this special stone. The Egyptians used it in jewelry and carvings while the Mayans used it as a protective healing stone, believing it held the energy of their gods within it. Later on during medieval times, Sodalite was used as an amulet against bad luck or curses as well as being worn for protection from harm or injury.


In modern day times Sodalite continues to be sought after for both its beauty and metaphysical properties alike. It is believed to open up a person's spiritual awareness, enabling them to gain insights from the depths of their subconscious mind so they can gain clarity in decision making. By doing this it allows us to connect with our intuition more deeply and make decisions based on our higher self rather than our logical mind alone.


Sodalite is also said to be calming and soothing mentally, allowing us to better relax when feeling stressed or anxious by restoring our inner peace and harmony within ourselves. Additionally it helps promote feelings of self worth while encouraging acceptance of others around us - allowing us to have more compassion when dealing with difficult situations or people we come across in life.


On an energetic level Sodalite is thought to stimulate energy flow within our chakras so we can become more balanced emotionally and spiritually. Its vibrations are believed to help clear away any negative energies lingering around us so we can be open minded when talking with others or reflecting upon ourselves - giving us insight into hidden matters that may come up unexpectedly in life such as emotional traumas from our pasts or subconscious blocks that are hindering our growth forward towards achieving goals or dreams we have set forth for ourselves (or even those set by society).


All in all Sodalite is an amazing crystal that has quite a rich history behind its magick powers - something many people today still seek out for its helpful metaphysical properties! If you're looking for a way to help increase your clarity of thought while deepening your connection with yourself (and the world around you), then give Sodalite a try - its unique vibes may just surprise you.

Tigers Eye. Alter.

Tigers Eye:


Tigers Eye is associated with:


  • Stone of Luck & Good Fortune

  • Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

  • Very Grounding

  • Provides Excellent Protection Power

  • Increases Strength

  • Improves Your Ability to Assert Yourself

  • Strengthens Willpower

  • Provides Balance

  • Encourages Confidence

  • Known to Help With Self-Discipline

  • Helps With Goal Achievement

  • Provides Vitality

  • Endurance

  • Increases Focus

  • Lifts Mood

  • Brings Joy & Happiness

  • Helps You See Things Clearly

  • Releases Pent Up Tension

  • Helps With Mental Clarity

Tigers Eye is a powerful and mysterious stone that has been used in magickal practices for centuries, offering protection and guidance to its users. Many cultures have adopted Tigers Eye as an important part of their spiritual toolkit.


Tigers Eye is composed of quartz and crocidolite, which is a type of blue asbestos. In the mineral kingdom, this combination of elements creates a chatoyancy effect that looks like the eye of a tiger when polished into cabochons or tumbled stones. The most common color for Tigers Eye is golden-brown, but it can also be found in shades of red, green, and blue.


The history of Tigers Eye dates back to ancient times where it was believed to offer courage and strength during battle. Ancient Egyptians associated the stone with their goddess Sekhmet and would wear it around their necks as protection from evil energies. For ancient Chinese cultures, Tigers Eye symbolized luck and good fortune in financial matters.


In modern magickal practice, Tigers Eye is often used to help bring focus during meditation sessions while allowing one to stay grounded to reality at the same time. It can also be used to promote clear communication between people as well as create harmony in relationships by keeping negative energies away.


Physically speaking, some believe that Tigers Eye offers healing benefits such as getting rid of headaches or helping reduce anxiety or stress levels. It can also be used to help mend broken bones or alleviate general pain throughout the body.


Regardless if you are using Tigers Eye for metaphysical purposes or physical healing properties, it can help open up your senses so you can make better decisions in life while feeling safe and secure at all times. The stone will act as a guardian angel for you when you feel like your energy is being drained from outside influences or forces that are beyond your control.


It’s important to remember that when working with any kind of magickal object like Tigers Eye that you program it with positive intentions first before using it for whatever purpose you may have in mind because the power behind these objects comes from within yourself rather than from any external source. Working with any kind of metaphysical tool will require patience and dedication on your end if you want its full potentials realized – however the rewards are sure to be worth all your efforts.

Rhodonite. Lace. Alter



Rhodonite is associated with:


  • Encourages Self Love

  • Promotes Romantic Love

  • Confidence

  • Controls Temper and Calms Anger

  • Balances Emotions

  • Encourages Forgiveness and Empathy

  • Allows us to Approach the Situation With Compassion

  • Heals a Broken Heart

  • Clears Away Emotional Trauma

  • Very Emotionally Grounding

  • Encourages Healthy Attachments and Relationships

  • Alleviates Confusion

  • Assists in Discovering Your Purpose

  • Brings Light & Joyful Energy

  • Dissolves Resentment & Bitterness

  • Takes Away Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness

  • Promotes Friendship

  • Clears Muddy Emotions

  • Know as the Singer's Stone

  • Relaxes a Panic Attack

Rhodonite is a fascinating and mysterious mineral, prized for its ability to bring healing and balance to both the body and the mind. It has been used in magickal practices throughout history, from ancient Egypt to the present day.


Rhodonite is an opaque pinkish-red mineral that can also contain black mottling or veining. Its name comes from the Greek word rhodon, which means rose. It is composed of manganese silicate with pyroxene and pyrite minerals.


This beautiful stone has a long history of use in magickal practices. Ancient Egyptians believed rhodonite could help calm their tempers by soothing anger and encouraging forgiveness. The Incas thought it could be used to aid in meditation and divination practices. In India, it was considered the stone of grace, used for calming destructive emotions like rage, panic and fear.


In modern magickal practice, rhodonite is known as a powerful healer of physical ailments as well as emotional pain caused by trauma or childhood abuse. It works on both mental and physical levels -- promoting love, self-confidence and courage while releasing toxins from the body and restoring energy levels back to normal.


Rhodonite is associated with various deities including Isis (Egyptian), Aphrodite (Greek) and Freya (Norse). It is believed to open the heart chakra, allowing us to forgive past wrongs while healing deep wounds of grief, loss or betrayal when worn as jewelry or carried with you regularly.


It's also said that carrying a piece of rhodonite can help strengthen our relationship with our spirit guides by helping us trust our intuition more fully - this makes it especially useful for those who practice divination such as tarot reading or scrying. Rhodonite helps us remember our innate divinity so we can move through life with confidence rather than fear, trusting that we are divinely protected at all times no matter what happens around us or within us.


On a physical level, Rhodonite works on an energetic level to release blocked energies within the body while simultaneously strengthening any weak areas; it helps heal imbalances caused by environmental pollutants or poor diet too! Rhodonite increases metabolism while detoxifying organs such as the liver and kidneys - making it beneficial for those suffering from any number of maladies including chronic fatigue syndrome or depression.


Finally, rhodonite encourages creativity -- providing ideas for new projects or direction when one feels lost in their current goals/situation -- helping bridge the gap between dreams and reality! As long as we remember to use this stone responsibly during times of need rather than relying on it exclusively all the time then there’s no limit to its potential benefits - whether we’re looking at it from a metaphysical perspective or simply appreciating its beauty.




Opalite is associated with:


  • Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

  • Helps With Meditation

  • Inspires Confidence

  • Emotional Stability

  • Business Success

  • Increased Self-Worth

  • Brings About Love

  • Strengthens Psychic Abilities

  • Inspires Positive Change

  • Instills Hope

  • Facilitates Better Communication

  • Stone of Personal Power

  • Helps With Dream Work

  • Is an Aura Cleanser

  • Encourages Courage

  • Eases Transitions

  • Provides Serenity and Peace

  • Aids in Vision Work

  • Manifestation

Opalite is a man-made gemstone that has been used in metaphysical practices for centuries. Its milky, opalescent hue is due to the unique additives added during the crafting process. This means that no two Opalite stones are identical; each one is unique and carries its own special properties.


Opalite has often been used in magick and rituals since ancient times. Ancient cultures believed that Opalite had the power to open up portals of spiritual communication between humans and spirits, allowing them to connect on a deeper level.


In modern times, Opalite continues to be a popular choice for metaphysical practices such as meditation, astral projection, and tarot readings. It is said to help the user access higher realms of consciousness and bring clarity to one's thoughts and emotions.


The stone can also be used for protection against negative energy or emotional turbulence, as well as helping with stress relief. Because of its calming influence on the mind, many people believe that Opalite can aid in reducing anxiety and promoting inner peace.


Opalite also has an interesting history when it comes to its use in jewelry making. In Victorian England, it was commonly referred to as “opal moonstone” because of its similar appearance to moonstones at certain angles; this gave rise to the nickname “fairy stone” or “fairy opal” due to its otherworldly beauty.


Today, Opalite remains a popular choice for metaphysical purposes because of its unique properties and special place in history. Whether you plan on using it for spiritual communication or simply for aesthetic purposes, Opalite provides a special connection with the unseen forces of nature and helps us tap into our own natural energies.

Bloodstone. Wood Alter. Candle.



Bloodstone is associated with:


  • Attracting Luck & Good Fortune

  • Increases Success

  • Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

  • Encourages Strength

  • Boosts Manifestation

  • Deeply Grounding

  • Provides Protection

  • Helps With Alignment

  • Encourages Organization

  • Heightened Intuition

  • Reduces Anger and Aggression

  • Helps Balance Our Energy

  • Connects You to Your Ancestors

  • Increases Resilience

  • Helps With Anxiety

Bloodstone is a powerful spiritual stone with a long history of use in magick and healing that dates back to ancient times.


Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a variety of dark green chalcedony quartz flecked with red jasper. It is believed to have been first discovered in India and was later used extensively by the ancient Greeks and Romans.


In traditional folklore, Bloodstone was thought to be the result of drops of Jesus' blood falling onto pieces of green jasper at the time of his crucifixion. As such, it has long been viewed as a powerful symbol for courage, strength, wisdom and protection during difficult times.


Bloodstone was believed to possess strong metaphysical properties related to purification, transformation and grounding as well as offering protection from negative energies in the environment or from enemies. Ancient cultures would often carry Bloodstone amulets or lay them on their bodies in order to absorb its strengthening powers.


During the Middle Ages, Bloodstone was worn by warriors who sought protection in battle and by priests who wanted increased spiritual insight and power. To this day, it is still bought by those seeking protection from physical harm or evil forces, especially during moments of intense emotional or physical stress.


In modern magical practices, Bloodstone is believed to contain strong energies that can be used for manifesting goals into reality through visualization techniques with its assistance. Its power can also help activate one's intuition and creativity while enhancing courage when facing challenging experiences or obstacles. Its energy can help bring deeper understanding surrounding karmic lessons allowing one to move forward unhindered on their spiritual path.


Bloodstone can be used during meditation sessions as it helps ground excessive energy while creating balance between mind body and spirit. It can enhance focus and concentration while providing clarity when making important decisions or life choices. It is also said to ease stress-related issues such as hypertension or anxiety by helping one stay centered within themselves even when faced with difficult circumstances that may arise externally.


In crystal healing practices today, Bloodstone is often utilized for cleansing both spiritually and physically clearing away any energetic blockages that might be within the aura or body system due to trauma or illness while restoring equilibrium throughout these systems simultaneously. Practitioners often suggest using it’s energies for treating blood disorders such as anemia as well promoting healthy circulation throughout the entire body overall which can lead to improved mental focus along with increased energy levels throughout all areas of life when needed most.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper:


Red Jasper is associated with:


  • Incredibly Grounding

  • Provides Protection

  • Helps You Feel Secure

  • Brings Serenity and Balance

  • Helps You Receive Justice

  • Stabilizes Moods

  • Encourages Confidence

  • Increased Energy

  • Encourages Goal Completion

  • Provides an Emotional Release

  • Encourages Quick Thinking

  • Releases Shame Tied With Sex

  • Stimulates The Imagination

  • Stone of Endurance

  • Balances The Libido

  • Known as The Supreme Nurturer

Red Jasper is an ancient and powerful stone with a long history rooted in magick. It is said to be one of the twelve stones that were used to make up the breastplate of Aaron, being placed in the second row alongside Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, and Bloodstone.


Throughout history, Red Jasper has been used for its protective and grounding energy, having been worn or carried by warriors during battles for courage, strength and protection. This powerful stone has been credited with helping individuals gain insight from within themselves as well as enhancing their physical and emotional wellbeing.


The metaphysical properties of Red Jasper can help bring stability to one’s life, encouraging them to take charge of their own destiny. It can help provide clarity on issues related to family matters as well as providing strength during times of adversity. On an energetic level it is believed to aid in grounding and bringing balance between the body, mind, and spirit.


On a spiritual level Red Jasper can aid the wearer in connecting with higher realms while also providing support during meditations and other spiritual practices. In addition to its strong connection with Earth’s energies it is believed that this powerful gemstone helps open channels of communication when seeking divine guidance or insight into future events.


When used for ritual magick purposes Red Jasper is said to promote fertility, ward off evil energies, break curses and hexes, strengthen will power and attract wealth. This gemstone is often kept in places such as wallets or purses where it can help protect against lost funds while amplifying prosperity over time.


Those looking for an unyielding source of mental strength may find relief from carrying Red Jasper throughout their day-to-day activities; the vibrational energy produced by this powerful stone helps keep one focused on their goals while blocking out any distracting influences from external sources.


No matter what kind of magickal practice you are engaged in or how far along your spiritual path you are at any given moment – Red Jasper is sure to be a valuable ally along your journey! Its deep connection with Earth energies makes it perfect for aiding practitioners in their efforts towards personal growth while enabling them to reach deeper levels of understanding within themselves than ever before.

Amethyst. Alter



Amethyst is associated with:


  • Provides Mental Clarity

  • Protects Against Addictions

  • Encourages Positivity

  • Perfect For Meditation

  • Master Healing Stone

  • Provides Peace

  • Encourages Love

  • Instills Courage

  • Combats Insomnia

  • Purifies The Body, Mind, and Environment

  • Use For Prophetic Dreams

  • Purifies The Aura

  • Amplifies Business Success

  • Increases Intelligence

  • Prevents Nightmares

  • Expands Your Mind

  • Encourages Faithfulness and Fidelity

  • Soothes Irritability and Anger

  • Alleviates Sadness and Depression

  • Cures Grief

  • Inspires Hope

  • Balances Mood-Swings

  • Raises Your Vibration

  • Removes Negative Energy

Amethyst is a popular crystal known for its deep purple color and metaphysical properties. For many centuries, it has been widely used for magick and healing. In ancient times, Amethyst was believed to protect the wearer from intoxication, give power to rulers, and bring good luck in battle.


The name Amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethustos," which means "not drunken." To this day, it's still associated with sobriety and clear-headedness. It's also said to have powerful calming effects that can reduce stress, anxiety, and fear.


In addition to its protective qualities, Amethyst is believed to enhance one’s spiritual awareness and intuition. It also promotes creativity in art or writing as well as deep contemplation of life’s biggest questions.


Amethyst has been used in jewelry since ancient times by many different cultures around the world. Ancient Egyptians used it as an adornment for their Pharaohs while the Greeks made goblets out of it to honor the gods at feasts and celebrations.


In some Native American cultures, Amethyst is seen as a symbol of strength and courage. They often use it in smudging rituals meant for cleansing negative energy or setting up strong boundaries of protection between them and external forces.


Amethyst has also been used extensively over time in divination practices like scrying where one peers into a reflective surface (such as an Amethyst crystal) in order to access information from the spirit world or beyond our conscious understanding.


When placed under one’s pillow at night, Amethyst is said to promote vivid dreams that can help with dream recall or provide insights into spiritual matters such as past lives or future events yet to come.


No matter what your beliefs are surrounding crystals and magickal practice, there's no denying the unique beauty of an Amethyst stone! Its rich purple hue has made it a favorite amongst jewelers throughout history – from ancient Egypt all the way up through modern day fashion trends.

Carnelian. Alter. Magick. Spellwork.



Carnelian is associated with:


  • Increased Energy

  • Brings Vitality

  • Provides Confidence

  • Balances The Libido

  • Enhances Sexuality

  • Increases Creativity

  • Provides Motivation

  • Eliminates Procrastination

  • Increases Self-Esteem

  • Very Stabilizing and Grounding

  • Improves Concentration

  • Helps You Overcome Abuse

  • Protects Against Anger & Rage

  • Provides Motivation

  • Increases Manifestation

  • Increases The Metabolism

  • Brings Joy & Happiness

  • Boosts Fertility

  • Encourages Empowerment

Carnelian is a type of chalcedony quartz and is often transparent or semi-transparent. It’s found in shades of red, orange, and brown.


Carnelian has been around for thousands of years and has been used to create jewelry, weapons, tools, and decorations. Historically, Carnelian was believed to be a powerful stone that could provide protection against negative energies and promote courage and strength in those who wore it.


In magickal practices, Carnelian is known as a “stone of motivation” because it encourages positive action and boosts confidence. It is also believed to help one stay grounded by connecting them with their true purpose in life.


As an orange-red stone, Carnelian is associated with the root chakra which governs physical health as well as abundance and security on the material plane. This makes Carnelian a useful stone for manifesting goals related to money or career paths.


When working with Carnelian, it can be placed over the root chakra during meditation to bring about feelings of calmness and stability. When worn as jewelry or incorporated into talismans for rituals, Carnelian can act as an anchor that helps keep one focused on their path despite any earthly challenges they may face.


Overall, Carnelian is believed to have deeply spiritual properties that bring out the best in people in terms of courage and motivation. By helping balance the root chakra and increasing feelings of safety in regards to material wealth, this gemstone provides many opportunities for spiritual growth while still allowing individuals to remain firmly rooted in reality.

Green Moss Agate. Alter. Magick.

Green Moss Agate:


Green Moss Agate is associated with:


  • Is Abundant in Earth energy

  • Incredibly Grounding

  • Balancing to The Entire Energy System

  • Provides Stability

  • Increases Wealth and Abundance

  • Inspires Luck and Good Fortune

  • Increased Success

  • Provides Peace

  • Calms Mood Swings

  • Promotes Forgiveness

  • Brings Happiness

  • Stone of New Beginnings

  • Promotes Business Success

  • Expands Consciousness

  • Known as The Gardeners Atone (Add Green Moss Agate to Your Garden)

  • Connects You to Nature

  • Reduces Drama

  • Attracts New Friends

  • Attracts Love

  • Taps Into Healing Energy

  • Increases Self-Expression

  • Provides Clarity

Green Moss Agate is a magickal stone with a powerful history. It has been used for centuries to bring strength, healing, and protection to its wearer.


The power of Green Moss Agate lies in its natural coloration, which ranges from light green to deep forest green. This coloration is due to the presence of iron oxide deposits within its mineral composition. The presence of these deposits gives Green Moss Agate its unique properties that can be used to benefit one's spiritual and physical well being.


The earliest known use of Green Moss Agate dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed to have the power to ward off disease and plague. During medieval times, Green Moss Agate was revered for its ability to protect against envy and malicious intent.


In modern times, Green Moss Agate continues to be used for its protective qualities as well as aiding in connection with nature spirits and enhancing one's psychic abilities. In addition, people have found that wearing Green Moss Agate helps them find balance in life and connect with their inner self on a deeper level.


In crystal healing practices, Green Moss Agate is said to help increase mental clarity while promoting stability in all aspects of life including emotional stability, physical health, financial security and career success. It is also believed that this magickal stone can aid in relieving stress and anxiety while helping one achieve feelings of inner peace and tranquility.


Green Moss Agate is known as a grounding stone as it works effectively at connecting one’s spirit with the earth's energy field while providing a sense of security within oneself Additionally, it also helps open and cleanse the throat chakra allowing positive energy exchange between individuals and between body/mind/spirit relationships As such, it can be very helpful for those who struggle with communication issues or emotional blockages Furthermore, Green Moss Agate can assist in activating the heart chakra helping open up the flow of love into our lives


Green Moss Agate has many metaphysical properties but must always be treated with respect due to its powerful magickal energies; therefore, it should only ever be purchased from reputable sources or gifted from someone who knows how handle such an item properly. If you intend on using this gemstone for any type of ritual workings then ensure you research carefully beforehand as some rituals may require more advanced knowledge


Overall Green Moss Agate is an incredibly powerful magickal tool that has been used since ancient times for both physical protection as well as spiritual growth Its ability to help us connect more deeply with ourselves on an intuitive level makes it invaluable when we need guidance or assistance navigating through difficult times or major life changes Whether you choose wear this crystal or simply keep it close by remember always show gratitude towards your precious piece.

Cherry Blossom Agate. Alter. Magick

Cherry Blossom Agate:

Cherry Blossom Agate is associated with:


  • Known As The Crystal of Dreamers

  • Encourages Goal-Setting and Goal Completion

  • Increases Motivation

  • Encourages You to “Reach For The Stars”

  • Great For Entrepreneurs

  • Nurtures Dreams

  • Fires Up Passions

  • Instills Maternal Feminine Energy

  • Brings Balance & Serenity

  • Is Comforting

  • Increases Drive & Determination

  • Brings Forward Growth

  • Protects Against Self-Doubt

  • Helps You Achieve Your Full Potential

Cherry Blossom Agate is a beautiful and mysterious stone with a long history of being used for spiritual and magickal purposes. It is believed to bring the user joy, pleasure, luck, and inner peace.


The gemstone itself has a creamy pink or peach hue to it, which is why it got its name Cherry Blossom Agate. It typically has black spots scattered among the lighter colors, giving it an interesting and unique look.


Throughout history, Cherry Blossom Agate has been used as a talisman of protection in many cultures around the world. The belief was that its gentle hues could ward off negative energy and provide spiritual balance to the user. Because of this power, early shamans often used the stone during rituals to help invoke visions and wisdom from their deities.


In addition to its protective qualities, Cherry Blossom Agate also offers metaphysical healing properties. It is believed this stone can help purify one’s mind and body by clearing away negative emotions such as fear or anger that may be hampering one’s progression or wellbeing. Cherry Blossom Agate can also aid in releasing physical tension from the body while helping one relax into meditation or deeper states of consciousness. Many people swear by this gemstone's ability to increase patience and clarity when making difficult decisions in life.


Cherry Blossom Agate also has associations with fertility; this gemstone was once thought to increase sexual desire and promote passion between two partners. Because of this belief, many couples would exchange these stones as a token of their love for each other during wedding ceremonies or other special occasions. Furthermore, some cultures believe that wearing or carrying Cherry Blossom Agate can draw good fortune into your life by ushering in positive changes such as financial success or heightened intuition abilities.


Overall, Cherry Blossom Agate is an incredibly powerful gemstone with strong metaphysical properties associated with protection and healing energies that can help restore inner peace within oneself while bringing good luck for those who choose to use it as part of their magickal practice. Whether you just want to wear it out of admiration for its beauty or use it to enhance your spiritual practice, you are sure not regret having this stone on your side.

Rose Quartz. Alter. Magick

Rose Quartz:


Rose Quartz is associated with:


  • Brings an Abundance of Love

  • Increases Compassion and Empathy

  • Heals Heartbreak

  • Instills Trust and Fidelity

  • Encourages Friendship

  • Dissolves Past Trauma (Especially Related to Love)

  • Increases Self-Worth

  • Brings About Forgiveness and Understanding

  • Helps You Find Your True Love

  • Encourages Self-Love

  • Restores Harmony

  • Helps Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

  • Promotes Unconditional Love

  • Facilitates Romance

  • Releases Anger, Resentment, and Jealousy

  • Enhances Inner Peace and Serenity

  • Brings a Gentle Energy Into The Room

  • Helps You Overcome Doubts

  • Dissolves Isolation

  • Prevents Nightmares

  • Enhances Creativity

  • Brings in Feminine Energy

  • Increases Fertility

Rose Quartz is believed to be the most important crystal for love and relationships, as well as being known for its healing properties and ability to help people connect to their spiritual selves.


Mined from all around the world, Rose Quartz is said to have originated in Egypt, where it was used in jewelry and ritual objects. Rose Quartz was also popular among ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese cultures for its beauty and power.


Rose Quartz has a wide range of metaphysical properties that are said to bring about a sense of peace, unconditional love, compassion, understanding, balance, calming energy, clarity of thought, protection from negativity and emotional support. It is believed to be able to open the heart chakra so that one can more easily accept love into their life.


When used in meditation or spiritual practice, Rose Quartz is said to promote serenity while cleansing one's aura of negative energy. It is also believed to aid in forgiveness by encouraging you to release grudges or grievances that may be blocking your progress on life's path.


In terms of healing properties, Rose Quartz has been said to help improve circulation in the body and reduce stress levels. It is also thought to be beneficial for relaxation and reducing anxiety as it encourages gentle introspection when worn or held during meditation sessions or rituals.


Ultimately, Rose Quartz can be used as an aid for self-care routines that help restore harmony between the mind and body by providing a soothing environment for contemplation and introspection. There are many ways in which it can be utilized - such as wearing jewelry made from Rose Quartz or placing pieces around your home - however doing so should always involve setting an intention first so that you can get the full benefits of this powerful stone.

Fluorite. Alter. Candle. Magick



Fluorite is associated with:


  • Cleansing The Aura

  • Stabilizing Your Energy Field

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety

  • Heightened Psychic Awareness

  • Promotes Quick Thinking

  • Helps Us Tap Into Our Subconscious Mind

  • Increasing Creativity

  • Encourages Better Concentration

  • Enhances Manifestation

  • Increases Self-Assurance

  • Clears Mind of Distractions

  • Provides Protection

  • Help Connect to The Spirit

  • Is Incredibly Balancing

  • Inspires Serenity & Peace

  • Assists in Organization

  • Absorbs Negative Energy

  • Stone of Growth

  • Harmonizes All Chakras

  • Encourages Learning and Education

  • Opens Roads & Removes Road-Blocks

  • Encourages Independence

  • Promotes Clarity

Fluorite is a beautiful crystal, found in many colors and fascinating shapes. Its metaphysical properties have made it a popular choice for magickal uses for centuries.


Fluorite has a long history of being used to ward off evil spirits and protect from danger. It was often placed near entrance ways or hung from the neck of an individual to keep them safe. Ancient Egyptians used Fluorite for statues, carvings, amulets and jewelry. They believed the stone had protective energies that could ward off negative spirits and evil forces.


In Northern Europe, Fluorite was once believed to help people communicate with nature spirits. It was also used to alleviate fear and confusion since it was thought to promote inner peace and harmony while helping people find clarity in times of chaos or distress.


Fluorite is said to be one of the most powerful stones when it comes to warding off negative energy, protecting against psychic attacks and shielding the user from spiritual harm. In addition to its protective capabilities, Fluorite can be used for healing purposes as well. Some traditions claim that Fluorite can help treat disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia by releasing stuck energies within the body and allowing balance to return once more.


The crystal also has strong links with creativity and inspiration which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to open up their imagination or gain insight into their life’s purpose. As Fluorite is associated with balance, it can be extremely helpful when working on any type of transformation or shifting a perspective on life's circumstances.


Fluorite is widely known for its ability to boost mental capacity by enhancing focus and concentration levels; this makes it a great option for students who need extra motivation when studying or making decisions about their future career paths. The crystal can also help increase intuition when facing complex problems or emotional challenges as well as providing insight during meditation practice by allowing emotional blockages to be released more easily through gentle energetic vibrations.


Finally, Fluorite is often used as a tool of divination - whether through scrying (a form of fortune telling) which involves gazing into a piece of fluorite in order to gain knowledge or insight into potential events or outcomes - or simply by carrying pieces with you throughout your day-to-day life in order to increase focus and productivity levels while decreasing stress levels along the way!

Labradorite. Alter. Candle. Magick



Labradorite is associated with:


  • Offers Protection

  • Deflects Toxic Energies and People

  • Reduces Anxiety, Fear, and Stres

  • Increases Intuition and Psychic Awareness

  • Provides Serenity and Calming Energy

  • Enhances Imagination

  • Encourages Creativity

  • Expands Your Awareness

  • Facilitates Lucid Dreaming

  • Encourages Increased Spiritual Growth

  • Gives Inspiration

  • Shields Your Aura

  • Helps You Discover Your Destiny

  • Known As The Witches Stone

  • Use in Divination

  • Awakens Your Magickal Abilities

  • Stimulates Synchronicity

  • Helps You Develop Ideas

  • Encourages Spirit Work

  • Stone of Transformation

  • Increases Manifestation

Labradorite is a stone of transformation and magick. With its powerful energy, Labradorite can help us to better understand ourselves, and the universe around us. It is believed to have been used by ancient cultures to access deep spiritual and metaphysical knowledge.


Labradorite is an iridescent gemstone known for its remarkable play of light, or “labradorescence”. This effect occurs when tiny platelets within the stone scatter light in a beautiful array of colors. The most common colors you will see in Labradorite are blue, green, yellow, and orange; sometimes flashes of pink or red are present as well.


Labradorite has been found in many places around the world, including Finland (where it got its name), Canada, Mexico, Madagascar, and Scandinavia. The Inuit people of Canada’s Nunavut territory have long viewed Labradorite as sacred and have traditionally used it for magickal purposes such as banishing negative energies from the home and body. They also believed that Labradorite allowed them access to their ancestors’ spirits through their dreams.


The metaphysical properties of Labradorite are said to encourage introspection and connect the soul with higher realms. It encourages us to stay true to our inner self no matter what challenges may come up in life; this allows us to manifest our deepest desires into reality with ease. Additionally, Labradorite can help open our psychic abilities allowing us to better understand our intuition while also providing protection against negative energies that could otherwise inhibit these abilities.


Labradorite is also known for promoting creativity and self-expression along with reducing stress levels; this makes it ideal for anyone looking for internal reflection or mental clarity during times of difficulty or darkness in their lives. As a bonus side effect of its protective powers, it can also reduce anxiety and increase feelings of relaxation when placed upon the body or held close during meditation sessions.


In addition to its spiritual properties, Labradorite is thought to provide physical benefits as well – from boosting mental clarity and improving eyesight over time to aiding respiratory ailments such as bronchitis or asthma when worn on the body during everyday activities like walking or gardening. Finally, some believe that wearing this stone can even attract good luck into one’s life!


The history behind Labradorite gives us insight into how magical this stone truly is – whether you choose to use it for metaphysical work or simply appreciate it aesthetically from afar.

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