Success Stories

After having two money spells completed by Robin, I have successfully received some funds that had been owed to me and was fighting to get them back for months now! And that's not all! On the very same day, I found out that my medical benefits were approved, so I do not have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses any longer!!!

I ordered a break up spell few weeks ago, and OMG i just found out that they broken up couple of weeks ago, this spell is fast and strong :) Thx Robin & her coven xxx



I am very happy with the result of Robin's work. In my case it took effect so fast, I may say, in a few days after the work because me and my man are in love already and he just needed to focus. I was so glad, and Robin was so nice and professional to work with. She emailed me back and sent me a letter. Thank you so much Robin!

Just wanted to say thank you for  all your help so far!!!! The voodoo break up spell worked!!! i got this done July 14th & it worked in a week plus tax,thanks so much for your help Robin and Covens!!! you are truly the best & most sweetest spell casters out there !!!! can't wait but gonna wait for results from the other 100 spells you casted for me lol, im addicted to Majick!!

Looking fwd to results
I ordered a few spells from Robin who is a sweet heart I don't want to go into alot of detail but I am starting to see a little movement with the result of my spells and I will be back to post when things come full circle.I still have a few more spells that I am awaiting casting and I am excited to see what happens "patience is a Virtue" My target and I do communicate now and things are looking brighter. Will be back with details. Thanks Robin and the coven! You guys Rock!

hi robin ,firstly i want to thank robin for being patient with me and very kind.i purchased a lot of spells from robin past few months ,i know changes will happen very soon ,i have full faith in robin and her spell work,i am trying to be positive,and learning the LOA and trying my best to follow it, but its hard at times for me ,but i can do it.i trust robin and she is a real spellcaster ,believe me ,and have full faith in her . she helps everyone to be a good human being and follow the good path..robin is chosen by god to help and care for love and wishes for robin..:):)

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