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Intention Soap Instructions

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

You can find Audra's intention soap at her Etsy shop here:

I am so excited you decided to buy one or more of my Intention Soap Bars. Here is a little info and instruction sheet I've written to make sure you get the most out of your experience with me.

Each soap bar has been made with spell powders, reiki energy from specific crystals embedded in them, moon energy, and of course a spell cast on it directly from a spellcaster who's cast tens of thousands of spells in her lifetime (me, I'm that caster.) lol So these little soap bars are packed with magick for you.


You will want to look up the bar you are using from the list below and wash your body with it on the day that corresponds to the soap (certain days are tied to certain intentions.) Only wash with it once a week. Each wash is equal to one cast, so you don't want to over do it. You also want to say your specific switch words (find the ones that match your intention most... stick to only one group a switch words per bar) while washing and use them as much as you can during the week to strengthen your vibration and intention.

This is magick and just like any magick, results take time and will require you to keep an eye out on your energy for the best results. Please, please, please utilize our experience as witches to help you with this if you are having problems. Results will usually occur within 3 moon cycles if you are keeping your vibration matching your intention (the law of attraction will be your best friend as that philosophy is excellent for raising your vibration) but it's not uncommon for results to come a bit later if you are struggling with your energy. If you are having problems, let me know and I will help you. Please also feel free to read our blogs and FAQ page on our website as these were written to help our clients get the best results from the spells we cast. So, these pages were written for you. Our site is

What are switchwords:

Switchwords are the WORDS that can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. It means that words have the power to change your energy. Switchwords are powerful, uniquely chosen words that switch on your subconscious. They flip a switch in your beliefs and behaviour at a deep level so you connect with your goals and attract what you want in life. Switchwords can be traced back to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who said in 1905 that they were the bridge between the conscious and unconscious dream state. The words aren’t literal, they are counter-intuitive. They work by tricking the left, logical side of your brain and get under the radar of your conscious to get into your subconscious. These power words speak directly to our subconscious mind, helping clear blocks to success and activating our ability to manifest money, creativity, self-healing and success. Switchwords work because the subconscious mind actually directs up to 95 per cent of our actions and decisions.

When you have switchwords, spellwork, and the law of attraction working together for you, you have the recipe to help you manifest anything!

Filthy Rich Abundance Attracting Soap:

Color: Gold with gold mica and gold flakes

Gemstone: Citrine

Day of the week to use this soap: Thursday

Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar):

Add Count Together- Increases inner power to attract money, wealth and abundance. Helps increase financial condition. Can attract clients.

Bonus Clouds Count- Helps attract money needed from new avenues, especially money that is needed for something important. Increases financial miracles. Can help bring forth a promotion at work, or a raise. Bring money from unexpected sources.

Golden Sunrise Count Together- This switchword phrase has a great power to improve money. It also helps to open new doors to prosperity, increase money, wealth, finance, abundance, new opportunities and cash flow. Helps to improve financial condition quickly. Also helps to open new sources of money.

Thanks Give Count Divine- This switch word phrase helps to increase income and to pay off debts and loans. Helps to speed up stuck life. It takes a person to a debt free life. Used to receive abundance, money, cash and joyful life.

Together Swarm Scheme- Helps to increase clients, business, money, wealth, success, and wealth. Used to achieve business goals with divine support and team spirit.

Head Over Heels In Love With Me Soap:

Color: Pink with pink mica

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Day of the week to use this soap: Friday

Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar):

Archangel Chamuel- Helps in any relationship issues. Increase bond of love. Helps to reunite, forgiveness & to reconnect with the source. Heals broken relationship.

Clove Chicory Chamomile- Increase your physical attraction, attract love and positivity, attract and magnetize someone who is of the opposite sex of you.

Deep Embrace Love- Increase attachment, allows you to be open to receive love and unblock any areas that is restricting you from receiving love, helps you manifest your heart's desire with a master switch word.

Reach Holly Love Swarm Bee- This switch word phrase used to attract a happy married life. Helps to increase the love bond between two people. Used to attract the spouse’s love. Helps to resolve conflict in a relationship. Also restore marital love from an angry partner.

Rose Quartz Restore- It is a healing crystal. Stone of universal love. Helps to restores trust and harmony in relationships and encouraging unconditional love. Purifies and opens Heart chakra to attract love, self-love, romance, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Used to change an unwanted situation to previous balanced situation. Get back things to a normal functioning and condition. Used to remove unwanted feelings between people caused by mistake or with forgiveness to regain trust.

Skinny B*tch Soap:

Color: Blue with blue mica

Gemstone: Clear Quartz

Day of the week to use this soap: Sunday

Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar):

Suddenly Tiny Sweet Curve- Used for a slim figure or desired shape of a body. This switch word phrase works as a weight loss affirmation. Helps to lose excess fat or bulge. Work great for a woman to look gorgeous and feel beautiful.

Suddenly Tiny Diminish- Helps to reduce & decrease anything e.g. body weight, body fat, size of tummy, breast, buttocks etc. Helps to reduce and release what is in excess. Help to reduce the size of body and excess fat and excess weight.

I've Got All The Luck Soap:

Color: Green with green mica

Gemstone: Green Aventurine

Day of the week to use this soap: Thursday

Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar):

Cheers Divine Buckthorn- Brings you luck in legal matters, helps you in court and gives you an edge in court cases.

Cheers Bingo Count Chamomile- Helps you win and have luck with games of chance, lotto, bingo, the casino or even sweepstakes. Brings prosperity and wealth.

Cheers Divine Alfalfa- Luck with it comes to health matters

Cheers, Divine, Count, Jade- Overall good luck switch word to bring luck in love, wealth, home life, and health.

Curse Reversal Protection Soap:

Color: Gray with black mica

Gemstone: Black Obsidian

Day of the week to use this soap: Saturday

Switch Word Combos along with descriptions of what to use those switch words for (remember, only use one switch word combo per bar):

Archangel Michael Shield On-Give excellent protection. Increase courage. Protection from fear, depression & negative energies, Helps to cut from unwanted peoples. Helps to increase strong protection & security. Attract Divine help in any situation. Remove evil eye too.

Maa Durga Shield On- This switchword phrase is infused with the power of Goddess Durga for a strong protection, security from enemies, divine guidance and to open new ways. It helps to protect you, your family and your belongings from evil eyes, from enemies, from any mishappening and court cases.

Cover Wall Watchmen- Helps to build a shield for protection. Used to release nervousness. Helps to ease society & family pressure. Helps to secure and protect from something evil or undesired forces. Helps to prevent from falling. It helps to raise the security and protection in bad situations.

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