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The Mystical Powers of Abundantia, the Roman Goddess of Abundance

By Audra English

Throughout history, we have worshiped gods and goddesses for a multitude of reasons. From fertility to love, each deity possesses their own unique set of powers and attributes. One goddess that stands out amongst the rest is Abundantia, the Roman Goddess of Abundance. Her powers are sought after by many who wish to attract prosperity and good luck into their lives. I would love to introduce you to the rich history and lore of Abundantia while encouraging you to partake in spellwork to connect with her powers of abundance.

In ancient Roman religion, behold Abundantia, also known as Abundita or Copia, the ethereal embodiment of abundance and prosperity. Her name echoes the essence of plenty and riches, befitting her divine role as the goddess overseeing a realm brimming with abundant blessings. Her name is derived from the Latin word "abundare," which means to overflow or abound. She is often depicted holding a cornucopia, a symbol of abundance that represents a horn of plenty.

Abundantia's benevolence extends to safeguarding your wealth, investments, and fortunes. She stands ready to assist you, whether in acquiring valuable possessions or making significant acquisitions. As a prominent figure in religious propaganda, she epitomizes imperial virtues, ensuring conditions of a blissful "Golden Age."

While Abundantia's mythological tales remain scarce, her enchanting presence pervades through art, devotion, and literary works. Legends whisper of her continued existence in the realms of Roman Gaul and medieval France, leaving a trace of her munificence through the gracious offerings of overflowing cornucopias, brimming with grains and shimmering coins. As she graces your doorstep, she might even gift a portion of her bountiful blessings to adorn your abode.

The Goddess is known to bring abundance to those who offer her gifts or perform rituals in her honor. To connect with Abundantia, you may use offerings such as coins, fruits, or bread as a way of showing your gratitude towards her powers. You can also incorporate symbols of abundance, such as gold or green candles, in your spellwork.

In the past, Abundantia was also associated with the goddess Fortuna, who was worshipped by the ancient Romans for her powers of luck. Together, these goddesses embodied the idea of prosperity and good fortune, making them a popular choice for anyone seeking to bring abundance into their lives.

If you are looking to call upon the powers of Abundantia, you can order a special spellwork from These spells are designed to help you connect with the energy of the goddess and attract abundance and prosperity into your life. The spellwork may include meditation, ritual offerings, and other practices that will help you connect with Abundantia's powerful energy.

In addition to spellwork, there are other ways you can honor Abundantia in your daily life. You can create an altar space dedicated to her, adorned with symbols of abundance. You can also incorporate her energy into your daily affirmations, expressing gratitude for the abundance in your life and inviting more of it to come your way.

Suggested Offerings to Give to Abundantia

Offerings are tangible gifts given to the deity as a sign of devotion and gratitude. They can come in various forms, such as food, drink, flowers, or objects. Here are some offerings that can be made to Abundantia:

  • Coins: As a goddess associated with wealth and coins, offering her actual coins is a powerful gesture. You can place the coins in front of her statue, picture or altar as an offering.

  • Grains and fruits: The cornucopia, also known as the "horn of plenty," is one of Abundantia's symbols. Offerings of grains, fruits, and other foods can be made in a cornucopia-shaped bowl or basket as a way to honor her.

  • Flowers: Abundantia is also associated with floral abundance, so offering flowers such as roses, daisies, or sunflowers can be a meaningful tribute to her.

  • Wine: As a goddess of prosperity, offering wine as a libation is a way to honor Abundantia and invite her blessings into your life. You can pour the wine into a chalice or cup and offer it at her altar.

Rituals to Honor & Grow Close to Abundantia

Rituals are intentional actions taken to connect with the deity and invite their presence and blessings. Here are some rituals that can be performed to honor Abundantia:

  • Candle magic: Candles are often used in rituals as a symbol of light and energy. To honor Abundantia, you can light a green or gold candle at her altar and visualize abundance flowing into your life.

  • Affirmations: Affirmations are powerful statements that help reprogram our subconscious mind with positive beliefs. You can create affirmations that specifically focus on abundance and repeat them while offering prayers or offerings to Abundantia.

  • Meditation: Taking time to quiet the mind and connect with the divine is an essential aspect of any spiritual practice. During meditation, you can focus your thoughts on Abundantia and invite her blessings into your life.

  • Gratitude journaling: Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is vital in inviting abundance into our lives. You can create a gratitude journal specifically for Abundantia and write down things you are thankful for that relate to abundance, such as financial stability or material possessions.

  • Manifestation rituals: Using visualizations, intentions, and symbols, manifestation rituals help turn desires into reality. You can perform a ritual to manifest abundance in your life by visualizing yourself living a life of wealth and prosperity while calling upon Abundantia's blessings.

Abundantia is a powerful Goddess known for her ability to bring abundance and prosperity to those who seek her aid. Her history and lore make her a popular choice for anyone seeking to connect with the energy of abundance. By incorporating symbols of abundance, offering gifts, and participating in spellwork, you can connect with the powerful energy of Abundantia and invite wealth and prosperity into your life.

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