I notice more and more people are asking for help with cases that need immediate attention from the cosmos. Miracles happen every day, but we need to ask for them! We need to expect them! 

I have this spell which I've offered for others who have emailed me looking for a spell to grant them a true miracle but have never listed it till now.  Miracles are being asked for so much that now is the perfect time to put it out there for those who need a little extra attention from the Universe.

I always customize this to the person and the case so there is a lot of time that goes into creating this spell, preparing for it, and casting it! It might be a spell I decide needs 7 days of casting, the whole coven's attention, a specific moon cycle, or a spell that needs something like a talisman sent out... it just depends on what the Universe tells me when I create it for you.  So you will be updated to let you know what my plans are for it before anything is cast. You are obviously a big part in this!

Please only pick one situation or problem per spell request but you can be as detailed as possible per that situation.

Please send me the answers to this questionnaire to robinlifespirits@gmail.com


Date of birth:

Please explain your situation (please be very detailed!):

Please explain your desired outcome (please be very detailed!):

Would you like to send in hair before we cast:

Include a picture of yourself and if possible any pictures of other people involved as well as names and birth dates if possible.

Conjure Up A Miracle (Customized Spell)