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Can't quite find what you're looking for online or are looking for something wildly specific? This listing was made for you!


This is a spell written just for YOU and your circumstances. You let us know what is going on, what your worried about, and what you want the outcome to be, and we will customize a spell just for you!


Robin is the mater-mind behind this one, she will use her psychic abilities to search out the right words and ingredients to conjure up the perfect spell for your situation. She then will cast it or if it warrants it, will get Audra and James involved for some extra insight and energy.


Remember: Miracles happen every day, but we need to ask for them! We need to expect them! With this spell, we can make the impossible, possible! We can move and shift the energies of the universe to ensure that your dreams come true!



Please only pick one situation or problem per spell request but you can be as detailed as possible per that situation.


Please send me the answers to this questionnaire to



Date of birth:

Please explain your situation (please be very detailed!):

Please explain your desired outcome (please be very detailed!):

Would you like to send in hair before we cast:

Include a picture of yourself and if possible any pictures of other people involved as well as names and birth dates if possible.



*Please note... because this spell is very customized to your situation, it is not included in any sales. If it goes into your cart and is purchased with a coupon code, I will need to refund you and cancel the order as this is the one spell that I can't give a discount on due to the amount of time and enegy that goes into it. Thank you for understanding.*

Conjure Up A Miracle (Customized Spell) NOT INCLUDED IN SALES!

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