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This is a two sided talisman with a different seal of Solomon on each side to add greater impact to the spellwork.


This talisman is of interest to those who wish to achieve success and fame. The front of the pendant is the “Talisman for Honor and Riches”, and is paired on the reverse side with the “Seal of Great Prosperity”. This combination is said to positively influence the wearer to make the right contacts, and say and do things at the right time. It is to bring the owner large sums of wealth and positive notoriety for themselves, their projects, or both. It's magical correspondences relate to securing and maintaining positions of power, and protecting against attacks and subterfuge.


When we do your spell on your talisman, we will bind it directly to you and ask for it to do anything and everything you ask of it.  Please make sure you let me know your full name, date of birth, and if possible, send in a picture for us to use on our alter. Please also let us know what you intend to do with this talisman so we can customize it even better for you. Email this information to with your order number.


 If you'd like to send in some hair or other biological samples before we do your spell, we can use those as well.



This is a very powerful spell and talisman so please make sure you respect the energy that will come with it!

Solomon Talisman For Honor and Riches

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