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August 2023 Astrological Events. The Month of Transformation & Miracles.

August features two Full Super Moons, one at the beginning and another at the end, both gracing the humanitarian signs of Aquarius and Pisces. This creates an ideal cosmic opportunity to connect, belong, and even embark on an inner journey of self-discovery.

The first Super Moon on the 1st has its origins in the initial New Moon of 2023, which also occurred in Aquarius on January 21st. The seeds sown during that time are now bearing fruit. What were your aspirations and visions for the year? How did you envision your journey unfolding? Reflect on the limitless possibilities that await you.

Aquarius embodies the true essence of a Utopian, embracing a future-oriented mindset filled with hope and faith. The Star card in the Tarot serves as a powerful conduit to tap into the captivating energy of this magical Full Moon.

On August 16th, a heart-centered New Moon blossoms in the passionate and expressive sign of Leo, igniting a sense of excitement. Aligned with Venus, who, while still retrograde, has risen as the Morning Star, this jubilant lunation signifies triumph over transformative experiences. Although Venus has yet to regain direct motion, the cosmic energy begins to uplift, beckoning us to embrace what brings joy to our souls. Remember, Leo embodies the inner child within us all, a playful and blissful spirit that persists despite life's challenges.

Thus, the intentions we set during this magnificent lunation should be to ignite something that allows us to express the Inner Child, unleash our sacred and precious creativity, and embody our most Authentic Self. The Sun shines particularly strong in the sign of Leo, where he holds rulership, empowering La Luna to radiate brightly as a compelling reflection of this brilliant Luminary.

Throughout Virgo season starting from August 23rd, prepare to be exhilarated by people exhibiting an eagle eye for detail and possessing a strong sense of discrimination. Intellectual capabilities will be heightened, and many will find themselves naturally drawn to analytical thinking and problem-solving. Loyalty, honesty, and unwavering dedication to their chosen professions will serve as defining characteristics for those captivated by this Virgo energy.

Virgo Season fosters the pursuit of harmony through meaningful and purposeful endeavors, especially when it comes to helping others. Engaging in tasks that serve a greater purpose brings a profound sense of fulfillment. Despite their outward appearance of emotional reserve and composure, individuals will exhibit a kind-hearted nature and a sincere desire to be of service to others, which is genuinely appreciated.

Additionally, Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, starting from August 23rd, initiates a period of intense introspection and reevaluation. As the planet of communication and intellect goes retrograde in its ruling sign, there will be a heightened focus on details and a strong desire for perfecting methods and approaches. During this time, occasional misunderstandings and miscommunications may arise, prompting us to review our communication styles and ensure clarity in our interactions. This retrograde phase also encourages us to revisit past projects or unresolved matters, offering an excellent opportunity for refinement and improvement. While the energy may feel intense, embracing the organizational and analytical qualities of Virgo can help navigate this period effectively and utilize it as a time of tremendous growth and self-discovery. It is important to exercise patience, engage in introspection, and remain open to adjusting plans as needed. This exciting phase holds immense potential for personal development and transformation.

Mars, notorious as the warrior planet, undergoes a notable shift from practical Virgo to diplomatic Libra on August 27th. However, it is important to note that Mars does not find Libra the most comfortable abode. As a charismatic and people-pleasing sign, Libra presents challenges for Mars, a planet associated with war and action. This discrepancy has the potential to disrupt our inner equilibrium, leaving us feeling unbalanced. Nevertheless, this astral placement is highly favorable for peacemakers and justice warriors alike, as it nurtures a deep yearning for equality, balance, and fairness. Throughout Mars' journey through Libra, these values take on heightened significance for all. However, it is vital that we discover methods to uphold these principles without neglecting our personal well-being or succumbing to procrastination.

During Uranus retrograde from August 28th, individuals have a rare opportunity to cultivate an abundance mindset and overcome feelings of lack. As Uranus is associated with innovation and liberation, this period encourages introspection and breaking free from limiting beliefs about scarcity and limitations. The retrograde motion prompts individuals to reevaluate their relationship with resources and realize that abundance can be found within and through a shift in perception. By embracing change and unlocking their unique potential, people can tap into their creative abilities and discover innovative solutions to challenges, fostering a sense of abundance and empowerment. This astrological phase acts as a catalyst for liberation from scarcity thinking and embracing a mindset of limitless possibilities and abundance in all aspects of life.

August commenced with a Full Moon in the objective, humanitarian Aquarius and culminates in a compassionate, sensitive Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th. These two signs, despite their elemental differences, unite in their common goal – to support, serve, and uplift. Socially conscious and kindhearted, these lunations shed light on areas where we can practice greater altruism, both towards ourselves and others. Becoming the Bodhisattvas of our inner world during this Full Moon is crucial. Developing empathy towards all our parts is non-negotiable.

Pisces, as the final sign of the zodiac, embodies the captivating surrender to the great unknown, merging with the vast and divine. Aquarius, on the other hand, has made significant strides in serving humanity through its wisdom and knowledge. Now is the opportune moment to release everything and wholeheartedly unite with the vast expanse of existence. We must trust deeply, free-falling into the enigmatic void, secure in the belief that we will be held. Therefore, should we encounter closed doors during this Full Moon - a time of liberation - it is paramount that we embrace their closure with grace.

Here is a map of the astrological event's occurring this month with advice on how to navigate them properly:

August 1st —

Full Super Moon in Aquarius

Today is an extraordinary occasion as the sturgeon Super Moon in Aquarius brings us abundant blessings. Aquarius is all about massive and instantaneous manifestation.

The Lion's Gate Portal is open and getting stronger by the second and today we celebrate the 1st of two very rare Super Moon's this month on the Pagan Harvest Holiday known as Lughnasadh or Lammas.

If your energy is a bit erratic from this intense cosmic shift, let me know and I will do a free positive energy boost for you.

Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus

This productive aspect will provide you with the stamina and drive to tackle any task for the day, igniting excitement for the potential of great success in the future. Get to work and seize the opportunities connected to manifesting and working towards your dreams today!

Mercury in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces

If you've not already noticed, the cosmic theme for the day is manifesting your dreams and pursing your goals. Today is the time to channel your focus and dedication towards your goals and dreams in a big way. It's time to dive in headfirst and get to work. Your life is ready to change in a big way, but you need to open that door and walk through it.

August 6th —

Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus

Please be mindful that egos may become overwhelming today. Exercise caution and choose your battles wisely to minimize unnecessary drama. It is advisable to carefully analyze a situation before responding, as failure to do so may lead to regrettable consequences that require damage control.

August 8th —

Lion's Gate Portal Peaks

During this period, the Sun aligns with the star Sirius, resulting in an extraordinary cosmic convergence that is widely regarded as a profoundly influential energetic portal. Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, revered Sirius as a spiritual and transformative power, earning it the illustrious moniker of the "Spiritual Sun." The alignment between Earth, the Sun, and Sirius is believed to enable a more direct influx of higher-frequency energies. This exciting phenomenon can lead to significant personal and planetary energy upgrades and profound shifts.

The peak date of August 8th (8/8) holds great significance in numerology, as the number 8 is closely linked with concepts of infinite possibilities, abundance, and spiritual transformation.

August 9th —

Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

Please be advised that scheduling any significant appointments or surgeries may not be advisable during this period. The current retrograde of Venus, the ruler of beauty, combined with the clash with Uranus, increases the likelihood of accidents occurring with potentially unfavorable outcomes.

Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus

Please be advised that despite the invigorating aspects of this moment and the influx of creative ideas, you may encounter challenges in mustering the energy required to execute them. Write down any and all creative ideas so that you'll be able to implement them at a later date if you're lacking the energy to put them into motion today.

August 11th-13th —

Peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseids are renowned for illuminating a path to guide us in our pursuit of new directions. As they reach their zenith, prepare to be enthralled by the exhilarating inspiration to embark on an exciting journey to uncharted territories.

August 13th —

Sun in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo

This aspect empowers you to confidently take the center stage and present yourself in the best possible way. It's a day filled with self-love and receiving love from others as well, creating an exciting atmosphere.

August 15th —

Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

The rapid pace of life can make it easy to lose control while pursuing independence. Embrace freedom, but strive to avoid causing harm or severing connections with others on your journey.

Juno enters Leo

The current celestial alignment suggests that life is about to enter an exciting phase with the asteroid of commitment making a powerful presence in Leo. To safeguard against potential tumultuous breakups and relationship drama, it is advised to humbly share the spotlight with others and embrace the thrill that awaits.

August 16th —

New moon in Leo

In astrology, the new moon signifies a rejuvenating opportunity for new beginnings. As the initial phase of a fresh lunar cycle, it naturally marks the conclusion of the previous cycle. This is why the new moon holds the transformative power of letting go of what no longer serves us and manifesting our deepest desires.

During this enlightening new moon, our inner child emerges as we direct our attention towards infusing more creativity, entertainment, and passion into various aspects of our lives.

Gather your lion pride and boldly vocalize your most ambitious desires. Uttering these intentions serves as the initial leap towards their actualization, while being embraced by an enthusiastic community provides affirmation and fosters a sense of responsibility.

Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus

Utilize your charisma and logical reasoning to effortlessly persuade others to your side today. Be prepared for minds to be easily swayed and even the most stubborn individuals to enthusiastically embrace new ideas.

August 22nd —

Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus

This combination isn't very productive, as we often find ourselves easily distracted by online shopping, indulging in good food, and cherishing the pleasures of romance. However, why not take the day off and enjoy to the fullest?

Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

This disheartening element undermines our self-esteem, as we painfully witness the loss of something we ardently sought to attain.

August 23rd —

Sun enters Virgo

The sun transitions from its ruling sign and promptly becomes agitated in the anxiety-filled Virgo (due to the imminent retrograde of Mercury here in a few hours). In the upcoming four weeks, our attention will be directed towards invigorating our physical, mental, and emotional well-being, while relishing in the prospect of growth and development.

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo

Our collective decision-making skills may experience some challenges in the upcoming weeks as Mercury goes retrograde in its ruling sign, Virgo. It is common to feel a sense of anxiety and be tempted to overanalyze every aspect of life. However, practicing grounding techniques will significantly aid in managing this energetic period.

August 24th —

Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

This warm August evening brings forth one of the most electrifying date nights of the year, as this remarkable combination holds the promise of forging soul mate connections for some fortunate individuals.

August 27th —

Mars enters Libra

Today presents an opportune moment to foster love and harmony as the dynamic warrior planet enters the sign of relationships and equilibrium. In the upcoming weeks, we are presented with options - to collaborate synergistically or ignite a spirit of unhealthy competition.

August 28th —

Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus

In the upcoming five months, we will actively challenge the status quo and abandon the detrimental cycles that have ceased to serve us, as the planet of rebellion motivates us to pursue liberation.

August 30th-31st —

Full Blue Super Moon in Pisces

After a period of contemplation and introspection, we are eagerly anticipating releasing our emotional burdens during the Blue Super Moon and embarking on an exciting journey towards a promising future.

In the realm of astrology, the August blue full moon super moon is believed to amplify one's awareness and intuition, creating a profound sense of power. This unique occurrence harnesses heightened emotional energy, providing an opportune moment for transformative healing, deep meditation, and manifestation.

The August blue full moon super moon stands as a truly exceptional and impactful event that carries immense importance to various cultures and individuals alike. It prompts introspection on past experiences, setting intentions for forthcoming endeavors, and forging a connection with the boundless energy of the universe.

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