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Free Law of Attraction Daily Habit Tracker

By Audra English

Discover the key to a fulfilled life by making daily mindfulness a priority. Managing your vibration is the key to your success with both spell-work and the law of attraction.

To support your journey towards manifesting, I decided to make not just one, but two free law of attraction daily habit trackers.

Start cultivating daily exercises that will pave the path to your desires.

Here are several ideas and habits you can start implementing daily to change your vibration:

  1. Law of attraction journaling

  2. Meditation

  3. Gratitude lists

  4. Affirmations

  5. Yoga

  6. Crystals

  7. Switch-words

  8. Vision boards

  9. Law of attraction groups

  10. Hypnosis

  11. Books on the law of attraction

  12. Only watching positive and uplifting movies and TV

  13. Staying away from social media

  14. Clearing out clutter from your home, work, and car

  15. Clearing out your social circle

  16. Clearing out your body and diet (Remember, do not eat to “lose weight” instead, eat to be healthy! No calorie counting here! Feed your body, but feed it love and food that has a positive vibration!)

  17. Ritual baths

  18. Using specific sound frequencies

  19. Massage therapy

  20. Getting fresh air, sun, and putting your feet on dirt

  21. Practicing mindfulness

  22. Sex and/or self pleasure

  23. Making sure you're hydrated with fresh water

  24. Staying away from alcohol

  25. Staying away from heavy caffeine use

  26. Singing or playing a instrument

  27. Mind movies

  28. Breath work

  29. Work on smiling more

  30. Essential oils

  31. Turning off the TV and phones several hours before bed

  32. Surrounding yourself with house plants

  33. Burning incense and/or candles (bonus points for writing intentions into your candles or using incense specifically made for your intention)

  34. Alternating between hot and cold in the shower

  35. Moving your body

  36. Spread kindness (even if it's a genuine compliment to someone once a day)

  37. Playing (dance, board games with friends, a sport you enjoy, even a trip to an arcade)

  38. Making sure you're getting the right nutrition through fresh foods and supplements

  39. Practicing self-love and healing

  40. Snuggles (with your pet, kids, or lover)

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Kathy Jackson
Kathy Jackson
26 jul 2023


I’m trying to join the workshop ive ans the questions to join the group but it does t seems to go Thur

Me gusta
29 jul 2023
Contestando a

Don't worry, we fixed the problem and will be starting up later today. I see your request and you'll be approved as soon as we officially start Hon! :-)

Me gusta
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