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Last Super Moon of 2023- Could this be the end of the Beginning or the Beginning of the end?

By Audra English

This week there will be a particularly powerful Super Moon that will brightly illuminate the nighttime sky, gracing us with its presence.

On Friday the 29th, we will celebrate the last Super Moon of the Year and the first Full Moon and Super Moon of Autumn. This Moon is known as the highly yearly anticipated Harvest Moon.

Even as noted in the very popular Old Farmer's Almanac, the Harvest Moon is known to be surrounded in mysterious comings and goings. The Moon will appear fuller, and its light lasts longer which illuminates the night and helps farmers have enough time to harvest their crops... hence the name “Harvest Moon.” It is time to harvest everything you've been working so hard on over the past several months.

This Super Moon will be opposite to the sun in Libra, its brightness will be at its highest point, and the Moon in the sign of Aries will be prominent in the sky.

The relationship we have with ourselves (represented by Aries) as well as the relationship we have with others (represented by Libra) are both activated by this Super Full Moon. This is truly the Moon to work with if you have any goals or situations related to your personal relationships with people in your life.

Keep in mind, that Aries is ruled by Mars, and Libra is ruled by Venus. They are in opposition to each other. So, this will be a very intense Super Moon, especially when it comes to relationships! Passion and romance could ignite in a big way, but so could anger and intense fighting. Everything is on the table right now! So, it is important to plan what you want to see from this energy and use it to your ultimate benefit. Do not ignore or sit this Super Moon out, you'll be moved by it one way or another, and might as well have some influence over what it brings into your life. Right?

It may be difficult to find patience right now with this Aries-ruled Moon, and the requirement to radically be ourselves is an ongoing one. This is especially true when considering the means by which we might maintain the core of who we are while engaging in a romantic relationship. Finding a means to connect truly to our own needs while simultaneously discovering a way to meet somewhere in the center is how we achieve balance. Thankfully we do have that balancing Libra influence with such a passionate and aggressive Super Moon.

Finding that balance right now is exactly what we need in order to achieve the success we've been working towards. I love that we always start off Autumn in Virgo and Libra since it's such a good time to start re-evaluating our goals and getting back into balance with ourselves and the world around us. This year though, with the summer we've just suffered through, it's definitely the right time to hit that pause button, re-organize our priorities, ground ourselves, and regain our equilibrium again.

Emotions tend to come to the foreground around the time of any Full Moon and in the days leading up to it as well. However, a Super Moon heightens those emotions, especially a Super Moon in Aries! Yikes! When problems have been percolating below the surface for an extended period of time, it may feel more difficult to keep silent about them. The influence of Mars might make you a little more likely to decide to act on those feelings. Take a page out of Libra's book and pause to consider if now is the right time to make those decisions and if you'll be able to live with the consequences if your anger (or passion!) gets the best of you.

Thankfully though, all of the outer planets continue to travel in a retrograde direction, which indicates that we are more likely to engage in introspective behavior as opposed to risky behavior. Fingers crossed!

The determination to make a change in one's life will suddenly emerge, even though the actions that need to be taken are probably obscured by a cloak of ambiguity. A mindset that is willing to take risks and explore what the future holds might take root. A part of this is driven by the yearning for something different and the realization that we are hesitant to break a pattern that we have developed. It's possible that the solution lies in making a number of quite minor changes that will detach us from our history. You're going to require a shift and thinking and movement in order to manifest those things you've been asking for. Are you prepared for that and if so, are you ready to make that change and request for yourself now? This will be the question you need to answer for yourself over the next couple of days.

It is a fortunate time to harvest seeds that were planted at the Aries new moon which happened around six months ago. This Full Super Moon in the first sign of the Zodiac might symbolize either the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. That is up to you to decide!

Spells or rituals to do during this Super Moon:

  • Anything to do with LOVE!! Especially break up spells and spells igniting the spark between you and someone else. Mars and Venus are influencing things big time, mix that with a Super Moon and you've got some major energy to work with to change up things 180 degrees!

  • MONEY!!! Now is the time to manifest wealth and abundance. That is what the harvest is all about. Get your lotto tickets ready, hit up your favorite casino, you're about to hit the jackpot if you time things just right. Major windfalls are possible.

  • Anything to do with Home and Family. Calming down a painful situation, looking for resolution between family members or even closure on a very heartbreaking issue is very possible right now. This is very important as the holiday season is almost here and getting our home and family life set straight will ensure blessings and love for the upcoming season.

  • Blessings & Gratitude. Fall is the time we harvest and count our blessings. Do spells and rituals to give thanks to the Universe, your ancestors, people who have helped you, and yourself. Gratitude is the highest vibration, so using it in your spellwork will supercharge anything you work on during the Super Moon.

  • Kitchen Spells for healing. Time to make fire water, elderberry syrup, and anything that will get us through cold and flu season. Set your intentions on the Super Moon while making your remedies with materials you've “harvested” (or bought at the grocery store if you're a busy mama like me) and you'll be sure to keep the whole house healthy this year.

Goddesses of focus for this upcoming month:

Demeter & Abundantia

Demeter is the Goddess of Harvest and Abundantia is the Goddess of Abundance. Both Goddesses share the symbol of the Cornucopia and represent the blessings of a good harvest.

We will be doing a weekly Goddess-related spell, ritual, and worship to start

familiarizing ourselves with these amazing Goddesses. We start with these two because of their connection to the Harvest Moon and the abundance of health, wealth, and love we seek to harvest for ourselves this autumn.

We will have a special Potion Duo, candles, and crystal kit for these Goddesses (available here) for anyone who would like to get them to start using alongside us to make requests while we worship and celebrate the Goddesses this upcoming month. You will get a new weekly spell done on your behalf along with instructions and a list of rituals and spells you can do yourself at home. All kits will be sent out on Monday the 2nd of October and will come with full instructions and spells we can do together to collectively add energy to our manifestations with the Goddesses. They will only be available to buy until the 1st as we want to make sure everyone gets their packages at the same time so we can work on this together.

This Harvest Super Moon, we will be putting the finishing touches on our Goddess Potions, so these two potions will have major Super Harvest Moon manifesting energy infused within them. These spell kits will be a game changer for anyone who feels drawn to them!

Of course, we are also doing our Super Harvest Moon Boost!! If you've been waiting patiently (thank you!) you'll find the listing below. It comes with a free customized love or wealth spell done by Robin and Audra on your behalf. We will be casting on the 29th and 30th. Updates will be done by Robin during the 1st week of October.

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