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Nine Types of Negativity that will Stop Manifestation in it's Tracks!

Through habit, many of us are guilty of several if not all of these nine types of negativity. Unfortunately, if we do not recognize, stop, and reverse these negative habits, we will halt our progress and delay or even stop our goals and dreams from manifesting entirely. Go through this list, print it, and make a commitment to yourself to make new and healthier habits.


It is amazing how many people get inebriated with the green eyed monster. What you may not realize is that the more attention you give to people you are jealous of, even if that attention is negative, the more they will continue to have what you want and the more you will block that exact person, thing, or desire from coming your way. Your energy stops going to you, and so manifestation naturally can't come your way. You will miss opportunities and will stall progress entirely if you look at other people and feel jealously. If you can't be happy that someone has or is something that you want, you need to completely put them out of your mind.

Judging Others

Jealousy and judgment definitely are two covers of the same book! One habit is usually followed closely by the other. Judgment is something I see a lot on social media which is why I'm not a fan and try to stay off facebook and instagram for the most part. A lot of people take it upon themselves these days to be a critic. Many enjoy fighting and arguing with other people online because their own insecurities and doing what I like to call “righteous bullying” which is bullying someone else and talking down to them about something socially or politically correct to make yourself feel morally superior. If you are feeling secure in yourself, you will not need to participate in drama or cast judgment on other people. Even if you are not one to judge people outright, your circle of friends and family if judgmental, can cast their negativity onto you if you read or hear judgmental comments. This will change your vibration, change your energy, and slow down your manifestation. You need to make it a mission to look at other people (friends and strangers) on a daily basis with kindness, compassion, and happiness. Stay away from saying (and thinking) things that are judgmental of other people and try instead to lift other people up. You might need to clean house a bit on your social media accounts to ensure you don't get swept up in online drama. This can be as simple as unfollowing people, news organizations, and groups who are out of harmony with your goals.


You will never be satisfied with your results if you are not satisfied until perfection is achieved. The Universe needs positive feedback over little signs of manifestation to continue to grant you bigger and better manifestation. Gratitude is also required for manifestation, and not being satisfied until everything is perfect is the opposite of gratitude. You still of course should allow yourself to keep your eyes on the end goal and have standards, but also make sure you are feeling satisfaction and gratitude for any little sign that you are getting closer to your ultimate wish. Be kind to yourself, those helping you, and the Universe by enjoying the journey along the way.


If you are complaining about anything, no matter how small, you are out of alignment with your goals. For you to notice anything to complain about, it means you are not practicing gratitude and are not regulating your vibration. So the moment you find yourself noticing something to complain about, you need to shift your energy and pivot your thoughts in the right direction.


Doubt and worry go hand in hand. If you are doubting weather your crush could actually fall for you, its because you're actually worried you'll get your hopes up and have your heart crushed. If you doubt that you'll someday get into that dream house your heart is set on, so you avoid thinking about it when doing your visualizing exercises, you're actually worried that your manifesting exercises aren't going to work. This doubt your feeling is actually going to ensure that you are totally correct in your worries. The law of attraction is law. No exceptions. So when you doubt and worry about something, the Universe will actually carry those worries and doubts into fruition. This is why faith is so important. Anything you can do to help replace doubt with faith will help you manifest your dreams much faster. Looking for little signs of manifestation and make sure you notice how well the law of attraction actually works on small things. This will help give you that faith you need so that you can start noticing the law of attraction working on the bigger things.

Assuming the Worst

Some of us are under the assumption that if we always assume the worse, we will be mentally prepared, just in case. This is basically setting us up to use the law of attraction to do exactly the opposite of what we really want. Ironically, if that worst case scenario doesn't actually come true, we will have already gone through the trauma and emotions of it as if it did happen when it was really quite unnecessary and harmful to our overall goals and manifestation. If you are someone who has a habit of thinking about everything that could go wrong... get into a habit of instead asking yourself “What could go right?” and focus on feeling as if everything has gone right already and allowing yourself to enjoy and embrace the feelings as if everything has worked out in your favor.

Lack of Faith

One of the problems with the law of attraction is that it requires faith and that is something that YOU have to supply. You can't let anyone do that for you. Thankfully though, you can look to other people's experiences and success with the law of attraction and magick to help give you that faith. There are tons of other tricks you can keep up your sleeve to help supply you that faith. Start a evidence journal where you list evidence that the law of attraction and magick is real by your experiences (no matter how small, it is all valid) and other people's experiences. Find a couple youtube videos, websites, podcasts, and books to go back to when your faith is lacking and you need a quick pick me up. All of us go through times when our faith is tested, but that is a sign our vibration is not in sync with our dreams and we need to regroup. So if you are getting that doubt, worry, and lack of faith creeping in... it means you need to get back to the program ASAP!


When we live in a world where we get annoyed that our amazon order isn't eligible for one day shipping, or get stressed out because our netflix video isn't buffering fast enough and we might need to try again in a few minutes, it is not hard to imagine that we have a expectation of instant gratification. Instant gratification in our modern world is awesome and something we are very lucky for, but it also sets us up for thinking that everything we want should come to use within a certain time period, and if it doesn't than it means the Universe, magick, and/or the law of attraction has failed us. What we might not understand is that “time” is man made, so to hold the Universe, magick, and the law of attraction which is ancient elemental wisdom up to modern man made standards, is so unfair to the process and especially unfair to us. We might think that certain goals are unattainable or certain spells have failed us because we were not able to get it working in the time period we gave it, but in actuality, we failed ourselves. If that dream or goal is still important to you, don't let it go and don't give it an ultimatum! Let it manifest for you!

Not Controlling Your Thoughts

One of the most important aspects to getting manifestation is to control your vibration. The best way of doing this is to control your thoughts and use your imagination to create you optimal life. In your mind, you can already feel the feelings that come with living the life you really want. Use all your senses when you are imaging and thinking about those scenarios. Use mantras, vision boards, meditation, and journaling to help you get into the habit of being mindful and using your thoughts to create the life you want. If you are not actively controlling your mind, outside sources will be using your subconscious to use your thoughts to benefit them. So, it is very important you take control of your thoughts and thus take control of your energy. This is a habit you will always need to work on because your subconscious mind is so susceptible to outside voices.

You'll be amazed how fast your goals, law of attraction exercises and spells start producing results once you recognize yourself in these patterns of negativity and start to reverse old patterns. Use this list to help keep you accountable and to help you create new habits that will lead you down the road of happiness and success. You've got this!

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