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Page 1 of 365. Time to Start a New Chapter. Shift Your Energy in 2024 & Manifest Your Dreams.

By Audra English

Water color image of an open book and clock. Wordssay: Page 1 pf 365. Time to start a new chapter. Audra English @lifespiritssocietyofmagick

2024 can't come any sooner! 2023 cosmically was a year full of past life karma biting back and hard lessons sneaking up on us. We are almost out of the tunnel and there most certainly is a bight light of a New Year full of luck and possibilities waiting on the other side for us. It is time to shift your energy in 2024 & manifest your dreams.

Each New Year, we look towards the potential clean slate the upcoming year brings with it, but 2024 holds even more to look forward to and even more potential than usual because we just went through a very intense astrological energy shift with several retrogrades that shook many of us to our core. We will get a chance to reap the rewards of the lessons we just learned. But only, if we decide to get our energy where we need it to be. Those of us that are ready for it will experience what is called a quantum leap and we will be able to manifest everything we've been working on almost instantaneously.

This is why this New Year, it is ESSENTIAL for you to have it planned and written out in full detail. You are literally getting an opportunity to be in command of your story and don't want to leave it up to fate. To do so is to take a chance that you could be missing out and letting the moment, people, and experiences that you hold most dear slip on by. You need to claim it NOW! The Universe is listening and manifestation powers are at an all time high starting on January 1st when the last of the retrogrades finally end. So, this is an opportunity you need not waste! This is your turning point and all signs point to a very abundant year for you, IF you'll accept these blessings by asking for them and opening your energy to receive them!

Activities you can start doing now and into January to make the most of your New Year:

Get a new Calendar and write down important dates for 2024 including:

  • Full Moon

  • New Moon

  • Eclipses

  • Sabbats

  • Retrogrades

Set your intentions, by writing them and planning them out. To write down something gives it a lot more energy and gives you a leg up on achieving it. Set your intentions as:

  • Monthly

  • Bi-Yearly (what you want to achieve 6 months from now)

  • Yearly (what you want to achieve by this date next year)

You can also categorize your intentions:

  • Health

  • Career

  • Family

  • Love Life

  • Self Love

  • Mental Balance

  • Spiritually

Get your aura or chakras cleansed and find a program to keep your energy clean and clear for the New Year.

We offer our Aura Cleanse, In-Depth Chakra Cleanse, and Chakra Potion Elixir which are perfect for this time of year. Those are easy and proven to work methods to start your year off right.

We also suggest some of Dr. Joe Dispenza's free guided meditations you can use on Youtube. Here is Audra's favorite morning meditation and afternoon/before bed meditations you can start doing daily to see some major energy shifts in yourself and your ability to manifest:

Morning meditation:

Night meditation:


Get yourself a tarot reading to help give you upcoming guidance for the year. Audra will be offering her 10 card spread and 2024 wishes spell which you can purchase from her HERE, but feel free to reach out to your favorite reader or do one for yourself.

Picture of Audra English of holding several tarot cards.

Release anything you don't want to take with you into 2024. This has been a hard year and we've seen many endings happen in our own lives and in the lives of several of our friends and clients. We've grieved, we've been angry, we've been feeling lost and disoriented. It's time to take the lessons we've learned from those experiences and leave those feelings of pain and loss behind us. Those feelings no longer serve us and we don't want 2024 to be shaped by them. Consider this ritual to help you move on:

  • Get two pieces of paper. One will be labeled “Painful Experiences” and the other will be labeled “Lessons Learned”

  • Make a list of the pain and hurt you've experienced this year under the paper Painful Experiences and write on the other page the positives you can take from those experiences and the lessons they've taught you.

  • Write down all your feelings associated with those experiences on the first page. If you need more paper to truly get it all out, by all means, take as much time and paper as you need! You want all of it to flow out of you.

  • On the paper titled Lessons Learned, write down what you can do, going forward to make sure you put those lessons to good use and ensure you don't have to repeat any pain or trauma because the lessons were truly learned by you.

  • Once you're done with both papers, fold the paper with lessons learned, put it in an envelope labeled “Lessons to carry with me into the New Year” and keep it somewhere special. With the other papers, put them in an envelope which you will label “Pain and trauma I'm letting go of”.

  • Now you can burn the papers in the “Pain and Trauma I'm letting go of” envelope and dump the ashes outside, or tear up the envelope and papers and take them out to the trash to get carried to the dump where that pain belongs.

  • Resolve to try and re-focus your energy on your new goals and happiness each time those memories pop up. Don't allow them a place at the table in 2024.

De-clutter! The more the space around you is organize, the more the space within you will be organized. The saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness” is true. Your divinity and true inside Goddess/God cannot dwell in a disheveled and disorganized environment, so start cleaning, take the time to make a new cleaning schedule, and if needed, get some help by investing in a maid service or asking a friend to give you a hand. Here are some areas you might want to focus your cleaning efforts on:

  • The home, deep clean by dusting, getting rid of clothes and things you no longer use, regularly make beds, etc.

  • Clean off your phone, FB profile, delete old emails and messages that are “junk” or give you negative energy when reading them.

  • Clean your car... hire someone to do a full detail and make sure your car is in good order.

  • Clean the office. Get rid of any clutter and consider better systems of organization. Put up any decor that makes you feel happy and inspired.

  • Deep clean the fridge, freezer, and pantry of any junk and low vibrational food. Make plans for healthier meals that feed your body and energy.

  • Sage your space. Open all the windows and sage each and every room. Let the house air out and welcome new and abundant energy to surround you.

  • Clean off any energy tools/crystals, etc. Use salt, moon light, sun light, candle light, saging, etc to clear and recharge them. Enter the new year with fresh energy for everything around you.

Set new energy goals for yourself. Since everything around you is getting a good clean, (including yourself if you get your aura/chakras cleansed), you'll want to keep this new energy going and protect your vibe:

  • Commit to meditating at least once a day for 15 mins MINIMUM! More if possible. You may need to work up to it if you're just starting out.

  • Read self help, positive, and inspirational books and reading materials. Try to stay away from anything negative or fear based. Protect your energy!

  • Consider getting into a new creative hobby like music lessons, singing, drawing, painting, coloring, crafts, etc. Listing to high vibrational music while pursing your creative outlets.

  • Consider joining a gym or taking yoga classes. Sweat, move, and dance!

  • Get sunlight for at least 15 mins a day.

  • Turn off all screens by a set time each night and stick to your schedule.

  • Make a commitment to drink more water and drink less alcohol and caffeine.

This list will help you organize and figure out your energy goals for 2024 so that you're able to manifest your dreams and desires in 2024. I would take a good 2-3 months really making this list a reality and not feel pressured to get all this done in one day (JANUARY 1st) because real change takes baby steps.

Consider getting a digial planner or printing off some planner pages (etsy is full of them) so you can break this down and work on this list. Robin also offers life coaching sessions which can help you organize and set all this in motion in an efficient way for yourself if you're needing some professional energy guidance.

Here is a list of events to take note of in 2024 so you can get started on writing them down for yourself and knock one of these off the list now!

Image of all the 2024 full moons for the year along with their names and dates. Made by Audra English @lifespiritssocietyofmagick

Full/New Moon Dates of 2024:

January 11th- New Moon

January 25th- Full Moon

February 9th- New Moon

February 24th – Full Moon

March 10- New Moon

March 25th – Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)

April 8th- New Moon (Solar Eclipse)

April 23rd- Full Moon

May 7th- New Moon

May 23rd- Full Moon

June 6th- New Moon

June 21st- Full Moon

July 5th- New Moon

July 21st- Full Moon

August 4th- New Moon

August 19- Full Moon

September 2nd- New Moon

September 17th- Full Supermoon (Lunar Eclipse)

October 2nd- New Moon (Solar Eclipse)

October 17th- Full Moon

November 1st- New Moon

November 15th- Full Moon

November 30th- New Moon (Black Moon)

December 15th- Full Moon

December 30th- New Moon

Spring Equinox- March 19th

Summer Solstice- June 20th

Autumn Equinox- September 22nd

Winter Solstice- December 21st

Planetary Retrogrades:

January 1st- Mercury Direct

January 27th- Uranus Direct

April 1st- Mercury Retrograde

April 25th- Mercury Direct

May 2nd- Pluto Retrograde

June 29th- Saturn Retrograde

July 2nd- Neptune Retrograde

August 5th- Mercury Retrograde

August 28th- Mercury Direct

September 1st- Uranus Retrograde

October 9th- Jupiter Retrograde

October 11th- Pluto Direct

November 15- Saturn Direct

November 25th- Mercury Retrograde

December 6th- Mars Retrograde

December 7th- Neptune Direct

December 15th- Mercury Direct

If you want to add in all the pagan Sabats and holidays, this page is a great resource:

We also have several new New Years spells that are customized to the energy of 2024 to get the most manifestation for you over the next year. They will be available all of January or until they are sold out if they come with potions/charms.

You can find them here:


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