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Welcome to Our LOA Workshop

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction even a little bit, I am sure you would recognize the three simple steps that are said to encompass it. These three steps are:




We are told that all we need to do is ask the Universe to manifest something specific, believe it will work, and then it magically appears. Boom! Simple, right?

Oh, if only it were really that simple.

It's not.

Ok, then what about positive energy, affirmations, raising your vibration, excreta, excreta, excreta...

That's where quantum physics come in. Not so simple anymore, is it?

This is why so many people get so frustrated with the law of attraction. It's advertised as something simple but based on very complicated concepts. When it fails, it must be our fault that we couldn't control our vibration or maybe we just bought into something bogus and it's all a placebo effect? We just don't understand how we can't get the same results as other people or case studies that are presented to us as “proof” this simple way of thinking brings such successful results.

The good thing is that we know the law of attraction works. Quantum physics is science and the philosophy behind the law of attraction is sound. Scientists from NASA have even done experiments that prove thoughts have energy that can be measured. Thoughts and feelings contain a vibration. This is now established FACT.

The challenge lies in discovering how to apply this science to yourself and becoming captivated enough to implement it into your everyday life. In doing so, you can materialize the life of your dreams.

That is where our Free Law of Attraction Workshop comes in.

In working with thousands of clients over a period of 13 years, we've been able to realize just how complicated the law of attraction can be for so many people and were able to pinpoint the problem.

Something is missing... or better yet, something needs to be taken away before we can plant something even better.

Imagine you are about to plant a garden. You look at the plot of land and survey where to plant your seeds. If you were going to be using the traditional philosophy of Ask, Believe, Receive, you'd start planting your seeds, water them, give them sun, and then you'd be harvesting your crops.

However, this is not what happens. Instead, nothing grows. You're frustrated. You keep trying to water, and give your little seeds as much love and attention as possible. Maybe you dig them up to see if they're even trying to sprout. You finally give up and move along dissatisfied and uninspired.

Why is nothing growing? Well, what did you do before you planted your seeds? Did you pull the weeds? Did you make sure you aerated the ground? Did you plow, check soil conditions, ensure that the environment was ideal for planting in the first place? No? Why not? Was it because you didn't realize you needed to do that?

Exactly! That is what is missing. That is why the law of attraction hasn't been working for you. You haven't been taught the most important step. How to get your manifestation garden ready and conditions right before even planting your seeds.

In our workshop, we will be helping you each step of the way, starting with step one... lets start identifying and pulling those energy weeds!

If you've not yet signed up for our Law of Attraction Workshop, sign up HERE. We start Saturday July 29th.

Blessed Be,


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