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This necklace was created just for this moment! We had 15 of these made for our clients as we knew they'd be a hit, and serve as a reminder to keep your vibration high and keep looking for signs of manifestation everywhere.


However, it is still just an empty vessel waiting to be filled with power and magick!


On 11/11 we will cast a spell to fill it with the manifestation energy of 11/11 to allow the wearer to focus on his or her dreams and touch the etched numbers to bring those thoughts into manifestation. We will bind it to you right before it gets sent out so that it knows you are its new owner.


To use, simply run your fingers over the etched 11:11 as if you were scanning a bar code and think of your wish.


To get your manifestation journey started, we are also including a vial of our Instant 11:11 Manifestation Potion. This potion is our manifestation potion that will be amplified with manifestation energy by being finished off on 11/11 to heighten its already incredible powers. You will receive enough for 3 moon cycles.


You'll also receive full instructions unique to this set to ensure you are using it to your ultimate advantage. Are you ready to manifest miracles?


This gorgeous 11:11 necklace is made from stainless steel which keeps it solid and from tarnishing. It will stay shiny for years!

11:11 Necklace & Instant 11:11 Manifestation Potion

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