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This double sided talisman has a different seal from the Seals of Solomon on each side.


The front is the Fourth Pentacle of Venus.


The Fourth Pentacle of Venus is a powerful Talisman for attraction, and was used to summon one's heart's desire. The moon-like crescents hold the names of Spirits of Venus, and other names of power. Surrounding this is a rather erotically charged versicle is from Genesis II. 23:24: "This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And they two were one flesh."


The Fourth Pentacle of the Venus, " of great power, since it compels the Spirits of Venus to obey, and to force on the instant any person thou wishest to come unto thee." Greater Key of Solomon.

The image of the Fourth Pentacle of Venus is, "At the four Angles of the Figure are the four letters of the Name IHVH. The other letters form the Names of Spirits of Venus, e.g.:--Schii, Eli, Ayib, etc.

It has been said that it is of great power to force any person the owner desires to come to him or her.


The back features the Fifth Pentacle of Venus.

Shown in picture below.

This pentacle is intended to charm those who behold it, or to spark warmth and interest in a cool heart. It's author claims: “When it is showed to any person soever, it inciteth and exciteth wonderfully unto love.”

The seal is to excite great passion and desire when shown to another.


When we do your spell on your talisman, we will bind it directly to you and ask for it to do anything and everything you ask of it.  Please make sure you let me know your full name, date of birth, and if possible, send in a picture for us to use on our alter. Please also let us know what you intend to do with this talisman so we can customize it even better for you. Email this information to with your order number. 


If you'd like to send in some hair or other biological samples before we do your spell, we can use those as well.


This is a very powerful spell and talisman so please make sure you respect the energy that will come with it!

4th and 5th Pentacle of Venus to Force Love and Passion From a Specific Person

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