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Illuminate your spirit and embark on a celestial journey with the ethereal Amethyst Mystic Aura Spell Candle. Designed with the mystical wanderer in mind, this candle is your key to unlocking the hidden corridors of the divine realms, igniting psychic visions, and mastering the art of spellcasting.

Key Features:

Divine Connection: Embedded with potent amethyst crystals, each candle serves as a conduit to higher planes of existence, facilitating communication with the divine and downloading spiritual wisdom.

Masterful Creations: Crafted by the revered spellcasters from, our candles channel centuries of metaphysical knowledge for your spiritual practice.

Guided Spellwork: Accompanying each candle is an exclusive spell ritual guide that helps you harness the power within and around you, empowering dreamwork and manifestation.

Potent Potions: Infused with a powerful concoction of six transformative potions including Akashic Records Potion, Psychic Powers Potion, High Vibration Potion, Hecate Goddess Potion, Kundalini Intention Potion, and Energy Alignment Potion for an unmatched spiritual experience.

Healing Energy: Beyond the mystical, these candles offer soothing healing energy to bring harmony to your mind, body, and soul.

Primarily aimed at individuals with a yearning for deeper psychic knowledge, ancient wisdom, and spiritual spellwork, the Amethyst Mystic Aura Spell Candle is more than a candle—it’s a mystical tool designed to elevate your spiritual practice to transcendent heights.

Experience Emotional and Spiritual Elevation:

Engage with the Amethyst Mystic Aura Spell Candle and embrace the transformation it offers—connect to your higher self, channel your innermost wisdom, and manifest a life filled with peace, love, and prosperity. Feel the divine gifts unfold within you as you become a vessel of psychic power and spiritual healing.

Stand Apart with Unique Potency:

Our Amethyst Mystic Aura Spell Candle surpasses others with its unique blend of enchanting potions carefully selected to align your energy and awaken the spellcaster within. It’s not just a candle; it’s a beacon of spiritual awakening awaiting to be lit by the true seekers of the esoteric and sublime.

Embrace the journey to enlightenment and let the Amethyst Mystic Aura Spell Candle be your guide to a higher spiritual paradigm. Your path to psychic empowerment and spell mastery begins here.


You will recieve 4 candles and full instructions per order.

Amethyst Mystic Aura Spell Candle to Connect You to Divine Realms

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