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Have you ever thought you would be a good candidate for being a psychic?


Do you have some small psychic abilities now and want to expand on them?


Would you like the use of magick to help provide you with the tools to become clairvoyant?


Would you like to be able to start reading the future of friends, family members, and acquaintances?


Would you like to know your own future?


Do you want to be able to use your gift for increased wealth and happiness?


This spell will be customized to work with you. If you are already slightly psychic, it will help strengthen your abilities, and if you have no psychic abilities what so ever right now, it will give you clairvoyance and the ability to start seeing your future and the future of those around you. You will be able to use these powers in your dreams, have visions, and touch people or items and get a "feel" from them. This talent will continue to get stronger over time and will become your sixth sense!


Please fill out this questionniare and send to


Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Birth Time (If Known):

Birth Place:

Do you have any experiences with clairvoyance (if so, please describe):

What are you hoping to get from this spellwork:


Become Clairvoyant Spell

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