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Do you need a sure fire way to make someone change their mind about something that is really important to you? Do you believe they really want the same thing you do, but are just being stubborn or not seeing the situation clearly? Maybe if they saw things the way you did, or allowed their heart to soften, they would come around to your point of view? Maybe other people have influenced them away from you?


Maybe someone broke up with you, blocked you, told you they no longer love you or rejected you in some way? Maybe a loved one and you had a dispute and they are being unfair in their assessment of the situation?


This spell is designed to make someone change their mind, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.


This is what you're looking for!


James and Audra wrote this black magick spell and will be using blood magick on your behalf for extreme results. We will get them to change their mind!



Please fill out this questionnaire and send to Robin at or put the answers in the box provided. If available, please send pictures of both you and your target.


Your Full Name:

Your Date of Birth:

Your Target's Name (Full Name If Possible):

Your Target's Date of Birth (If Known):

Please List Any History Between You & Your Target:

What Would You Like Them To Change Their Mind About:

Are You Willing To Be Patient, Positive, And Give Your Spell Time To Work:

Any Other Information You Feel We Need:


Black Magick Make Them Change Their Mind Spell

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