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Ignite your innermost passions and grab hold of your destiny with the Carnelian Manifestation Momentum Spell Candle. Expertly crafted for those who seek to infuse their life with confidence and motivation, this spell candle is steeped in the arts of empowerment and success. Let the flame of this unique candle serve as your beacon, illuminating the path to personal triumph and the actualization of your deepest wishes.

Key Features:

Potent Potion Blend: Infused with an exclusive mixture of six powerful potions, each candle harnesses energies that cater to various facets of your journey towards success.

Carnelian Crystals: Each wax vessel is embedded with carnelian crystals, known for their properties in stimulating courage, positive life choices, and self-motivation.

Self-empowerment Spell: Accompanied by an enchantment, you can perform to fortify your resolve and beckon the energies of attainment and prosperity.

Craftsmanship from Experts: Created by the revered casters of the Life Spirits Society of Magick, whose wisdom in spellcasting is unrivaled and authentic.

If you aspire to the pursuit of your visions, a dreamer yearning for a touch of mysticism to accelerate your aspirations, this candle is designed for you.

Envision stoking the fires of ambition as they kindle a formidable sense of assurance within you. Experience the surge of empowerment as you seize control of your destiny, laying the foundations of a future replete with achievement and jubilation. With the Carnelian Manifestation Momentum Spell Candle, unlock the power to manifest your paramount desires into tangible reality.

Unlike any other spell candle in the market, the Carnelian Manifestation Momentum Spell Candle boasts a proprietary blend of magical potions including:

Crown of Success Potion: To reign supreme in your endeavors
Manifestation Potion: To cultivate the essence of your goals into being
Ask, Believe & Receive Potion: To harness the law of attraction in your favor
Lakshmi Goddess Potion: To invoke the support of the goddess of wealth and fortune
Opportunities Flying My Way Potion: To attract endless prospects to your door
High Vibration Potion: To ensure you resonate with the frequencies of abundance and positivity

Embrace the magick, light the wick, and set forth on a paramount quest to curate the existence you deserve with the Carnelian Manifestation Momentum Spell Candle. Your journey to greatness begins here.


You'll recieve 4 candles and full instructions.

Carnelian Manifestation Momentum Spell Candle to Provide Confidence, Motivation.

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