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How to use your Oracle Tablet Set:

To enhance the appearance of my tabs, I print them on plain printer paper and adhere them to wooden tablet. I achieve a polished and vibrant look by applying a coat of modge podge both under and over the tabs. You can find the specific wooden tabs I use on Amazon at this link:

Feel free to print these and enhance their durability by using card stock or laminating them if you're not using the wooden tiles. This will also allow you to conveniently carry them in your purse or pocket for easy access.

It is also nice to have several sets made of different materials or print out your favorites to keep somewhere special as affirmations and reminders.

After printing and preparing your tablets to your specifications, it is advisable to cleanse them with sage and keep them in close proximity to your energy by placing them under your pillow or beside you for at least two nights.

Store them in a designated bag, bowl, or box for safekeeping.

These tablets can be utilized in a similar manner to traditional oracle cards, but they can also serve as runes for additional versatility.

They're super easy to use. For a single question reading, just place your hand in the bag, bowl, or box and shuffle the tablets with your hand, ask your question and grab one of the tablets. You can also shake them up while you ask your question if using a bag or box. Let your intuition guide you as you choose one or more tabs.

You can do a daily read by blindly picking one each morning when you first wake up. Your intuition is stronger when you first wake up from sleep so make sure you harness this energy and allow yourself to use your stronger intuition to grab your daily message.

You can also do three tab reading which would mean you pick three tabs for these three question readings:

Past, Present, Future
Situation, Obstacle, Advice
Opportunities, Challenges, Outcome
Pro, Con, Best Choice
Cords to Cut, How to Heal, New Path to Take
Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month
Idea, Reality, Potential
Now, Later, Distant Future
Family, Friends, Self
Me, Issue Needs Healing, Partner
Focus, Advice, Outcome
Whats Going Well, Whats Not Going Well, How to Get Back on Track
Idea, Manifestation, Process
Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Feel free to look online to find other ideas on how to use runes or oracle cards and apply them to your oracle tablets. They are incredibly versatile and designed to give you the freedom to use in multiple ways till you find what works best for you.

The more you use your oracle tabs, the better they will perform for you. As they get used to your energy and you get used to theirs, you will form a bond with them which will allow you to channel answers to some of life's most confounding questions.

Fortunately, in the event that any tabs are damaged or if you desire additional sets, you have the option to easily print more.

For your personal use and for conducting readings for others, there is no limit to the number of tabs you can print. However, it is important to note that sharing the printout files or downloading them online, as well as selling or gifting them to customers, friends, or family, is strictly prohibited. Instead, kindly direct them to my shop where they can purchase their own.

If you generate income through conducting readings using my oracle tablets, you are permitted to charge for your services.

Do feel free to take pictures and share your tab readings with other people online. I would love to be tagged in your readings (@lifespiritssocietyogmagick) as I've spent a lot of love, time and energy creating these. It makes me so happy to see them being loved and enjoyed.

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