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The Celtic tree of life, or Crann Bethadh in Irish, is one of the most well-known Celtic symbols and plays a significant role in Irish culture.


As the Tree of Life is one of the most common Celtic symbols, it has several meanings:


  • It stands for life and how, as we go through it, our knowledge, experience, and wisdom expand and strengthen as the tree does.

  • The tree of life is a representation of how the forces of nature work in perfect harmony to keep the universe in its proper balance.

  • The Celtic people valued trees highly in their culture. The Celts thought that trees were our ancestors, so the symbol of the tree is very connected to the experiences and wisdom of your ancestors.

  • It was believed in Celtic mythology that the Celtic tree of life possessed special powers. Wearing the tree symbolical passes these special powers on to you.

  • The seasonal changes that they observed in each tree offered the Celts the concept of rebirth (Summer to Winter and so on).

  • Rituals with the tree symbolism were frequently carried out based on the concepts of birth, death, and reincarnation.

  • It was thought that the tree's trunk stayed on the plain of the earth, its roots reached deep into the underworld, and its branches soared upward to the heavens.

  • It was believed that the tree was able to bless people with prosperity. Oak trees are known for their imposing height and for possessing traits like fortitude and dignity. In general, a settlement would prosper more and the larger the tree, the more fertile the area.


This spell will bless you with:


  • The wisdom of your ancestors to allow you to achieve anything you set your mind to.

  • The strength and longevity of a mighty tree to grant you the ability to persevere and get through any challenges that may befall you.

  • The prosperity of strong fertile ground to allow you to never worry about money or your financial well-being.

  • New beginnings associated with the cycles of seasons to bring you a fresh start, new perspectives, and an abundance of blessings.

  • Luck associated with the Celtic people themselves to grant all your wishes and help you find a way to make them come true.



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You will receive a talisman of the Celtic Tree of Life once this spell has been cast for you.

Celtic Tree of Life Spell for Strength, Longevity, & Wisdom

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