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Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, is a fascinating figure in mythology. According to the creation story, Ceres was born to Saturn and Ops, who were also responsible for birthing Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Ceres played a crucial role in providing food for the people, and her birth is steeped in symbolism, signifying the start of the harvest season. Roman lore describes her as a cherished deity, worshiped by farmers and peasants alike. Ceres' significance has transcended time and can still be felt in modern-day celebrations of harvest and food.


Throughout history, Ceres has been represented in a multitude of ways in both art and worship practices. In ancient Roman mythology, she was known as the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and motherly love. Depictions of her often showed her holding a bundle of wheat or corn, signifying abundance and nourishment. Fast forward to the Renaissance era, and you’ll find that Ceres was a popular subject in paintings that portrayed her as a symbol of the bountiful Earth. Even in modern times, Ceres continues to be revered in various cultures across the globe, with some worshiping her as a patron of harvest and prosperity. Whether it’s a statue in a garden or a painting in a museum, the many faces of Ceres serve as a testament to the enduring influence and significance of this goddess in the realm of art and spirituality.


Despite her ancient origins, her legacy lives on in modern society. From the celebration of Thanksgiving to the practice of organic agriculture, the Goddess Ceres continues to inspire us today. Her unconditional love for the earth and its inhabitants reminds us of the importance of nurturing our planet and all its living beings. As we strive to create a more sustainable world, we can look to the goddess's teachings for guidance on how to live in harmony with nature. Ceres's legacy is a reminder that the power of love, compassion, and nurture can shape the world in beautiful ways.


This potion is appropriate for you if you:


  • Are looking to grow closer to your mother or daughter(s)

  • Would like to make sure you always have plenty of abundance in your home

  • Would like to remain thankful for the things you do have in your life and continue to see the bounty all around you

  • Would like to make sure you have a blanket of protection over you

  • Want to ensure your children are protected

  • Work with animals and would like the ability to heal and communicate with them

  • Are looking for peace and protection through justice

  • Feel you aren't accepted or are lost to your family or support system and would like everyone to finally open their minds and hearts to you

  • Are wanting to increase your fertility to have a baby

  • Are pregnant and would like to protect you and the baby during the pregnancy and birth

  • Have or want a garden that you want to thrive and become easy to maintain

  • Have a financial investment or business that you want to grow and prosper from

  • Have some sadness and grief you need to release

  • Are going on a spiritual journey and would like to understand what you are needing to learn from it so that you are able to grow from the lesson so it can stop repeating

  • Want to rise from the ashes of your last trauma so that you can transcend into what and who you were supposed to be

  • Want to foster and grow a new romantic relationship with someone new, or have a fresh start with someone from the past you're wanting to find and rekindle things with again

  • Are hoping for marriage that includes family and a wealthy home together

  • Want to be seen with compassion and fairness while also being able to extend the same to others who might be needing it right now

  • Want the powers to manifest your dreams

  • Are needing nourishment and healed from something that is affecting your health in a negative way

  • Would like to worship and work directly with Ceres


The process of making our potion elixirs:


Each bottle comes from a large master potion elixir oil jar that it infused with magickal herbs, crystals, and additional talisman's and charms James has made specifically for their intention. Some of these (especially the curse, wealth and protection oils) might have snake skins or other animal parts in little mesh bags inside the oils, so I would not assume these oils are vegan. Some are, but some wont be. We cannot make a non vegan oil vegan unfortunately.


Each intention has it's own large master potion elixir oil jar. James and Audra have been casting on these potion elixir oils for over a year now and during very special events including new and full moons, eclipses, lions gate, 11/11 etc. This means they've been infused with an incredible abundance of magick.


When you order a potion elixir, Audra will siphon a small amount out of master jar and will place it in a little cup with your name and date of birth written on a paper in it. She will then do a spell to bind that oil specifically to you, ask for it to listen to your commands and to manifest the wishes you ask from it. She then bottles it for you, places a label and sends it your way.

Ceres Potion Elixir Oil ~Goddess of Prosperity, Fertility,

    • Abundance

    • Acceptance

    • Action

    • Affection

    • Animals (Heal & Communicate)

    • Closer Relationship With Your Mother or Daughter(s)

    • Compassion

    • Fairness

    • Family (Healing & Close Bonds)

    • Fertility (Physical, Financial, Garden)

    • Fresh Starts

    • Gratitude

    • Grief (Release)

    • Growth

    • Healing

    • Love

    • Manifestation

    • Marriage

    • Nature

    • New Beginnings

    • Nurture

    • Prosperity

    • Rebirth/Renewal

    • Wealth

    • Wisdom

    • Each bottle of potion elixir should last over 90 days (or at least 3 moon cycles) if you use one drop per day, but most people will want to use more than this, especially since it strengthens the spell. Try to aim to use at least 3 drops a day. You will need to focus on your intention (you can even say it out-loud) right after applying your elixir oil.


    • You’ll want to make sure you are consistent with applying and focusing on your intention since magick is a buildup of energies. The more repetitive you are, the stronger your spell and better your results will be. If you are more consistent with not using your elixir, your results will match your effort. So, please keep that in mind.


    • The places to apply your elixir on your body will vary per potion elixir. On wealth potion elixirs, you’ll want them on your hand (to receive), for love potion elixirs, you’ll want them on your chest (over your heart), and for banishing/break up potions, you’ll want them on your feet (to kick and stomp them out!) Please pay attention to the instructions per potion exlixir as each elixir oil has its own instructions.


    • You’ll want to make sure you find a designated time for each potion’s application. For example, if you have 5 different potions elixirs you are working with, you'll need make sure you space out the rituals throughout the day so you can dedicate your energy to each one independently. However if you are using potion elixirs with the same intention (for example, you have 2 or more for bringing you wealth) you can use those together. Just don't use a wealth and love potion together. Space them several hours or more apart so you have time to focus on your intentions for each elixir.


    • You don’t want to start or end your day with a negative potion (like a break up potion) so try to keep those to do mid-day so you can quickly move on from them to keep your own energy positive. You don't want to give too much attention to a negative situation. If this isn’t possible or you want to make sure the negative energy does not affect you, consider buying a positive energy boost elixir to keep your energy positive after using a negative potion. Keep track of your schedule and try to stick with it as much as possible. The alarm on your phone is a great tool to keep you on your toes and consistent.


    • Your potion elixirs should be stored in a cool dark place. They are made of pure high quality coconut oil and top quality fragrance oils (unless you requested fragrance free oils) which thankfully have a long shelf life, but you still need to protect them from the sun and heat as this can turn any oil no matter it’s quality, rancid. I do not want you using rancid oils as it is not healthy and it’s quite frankly, it is disgusting. I am a stickler for high quality oils and herbs, especially if they are going to be put on my body, so you get the benefit of getting the very best as I use my own products offered here to you, which match my own very high standards. Please make sure you are taking care of your potion elixirs to keep them usable and to respect their energy. These potion elixirs are sacred tools, and should be treated as such.


    • Once full results are achieved, you can continue to use your potion elixirs just when and if you feel you need a booster. If it's been years and you've had consistent results, you are welcome to dispose of your potion elixirs, but do so in a way that is respectful to your potion elixir. You can pour the remaining amount into the earth and thank it for it's help and success and wrap the bottle with tissue and dispose of in a way you feel is best. You can also bury the whole bottle with potion and everything in a place where it will not be disturbed and where broken glass is unlikely to hurt anyone. I also don't mind taking care of the disposal myself for an extra fee. What ever you do, it is important that you respect the magick and the universe for this sacred magick tool.

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