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Elevate Your Intelligence and Contribute to Humanity's Progress


Harness the power of the Collective Genius Spell to elevate your intelligence and knowledge, empowering you to contribute to the collective thoughts and ideas that shape our world. This spell is designed to boost your intellectual abilities and provide you with the knowledge and power needed to solve complex problems and implement extraordinary solutions. By agreeing to use your new found genius for the betterment of humanity, you will not only enhance your own life journey but also positively impact those around you and future generations.


Purpose: The Collective Genius Spell aims to:


  • Increase Intelligence: Enhance your intellectual abilities and cognitive functions.

  • Gain Knowledge: Provide you with a wealth of knowledge and insights.

  • Empower with Genius: Bestow the power and capacity to solve problems and implement remarkable feats.

  • Benefit Humanity: Align your enhanced abilities with the goal of contributing to the betterment of humanity.


How It Works: Our skilled spellcasters will perform the Collective Genius Spell, channeling potent energies to:


  • Boost Intellectual Capacity: Elevate your intelligence, making it easier to grasp complex concepts and think critically.

  • Impart Knowledge: Infuse you with a deep well of knowledge, giving you the tools needed to innovate and create.

  • Enhance Problem-Solving Skills: Strengthen your ability to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

  • Align Intentions with Humanity's Good: Ensure that your enhanced abilities are used for the betterment of humanity, creating positive ripple effects in your life and beyond.




  • Enhanced Intelligence: Experience a significant boost in your intellectual abilities and cognitive functions.

  • Wealth of Knowledge: Gain access to a vast array of knowledge and insights, empowering you to think creatively and innovatively.

  • Problem-Solving Mastery: Improve your ability to tackle challenges and implement solutions that benefit you and those around you.

  • Humanitarian Impact: Use your new found genius to contribute to the progress and well-being of humanity, leaving a lasting legacy.


Perfect for:


  • Innovators and Thinkers: Those who seek to elevate their intellectual capacities and contribute to collective thought.

  • Problem Solvers: Individuals looking to enhance their problem-solving skills and implement extraordinary solutions.

  • Humanitarians: Anyone committed to using their talents and abilities for the betterment of humanity.

  • Visionaries: Those who desire to leave a positive impact on future generations through their knowledge and innovations.


Instructions: Upon purchasing the Collective Genius Spell please send the answers to the questionnaire to Robin at She will go over your answers and email you within 2-5 business days to let you know your spellwork is scheduled. You will receive a detailed report of the spell’s progress along with tips on how to harness and utilize your enhanced intelligence and knowledge for the greater good.


Embrace your role as a beacon of knowledge and innovation with the Collective Genius Spell. Elevate your intelligence, contribute to humanity's progress, and leave a lasting impact on the world with your new found genius.


Collective Genius Spell ~ Elevate Your Intelligence and Knowledge

  • Collective Genius Spell Questionnaire

    Purpose: To gather essential information to facilitate the Collective Genius Spell, aiming to enhance your intelligence, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities for the betterment of humanity.

    Client Information:

    • Your Name:

    • Your Date of Birth:

    • Your Birth Time (if known):

    • Your Birth Location:

    Current Situation:

    • What areas of your life do you feel you need to enhance your intelligence and knowledge? (e.g., career, personal growth, academic pursuits)

    • Describe any specific challenges or problems you wish to solve with enhanced intelligence.

    • Have you experienced any recent opportunities to contribute to collective thought or innovation?

      • If yes, please describe them.

    Goals and Aspirations:

    • What do you hope to achieve from this spell?

    • Are there specific fields or areas of knowledge you wish to gain insights into?

    • How do you envision using your enhanced intelligence for the betterment of humanity?

    Current Practices:

    • Do you have any current practices or routines to enhance your intellectual abilities and knowledge?

    • What do you think are your natural strengths when it comes to critical thinking and problem-solving?

    • Are there any particular challenges or obstacles you face in mastering these skills?

    Contribution to Humanity:

    • Do you have any specific plans or projects aimed at benefiting humanity with your enhanced abilities?

    • Have you ever been involved in initiatives or activities focused on collective progress and innovation?

      • If yes, please describe your experiences.

    Additional Information:

    • Are there any particular events or situations that have significantly impacted your intellectual journey or sense of purpose?

    • Is there anything else you think is important for us to know to help make this spell effective?

    Consent and Agreement:

    • Do you consent to this spell being performed on your behalf and agree to follow through with the instructions Robin and Audra provide so that we can get you results?


    Thank you for providing this information. Your answers will help us tailor the Collective Genius Spell to your specific needs and situation, ensuring the best possible outcome for enhancing your intelligence and contributing to the betterment of humanity.

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